Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

As promised, here are some pics of Alpha One's story so far...

Kampung Maliau Layung

Home sweet home.

You're never too old to play!

Men at work.

A well earned rest.

You can do it put your back into it.

Making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Take a break (wish you had a KitKat).


Lying down on the job.

Progress so far...


annie said...

message for Emma F
Enjoyed seeing photos of Alpha 1-sadly none of you-so hope all's ok and you are enjoying it and it's not too much hard work (looks it!)
Weather still lovely here-tho not as hot as with you. Kate now in HK on her way home and Dad and I off tomorrow-will be so sad going without you! Miss and love you loads
Mona xx
ps saved last J Ross show- David Beckham was main guest and is GORGE!!!!

Veena said...

Hey Manisha (ALPHA ONE)
OMGGGGGG IM SOOOOOO HAPPY TO SEE YOU IN THE PICTURES!!!!!!! WOW! Cant stop smiling!!! Its great to see you in the pictures smiling!!! Yeay!!! Your hair aint that grown as you were saying but prob will be by the time you get back!! And you dont look like you lost weight which is also fantastic to see!!!! :oD!!!!!!!!!!!!
i see you out in your pj bottoms!! LOL.. like to see you walk around like that back here...
and is that take a break magazine i see in your hand!!!! lol getting the little kids to help are you!
YOu have also got a tan!! Must be so hot but it aint looking too wet so thats good!!
The children look so cute!!! and im guessing you've def broken into those boots of yours!
Cant wait to hear from you!!! 5 days and counting!!!! Miss you loads.. Veena x

Veena said...

Manisha.. we can also see a picture of your home... tried to see which tent is yours... straight away i directed myself to the messiest corner, but didnt recognise any of your items.. gues they all look the same but if it aint yours... woohoo theres another like you. lol
sleeping area dont look too bad also can seethe pic of the Kampung Maliau Layung (all the village huts) looks soo lovelyy!!!! xxx

Jayna said...

Manisha Hirani (Alpha 1)
MANISHAAA!!!! WOW so good to see u in the pics after a whilee!! look like ur havin a good time with the kids (hope ur tefl is comin in use!!)lol and i see that take a break and the pen! lol was that a crossword puzzle!missing u sooo much but hope ur havin an amazing experience out there! cant wait until u get reception back so we can hear how uve been!really hope ur eating and sleeping well!hope its not too uncomfy!lol ur getting a tan out there 2 i c!haha by the way i went london zoo yesterday..4 free!LOL so now we hav all been this year! was good and then went on a pedal boat on the lake at regents park! that was good!will show u all the pics wen ur back home safe and sound! cant wait until ur back!!missing u soo much!Loveee u!! (by the way, the room is now almost finished!!:D) hope uve got my letters ! love u lots, Jayna xxxxxx

Steve Roebuck said...

Message For Emily Foster (Alpha 1)

Hey you!! Nice to see pictures of you, looks like your working really hard and also having fun!.Cinema other day with Daz was pretty good Inception is a really great film,we'll have to watch it when you get back, however Predators wasnt so good. The graduation ball was okay too, i got slighty tipsy, and daz got pretty drunk, also took some photos so ill send them in next letter.Missing you loads Love you Steve xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Manisha! looks like you enjoying your self out there! i can see you having a great experience out there!! everyones thinking of you here! hope the food is ok there,and its not raining too much !!

Jo Pollard said...

Hey Em....just looking at your photo's and mum and I both noticed your dirty knees. Auntie Jooooodddiii says you're just like her at work!!!! we miss you, love you lots MWAH Jo & Auntie Jooooddiii! P.s. looked after Charlie last weekend, he was as good as gold but crawling everywhere! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

Loving the huts youv been working on looks like vonnies summer house!! need to get in more pics tho or have a flag so i can spot you!! thinking about it you should of took frederico with you that i had in Ibiza Borneo would be a good one to add to his spot frederico on his world tours lol.
Hope your still enjoying it! going to start working on your letter this weekend as mine still hasnt turned up! mom and dad have posted you a letter yesterday. Think its only about a week now isnt it till you get to stay in a hotel? well ill be waiting for my phone calls!

