Saturday, 10 July 2010

Looping on Monday!

Hey there readers!

Just to let you know that The Loop, that is the he official tour of the Raleigh project sites, will begin their tour on Monday. Tom, Darren and Nils will be making a road trip to all accessible project sites (Alphas 1 to 4) to deliver kit, supplies, messages from the blog and of course the all important post! 

You have 30 hours from this post to leave a message for your loved one(s) to make it in time for the loop, so get your fingers busy typing!

Don't forget that we also have a Twitter account for snap updates. As the lovely Hayley is out on tour of the Alpha groups at the moment, I will be keeping you updated on the happenings on all the teams until she makes her return. Follow us on Twitter here: Raleigh Borneo Twitter. And if you like the classic way of getting in touch with pen and paper, you can send us mail to this address: 

(Name of recipient)
(Expedition code - It's 10D for the 10 week expedition that is on now)
Raleigh Borneo
P.O.Box 14182
88848 Kota Kinabalu

We love hearing from you!


Steve Roebuck said...

Message To Emily Foster

Hey Em

Hope your having a good time and doing a good job at the Kindergarten!..Cant wait to see the pics of what youve been doing :). Ill be sending a letter to you this week as ive now got the address, and also will include some photos as well. Missing you loads, stay safe and continue having fun :) Xxxxx

Archie said...

Katy & Frantz
It's fantastic to follow the blog.
Hope all is going well and you're keeping fit
Good luck with your projects they look wonderful

D. &. K

MUM said...

Hey,Manisha got update that Alpha one are making trips to the drop-off point from the kampung(village) to pick up gear and are successfully setting up camp. Hope this went well. Went to nans house yesterday. Not spoken to shen yet, still on camping. hope to see u on pictures soon, keep up the hard work. hope to speak to u soon. take care xxxxx MUM

Archie said...

Katy & Frantz
It's fantastic to follow the blog.
Hope all is going well and you're keeping fit
Good luck with your projects they look wonderful

D. &. K

Caroline said...

Hi Alannah. Wishing u all the best with Alpha 2 and building your camp. Letters on the way. lots of love. The Gauldys and other animals! xxxxx

Caroline said...

hi special girl,rory was mighty pleased to see you wearing his new t shirt and sunnies!by the time you're back he'll be 6 foot and will give you a slap.have a great time and a grand birthday,missing you love dad

Anonymous said...

To Henry Harris! Message from Dad, I hope you are having a great time and learning lots of new skills! Ned says he is going to kill you when you get home as you have been seen in a photo with his glasses on your head!!!!

Everyone send their love,
Take care and be good!!!

Dad x

David Blakemore said...

Message for Danielle Lightfoot, Alpha 4
Heya its only David :) just wanted to say hello and that all is good here no worries, my mum bought a new car yesterday lol, its a mazda MX5 :| but i got to drive it :D :D :D :D :D :D its so awesome and low, OMG its so low i have trouble getting out of it, perfect height for you though :P yes that was a height comment lol. theres not much else happanded really that i know off.
we all miss you here and cant wait for you to get back but we also hope that your enjoying yourself out there :)
ill speak to you soon hun, enjoy urself, lots of hugs and kisses

Grimston said...

Hi Lotty,
Hope your well and surviving the heat ok! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Dad measured me today, and I am afraid to say that I think I am taller than you (but Dad also had to stand on his tiptoes)!
lots of love
Mum, Dad and Pippa

Martha said...

Hallo Stephen Nunes Alpha 4,even here it is 30 degrees,could do with a hammock in the garden.Just had a bbq.take care,work hard and then have fun. Love from Joyce,the Wooldridges and all. Mum

Anonymous said...

Message for Laura Richardson, alpha 6.

Hi Laura,your big sis here from a very hot Norwich! Keeping track on your adventures, looks like you will be having fun trekking through the jungle and diving too, very jealous! Hope the leaches are kind to you :p Take lots of piccies!

All's good here, got back from a fab week in Kos yesterday, lots of sunbathing and am the most tanned I have ever been! Probably all gone by the time you get back, best get on the fake tan to compete with you! Graduation this week so trying to find something to wear :s then interrailing sunday so busy busy!

