Friday, 27 August 2010

10D's Final Loop Is Complete.

The final loop of the Expedition 10D project sites came to an end yesterday as Tom (DPM) and Mark (Logs) pulled up outside Field base in trusty Bravo Four.  This third loop toured Sabah visiting Alphas Two to Four (we'll stop by at Alpha One next week for the grand opening ceremony of the kindergarten which should, fingers crossed, be finished!) 

It sounds like the groups went all out this time to secure a win in the last 'Come Dine With Me' competition.  They're playing for high stakes this time round as the winning alpha group will walk away with not just ice-cream based treats, but the glory of being the final, unbeaten champions of Expedition 10D's loop contest.

Alpha Two: Community Workshop on Maliangin Island

The island people at Alpha Two welcomed the loop to their very own 'Maliangin Tapas Bar'.

The venturers proudly showed off their camp which was looking pretty smart with the addition of some newly constructed benches and even a fire pit!  The community workshop has also come on leaps and bounds.  The floor is finished, the walls are coming along nicely and the roof is due to be finished tomorrow.

With the grand tour done, the loop, the venturers, the WWF and the locals all enjoyed a game of volleyball.  The loop boys refuse to tell me who won, which I take to mean that they lost!

Meanwhile, the cooks set to work creating a masterpiece out of Raleigh rations.  The menu featured homous on home baked raisin bread, followed by bean fritters, sardine wraps and meatballs in a tomato sauce.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was a banoffee pie.

After dinner there was time to relax by the fire and let their tapas go down before the loop were treated to a beachfront disco.

Alpha Three: Infrastructure Development at Imbak Canyon

Next it was Alpha Three's turn to entertain the loopers.  First up, a tour of their work site.  Below is the winch built by the previous group at Imbak that is now being used to help transport logs across the river that will be used to build the bridge.
Followed by a (much needed) wash and a chance to cool off after their very long journey.
On Alpha Three's menu was toasted peanuts, followed by spicy bean burgers in home made buns and potentially the most amazing pizza i have ever seen created using Raleigh rations!  To round off the banquette the group produced pancakes and a peach crumble.

Alpha Four: Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok

Last but not least was Alpha Four at Sepilok.  As you can see, their boardwalk is coming along nicely.
PM Katy models for us on their beautifully constructed cat walk...
Some very happy faces as the venturers receive post from home full of encouraging messages from proud 'rents.

Alpha Four took the loop on a tour 'Around the world in eighty minutes' with an eclectic menu of tastes from across the planet.
The chefs seem happy at work in the kitchen.

After an appetizer of garlic mushrooms, the loopers were spoilt with not one but three varieties of curry served with banana leaf rice and followed by red bean soup.
Tom and Mark would like to say a huge thank you to all the alpha groups for showing them such a great time.  You spoilt them rotten guys, i hope their not expecting the same treatment back at field base!


Mike said...

Hey Abi (alpha 3),

Hope everything is well in Imbak Canyon! I've only got one week left of work, but its getting really busy now as I have to hand over all my project work and finish reports and such, all that really boring stuff that you don't want to do! Can't wait to finish and get back to uni but at the same time I'm going to be sad to go! Currently wrestling with uni registration, why can't they just make it simple?!

Went out for Dans leaving do last night, went to a restaurant that keeps serving you meat until you turn a card over to say you don't want anymore, I've never eaten so much meat, I'm still full now!

Its really nice and sunny today, which is depressing because I really want to go climbing, damn work! Will have to make the most of the small amount of time I have left before moving back to uni.
2 weeks! Thats all I'm going to say! I've missed you so much, and I'm constantly thinking about you.

Have a great time at the canyon, will speak soon. Love you, Mike xxxxxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis, Alpha Six

Hi Babes!
Your letter has arrived! Your long, entertaining, amusing, illustrated letter!
I've seen photos of the waterfall, and I may have even spotted the specified tree trunk! I think that English Bruce would quite like to meet, or should I say eat, Malaysian Bruce! There seem to be different types of civit -including some sort of (rock?) group!- so you'll need to show me which type were the opportunists that visited you.
There are many types of ulat bulu, but your excellent illustration not only gives me a clear image of him, but his broad smile shows that he enjoyed the reaction that he got from the interlopers!
Further letter reviews in my next comment...
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Mary Severs said...

