Thursday, 5 August 2010

10D Phase One Complete...Roll On Phase Two!

On the 27th July, with phase one complete, the 10 week venturers packed up their camps and boarded buses which delivered them to the beautiful Borneo Paradise where they were able to enjoy a shower, a real toilet, air-conditioning, a swim in the pool and even an ice cream or two!  The field base team waited excitedly to greet them...

Some were very excited at the prospect of feeling clean for the first time in three weeks!
Others were happy to be reunited with their fellow venturers.

Getting laundry done was a priority before their clothes grew legs and ran away (some hadn't realised that washing could be done by hand instead of by Mum!)
After returning all their equipment to the logistics team, everyone had some well deserved down time to unpack, catch up with friends, pick up post, enjoy some snacks and cool off in the pool.  In the evening they were treated to a tasty dinner (with not a tin of Raleigh rations insight), followed by an expedition meeting and...drum roll please...'The Skit Factor'!  One by one the Alpha groups took to the stage to perform their (generally) well rehearsed skits which were scored by our very own panel of judges. 

There was traditional Malay dancing.
A Raleigh-fied version of 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas' from the Alpha Four choir.
And even a questionable Beyonce Knowles impression!
It was a fabulous evening of entertainment thoroughly enjoyed by all, but there could only be one winner.  And so, without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce that the winners of 'The Skit Factor' July 2010 were...Alpha Four!  I must say, the victors very much enjoyed tucking into their ice-creamy prize. 

But all was not lost for the other Alpha groups as the winners of the loop 'Come Dine With Me' contest had yet to be announced.  After a heated debate amongst the judges of the loop competition it was decided that, for the first time in Raleigh Borneo history, we had a tie.  Both Alpha's One and Two had layed on such a spectacular night filled with good food and great entertainment that we couldn't decide between the two.  And so, both groups got to enjoy a yummy prize.

After a comfortable night's sleep in real beds, the venturers were up bright and early to discover where they would be spending phase two of the expedition.  I'm pleased to report that it was smiles all round as allocations were anounced, see for yourself...

Off to continue work on the kindergarten in Kampung Maliau Layung is the new look Alpha One team.
Graeme Beaven (PM), Rachel Gower (PM), Oonagh Hayes (PM), Stacey Bartlett, Chung Shin Ho, DJ Gibbs, Charlotte Grimstone, Primrose Miller, Eloise Samualson, Elizabeth Bird and last but not least Finlay Macleod.

Heading to Pulau Maliangin Besar to help build the community workshop is Alpha Two...
Isabel Burgess, Stephen Nunes, Ange Ling Tan, Phillip Ly, Emily Carter (PM), Sarah Watson (PM), Laura Richardson, George Ashwin, Helen Kwok, Daniel Ferriday and Candy May.

Venturing into Imbak Canyon as Alpha Three to work on the suspension bridge is...
Catherine Melis, Frantz Nehammer (PM), Aaron Thompson, Gary Williams, Nick Kjaersgaard (PM), Sim Wen Yi, Helen Norton (PM), Floss Severs, Lucianne Kelsall, Henry Harris and finally, Andrew Clapham.

Going to monkey around at Sepilok is Alpha Four...
Tom Styles, Tom Williams, Mika Ming, Naomi Jenkins, Chee Huan Lee, Katy McDonald (PM), Deborah Oxley, Manisha Hirani, GQ, Joyce Malmo (PM) and the lovely Abby Walker.

Off to complete their PADI dive courses before taking on the treking challenge are these new members of Alpha Five...
Andy Lowdon (PM), Dean Izzudin, Sarah Luton, Shane Kemp, Rhys Howells, Chris Robinson, Robert Lamont, Darren Pugh (PM), Abigail Bush, Danielle Lightfoot, Alannah Gauld, Carolyn Smith and Emily Foster.

And finally treking for twelve days before relaxing on Dive Island will be Alpha Six...
James Walmesley, John Edgar, Ben Griffith, Jessica Jackson, Chris Whitehead, Stephen Longfellow, Nick Johnson (PM), Matty Knox (PM), Caroline Reid (PM), Alexandra Gell, Narin Cakir, Charlotte Hall, Arina Latif and Emma Frobisher.