Just found out Rachel and Craig got engaged last night :) in the valley gardens with champagne! So we'll have a wedding to go to soon!

Ok, better go! Love you lots and lots, take care, Emma x

JOHN said...

Message for Sarah Luton (Alpha 4). Sorry Baby, my letter wont reach you in time for this post run, so this was the next best thing. Hope youre ok and still smiling with the sunbears. Post is on the way, Love you and miss you lots, Love John xx

Helen Jacob said...

Message for Graeme Beaven, Alpha One 10D. Hey Gorgeous G,Hope you're nice and settled in and cracking the whip! Bet you're onto the walls or something ridiculous already! My group are ace,really lovely and good mix of strapping lads,lovely girls and Spanish speakers. And we have a guitar player so I can sing! Missing you like mad, kidda! Big love,Hel xxx

zed said...

Chung Sin, Gq, Ange, Sandra....
Have a great experience friend!!!
parties waiting for u all ~~~ Shall see you all in another 9week i guess~~

zed said...

Chung Sin, Gq, Ange, Sandra....
have a great experience there!!!!
parties waiting for you all here!!
shall see you all in another 9 weeks i guess...


Anonymous said...

Message to Chee Huan, (Alpha 1):

Hey hope you're having fun!
Take more pictures okay.

-Shon Lee

Anonymous said...

Lizzie B

Good to know you got there OK and see you leaving the plane/airport smiling! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for 8th. Hope you're having a great time, thinking of you, letters in post. Hugs from us all M & D & L & K

MUM said...

Hi Manisha, hope all is going well, missing you everyday. post on its way but will not get there in time for this run. hope the kindergarten is going well and you're keeping fit. eat and sleep well. shen sent a text saying thank u for the birthday message. past few days has been really hot. J is deciding to paint her room, other that all is normal here. love u and miss u lots. keep up the good work.

Clapham Family xxx said...

For Andrew Clapham (Alpha 1)

Hey Andy,
I hope your getting used to your surroundings and you are coping with all the challenges that are coming your way.
As you can see i have started to get to grips with the internet - just for you! And we have been looking at the updates about your trip as they have been posted :)
Denise didnt even recognise you with your short hair!!
I really hope all the kit i picked for you is suitable and you are keeping free of bites etc.

Sorry i couldnt fit the fridge in, as i know you will be missing it. But please be happy in the thought that the fridge hinges are having a well earned rest!!

Lots of love

Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

Libby said...

Message for Alannah in Alpha 2

Hi from Libby and Fergus in sunny Scotland where the weather is always glorious, and from Mountain Man Robert in the Alps.
Great to see pictures of you and your companions. What an adventure.
Enjoy yourselves. I wish I had been given such a chance when I was a young lass like you.
Happy Birthday when it comes around.
lots of love from us all. xx

Anonymous said...

John E (Alpha 3)
Looks great. Enjoy.

emma said...

Message for Andrew Clapham.
Hey boo, glad to see you got there safe and sound, and hope you have had a fantastic first week learning your jungle survival techniques!
Keep having fun, no doubt you will be entertaining everyone - hope you have found some kind of random instrument to play :)
Remember to take lots of pictures, and enjoy every minute.
take care, lots of love tor xxx

LuYing said...

To Carrot, GQ, Chee Huan, Sandra, Arina, Ange (in short KL venturers):

Hey guys and gals,
happy to know that all of u are SAFE.. too much drama happening at the airport.. =p

(yea.. i heard all of them even though i was not there)

well.. take care and your expedition is just gonna beginning.

have fun and back with tonnes of stories!!


Jayna said...