Message for Floppie Severs
Hi there Floss Can't wait to experience your newly acquired culinary skills! You are looking so well and healthy. Do you fancy building a chalet in the garden?!! Toby has written to you but I guess you won't get it until just before you come home. Ed came round for a strobe light today ~ says hi etc and will you contact him when you return.Trying to persuade Toby he really does want to see Toy Story 3 but he lacks enthusiasm! Looking forward to seeing you very much. Love and hugs from The Mumb xxxxxxx

AWMillard said...

Hi Flumby,
Hope you got my last letter and there's probably no time left for another. I have been looking back at some of the photos of you during the whole trip and notice that you are never very far from the food. Looking forward to seeing soon. Lots of love. Dumby xxxxx

Jo Pollard said...

Hey Emily,

lovely to see some photos of you..looks like you're having a fab time....some news for you, Danny and Kerry have changed their wedding, they are now getting married in Cyprus next far me mum nanna and grandad going...cant wait! Nanna and Grandad are at Hotel Bryn Onnen at the moment....anyway, miss you and love you lots. MWAH Jo Jo (big cuz) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Abby Walker

Hi Abby
Thanks for you letter,great to hear all about the fantastic time you are having.
Have just returned from a very wet camp.
You have to pick up the keys for Allensbank on Friday 17th. Enrolment 11.30 on Monday 20th.
Can't wait to see you.
Mum xxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
I think that, at time of writing, you have one more day of trekking ahead of you. The hard work almost done!
Re your letter, the 'helicopter bug' episode was very funny. Especially your drawing of the scene! I showed Richard the letter and, having doubts re the size of the giant squirrel, he checked it out online and also found pics of the pygmy squirrel - very cute; very Robbie-like but with bigger eyes.
Huge telephone bill but, of course, worth every penny...pound...hundreds of pounds...!
Not long, now, before the airport moment!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Gary Hodge said...

Message for Catherine Melis Alpha 6

Hello sweetheart,

I hope everything with the trek section is going well and you are enjoying it.

I spoke to my family today and they send their love and say that they can't wait to hear all of the details from your trip.

They went to the Isle of Wright today, for the scooter rally. They said they enjoyed it but I think Dad is now knackered. The doggies are well and the same as usual Rosie being mental and Wilf being tired.

I am good, work is funny but hard. I am seeing some really cool new stuff at the show where I am working. It turns out that this is the biggest consumer electronics show in Europe. Which basically means loads of really cool geeky techy stuff.

But I am enjoying it but am looking forward to it being over and seeing you. I don't know if I told you but I fly back on the same day as you on 8 but I fly into Gatwick rather than Heathrow, which is a shame. Also I hope by the time you read this you might have got my letter. Sorry if there are a lot of copies I wanted to make sure you got a copy.

I love you and miss you loads


Dane said...

TO Carolyn Smith
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love so much love bum chunck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie Bird (Alpha 5)
Hope diving went well & you're now trekking. Keep going & hope the leeches don't love you too much! Enjoy & we can't wait to see you SOOOOON & hear all about it! Love M & D & L

Anonymous said...

Message for Laura Richardson

Hi Laura

It was realy fab to hear your voice the other day - sounds such an amazing experience - wish I was there but maybe stay in a hotel! You know what a whimp I am.

Well just under two weeks and you will be back with such great memories for the rest of your life.

We are all well and for the once the sun has poked its head out of the rain clouds. Its Bank Holiday Monday today and we are going to take Bond to Ullswater. Will be thinking of you when we are staggering across the fells - not quite the same as trecking through the forest!

Emma survived her first week at the induction and has a second week back actually training this week. Then 2 weeks of collge and exams start again for her. Sounds like there are some nice people - and she has even got joined up for the netball team.

Can't wait to hear and see you soon.

Love mum

Carol and David Bartlett said...