Having been devided into new Alpha groups, there was just time for a little team bonding before everyone deployed out the next morning.  Introducing the 'Raleigh Olympics'...

Having worn themsleves out, the venturers retired to their rooms to pack up their bags once again and prepare to be shiped out to their new project sites.  Roll on phase two!


Windsordane said...

For Nick - Aplha 3. Great to see another pic of you and notice how fit you look. Mum spoke to Kat and we'll keep in touch. All is well here and in Holyport.
Love Windor family

Anonymous said...

Message for Laura Alpha 2

Just seen picture of you with your new Alpha group - you look surprisingly well and tanned! Not fair!
Saw picture of great pile of laundry - hope you got yours back and not smelly anymore - thank goodness. Looks like you had a cool time back a base camp, especially the pool games. Hope you enjoying beach and getting to know locals.

Nothing much to report at home - all well and Bond behaving, just for a change. Emma home from her travels next Tuesday - so presumably more washing to do! Take care and keep having great time.

Veena said...

Hey Manisha (Alpha 4)
How you doing!!!!!! We can see you with your new group now and they all look hardworking!!!! Been a long gap between your last pictures and now so its lovely to see you smiling again... your weeknd of rest looked like fun!! also nice, clean and well rested i hope! Hope to speak to you soon missin you loads!! 14 days to go!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO xxx

Jayna said...

Message for Manisha Hirani
heyyy manisha! good to see u in the group pic! the new alpha four! good luck to u all! hope ur doing well and hope we see a few more pics of u! cant wait until ur home..not long at all now! stay brave with that wildlife! have fun and enjoyyyy!!! lots of love, Jayna xxx

Seema said...

Message for Manisha Hirani
Manisha :D hope your having fun LOL! i know you cant wait to come home but like its weird not having you here cos im at your house! its normally you always sitting downstairs lol, anyways its a good thing your doing so it will be worthwhile! we read your letter its soo funny! ahaha :) newais tc see youu soon xxx

dad said...

Gary W alpha 3
could do with a hair cut mate,building a bridge, just up your street rock climbing should come in sounds good be safe lots of love mom and dad

cheeeeee yuet.... said...

Message to Chee Huan, my sweet jie jie~

lol! jie! I saw your picture!! You look so dark!! haha~ Another ME!

And, Xin birthday cake is really great! It's called Mud Cake!!
Papa love it so much! haha!
Too bad~ you are not here! We will eat your share! This time is for real! lol~

What i have for dinner : Petai, lunch leftover egg, and steam egg with chicken. And, Soya Bean!!
*Don't worry, I will keep you informed! LOL!

We received your postcard! Just fyi, you look like that orang utan!! haha~

Oh, and Mama is happy that you passed your exam!

That's all for today, I will come by when i have time!

Stay healthy and happy! just like Me~! haha! but don't get darker, just like me!!

Lol! Bye Bye!!!

From : Your sweet sister, Chee Yuet!!!

*Mama threaten us, that she will not send our letters to Ah Bee and Wei Shan if we are not going to write to you! lol~

David Blakemore said...

Message for Danielle Lightfoot, Alpha 5.

Helllllllllllllllllllo i got your letter today :) thank you very much for it, i will be sending a reply soon as i get the time, ive been asked to make a few changes to the clubs website :@ lol.
everyone here is alive and well :) its quite nice outside today, i may go make the website changes outside in the sun :) oh scratch that, ive just looked out the window, the sun has put its hat on.
its lovely to see you having fun in the pictures though im worried that you were singing, though in them tempretures im sure the rain was nice :P.
a friend of yours added me on facebook about a week ago, Becky Smith. she seems nice :)
erm, theres not much else i can think offto say.
i hope your enjoying your self lots and lots.
everyone is missing you lots here. looking forward to you getting back :)
have loads of fun and ill speak to you soon
lots of Hugs and Kisses

Helen Jacob said...