Hey Manisha! Hope u and alpha 1 are getting on with the kindergarten venture well and having lots of fun!All is ok here and the work has finallyy stopped!And iv started doin up my room! will be different when u come back.I sent post the next day after u rang that night but im not sure if it will get there on time for this round of givin u guys things! hope it does! Most of all i hope ur okay, coping with the heat and the early starts as im sure u r! try and hav as much fun as possible we are all okay dont worry! just missing you lots!always the major topic of conversation everywhere! lol missing you and love u lots and lots! Love ya lil sis, Jentilal! LOL xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Trouble(Narin),

We have beautiful weather back home - so topping up my tan nicely. Guess what I ate today? I had pilavuna - fik hala made it :-). Mummy's been looking at your photos and told dad about your bridge. He said 'Allah acisin insanlari' -lol- and he wasnt talking about you guys but the people who are going to use it. :-D. Oh and Ferda came round, she's doing ok. Gonna see her again next thurs. She said sorry she missed you. Oh and dad just said 'Keep up the good work de gene'

Love you loads.
Cemile, Mummy and Daddy
p.s I used you carpet bag today - gonna see what else you got in your room - fanks!!!!

isabella said...

Msg for sandra, hihi, hw r u ? daddy is getting better, he misses u alot. so do mummy. Do ring us when u get ur phone ya. love to c more updates from u .:) btw our biz is doing quite well ..miss ya sweetie.:)

Veena said...

Hey Manisha!! (Alpha 1) Hope your doing well and in good health! I hope this comment reaches you in time!! Make sure you get in all the pictures i want to see you again.. lol it so exciting. Same old here.. been spending the day doing nothing.. bored!! Its sunday and i want to clean (think mums trying to avoid it... shes happy being on the phone to P mama.. shhhhh lol)
maybe if you were here we would go shopping lol with my money ofcourse.. :op so nothing else new here.. hope you aint got too many bites.. no leeches fingers crossed and i hope the bad weather has kept away.. hope your getting a bit more time to yourselves like in the evenings.. hopefully you have managed to buy a camera.. neway i best not carry on.. its only meant to be comments not essays lol neway thinking of you.. hope your in good spirit.. cant wait to hear from you.. love you lots Veena x

Jo Pollard said...

Hey Em,

Hope you doing ok chick....I miss you, i'm sat in the garden (its nice and sunny) with a glass of wine looking out at the castle and i found myself thinking I wonder what em is up seem so far away. Met up to sort out Kerrys Hen Do yesterday....bit chaotic but stuff done and kerry will still love it.
Miss u so much little cuz, take care and have fun!!! Ps. Looking after charlie next weekend, he's crawling everywhere now so should be fun, i'll send you pics!
Love Jo JO xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily

Hope you are okay the weather looks really hot there although its not been bad here. I have not written yet but will do this week not sure when you will recieve it.I watched the last episode of Gray's see what you mean it was really good.Went out with the 106's last night to the flaming dragon things happening at Steelers will explain in my letter.

Lots of love Mum,Dad,Tom & Amber xxx

Sinead said...

Hey Debs - Deborah Oxley - alpha 6

I don't know when you will get this as you may be in middle of a forest tecking somewhere - but I'm sure you will recieve it.

News from GB:
1) Cheryl COle/ Tweedy has malaria - yes you read right - she had to spent several days in ITU at UCL, apparently she got it whilst holidaying in Tanzania - thus Debs please take your anti malarials.
2) Peter Mandelson is publishing his autobiography this week.
3) the world cup is happening tonight, SPain versus the Netherlands - this is an English occtopus called Paul who lives in Germany, who is psychic and so far managed to predict the winners of all the football matches, he is predicting SPain to win.
4) I went out for a bday meal with the Canterbuy lot to a fish restaurant in Whitstable
5) I did brunch with Sam and Standing last sun in covent garden.
As mum is technical inept she has written you a letter and it has been posted - hopefully you will get it soon.

Keep enjoying it, I hope your having an amazing time - please don't get the bends when you go diving

People will thing this is a very weird post, but aren't you glad you have a sister like me!
Lots of love Sinead + Mum

Eileen Walmesley said...

Message for James Walmesley (Alpha 1) Hi Jim - glad to see you all arrived safely. Heat wave finished in Cumbria this w/e - rain again! Amanda says hello - she is working hard in Sheffield. John had his 21st paint balling party yeasterday (Saturday). Watch out for those leeches!
With love Mum Dad & Saba xxx

Lindsay said...