Hello stacey. It still looks like you are having a fantastic time. received your letter on friday 27th. You still have lots of time to take more pictures. I didnt think the chocolate would arrive in a block so thought i would eat it for you very nice it was too. Its bank hol Monday here and the sun is out blue sky we have just taken down the gazebo and moved the chimera back and found a tiny lizard under the stone. we looked after Sophie yesterday so Jason and Lucy could get some things done to the baby,s room. Not long now. only another 4 days till we go on holiday looking forward to it. Sam challenge me to send him a pud throuh the post, so i did and sent him a devil,s chocolate cake mix on thursday he text and asked where the eggs were, I texted back and told him they would suffer from travel sickness. Christopher and Emma coming for dinner tonight making spag bol. enjoy the rest of your jouney. love mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxx

David Blakemore said...

message for danielle lightfoot Alpha 1

hey there :) its only dave, i hope your having lots and lots and lots of fun and enjoying yourself :) everything is good here and all quiet for me :) had a busy day a yesterday though in work but that was a good thing :) came out with like £10 tips :D :D
got a few new staff at the club, they all seem nice :) cept no one but me talks to em so they are always alone when im busy doing other stuff :(
i hope you have mades lots of new friends :)
not long now till you get back :) and funnily enough, ive got that week that you get back off from work lol, was the perfect time for me to take some time off :) lol
hope your working hard (oh wait its you :P) have lots and lots of fun and ill speak to you soon
lots of hugs and kisses

Mam said...

message for naomi jenkins (alpha one:
hope all is well in the kindergarten, we've had a lovely bbq and a great bank holiday- the weather is not too bad! missing you loads and it will be even quieter from wednesday onwards when hannah goes to italy! ruth inherited the jenkins brains and got one A and 3 B's in her ASs! have a fantastic memorable but different birthday. lots of love from mam, dad, hannah and ruth and all the rest of the gang. looking forward to skyping you soon! xxxxx

Steve Roebuck said...

message for Emily Foster (alpha 4)

Hey You!

Glad to see some more pictures of you looking happy and nicely tanned (i would be like a lobster right now if i was there!.) Hope youve been looking after yourself and working hard. I cant believe its now less than a week till you get back, i wish it bloody hurry up, missing our cuddles together.

Im very very proud of you for what youve done over there and i cant wait to hear from you what youve been up to :).

I Love You so much and ill see you when you get back :) Love Steve Xxxxxx

(P.S Let Me know when you land back in the UK) Love You Loads Xxxx

Bushfamily said...

Hi Abi (Alpha3)
Nice to see pictures of you at Imbak Canyon - were you caught in a shower or did you just not have time to dry your hair??!! Hope the project is going swimmingly. Enjoy the last ten days.
Time is swiftly moving on and I'm back at school this Thursday (Simon on Monday) and of course have not achieved half the things I thought I would! Simon and I went to Durham last Thurs and had a lovely day, he was very positive. We got a guided tour round Josie B which impressed him! However having got there in under two and a half hours, it took 5 and a half to get back because there was an accident on the A1M which closed the motorway - it took over two hours to do three miles! Dad is in Germany for a couple of days and will be off to Russia while you are home! The weather has picked up again finally, so we had a beautiful sunny walk near Lamaload reservoir - out of the pub walk book though sadly the pub no longer seems to exist!
Am getting on with your "to do" list - it doesn't seem that long yet you'll be pleased to know! Looking forward to your news
Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Simon xxxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis Alpha Six

Hi Babes!
I've just got back from the rare occasion of being out, only to be phoned by Pauline saying that I'd missed a call from you! I'd forgotten to put on the blinking answer machine! Silly, silly me! I was very pleased to hear from you, though, even though it was only second hand, and also to hear that the trek wasn't as gruelling as anticipated.
I hope that you are enjoying the diving and the final, more relaxing days.
I understand that you may try to phone home again. It would be great to speak to you, Babes, and I'm sorry that I hadn't left you the opportunity to leave a message.
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham - new Alpha 6:

Hey Andy,
Last message before we all see you back in york.
we hope you are enjoying the diving and it has proved a nice way to wind down your expedition.

13 hours of flights and a few more on trains to go soon, hope they go smoothly, quickly and safely for you.

Cant wait to hear all about it and that you not only bring your self back safely but your bringing a million amazing memories! Oh and dont bring your pet leech home, they are just not welcome!!!