For Graeme Beaven Alhpa 1. Hey babe! Your group is really small! 11 in mine! Hope all´s going class? Currently in Liberia! One of my Hong Kong venturers was refused entry into Nica so i´ve been battling with the Consulate for 2 days. Reckon we´re just gonna try to stow ourselves away in a lorry to cross the border today! If we fail, I have to take her down to the bottom of CR to another project and bus it back up to Nica solo! All good fun! Guanacaste is mint and hoping to trek here next phase. Mega missing your silly self! Please ask your blogger to post close-up of beard!xxxxx

Shereena said...

Dear Ange (Alpha 2),

Just had gathering with WW early this week.. We miss you alot! Everyone is doing fine here and nothing changes.. Well, PA took over yr job as the camera gal and took lots of lovely photos of us *perasan*. Saw yr happy picture during the new team allocation, which is good!Hope you acquired some skills to build a home soon! Hehe.. P/S: Jangan terketuk jari lol.. ^^

Reena said...

Hey Vivek, It's good to see you're enjoying all the fun and games, but when does the real work begin?! Enjoy!
Reena xXx

Jo Pollard said...

Hey Emily (little cuz)

fab to see more photo's of you on here. You'll never guess who we have staying with us for LIKE 2 WEEKS!!! Dan, Kerry, Macey and Charlie.....their chalet at Haven was ming so they walked out and came to Wales so as you can imagine a mad house!!! Macey says hi she has been to Conwy today, been round the castle & the smallest house in Britain.
we love you lots & thanks for the letter.

MWAH, love always,
Jo, Macey, Auntie Judi, Danny, Kerry & Charlie. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Narin,
You look like you had a wonderful time near the pool. Raleigh are doing a good job at putting pictures of you guys and informing us of how you are getting on.
We are all well. The weather isn't as hot as you left it, but we can't complain too much after all it is England.
We received your letter
"thank you!"It was nice to hear from you, but you do know that Sinem is absolutely jealous that she went to cold Africa and you are in the sun doing all these amazing things.
Take of yourself andof each other
Love mum xxxxx

Caroline said...

Hi Alannah
Thanks for the lovely letter. It was really googd to hear from you. I notice in one of the photos on the blog that you have been badly bitten on your legs. Hope you are being careful.Hope your nxt phase goes really well. We will keep up to date by checking the blog and will keep writing.Lots of love Mummyxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Georgina Swift said...

Heyyyy Bill and Nell its Georgina :D, been looking on the blog and where you are looks amazing bet your having a great time, not been eaten alive by midgies or attacked by the sun too much yet :p, keep topping up that sun lotion ahahaha, soo happy your both in the same team as eachother, and hope you've met lots of new friends :).... missing you at home, see you soon :)

Elaine said...

Hi George
Looks like you're having a fab time, you look so well. Its lovely to see these pics. Missing you loads. Hope your next project is good and you carry on having the most wonderful experience. I hope by now you have had our letter. So excited to take you for a spin in my new car...its amazing. Everyone well here hope to see Joe and Christobel this weekend. Dad off sailing for a couple of days. Bazz is missing you too!! Only two weeks to go and ready to give you a great big hug. Have fun Jungle George. Lots of love Mum Dad and of course Bazz.xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Laura Richardson, alpha 2, 10 week expedition.

Greetings from a very rainy Zagreb (Croatia). Weve just arrived and literally swam to our room with the water completely covering our feet! It made me think of the 3pm downpour in Malaysia so thought of you!

Hope all is going well and you are enjoying the building and are developing muscles lol. Looks like you are developing a good tan! Hope youre not fed up of Raleigh rations yet!

Weve just been in Budapest for a 2 nights which was really nice and are going to look around Zagreb tomorrow before getting the train to Split on the coast for 4 nights of beach time, very much needed! We have plans of laying on the beach for hours on end, having seafood and hiring a pedalo and thats it before I fly home on Tuesday from Dubrovnik, Ive asked daddy nicely to pick me up from Liverpool =)

Keep enjoying yourself, hope my post from around europe has found it over there!