To Sarah Luton (Alpha 4)

Hi sweetie!
Hope you are enjoying it - everyone is monitoring the site for updates, and Vic asks at least once a week after you ;-)

Managed to get the stationary order wrong so please make sure you survive and come back safely!!!
Hope the letter is in the mail run - if not it will be in the next one


shell said...

Hey stinkey gary!!!

Hows the jungle going? been lovely and hot here! nice to be able to have a shower tho heehee. Went to london yesterday, very busy! had a nice big juicy steak and a cold beer mmmmmmm (bet all your mouths are watering now :P)
Me and tom tom bought a laptop today so can read your blogs and look at the pics so keep us updated!
Dont forget my letter!
Speak to you again soon!
Love you lovely little sister Shell, tom and Harley.
akhgfigirtndfkfnritjr <----harleys input! xx

Paul and Linda Williams said...

Hi mate enjoy and embrace the experience the house is a bit quiet and the wash machine is redundant ha ha nan and mom didnt kill themselves at the van i took the dog for lots of walks to keep out of the way,hope this works look forward to your news b good C-U-S

Bush Family said...

Hello Abi! (Alpha 2) Glad to see and hear that you've arrived safely. Nice to see pictures of you on the blog. You look happy - hope things are still going really well. Alpha 2 look a super group. Have fun on your little island! Looking forward to hearing your news.
We had a good time at Glyndebourne on Friday with good company and excellent music. Simon's fine and is in holiday mode!! Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Simon xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaz (Gary Williams)

Cant believe you've only been gone just over a week - times going slow again but sure it wont be long before im out in Borneo with ya. Looks amazing so cant wait! Hope you're having an amazing time and enjoying every minute. Letter is in the post(just), probably wont make much sense by the time it gets there but hopefully will make you smile.
Catch up soon, Han xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Naomi Jenkins, Alpha 6

Hey Naomi, loving the photo of your group on the blog - great pose! Looks like you're having a fab time already... Really hope it's going well and you're enjoying yourself. Been at home in Wales this weekend - we missed you so much we made an extra sunday dinner for you by mistake! Take care and speak soon, Laura xx

gorymorph said...

To Chris Whitehead Borneo, Hi Chris weather is red hot probably not as hot as your weather, just got back from coast in caravan, burnt my face didnt put sun cream on. Hope your ok and enjoying the food. Hope your coping with everything. We all send our love.
Mum Dad and Simon

Teeder Tribe said...

Hi Uncle Nic-nic!!! (You know who you are in Alpha 3!!!)
glad to see yoiu looking very well and that you are coping with the heat! It's wonderfully hot here - I love it! The big boys had a great time camping. whilst Issy and I had a lovely girlie weekend with the pickle, good job he's only little!!!
Have lots of fun!
Lots of love The Teeders xxxxxx

Barb and Rob Burgess said...

To Isabel Burgess

Hi Izy,
Just home from Anglesey, lovely to see you on the blog, sorry couldn't talk on wednesday but my phone doesn't work in the hospital. Hope its going well, you looked happy on the picture on the blog, keep smiling.
We love you
Mum and Dad xxx

hans.kjaersgaard said...

Msg for Nick (Alpha 3)
All is well in the sunny weather. Just watched Spain win the World Cup and just pray Torres stays at Lpool.
Am sure you are doing fine and make sure the bridge is great.
M&D in Windsor

Sarah said...

Message for Charlotte Hall
Hello darling
Great to get your call and to hear everything is okay. Are you really building bridges in Imbuk? Amazing!
Fairs doing okay but hard work in present heatwave. Daddy still dithering about who will build shed - latest contestant is husband of one of our customers. No progress on house but my pile of paperwork is slowly diminishing.
Missing you lots.
Love Mummy xxxx

MUM said...

Hey, Manisha, no updates on blog just yet, Spain won the world cup by 1 goal. not a great match. spent 3 hours on the phone to p mama yesterday, conversation he 50%and me 50%. v got so bored and angry as we were suppose to tidy your room. dropped off shens card yesterday.nanji papa came round. ricky got 2/2 in exam result, he not pleased. take care...miss u.