Love you lots and cant wait to see you. Maybe give you a hug once you have had a bath or three too

Lots of love,
Mum, Dad and Luci xxxxxx

emma said...

message for andrew clapham (alpha 3 - i think!)
Hey boo, cant believe you have just over a week proud of my little brother, hope your have enjoyed it all, and can't wait to hear all your stories!
I will actually be in ibiza when you get back but home on the 12th.
love you lots have a great last week and a bit and a safe trip home.
tor xxx
ooo ps... u have a car!

Sinead said...

Hey Debs - alpha 1

Or should I say JC - How are you and how is the kindergarten coming along. Both Mum and I both got your letters - it was lovely to hear from you. Today is wed and i have the day off - i don't know whether to go to bluewater or stick in cant and do something productive. Monday was the bank holiday and for the 1st time in a month we saw sun - the weather has finally improved and we will get a week of sun. I meet up with standing on sun and we went to hampstead heath, on sat mum and i went to boxhill and on mon we spent 2 hrs in the car on the purley way trying to get into the new john lewis. there is no only a week and a bit before you are home - i am so excited ! i expect to see detailed plans for your project with the curtain rails in the conservatory. will text before you leave borneo.
Lots of love sinead

annie said...

For Emma Frobe
Hi darling-'catwalk' at Sepilok looks amazing-but not as good as the menu! Can't wait to have you home, but enjoy the last few days of fun!!
Love you loads

Katherine Jenkins said...

Message for Naomi Jenkins (10D... I think!)

Happy Birthday Naomi! Hope you are having a great day & getting lots of messages.

Geth and I are actually on holiday in Malaysia at the moment. Thinking of you lots and are already looking forward to partying in Neath with you over Christmas! I have so much goss to tell you so can't wait til you're back on email!!!

Sending you the biggest hugs,
Katherine xxx

Nanna & Grandad Pollard said...

Hi Emily, message off Nanna and Grandad.

Hi sweetie pie, Grandad and I are at Auntie Jooooodiiis & Jo's enjoying the sunny weather, guess where your "COOL NANNA & GRANDAD" are going in August??? Cyprus, for Danny and Kerrys wedding. Hope everything is still amazing, looking forward to seeing you on the 10th. lots of love and kisses, love you Nanna and

robyn & hazel said...

To,Tom Styles,
Think were back on air,had problems with passwords etc.Anyway were enjoying some balmy weather(or do I mean barmy).All is well here ,Mum &Cherry send thier love,I'll just send you the bill.
Arabella is well after her rib replacment and not much else has changed .Mum sent off a carrier pigeon with a selection of photos as requested hope there okay.Best wishes from Cyril,sally Jean yvonne, heather,John and sharon,Chris and everyone who knows you.will blog again,

Martha said...

Stephen Nunes Alpha 6
Good morning Stephen,
I am happy you got the trekking and hope the leeches are not eating you up.Diving will be a nice way to end your great expedition.Enjoy it!I am up early today as I want to finish painting the fence at long last.We had lots of rainy days.Then I will go to Joyce, who is always asking after you, and then on to work. We had Grace and Milton for dinner.She wants to do the skydive and wanted to see the video of you.On Sunday it was Don's 75th birthday,(he doesn't look it) and they had a little tea party.We have had Zachary a few times during the day and I took Joshua swimming, they are both doing fine.X-factor is back on again; guess what we are watching saturday evenings, ha ha..As this is coming to an end soon,I will be sending emails in future.Hope to get some news from you in the near future.Be careful diving and have fun.Lots of love Mum and Dad

Gary said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hello Sweetheart,

I guess by now your trek section musty have finished or be coming to a end I hope that this was ok and that it wasn't to bad. But I know that you will be happy that you have the scuba diving section next.

I am really missing you I can't wait to see you. I really wish I was being flied into Heathrow rather than Gatwick. Work is good at the moment but it is not easy there is a lot to learn. I have not manage to see any of Germany but might have a few hours on my last day.

by the way I am sorry i have not messaged you sooner I have been having real trouble getting a internet connection as the hotel wireless does not like Mac's and the wired port in the room does not work.