Love you lots and lots sweetie =)
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary (alpha 3)

Hope you enjoyed your stay in the hotel for the night! looks like you all had fun in that swimming pool, wish i was sat in the heat by a pool now!!! hows your tan coming on now? i will laugh if you peel as soon as you get home heeheee.
Are you enjoying your new task?

Nothing new here i dont think more of my garden plants have died lol i dont think me and tom tom will win any awards for best garden this year hummmm.

Will start to write you a big long email for you to read and reply to when your next set free from the wield :P

from your fav little sister who you think is the best person in the whole wide world ;) x

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhys ,
The new photos are great you look as if you are still having a wonderful time . I definiately think you should extend your travels as much as possible - even cashing in your return ticket and heading off to see Roland and Danielle in San Fransisco. It would be a fantastic opportunity .Thanks for your last letter and i`ll get the info to you asap but I wouldn`t worry about too much as I still have some of your cash. Have a great diving time , lots of love Mum

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
It is great to be able to see the photo of you with Alpha Three. I think that I spotted you in the swimming pool, too, but I would have loved to have seen you in more photos!
The plastering is being done tomorrow and, whilst that's happening, I'll be initiating the next phase of the BA issue, which will be involving a third party.
When we next speak I'll tell you about a drama that has developed re the foxes. It involved an irresponsible local newspaper article and, following discussions with people in the road that was named in the article, I'm hoping that a number of complaints will now be made to the paper. It led me to do a walkabout to check the foxes and I couldn't go empty handed so...your farmer's market sausages are no more..! Sorry about that! But they were greatly appreciated!
Bye for now!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

SharonGranville said...

forgot to say that Justina left for Brighton today - for good! - says to pass love to you Mum x

Clapham Family xxx said...

Message for Andrew Clapham - Alpha 1:
Hey Andy,
Great to see you are no longer slinking out of photographs and we can actually see what your getting up to!!
You are looking well and its ice to see after 5 (probably very long and difficult) weeks you are still smilling!!!
Unless you havent realised what day, week or month it is this message is comming to you from thailand!!


Keep enjoyig yourself, work hard, oh and get your shirt off, the farmers tan is not a good look ;)

Love you lots and cant wait to see you and hear your stories!!

Lots of love

PS - hope you enjoyed the letter i sent - mental head!!!! xxxxx

Clapham Family xxx said...

message for Andrew Clapham - Alpha 1.
Hello from Koh Samui Thailand!!! Hope you are still having an amazing time...cant believe your half way through already.
We have a couple of days left on's been fab, riding elephants, feeding baby tigers, learning the art of thailand shopping culture-which is crazy!
It's great to see you in pics, loving the tan, ours will be gone by the time you get home :(
Sending you a big hug, enjoy the rest of your adventure, and take care.
Lots of love TOR xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Lizzie B, Alpha 1 - 10D
Great to speak with you during the break! Spotted your jimjams in the blog photos & possibly your little white self in the swimming pool? More letters in post to you.
Lucy, Dad & I holidaying at Barn for week - including sailing - & KT joins us for celebs Aug 8 before she heads for Croatia. Will miss you. Lucy passed Theory Test so now on for actual Driving Test.
Hope your cold's better & the project's going well. More hugs...Mum xxx

cheeeeee yuet.... said...

Hey Jie, this is the second time i wrote to you. It's 6th of june 2010, Friday.

Kor Kor ask you to buy a Releigh T-Shirt for him. But if you are short of cash then just ignore him! haha~ Mama suggested that you give yours to him when you come back.

Kor kor is so lazy! He sleep all day, and he always go out with friends! He don't want to write to you, so end up i'm the one doing it!

Today, Me and Kor Kor went to Mcdonald. We order 3 Large French Fries while waiting for mama to fetch Chee Xin from school.
Lol~ you miss fries??
Or you miss us more???

hehe~ Seems like you didn't lose any weigh, huh?
Mama said 加油, but not at the literal sense! haha~

That's all for now!!!
Enjoy your expedition!!!
Tell me everything about it when you are back!!!
Bye Bye, jie!

