Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Moment Of Truth... Phase One Project Allocations

Tension filled the air this morning as the venturers gathered to discover which project they will be working on during phase one of the expedition.  One by one each venturer discovered their fate...

Alpha One: Kindergarten- Maliau Layung

Robert Lamont, Emma C Frobisher, Manisha Hirani, Chee Huan Lee, Andrew Daniel Clapham, Emily Foster, James R Walmesley, Trenaye Trott, Henry B Harris, Thomas C Williams, Catherine Melis

Alpha Two: Community Workshop- Pulau Maliangin Besar

Christopher whitehead, Mica J Ming, Alannah J Gauld, Christopher Robinson, Geng Qian Choo, Sim Wen Yi, Jessica L Jackson, Ben Griffith, Carolyn Smith, Abby K Walker, Gary A Williams, Abigail A Bush

Alpha Three: Bridge Building- Imbak Canyon

Candy may, Chung Shin Ho, Helen Y Kwok, John Edgar, Charlotte Lucy Hall, Narin Cakir, Rhys Howells, Isabel V Burgess, David-John Gibbs, Eloise B Samuelson, Shane p Kemp

Alpha Four: Sun Bear Cobservation Centre- Sepilok

Finlay g macleod, Arina Amalina Md Latif, Charlotte E Grimston, Phillip Ly, Elizabeth Bird, Stephen Nunes, Alexandra Gell, Stephen D Longfellow, Sarah Luton, Danielle Lightfoot, Dean (Mohammad Izzudin), Lucianne Kelsall

Alpha Six: Trekking & PADI Dive Course

Aaron Thomson, Ange Seok Ling Tan, Daniel J Ferriday, Deborah Oxley, Floss Severs, George G Ashwin, Laura Richardson, Naomi C Jenkins, Primrose F Miller, Stacey M Bartlett, Tom styles


Anonymous said...

Manisha, saw u on the tears in my eyes. you look good, keep up the hard work, we are all rooting for you. All ok at home. love u lots MUM. xxx

H.Severs said...

Go Alpha 6! Woop woop! good luck to everyone!

eunice lum said...

Dear Ange, Sandra, Geng Qian, Lobak and Malaysian Venturers,

You know what??? you all are awesome!!!yeah round of worldcup will coming soon la, and i watch it on behalf of you all...haha...the coming 3 months will be the 3 months which you will keep it in your heart and save it in your life....HOORAY^^

AWMillard said...

A mean looking bunch this Alpha 6, should make it to the Sarawak boarder, "no problem".
GO trekking and enjoy!!!

Jane Plant said...

Hi Alexandra (Alpha Four). How you doing lassie? Hope all good so far. I have just arrived home from meeting up with Tom in Thailand. He's now in Melbourne, Aussie. Another exciting phase for him. Had ten days with him so heard all about his time with Raleigh. Sounds like it was amazing - hope it is for you too.

Just thought I'd let you know we're thinking of you and wish you a most fantastic time. Sunbears eh? That should be a great one.
Take care. Lots of love, Jane & George. x x x x x

gorymorph said...

Hi Chris been looking at pics on website and checking on net and google earth for the island your going to it looks amazing we are so proud and so jelous, wish we were there with you.Hope your enjoying yourself and the food lol. Have you had any fish yet? Will keep checking website for more pics. Enjoy and stay safe
Sue and Haydn Whitehead

Elaine Foster said...

Message for Emily Foster

It's great to see the photo's of you and your team having a great time.I have posted you uni work and it was delivered on 6th July.Have fun and take care of yourself.Enjoy every moment and take loads of photo's please.

All our love Mum,Dad,Tom & Amber xx(ambers sends you a big sloppy kiss xx)

bea.payne said...

Hi Candy

We are so sorry we missed your Phone Message, we have seen the photo's it looks great, Glad you are having a good, time.
Miss you lots Love Mum, Dad Aston and Cian x x x

Dane said...

Hiya Carolyn,
Starting your first phase when you wake up Whoop Whoop You'll have an ace time!! hope the journey to the island on that little rowing boat goes well lol ill keep an eye on the blog see what you've been up to, good luck to every1 in alpha 2 hope community workshop is fun speak to ya later chucky egg missing you loads, love ya x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Veena said...