Veena said...

Hey Manisha, (Alpha one) Feels like youve gone for ages already!!! Jayna has taken over your bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her stuff is everywhere.. its even worse than if you were here! lol.. Her ugly purple wardrobe is in the passage.. just waiting for the blogs to be updated so we can see what your up to.. hope u get our comments/letters on time... its Monday and its raining here today" That means frizzy hair but its not cold. It was spain vs netherlands final.. spain won!! Hope your ok and smiling... love you x

Anonymous said...

For Emma Frobisher
Monday 12th July-probably missed the Loop by now due to my pathetic IT ability-this is the third time I've tried to post a comment-hopefully 3rd time lucky! Hope all's as much fun as it looks on the blog which i check daily-great photos, tho not sure I'd splash in that water!
went to Cleall's at the weekend and bought you a souvenir-lovely shop and nice couple! Good old Mary!
Miss you loads-VERY quiet (and tidy) at home. Love you and hope you're having a brilliant time-saw Polly last night and she was SOOO envious-said it was the best time of her life!
Loads of love and hugs
Mona xxxxxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis 12.07.10

Hi Babes!

I wasn't online at all at the week-end so missed Rayleigh's prompt for further messages which you'd receive on Monday, so I missed that deadline. Now that I know that you get these messages regularly I'll overcome my IT illiteracy and use this method too, (a letter is in the post)!
I'm really missing you, Babes! Missing our walks and talks and can't wait to speak to you again. All's well here. Hope you are enjoying the experience. Tell those mossies they'll have me to answer to, if they give you a hard time!

Loads of love from Mum

Jane Plant said...

Hi Wee Alex (Apha 4)

Had lunch with your daddy yesterday. Hysterical as he'd lost all electricity just as we arrived. Bless him. Thank gawd for barbecues. Tried to educate him on the posting of messages on the Raleigh website!!!

George has hired a place up on the east coast of Scotland for two week in August - hope to get some of your luverly Scottish sunshine!!

Hope your taking plenty of pics.

Lots of love, Jane & George x x x x

Anonymous said...

hi Narin
I don't know if u got Cemiles comments,but I tought I would just say 'hi'
We check the blog for regular updates, you look like you are having fun.
We are all fine here take care and enjoy your experience.
love u xxxxx

Jade said...

Message for Cat Melis!

Hey you!!! How's it all going? Missing you like absolute crazy. Bet you're having a totally AMAZING time and hear that you are shedding weight like a loon and have been sunbathing (your mum rang about college of law stuff to let me know I could elect a preference of days - you're stuck with me on Mondays if all goes to plan! - and filled me in). I've also spoken to Gary to see how you were and that you arrived safely - a worrying convo while all the boys were in the pub! I am doing not a lot - working on a sundays but am learning to drive! Well only simulator lessons...but still. Have you hugged a monkey yet?! If not hug one from me!!

I'll speak some more random stuff in a couple of days - something to bore you inbetween all the exciting stuff you've been up to! Oooh in the Kindergarten - bet that's been amazing! I'm very jealous. But I am working my hardest to make sure I can at least be a similar shade of tanned to you :-P !

Miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

message for Graeme Beaven (alpha 1)
Hi Graeme hope you had a really good birthday on Saturday, hope all your birthday cards weren't too wet and soggy. We were thinking of you and we'll have a belated celebration when you get home. Were all enjoying following your progress on the blog. Lots of love Mum Dad Ben Jen Alan & Amandax

Anonymous said...

Message for Graeme Beaven alpha one 10d,
Hi Graeme,
Hope you had a great birthday on Saturday, and hope all your cards weren't too wet and soggy! We were thinking of you and look forward to a belated celebration when you get home. Enjoying following your progress on the blog, good luck with the build.
Lots of love Mum Dad Ben Jen Alan & Amanda xx

Mom said...