See you soon Shell x

p.s ITS PORK CHOP FRIDAY 2MO with mash tata, veg and gravey MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! :P

Joy Trott (Mom) said...

Hey Trenaye, The pictures that they have on the website are great. Very beautiful!! I have seen you in a few shots and you look as though you are enjoying yourself. keep up the good work and I hope to hear from you soon. By the way, Somerset is gonna take some licks from St. Georges for Cup match! Love and miss you very much! Be safe and take care of yourself. Love Momma

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
It is so good to be able to see further photos of Alpha One. It's great to see you smiling broadly, in the group photo. Interesting, too, to see the local children, who must really enjoy the diversion of having the Rayleigh teams coming in.
There's a letter en route but I forgot to say in it that Robbie is fine.
Your degree certificate arrived yesterday, so you can now prove that you have a Bachelor of Laws!
Lots of love from Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Hen

Luv u lots

Jo,Tom,Ned and Mils xxxxx

Ashok mama said...

Hay Munch - (Manisha Alpha One), just seen in the pics. looks like u having a good time,at least the weather looks better than when u started. Will tell my friends to log onto this site and follow your progress.Me and Nanny looking forward to seeing you when u get back. Take crae. Love u. Ashok MaMa and Nanny XXXX

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Had confirmation that the deduction from your uni house deposit is just a few pounds, so the balance should hit your account soon.
Had letter re small council tax liability (after official end of term date). Will speak to Reading council on Monday about your student status and to your housemates re the dates involved but, worse case scenario, your liability is about £12.
Following email from College of Law, I'll contact the SRA, and possibly the uni, on Monday re getting written confirmation from the SRA re your degree, which the C of L needs.
Missing you loads
Lots of love from Mum xxx

Gary H said...

Hi Cat,

Hope everything is going great. You look like you are enjoying everything your doing, looks like you are all working really hard.

Everything this end is good. Dad is of course being the worst patient in history, as we all expected. My family send their love and hope everything is going well. They would send the message themselves, but after half an hour of dad trying to do it I gave up and just did it myself.

It has been a busy week for me. I have been having loads of driving lessons as my test is in a week and a bit. Also got my degree grade 2.2. I know I would not have got that will out all of you help sweetheart. Also I had a second interview for Prestigne Charter (it is the company that does all of the wireless cameras for sport)and they email me this morning saying I have got the job. I start in the next couple of weeks. I am missing and thinking of you loads sweetheart. I am glad you are enjoying it, I hope the next section goes as well and I will message again soon.



Anonymous said...

Emily Foster

Hi Em

That's a really good picture of you I know who to ask for help in the garden now. I have been reading on the blog about the adventure challenge looks like it could be tough but I am sure you will get through it. Not much happening here we are having a couple of weeks off but staying at home catching up on some jobs. Took Grandma & Grandad to Costco this morning it was an experience as usual. Try and call befoer you go on your next challenge. Love you lots love Mum,Dad.Tom & Amber xxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!
Further to my last message, I've spoken to both C of L and the uni and subsequently sent an email to C of L, as they requested, confirming that uni will be notifying them of degree results.
Council are sending revised council tax invoice to the three of you whose student status has now lapsed (albeit you'll be a student again in Sept). Your liability should only be £6-7.
Fox feeding has now ceased, but I may need to reconsider giving Robbie's left-overs to Mouse, or we'll end up with a plague of them. Yesterday, 'sons of Mouse' and I had a period of playing 'statues' on the patio. Two of them. Sooo sweet! Like Mouse used to look. One of them froze with his tail high in the air and had to stay like that for about a minute! They were so rubbish at 'how not to be seen'! Once they'd decided to run for the cover of the plants, there was a protracted 'Chloe in the bushes' episode! Lucky there are no owls around...
Really hope that you will be able to phone before your next section. So missing our chats.
Loads of love, Mum xxx

Veena said...

hey manisha!!!!! tomrrows the 27th!!! How exciting you get back to base and will have reception!!!!!!!!!! YEAY!!!!! 1day to gooo wooohoooo!!Cant wait to hear from you xxx

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham: Alpha 1.