From : Cheese Yuet <3

SteveFblog said...

hi Emma F
it's liv here we are all in Alderney, including your mum and dad. i have seen some pictures and it looks like you are having a great time!! we are having a BBQ tonight and tomorrow it's the torchlight procesion. i still remember when harriet and kate won that medal in the comedy chat thing they did :) i hope to see you when you are back lots and lots of love from everyone xxxxxxxxx liv, harriet, immy, aunty angela and uncle dave

Barb and Rob Burgess said...

Hey Izy
Looking great on the recent pics,so happy!
Jess and I have spent today at Chester Zoo ,have we seen more orangutans than you? No sun today so decided a day at the Zoo would be a good use of our time.
Off to AC's very big birthday do tomorrow,am sure that we will all look at the blog and post a comment or 2! Sunday we are meeting George and Jane for lunch,they know you are in Borneo and say hi and well done !

Stay happy,Love you
Barb x x x

mom n dad said...

Gray W alpha 3
hows it going mate gone cold at home summer is over footy starts soon will let you know how wolves get on mom has to wait for her bird not happy its my fault somhow ha ha shell has just been round for food and tom tom is still usein my water thought they had moved out! will never have the house to ourselves got medical monday for afgan fingers crossed.nan and grandad send there love and everyone at the crown asks how you are doing somthing of a celeb arnt is fixed just need some good weather to get the wind in my hair(whats left) speak to you soon be safe letter on its way lots of luve m8 c.u.s

Anusha said...

Narin my dear,
I hope you are well. Loving the pics. I really am your lil stalker! I think i'm just living my travelling life through you as I can't do it now. Boohoo.
Can't believe I have a 9-5 job, I am among the masses.
It got coldish in the UK. Rubbish.
Miss you,
Love Anusha xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Martin Edgar said...

Hey Joe

Your preparation for trecking came in useful then. Keep plodding and have a good trip.
I've got a new contract and all well here. Even had a haircut!


Sinead said...

Hey Debs - was alpha 6 now alpha 4

Hello and I hope u r enjoying al[ha 4. Mum recieved you letter on tuesday she was very pleased to get it - i didn't have you down as much as a cook, but i can believe that you kept falling over, how bad are the bruises? I am very jealous that you got to go diving. But from my medical point of view relieved you didn't get the bends! How have you manged to loose so many socks! I have seen some photos on the blog, I think ur forearms are very brown, mum thinks u have lost weight. However what was alpha 6 doing for their x-factor thing? was it something to do with Beyonce? However i think the facepaint look works for you. Well tues was the last day of being an F1, everyone was in tears. I have now moved into the flat but my room is full of boxes and bags! I am now fully registered and an F2. I have the surprise delight on Wed o find out that as one of the other SHOs wasn't there I would have to be on call on Fri day and I am doing nights on Mon 9th - NICE. SO yesterday I was O+G SHO, its not nice being the SHO, everyone bleeps you. So whilst you are out hammering some wood come Mon 9th, I will be on the other side of the world, running around a hospital - i miss anaesthetics. To get me through nights I have booked a hairdressers appt. We are having a mini cant reunion on the 21st. When mum came in from work on Wed, Magic had pooed, but then the phone rang and it was somebody from raleigh in london asking what bloods you needed doing. Keep enjoying the adventure, i did send u a card, but when i went to get a stamp for my next letter to u this stamp cost 30p more than the previous stamp so u may not get the card, anyone i will keep blogging and writing.
love sinead + Mum

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Plastering is done. Decisions to be made now, about paint colour, curtains vs blinds and how to arrange the furniture - and all without your input! Not so much fun without your contribution! :(
Richard is hopefully going to be able to get away to Spain for a week with a couple of the guys in early October.
I spoke to Gary at the end of his first day at his new job. All sounds fine - he's training at the mo. Also to ask how the test went on Thursday.
Have exchanged texts with Sheila. Have completed the paperwork re next approach to BA issue, which is in the form of an application to a third party for a pro bono referral.
Forgot to say, re the fox/farmer's market sausages story, that one of them 'did a Chloe' re having passed within four feet of a lovely pile of the stuff whilst remaining hungrily oblivious!
Loads of love from Mum xxx

Reena said...