Hi Gary
missing you loads,still not finished your ironing but working on it no rush hope you still have all your fingers and toes and the leaches havent sucked you dry dads sulkin in the bath
Ohhh Nooo his car is broken the head gasket may have gone he is on shankleys pony now ha ha worked hard at caravan gardens looking nice now write to you soon b good lots of luv mom xxx

Helen Jacob said...

For Graeme Beaven. Gorgeous G,Last message before I am incomunicado! Jungle camp was epic,had a tarp the size of a football pitch and you'da been proud of my engineering skills folding and making it into a wall and erecting poles and all sorts to make it stay up in a timny space! Worthy of Quest channel! Had nightmare that it fell down and killed a venturer but was still standing in the morning- if you can call 3am the morning! Gotta go and pack now so just remains to wish you an amazing phase! Missing you like mad! Hope to catch you at changeover but if not,just know that I'm thinking of you all the time! BIG LOVE,Hel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Joy Trott (Mom) said...

Message for Trenaye Trott ALPHA 1

Hey there Lady! Just wanted you to know that everything is going well here at home. THE HOUSE IS SOOOOOO QUIET AND CLEAN! lol! Chanigh misses you very much and is driving me insane! (SMILE!!!) I am so proud of what you are doing out there and hope that your are getting on fine and making new friends. Take care! Love ya lots! Please email me when you can. Would love to hear from you. Again, love ya lots!!!!! :-) Mom

Dad said...

Hi Tom (Williams Alpha 1)
It was great to hear from you last week and to see your pictures on the website. Mum was much happier once she saw that you had arrived safely!!
I guess you must have completed your first week at the Kindergarten site by now. Hope it is what you were expecting.
I'm off to Ireland on Thursday for 3 days then back to see Jess in her latest show. Josh has taken up residence on the green sofa and turned grumpy and hormonal.
House is so quiet without you. We all miss you loads (even the dog!!).


Veena said...

Manisha (Alpha 1) hey hey!! Its Tuesday 13th here.. eagerly waiting for the new pictures to be uploaded.. lol cant wait.. see exactly what you've been up to missy!Theres only one pic of you up on here so ive printed it off on a4 and we stuck it on the fridge lol.. hope you've got in the other pics they've taken!!! Its another boring day here! Hope you are well.. Veena x

Anonymous said...

For Charlotte Hall
Hello darling
Just to let you know that your Hotmail account has a message from Andremuscas. He is missing you. He is travelling with his two friends plus some Canadian guys. Will send a print out with a letter from home.
Love Mummy xxx

Caroline said...

Hi Alannah
So many people are sending you birthday wishes. Have got some presents for you to open when you get home. Hope you are having a great time and remembering to take your malaria tablets! Missing you
lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda M said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hi Babes!

My message of 12 July seems to have disappeared from this blogger site, so having another attempt at it!

Almost four weeks now, since you set off, and I REALLY miss our walks and talks! All is well here and I hope that you are all having a great experience there.

Hope the mossies have learned to keep at bay!

Look forward to when we can have our next chat.

Lots of love from Mum xxx

Jeannie Edgar said...

Hey John, Hope everythings ok, it just looks amazing on the blogs - you always were a bridge builder my lovely! Take care and enjoy yourself sweetness, Love Love Love from everyone back home xxxxxxxxx

The Jenkins Family said...

Message to Naomi Jenkins (Alpha 6)
Hope your treks going well indiana! Everyone's fine as always although Dad got his hair butchered at the hair dresser a few days ago!! We've written to you a few times so you should be getting the first letter soon! Hope you havent met too many creepy crawlies yet, love and miss you lots, from the jenkins clan xxx

jayna said...

hi manisha (alpha 1)!!hope ur doin okay up thereee! love u and miss u soo much!randomz walkn past the house n i keep thinkin its u lol!hurry home but i hopr ur having lotssss of fun in the kindergarten reeeeally hope i hear from u soon!we r all well!love jayna. xxxxxxx

Shen said...