Hey boo!!!
Hope your still having a great time.
Me and tori will be heading out to thailand in less than 48 hours now!!!! whoop!
So you should feel some kind of Clapham presence not far from you.

Get yourself in some photos as i am stealing them and popping them in an album for you. Currently you are hiding behind people in most of them :(
Love you lots and hope you next project goes well!!!


Luci xxxxxxx

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham: Alpha 1.

Hi Andy,
I posted a letter for you, not sure if you have recived it by now so just thought i would pop a message on here too, just incase!!!
I recieved a letter from LCM the other day, we opened just the top in case it was your results but it wasnt. It appears to be your music journalism module assignment with a 'with compliments' slip. Hoefully it isnt work you had to ammend or complete!?!!
I really hope you re ok, that you have no problems and that your still enjoying yourself!!!
Everyone here is good, it will soon be very quiet as Tori and Luci will be joining you on the otherside of the world.

Lots of love, Big hugs

Mum xxxxxxxxx

Shen n Arul said...

Yo Manisha (Alpha 1)
Hope u doin well homeslice. Its nice seein u in the pics, rly good pics 2 lol. U lk beautiful, hope ur havin a gd time. Sent ur other letter, hope u get it. Erytin dwn here is kl, we just missin u a whole lot but thas normal i ges. Cnt wait 2 hear ur voice agen let alone see u agen!!
Hope the weather is kl and everythin is gettin easier than b4. Hope i gt 2 speak 2 u on ur bday on July 28th (hint hint every1 lol). Hope u havin a great time, showed arul ur pic n he keeps tryin 2 smell the screen. Maybe he can smell u from ther lol. We all miss u, please tc o urself homes.
Love u so much
Shen n Arul

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom (Alpha 1)
It was such a surprise to speak to you yesterday on the phone and it was great to hear that you are feeling much better. I hope you will be able to meet up with the rest of your team over the next couple of days. Make the most of this opportunity to rest and recover fully.
We went to Megan's 21st at the weekend, which was lovely. Everyone missed you loads. I spent so much time telling everyone about what you are doing and what a fab time you are having, I'm in danger of becoming a Raleigh bore!!
Mum has now discovered vodka jelly in a big way, so I think any gathering in the future is not going to be complete without it!
I posted a card from mum today when I took a break from ripping out the bathroom.
Hope you get the environmental project you want.
Take care, rest and enjoy your next project.

veena said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are having an amazing experience and im sure a bed, a shower and some fresh clothes is the best present you could get right about now! Hope you have got our post!!!! Was lovely to hear from you!!! So exciting.. you will also get a lovely phone bill as a present when you get home lol.. dont matter.. as long as we get to talk its all worth it!! awww your prob fast asleep now! I hope my comment is approved by tomorrow morning so you can recieve my message on time!!! Love you loads x
p.s i had to do a word verification.. i had to type 'munch' lol how weird..

veena said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are having an amazing experience and im sure a bed, a shower and some fresh clothes is the best present you could get right about now! Hope you have got our post!!!! Was lovely to hear from you!!! So exciting.. you will also get a lovely phone bill as a present when you get home lol.. dont matter.. as long as we get to talk its all worth it!! awww your prob fast asleep now! I hope my comment is approved by tomorrow morning so you can recieve my message on time!!! Love you loads x

veena said...

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Manisha..
Happy birthday to youuuuuu....
whooop whooop whooopp..

Hey manisha.. its your birthday.. have an amazing experience.. on your birthday.. hope you sleep in a bed on your birthday..have a shower and fresh clothes on your.. and we dont lalalala because its your birthday!!! (my own rapping version of 50cent = 'Its your birthday') So when you read it sing like its 50's song - if that makes sense lol xxx

MA said...

Hello Manisha,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MANISHAAA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Hope they allow you to have a restful day and put your feet up, before tomorrow, and the hard begins once again. We are all thinking of you here on your day.
Lots of love, hugs and best wishes.shame u not got our b/cards yet. MUM

Dionne said...

Happy Birthday Manisha
What a way to spend a birthday hey...somewhere different..making a difference...really good gurl...must be such an experience..dont think i could do it..especially going toilet(do u even have toilet paper..haha)..and the insects!!Ewww
Went over to yours a few weeks back and your mum an vinz was showing me the group picture you were in..they were soooo happy to see your just sent me the link of you in more know your fam are proud...
Hope you having a great birthday!!
Dionne : )

Jashu Kerai said...