Hey Manisha!!! It was so exciting to see your picture on here!! Hope to see more of you very soon!! Try and enjoy every moment i hope you come across a shop to buy a camera!! Cant wait to hear from you.. Once you get stuck into it im sure time will fly by!! We talk about you and what your getting up to everyday!! We say wonder what shes doing nnow.. she must be sleeping now.. she waking up now lol..Everything at home is ok.. same thing eveyday.. work home eat sleep work home eat sleep! lol.. Thinking of you.. Love you.. Big sis x

Veena said...

Manisha... it looks like you got a good group there!!! WHOOPP WHOOPP WHOPPPP... GO ALPHA ONE!!! yeayyyyyyy x

Gran said...

Hi Lottie,
Love your photo.
Thinking of you
Much love Gran and Maisie

Caroline said...

Hi Alannah. Looks like you are having a great time. make the most of this amazing experience. Enjoying seeing you on the blog. Missing you loads. Every one sends their love. Take care. Lots of love Ma xxxxxxx

hans.kjaersgaard said...

For Nick K. Alpha 3
Thinking of you being where 'few have been before'. Hall decoration going well and looking great. Weather still fantastic but lawn suffering. Looking after the Teeder Tribe tonight with help from R and D.
Love from Windsor

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham (Alpha 1).

Hey Andy,

Just ben having a look at the photos of our group arriving and being popped into your groups.It is lovely to see you looking happy and settled already!!

I hope the early starts, yes there are two 8 oclocks in a day, are not killing you.

Hope you carry on enjoying it and work hard at the kindergarten.

Love you lots

Luci xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Emily Foster

Hi Emily, Hope you're having a Fab time, lots of love Aunty Joanne, Stu and boys xx
Ps Grandmas and Grandad Foster say Hi, glad you're ok and enjoying it. Lots of love xx

Jayna.H said...

To Manisha, pictures looking good! im glad your looking well! i see you have the watch, try not to lose it! lol good luck alpha one!! love you and missing you lots! love Jayna!xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Narin u look like u are having a ball. We are all well hope your well family xxx

Elaine said...

Hya George, so good to see a pic of you and your team. Very exciting first project. Keep strong and mean, your looking good. Will write next week and let you know how party went, hopefully send photo.Love you lots Mum Dad Joey and Bazzxxx

Mum said...

Hi Manisha, just woke up looked at the raleigh site no further updates yet. Good luck to alpha one in the kindergarten venture. hope the early starts not getting to you. all ok here same as normal. love u lots MUM.

Kar Lye said...

Hey there Malaysian Venturers!

Good to see all of you healthy and happy. Explore away the jungle and the community out there!

Don't even think about the dust and traffic jam in KL city ;)

Kar Lye

Martha said...

Hoi Stephen Nunes Alpha 4,you all look very relaxed.Enjoy the work with your hairy/fury friends and the very exciting experience.Love Mum,Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby

We believe that you are there really!Lovely picture,great pair of shorts!We saw Harvey & Steph & they said Allanah,daughter of their friend was going to Borneo,think she is in your group.What a coincidence!
Lots of Love Dad,Julia and Rob.XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby

We believe that you are there really!Lovely picture,great pair of shorts!We saw Harvey & Steph & they said Allanah,daughter of their friend was going to Borneo,think she is in your group.What a coincidence!
Lots of Love Dad,Julia and Rob.XXX

K Jenkins said...

Hey Naomi, Glad to see that you got there safely. Sounds like you've done a lot already! Will write to you soon with all the goss. Love Katherine xxx

MUM said...

Hi Manisha, showing your picture to all that comes round, hope u r well,can't actually beleive u r really there, can't wait to hear from you, looking forward to more pictures, make sure u get in them.
lots of love from ALL the family, MUM

Pei San said...

Alpha 6, enjoy trekking...little ange, take good care & good luck...

Shen said...

Yo Manisha, hope u kl! Saw ur pic, lookin beautiful as usual. Hope ur trip is goin well, everyfing down here is kl, rly missin u tho. Hope ur puttin smiles on everyones faces jus like u do here! Have a great time at the kindergarten n tc o urself. Best wishes to u, alpha 1 and everyone else out there. Tc Love You, Shen x

EAC said...

Hi Alexandra (Alpha 4),

Letter en route, but not sure if you will get it pre these messages being delivered. Good to hear all well with you and you are having fun. All well this end. Porto Santo tour starts tomorrow and the French trip starts Friday. Look forward to hearing your news when you get back to base. Lots of love M,B & J xxx

Vicky said...