Hey Manisha, hope ur doin well. Thank you so much for my bday present, its amazin! Ur letters are also v sweet :)lk forward 2 openin em everyday lol. Camping was rly gd we wil all def go wen ur bak. Hope ur keepin well an eatin properly, rly missin u. Hope 2 hear from u soon.
Love you
Shen xxx

Veena said...

Hey Manisha (alpha1) aje tuesday che lol hai ne huge nuva picture nathi rakya! churia manso che.. hu akodevas jori pun kai nai!maybe kale.. thusudi hu vaat jhu. bhalle tho maliya.. hahaa hope you understood that... tueday today.. looking really miserable.. hmm.. neway.. Spk soon... counting down the days till we can hear your voice again.. tx me soon as u have receptioon ciao ciao bella, missing you loads x

Billy said...

Hello Danielle,
So pleased you arrived safely.Looking at the photos it looks your going to have fun.Your Mum and she was going to write to you by post so I think she will let you know whats going on over here.I will write to you soon hoping this works.!!
Miss you already

Billy said...

Hello Danielle,
Ive tried a couple times to send a message but I must be doing some wrong(hope this time it works)
Just wanted to say that Im so pleased you arrived safely. We all at the centre miss you and can't wait till you come home with all your stories of your adventures.
Billy :-) XXX

mum said...

hi manisha, hope u r keeping well.received your letter today, nice to hear from u. nans came today we were clearing the loft. i wonder if u have received our letters. keep well. miss u. lots of hugs and kisses. love mum

Richard Melis said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hello Catherine

I hope you are having a fantastic time! I had a great sleep last night in my super king sized bed. How was your night?

I'm a little stuffed from a lovely chicken Kiev that I just ate and I'm about to watch a film on my 42" tv so I can't be online too long. So what are you up to this evening? Feeding the mossies? :-)

Well, I hope I have helped lift up your spirits a little!

Your loving brother, Richard xxx

Veena said...

hey hey manisha.. it was lovely to recieve the letter from you! Hope we see your pcitures very soon and counting down until we recieve your call or text! Missing you loads.. itl be exciting to have you back! I know thats a while away yet but still looking forwrd to it! Ive been busy busy with the hair stuff n mendhi.. making monies! Also getting tired! Anyway will write again tomorrow. Spk soon i hope.. love you Veena x

Robyn & Hazel said...

Dear Tom,All looks well,we notice your surviving o.k. The photo of you in the rain could have been Manchester with more tree's at least your used to damp conditions .The whippets are well but have ruined your flat cap.We are keeping up to date watching the blog.Much love Mum, papa ,Cherry and orion.xxxxxx

Steve Roebuck said...

To Emily Foster

hey Em! i posted a letter of today for you so it should get to you in time for the next loop. Everything is good here, got pretty drunk the other night and Kyle and Mandy, so did Mandy too lol. Off to cinema today with Daz to see Predators and Inception and then next tuesday going to the graduation ball, where its a smart dress code so ill have to wear shirt and trousers as well a tie(ill make sure to send you a photo of the night in next letter). Weather here has been pretty crap to be honest been raining alot, but ive seen its same out there too, but alot worse. Hope your doing well,missing you and im counting down the days till you get back! Love you and stay safe

Vindot said...

Hey manishaaaa.. hope your okay and the weather there has brightened up... its also quite dull here so your not missing out on no sunshine!! Counting down the days till you get back to base!! Cant wait to hear from you!! We got your letter!!!! :o)!!
Hope your well and eating ok!!! x

Shen said...

Hey Manisha, hope u well. I got ur letter, it was a very nice surprise. Saw a lil airmail envelope sittin ther on the dinin table wen i gt bk home lol, tried not 2 burst out in excitement infront of every1 lol. Hope u get mine soon, sent a few pics in ther 4 u. Cant wait 2 hear ur voice let alone c u again loll. Tc o urself, wil drop bk in soon. Love u x Shen x

marina ngiow said...

Salam Arina. Happy to see your photos in the blog.We have not hear your voice for quiet some time.Hope you are able to cope with all the activities.Call Popo when you have a chance.She always ask about you. Always take care!
Mama,Papak,Hasif & Wani

Gary H said...