Hey Vivek!! This is the second message I am sending you, for some reason don't think you got my first!! Glad to see you're enjoying yourself! We went to Hemel's wedding today, missed you!! Hope you're well!!
Reena xXx

Reena said...

Hey Vivek!!
Love Reena xXx

Shen said...

To Manisha Hirani
Firstly... what a smile!! Hope u gd homes, its rly nice 2 see u smilin, specially like tha lol. U lk like ur havin a gd time, i hope everything is goin well. We all rly missin u dwn here, countin the days till ur bak. Ur prob fast asleep rite now, we all wide awake in the middle of the day here, hopefulli hear from u soon. Thanks for trying to contact wen u can, i kno its hard, rly appreciate it!! Enjoy urself! See you soon. Love u so much x Shen x

Josh said...

For Alannah (Alpha 5)

Hey Alannah its Josh! Hope your having a wicked time in Borneo, it looks absolutely awesome. You look like your having a great time and I hope to hear all about it when you get back. Certainly beats Tesco...!
Love from all the other Murrays too, Josh.

David and Carol Bartlett said...

Hi Stacey, The hotel and pool look great, I bet it was fantastic to feel clean again (Until the next time) You look well and it is obvious that you are having a fantastic time. Your new group is a lot smaller (In number note by size) We hope you enjoy the kindergarten and that all the Alpha 1 team work hard on the project.
We recieved your postcard and it was great to see where you have been and how far you have traveled.
We went to Max's 18th birthday party at his parents house on Saturday 7th Aug. Had a good afternoon with mums brother cooking on the BBQ all afternoon, loads of food and plenty of drink.
Jason and Lucy are decorating the room ready for the new baby, only five weeks to go.
We booked our ferry crossings to France ready for our hols which start on 5th Sept, staying in Andy and Anna's house. Realy looking forward to getting away.
Oscar is fine, he has missed you and now insists on sleeping in our room at night and during the day (hairy bed)
Mum is going to write you another letter this week. (Dont know if you have recieved the first letter yet.
Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Primmy, Lovely to hear all your news in your letter, sounds great. All well here, Bunny enjoying Anns Cottage, H and P Fearless bet you miss it all!? Just bought a Porsche with the money I'm saving on food, quite extraordinary. Pup (Kibble) real cute and he will love me more than you, Doris terrified of him cos he bites his feet. Tiny still hissing at him and me, think she misses you. George Petrides coming to stay, B and he camping at Polzeath and B surfing every day, even 7am this morning! Thinking of you all the time, doesn't sound like the marmite worked! Love you, Fattie xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, Don't seem to have much luck leaving messages on here - I'm doing something wrong somewhere! But have written and also sent you a postcard from Shetters so hope they get through! You look amazing in the pics I've seen ... its just all incredible and can't wait to see you again and hear all of the adventures. Watching you on here all the time babes... love you so much Joe xxxxx PS Everyone here good too ... as your Dad says! xx

Anonymous said...

Emily Foster

Hi Em

You look really happy about your chosen group for the trek. I know you won't get this until you are back from the trek but I hope it has gone okay. I have written to you and sent you something to read if it gets to you okay. We have another week off work getting all the jobs you never have time to do including tidying your bedroom(that took a few hours) ;-). Try and call when you change around for the last phase.

Miss you loads
Mum xx

Barb and Rob Burgess said...

Dear Isabel,Gabby here!
We had a lovely time at Catherine's party last night and Mum has been showing me your pictures on the blog.You look happy and well and i can't wait to see you soon. All my love Gabby x x

Anonymous said...

For Gary Williams,

Hey stinkey,
First of all reply to dads comment.......pork chop friday ended up being chilli con carni YAK!!!! so he had to make up for it by cooking us sunday dinner heeheee, tom tom is still using the water tho he popped in to use the toilet while they was at work the other day and left a little was impressed ;)

Guess what wev had down for harley today!!! LEGO!!!!!!!! loads off it and mom didnt even get mad when she found out hes gone and colourd the really expensive horse statue noses red! thye just laughed! we never got away with that i think there going soft! dad helped harley build a lego castle tho well..actually harley was aloud to sit and watch dad build a lego castle but not touch! while tom spent hours not really building anything but did make the roads to driveall the lego cars round pretty by putting tree and flowers over them all lol.