To Stephen Nunes (Alpha 4)

Hope you are having a great time so far and are enjoying the experience!
We're all thinking of you back home and will be reading the blog regularly to see what you have been up to!

Lot's of love

Vicky and Matthew

(and a high five from Joshua, and big hug from Zachary) x

Anonymous said...

To Abby Walker

Hi Abby, great photo, looks like you are enjoying yourself.
Alpha 2 - have a great time.
Take care, mind those big snakes!
Lots of love, Mum XXXXX

Bartlett D Dad said...

Hi Stacey, Hope you had a great day on your birthday, Me and mum both sang happy birthday to you. xxxx.
It was great to see you on the blog picture (Alpha6). By the way Katie passed her driving test on your birthday, you must have been her good luck charm. Have a realy great time and enjoy every moment. Love you,mum and dad. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Bartlett D Dad said...

Hi Stacey, dont know if the first attempt at sending you a comment worked, so just in case mum and me hope you had a great birthday and are having a fantastic time. Nice to see you on the picture. (Alpha 6)
Love you loads, wish I was out there as well. Love mum and dad. xxxxxxxx

Jenny Ly said...

Hi Phil, just got back from me holidays and have seen your mailing address and the pictures of your team. The gang says hi! Well done you have survived a week 9 more to go! dont forget to bring me back something nice!

Jen + Family


Jenny Ly said...

Hi Phil,

Just doing my check in! Glad to see your in some pictures and doing well. Just got back from the holidays nice and tanned!

The gang says Hi! Some letters on its way to you soon! will keep on looking out on the updates! Well Done! 1 week done 9 more to go!

Dont forget to bring me back something nice :)

Your big Sis

Jen+John x + Ly Clan

Anonymous said...

hey finlay jade in aimee here we ur missing you like crazy u look good so proud of u bumps getting bigger luv u hunners keep the good wurk up xxxx

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham (Alpha 1)

Hi Andy,

I hope your ok.
Enjoy your trek with the kindergarten crewe.
One down, nine to go for a trip to the terrier.
Best Wishes

Dad xxxxxxxxx

smayy said...

To the KL venturers (soon-to-be-able to-say from Expedition 10D during monthly meets!!)

It's only the beginning and looks like you all are already having a blast! I'm so excited for you guys!! Great to see that everyone is doing well! I'm sure you guys will have some awesome stories to share with us. Good luck...for anything and everything! :D


dad&sharon said...

Hi Sarah (Sarah Luton-Alpha4)

It makes us so happy to see you happy in all the pictures.

Keep smiling babs and remember we love you lots.

A letter is on the way to you.

We love you very much.

Dad and Sharon xxxxxxxxxxxx

James Family and gang said...

hi rhys,
thanks 4 you're letter very funny and the ant biting you was a little bugger hope you are having a good time out there and dad is sending a letter via air mail soon with a little note from me in there. All i can say now is stay safe and stay out of the mud (LOL) see you soon.

everyone is missing you all.


Dad, Ffion, James , Lowri and Calypso

PS: See you soon

Anonymous said...

hello finlay g lookin cool on your treck into camp will be following your journey all the way very proud lots of love dad

Boo said...

Hi Alannah
Glad you arrived safely. Hope you have a fantastic time. We all wish you a Very Happy 18th Birthday with love from Boo, Steven Oliver and Naomi xxxx

Anonymous said...


No way, I still don't believe you're really there, you've obviously photoshopped yourself in among some other striking young build a bear a house people, you're hiding in your loft, watching reruns of top gear, im sure of it

ah well, i'll suppose i'll help you carry on with this charade if it makes you feel better, hope you're having a great time and are taking care of yourself, well done on the buildingness!

love caroline xxxxxxxxx

Jenny Ly said...

Hi Billabop (aka Phillips Ly),

HAHA! Just dropping in again! Will write a letter on the weekend so you got something to cry about :) Working hard as I have just got back from holiday planning my next. I hope they put more pictures up of you as I like playing spot phillip haha.

Take care blog ain soon!

Jen x

Will Howells said...