Hey Manisha, Can't beleive the technology nowadays huh? So great to see pictures of wot yr doing. U look great and looks like yr doing really really well and really enjoying wha yr doing and and even on those just the few of the pictures how many ppl's faces u've put a smile on. Feel so proud to know someone who doing so much to make that difference to someone's life. I hope yr ok. And hey happy birthday, hope u've had a nice day. Take care and enjoy the rest of the project. C U very soon. lots of love Jash xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Manisha!! wat ever u do! dont eat the "cake" its not a cake! lol. Heard u having a blast dude! Nice one! SEE U SOON!

Anonymous said...

Mainsha omg wow just seen u in all these pics...luks amazing and luks like ur keeping occupied and enjoyin urself, cannot wait to c u wen u cum bak and hear all your stories.
Missing u soo much (evan had a dream about u lol) and hope u had a good birthday out there, ive been thinkin about u lots.
Well hope ur eating and sleepin well and that you in good health!
Not long till your back home, I did send u a postcard from Morocco but god knows if they evan sent it to the right place lol
still u take care babe....mwahhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxx
Love Zahra xxxx

Puspa Mami said...

Hey Manisha, hope you are well. Happy Belated Birthday, I bet it was different to your previous B'Days - one I'm sure you'll remember for a very long time! I've been hearing all about your adventures out there from your mum. Sounds a little like what I've seen on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, seeing that rope bridge you had to cross really did remind me of that. I have to say you are a brave girl with lots of guts & I have to take my hat off to you for what you are doing out there, you put people like me to shame! From the pictures posted you look really well & appear to be having fun. Look after yourself & look forward to seeing you when you get back. Puspa Mami. x

SteveFblog said...

Hi Emma F, Mum and Dad here. Great to speak to you a few days ago, we have just got back from hols. Thanks for your letter, really interesting. Hope you are continuing to have a great time, and the trekking is fun, and also good luck for the PADI. Will be able to send more blog messages now. Lol M&D

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andy Clapham Alpha 1. Hi Andy weve recd your letter it was a lovely surprise to hear from you thanks, you shud have recd ours by now I hope ! Gud to hear your enjoying yourself but hope u dont have to many of the bad times. The weeks do seem to be flying by & we also look forward to see where you go on your next phase. Hope u keep fit & well & enjoy your new challenge take care lots of love big hug bye for now mum xxxxxxx

annie said...

For Emma Frobe
thanks for your lovely letter-great to come home to! New challenge willbe tough-dad and i trekked in Northern Thailand for 3 days years ago-and that was 4 days too long!! Arrived home to a broken boiler and no hot water-but remembered how lucky I was to actually have a shower after reading your letter! Kate home today-am v excited
Love you loads
Mo xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Richard Melis said...

Hello Catherine,

I hope you are having a good time! The photos look like you have been working hard so I hope the next section will be spent relaxing a lot more!

Are you going to come back with a lovely tan? I will be jealous if you do!!

I look forward to your stories.

Love, Richard x

Sarah Harrison said...

For Andy Clapham...

Ello! I hope you are having an AMAZING time!! The pictures look
incredible (I looked but couldn't see your face!). Katie says hello too! Cant wait to hear all the stories I'm sure you have! Got loads to tell you when you get back. Take care, hope your loving every second, im so jealous, wish i had sneaked into your backback after all!
Sarah xxx

annie said...

For Emma F
Hi darling
Well your sister's home and the house is a tip!!But we have hot water now just to make you jealous!! Went to see Inception last night which apparently is the best ever film but I couldn't understand a word of it! Wonder whether you've heard of it? Off to Alderney tomorrow-cousins are VVV disappointed you won't be there!
Hope the trek is ok and will write soon
Love you

Mina said...

Heyy Manisha,

Hope its all goin well 4 u-ur looking really well in the pics!!! The pics look gr8 and the kids look so cuuute. Looks like ur having a fab time.. Take care n enjoy the rest of ur trip..

Lots of Love