Hope the bridge building is going well and you havent fell off it!! need to start going on sunbeds ow so i dont look white when you get home! (which is next month! going quick isnt it!)

speak to you soon!
meeeeeshell x

Anonymous said...

Message Laura Alpha 2

Hope you are well and hope you haven't developed too many blisters.

Was thinking of you today when we 'trecked' over the fells at Ullswater today. Didn't get lunch at usual cafe, had to settle for two scoop ice cream (not probably as good as Centre Parcs). Bumble still missing you loads and can't wait to be loved again!

Bet you can't believe you are over half way now. Make the most of the time you have left.

Love mum, dad and bond

Anonymous said...

Prim you've stolen my black top. Not happy. Looks pretty horrendous on you anyway. Hope the leeches get you. Lots of love Holly x

MA said...

Hi Manisha, hope all is well your end. NIce to hear from you. I know u r now counting down the days and so are we. We had some rain here, they say its the driest summer in about 90 years. Me and V will go to our cookery classes tonight and J will go to Viks house, as our lesson doesn't finish until after 11.00.Haven't spoken to Shen for a while as he has been busy. Speak to u soon Take care Lots of Love MA

annie said...

For Emma F Alpha 6
Hi darling-missed you in Alderney! Not a lot of news except Lily Allen is pregnant and Robbie Williams got married (obvs not to Lily tho!) Am saving the Style mags for you-lot of reading to catch up on. Enjoy the diving-look forward to seeing more photos on the blog-good to see the group photo of Alpha 6.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Sara Alpha 9,
Nice to see your photo,s, looks like you are having a good time.
Love Dad, Louise and Alfie

Jenny Ly said...

Phillip Ly,

Thought I better drop you another line...not sure where the hell to post the messages. Pictures are funny...looks like your having fun!I hope your still using all the soap I brought you! you look too tanned for my liking!

Proud big sisx


Dane said...

To Carolyn smith alpha 5
Hey chucky egg hope your enjoying yourself, looked fun at borneo paradise!! hope your treck is going ok, missing you loads cant wait to hear from ya love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from bum chunk

Ruth Lindley said...

Ruth says
For Abigail Bush.
Hi Abigail. Looks like you are having a great time on the expedition. I've just come back from my holidays in France and had a good look at the web site and all the news. Hope the trek goes well. will post again soon.

Anonymous said...

hey message for finlay in alpha 1!!!
glad to see your enjoying yourself!!! its wet but warm on india expedition n pain havin to cover shoulders n knees - i well got the raw end of the deal lol. so jealous yous get a hotel at changeover!!! enjoy it n see you n wee jade wen we're back!!!

AWMillard said...

Hiya Floss,
Off to work on a Suspension bridge eh?, rather you than me, hope you are good with heights! You're looking great! Love you loads Dumby

Steve Roebuck said...

Emily Foster

Hi Em

Hope your having a great time on your trek, you look happy to have been selected to go on it :). Cant believe its only a few week now till you get back.Ive sent a second letter off to you today, I hope you get it in time, would have sent it earliar but been ill last couple of days . Try and contact me if possible before your last phase.

Missing you loads

Mike said...

Hey Abi (Alpha 5)

Its awesome to see more pics of you before you go off on your diving and trekking phase. Man am I jealous! Have a sweet time!!

Things here are pretty good, just got back from sailing in the lakes, definitely gona have to crew for you when you get back!
Work is alright, I've got my assessment in exactly two weeks, eek!

Hope you are having an amazing time, you'll hear again from me soon. Love you Mike xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Graeme,(Alpha 1)

Hope the build is going well. You're over half way through your time there now, can't believe it. Hope you're still enjoying it all and keeping well.

We missed you on Sunday when all the family were round for our anniversary. We'll have to have a family gathering when everyone is home in October. (Yes, Alan has booked his trip to Europe).