I love you sweetheart and hope the diving goes amazing.

All my love


Shereena said...

Dear Ange (alpha 4),

Saw yr pic in Sepilok holding a big pot.. Wondering what it is?? Hope you have fun with cooking in d middle of jungle oh! Last weekend, I bought WW's house gift already on behalf of all of us. It was a lovely blue-ish bed sheet with comforter. Hope she likes it! Yala, now is nearing Hari Raya, so everywhere is having discount! So, I also kepoh shopping when ppl buying their Raya stuff..Hehe..No updates on us since everything remains same.. Oh, Nicole just changed her job, under same line still. Till now lo.. I wanna watch movie, old action movie, "From Paris With Love".. Adios!! ^^ *hugss*


Caroline said...

Hi Alannah. Got your letter and cards today. You might not get my last letter. You look great on the blog. Have noted your list of requests and will be sorted. Reall y looking forward to seeing you next week. have told Millie you are coming home! Make the most of you last week. Lots of love.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Note for Laura Richardson

Hi Laura

Hope everything still OK, suspect you will be now back at base camp reading this getting ready to return to the UK. Am flying down Thursday night so will be there bright and breezy for you on Friday morning, than we can go back to the hotel for a shower before the flight to Newcastle and Home!

Everything OK back in sunny Carlisle and Bond is just about behaving himself!

We are all looking forward to seeing you again.



Mike said...

Hi Abi (alpha 3),

Guess what...IT'S MY LAST DAY OF WORK TODAY! WOO! I know I'm going to miss it when its gone but at the moment all I'm looking forward to is a massive lie in on monday knowing that I don't have to get up for work!

Bailey and I went climbing to Trevor rocks again last night, onsighted 6a and 6a+, was really good fun, can't wait to go climbing with you when you get back.

ONE WEEK TO GO! The countdown has begun! Really can't wait to see you next friday, I'm so excited! Your mum invited me over to stay the weekend the other day, thats all sorted!

Enjoy your last week in Borneo gorgeous, have a great time. see you real soon. Love you Mike xxxxxx

Sarah said...

Hi Naomi

Hope your having a fantastic time and its everything you hoped it would be? We've all been following your adventure here in Warm Wales Sorry we haven't been in touch sooner, you wouldn't believe how busy its got here. We're all really missing you and Hannah, hope she has a fab time in Italy. You & Hannah will have to pop in when your home so we can hear about both your trips. Well take care and we'll speak to you soon Lots of Love Sarah & All at Warm Wales x

annie said...

For Emma Frob

Only a few more days till you're back to reality-and it's cold and wet!! Call when you can to tell me what you want when you get home!
Can't WAIT to see you!!
Loads os love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey Stace,

Just thought i'd write a quick message to you. You are probably more likely to recive it on here rather than FB.

Have been looking at the pictures and reading what you have been upto, and have to say you have done a lot! It all looks like such hard work but so rewarding at the same time! Am really happy for you that you decided to go on this great adventure! :) you must be making so many new friends over there.

Can't actually wait to see you again and hear all your stories and see the pictures! :D that'll be one to tell the grand children! lmao!

Meanwhile back here I am being interviewed on the 10th about possibly staying on longer now. but have another job lined up possibly, will have to wait and see. Pete is buying a flat! umm.. and hopefully I will be in a spa hotel next weekend for a couple of days, just for a break from WORK!!

It's got to be soon when you come home surely, feels like years back here.. bet the time is flying by out there though!!

Love you lots, Judith xxxxxxx

stevefblog said...

To Emma F
Seen the pictures on the blog, looks fantastic, have a great last few days and a good flight home, have really missed you see you soon lol dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Graeme Beaven Alpha 6

Hi Graeme

i left a message last week but hasn't been published so not sure you got it.
Just wanted to say were really proud of all you've acheived out there. Really missing you now and can't wait to see you next week when you get home. I'll be waiting at the airport for you on the 16th.
Will be at the airport on 13th to pick Amanda up then back up that way taking her back to uni so up and down the motorway next week.
Hope you've had a great time and get a chance to do your dive.
Sorry I missed your call the other day,phone on silent whilst in work.
Lots of love mum & dad xx