Message for Catherine Melis

Hello Sweetheart!
I hope you are having a great time and are doing everything you wanted to.
Everything at this end is ok. My dad has had his op and is home now. He is ok though not liking the idea of having to rest for 6 weeks.
My family all send their best and hope you are enjoying yourself. Also Rosie has been more crazy recently, bugging everyone to play with her. We decided that this is because you have left and she now has no-one to play with. I am doing my best to fill in lol. I am good. I have been pretty busy since you left, with Wimbledon and driving lessons. I am in Scotland at the moment, on the Open golf.
I am missing you so much, which I am sure you know, anyway x. I can't wait to see you again and am thinking of you all the time.
Love, Gary xxx

Sherena said...

Hey Mica,
Sorry that I'm just sending a message, but I hope that you are enjoying yourself. I'm glad to see that you are making it through the program. I'm happy for you. I hope everything is going well.You are not missing anything in BDA, but I would have to let you know about the latest news which is hilarious.

Miss & Love you lots

Sherena X0X0

Anonymous said...

For Shane (Alpha 3)
Well 2 weeks have flown by, but you're greatly missed by all!
Hope the bridge over Imbak canyon is coming on well - take lots of photos for us. We're very proud of you and I'm sure that you are having a blast and making lots of friends. A letter is in the post with all our gossip - hope it's not too hot and humid :D love you loads, mum and dad XX

Maria Robinson said...

Hi Christopher R,
Thank you for your letter we our pleased you are having a great time by the sounds of it! we our all well & kept very busy with the animals & the garden the girls are up to 90! bye for now lots of love mum,dad & Stephanie xxx

steve f blog said...

Hi Emma F, Dad here
Hope you are having a great time,. can see you splashing in the water on the website, looks great. Also see you are in the kindergarten team, not sure if you are building one or just working in one! Hope all is well lol dad xxx

sandbyte said...

to Catherine Melis from Colin & Sue Knight.
Hello Catherine, Linda has been telling us on Facebook about your amazing trip! Quite an experience for you. We are plodding on here - two weddings up North this summer as two of my nephews got married - one in Buxton in Derbyshire and one in Elstronwick near Hull. And we have been to Norfolk to photograph the Swallowtail butterfly. Hope we shall see you when you get back and get to hear some of your adventures first hand.
love Sue
Hi Cat, greetings from boring old England :) We hope you are having the time of your life, should be an experience you will look back on forever. Borneo has always had a magical aura for me, though I never managed to get to Sipadan for the great diving there. I still look back on my adventure holidays in the days of my youth (yes, I have a good memory…). The Orangs should be a fabulous experience, I envy you that. I hope the diving goes well for you, should be brilliant. We combined the wedding trips with butterfly hunting, the Large Heath in North Lincs, and the Swallowtail in the Norfolk Broads where we spent a great week. We could do with some decent rainfall, the green has been brown for a month or so now, we missed out on the recent downpours the rest of the country experienced. However it’s great weather for walking the downs and finding butterflies. I bet you get some fantastic ones in the rain forests, envy envy… The photos of you all doing the white water rafting are brilliant, looks like difficult water. Enjoy the rest of your trip,
love from Colin in sunny Sussex.

Paul (dad) said...

Hi Gary (williams)
good to see some of your pics whats it like to have no internet keeping nan and grandad updated, looks like i could be of to afgan middle of october my adventure will start as your ends in time for the winter,wolves r after another frenchman holding midfield summer sems to be over still raining hows the equipment holding out b safe mate see you soon lots of luve mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Message for Charlotte Hall
Hello Darling
Just to let you know that we posted a fat letter to you on 21 July so look out for it. Still missing you lots. Have been following the blogs and looks like you are having a great time despite the insects and rain.
Lots of love Mummy xxxx

Ross said...

Hi Squif and Frantz,
Greetings from NM, do you get a this every monday, or are loop visits less frequent ??

Get some more pictures of Alpha 3&4 posted so we can see what your up to..


robyn & hazel said...

For Tom Styles,
Morning,Hope you are well ,
Love Mum &Dad