I'll write soon with all the latest news from home. Keep up the good work and enjoy the experience. Look forward to next update on site.

Love Mum x

Anonymous said...

Ruth and Helen
Message for Abigail Bush
We've been having a good look at all the new photos.Hope the trek went well. You look happy and healthy on the photos we've spotted you on. Can't wait to see you and listen to all your adventures. Hoping to go to Hale soon for a little break before school starts again. Had a great time on saturday celebrating Helen's 21st. Will post again soon.
Ruth and Helen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhys Alpha 5 ,

You must be half way through your jungle trek by now and have completed the diving course . We all envy you and miss you so much . i keep thinking you`ll be home soon soon and then realise you`re still got weeks in borneo . I do hope you get the trip to the Phillipines . take all the opportunities you can . we`re all fine here . i`m off to the Gower with Helen for a few days next week . I`m on annual leave now which is lovely . there`s loads i need to do mending this and fixing that but I`m not going to worry too much and if I end up just chilling on the beach well that will be fine . its been warm and muggy with some rain so I hope its nice next week . I love the picture of you in the canoe .I hope your camera is working so you can gets loads of good pictures . Everyone is fine here . Lowri will be in the Gower for the bank holiday w/e at the same time as me and FFion will be home going to work - poor thing . Its been v quiet and she gets bored but she`s fine . she`s served someone off Gavin and Stacey and when its quiet they sneak off to the changing rooms to try on clothes themselves . All her first paypacket has gone on clothes and going out .
Keep on having a great time . I`ve been looking out for the blog about the diving course but haven`t heard anything yet . Can`t wait to hear from you again . Your cards were fantastic .
All my love Mum , Lowri and Ffion

Jenny Ly said...

Phillip Ly...Where are you...still dont know how to function this blog thing...makes me sound like an old women...just keep trying to look out for your picture. (I think you managed to dodge the paps I sent with the help of JOhn :))

Annie got her results today 4A's and a C (in Maths). hehe lucky your not here otherwise she would get a 'me, me, me...' lecture from you. Haha.

Mum is cool, on saturday 21st Aug gogint o book her tickets to San Fran(see) for sept/oct. can you drop us a line for when you are back?!

thinking of going home on Sunday making a nice Pork Roast with lovely cracklin! Sorry if your team mates are reading this...but will cook you something nice when you get back? or take you to China town again :)

Anways take care and see you soon!

Jen x

Bushfamily said...

Hi Abi, As you know we're back from Kenya. We had a super time even if the sailing was a tad exciting for me. Simon thoroughly enjoyed the safari - it takes something for him to get up before us in a morning!!! We've got loads of pictures and a not too wobbly video I hope. We certainly saw a wide variety of wildlife but I can't list it all here. It'll have to wait till you get home. With the group being rather smaller than on a usual Beachclub holiday it was a very convivial affair too. The "kid's" team won the quiz much to Simon's delight! It was lovely to talk to you yesterday morning. Enjoy Imbak Canyon - looking forward to more piccies of you.
Lots of love Mum, Dad and Simon

Steve Roebuck said...

Message To Emily Foster

Hey Em :)
Hope your still having a good time out there and your trek and diving went well..still waiting to see what your doing for your last phase. Everything here is okay, weather is horrible though only had a few days of sunshine. Went paintballing last saturday and got shot to pieces got quite a few bruises on my legs and one elsewhere haha. Going to cinema again tonight with daz and his mates of to see The Expendables and another film which ive forgot the name of. Cant beleive its only two week now till you get back..cant wait to give you a big cuddle..missed spending time with you!!. Stay Safe, Miss You Loads and Loads Love Steve xxxx

Anonymous said...

From Ruth
For Abigail Bush
Hi Abigail. Looking forwaed to going to Hale tomorrow with helen. Am sure your mum and dad and Simon will have lots of stories to tell about their African adventires.Hope your next part of the expedition is going ok.

sue kettles said...

Message for Nick Kjaersgaard
Hi Nick,
At last I've managed to log on to wish you all the very best and do pop in to see us all at Spectris when you return. I miss your sense of humour! Regards, Sue Kettles