Hi Rhys Howells

Calypso speaks for the family.
"Rhys, I miss you. I don't think I am getting enough biscuits to compensate for your absence. No, just kidding, I'm doing fine and I hope you are. Looks all very active and too much like hard work for me. I spend a fair number of hours chilling in my basket but I don't think I will build up my energy to move those huge trees. Dad says it's good however cos there's loads more to move down in the garden when you get back. He was really pleased to get your letter as was everyone in West Wales. All the Cardiff family has enjoyed hearing of the rain, the strain and hopefully not too much pain in carting those giant trunks that look like they need a giant truck.
Don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything you want.. how about one of Leyton's tractors? Keep on logging and blogging. I now have my own blog. It's called CalypsosCommentary. I haven't blogged much yet but what do you expect. I'm only a dog. Best bark to you from all of us.
P.S. Are the bones good in Borneo?

Will Howells said...

Hi Rhys Howells.

Don't know if you can access it but Calypso has set up her own blog.
It's at:
She wants to keep in touch.Hope all is well with you

Shereena said...

Hi Ange (Alphe 6),

Hope you are enjoying over there! We always support you from here. Cheers! ^^
P.S: Dah nampak orang utan???

From all of us!

Shereena said...

Yo Ange (Alpha 6),

Last few days must be tiring for you! Gambateh! We are always here supporting you!

Btw, we are planning to buy WW's gift soon. Don't worry, you will be included too... Cheers! ^^

Anusha said...

Narin, just saw a picture of you. You look like you're having too much fun! Bridge building!?
I hope you're not being bitten to death and all that jazz.
I want you to be here for my birthday, I don't like anyone else!
Ooh I got a job! I start in two weeks so yay I quit my internship!!! Happy days.
Can't wait til you're back but I have a feeling you'll want to stay there.
I hope you're making amazing friends and having great experiences.
Let's go Barcelona when you get back, yes?!
See, i'm even your stalker when you're on the other side of the world!
Much love, Anusha xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Narin, I don't know if they told you yet, but suprised mummy and daddy on saturday 17th by bringing Sinem home early. You should have seen mum's face it was a picture. She saw her and as if she didn't believe it looked at me,her face was the same as when she goes all embarassed, saw that I wasn't surprised, looked back and then broke out in a smile and laughter. It was brilliant. Dad was in bed, apparently he said something like, 'ne, geldin?'. She is well a little bit tanned and very skinny.

Also went to Jodie's wedding on saturday. Her speech definitely kicked ass. Everyone in the hall started to cheer and applaud her when she started to say a bit in his language. She then translated it in English... something about him being the king of her castle... lol, but it was very good.l She looked tunning and little Jodie was soo cute.

Anyway all is good, got Amal's Christening next week but that's it. Hope your well, oh and made hellimli and Zeytinli bitta today...I'll save you some for when you get back.

Love you,
Your beautiful Aba.

Anonymous said...

Hi,Narin its Me Me (oya teyze) you look like your having fun, but don't forget to keep up the good work, luv ya c u soon. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry

Luv u lots

Jo, Tom, Ned and Mils xxxx

Nim said...

Hi Manisha!!! Hope you are keeping well. Really admire what you are doing out there - You (and your team) are a real inspiration to us all. Hows the bug life? Must be a few creepy crawlies? Flipside - I was just speaking to Veena; Jayna was in the background watching out for a spider (Really Tiny One)! Keep posting pics to let us know what you are getting up to ... Look forward to hearing your story when you get back. Look after yourself, best wishes Nim. P.S. How is your Ketchup stash doing?!!! I also hear that you had "Dal Bhatt"?! Neena says Hi!

Anonymous said...


How you doing lover??!! WTF are you? I want to speak to you! It's been too too too too too long! I'm thinking of going through the radio thing you were on about but I don't think that'll go down well really. Anyway, looks like your having fun out there! How's shingley's doing??!!! And the Jesus shoes? Looking forward to hearing all about it! Apart from missing you, home is great, Katie (meg's aussie bud) left this morning, so sad. Have my first day on Monday - can't believe it, I'm so nervous! Right, I could keep going and going on here but....can you just call me please. Demand your phone otherwise I will come over there and demand it for you!!!!!! Love you and miss you. Abs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenny Ly said...

Phillip Ly...where are you? Have been trying to spot you in the picutres...have you finally got rid of the Papz I sent?! :)

Hope your well...checking i as usual. Going to book mums tickets to LA this week I think... try and drop us a message let us know when you get back etc...Annie is still loving your good luck getting that back!

I hope your using that expensive soap thing I got you dont want a right guard moment out there :)

Speak soon