Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Island People

Here is Alpha Two's journey so far...

The early bird catches the worm.

Pirates of the Caribbean eat your heart out!

The office.

Learning to weave Nepa leaves.

Our teachers

Living Quarters.

Raleigh: it's not a package holiday.

Camp fire.

A spot of evening entertainment with the locals.

Stay tuned for photos of Alpha's Three and Four!


Paul said...

Hi Gary W alpha 2
see the £50 hat has come in useful should be on your head mate.
Not envious honest


Mike said...

Hey Abi (alpha 2),

Just been showing the pictures of the island to everyone at work, they are all so jealous! Looks like an amazing place! I'm off to Belgium this evening, pretty excited, wish it was for more than just a few days!

Look forward to hearing from you soon, I'm missing you so much! Love you Mike xxxx

Anonymous said...

Abby Walker, Alpha 2

Hi Abby. The island looks great, blue sea, golden sand and five star accommodation. Love the hat!! Have a wonderful 18th birthday, will be thinking of you.
Lots of love. Mum XXX

Dane said...

to carolyn smith
missing you chucky egg, looks amazing out there on photos hope your having an ace time love you to bits just been pub with matt so if this dosnt make sense thats why; love you loads cant wait to hear from you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MUM said...

Hi Manisha, soooo good to see u in the pics, i started crying, you're looking good, i know it must be tough, but keep up the good work. u r in 4 pics. i see in one u are having a break (a kit kat time). oh i'm so glad u were in the pics. it was such a relief to see you now that we are unable to speak to you. keep up the hard work and have as much fun as u can. Enjoy the experience. love u lots MUM XXX

Anonymous said...

Just want to say thankyou to the staff for keeping us informed on this great blog. I really love reading it and getting a feel for the expedition and Borneo. Everyone looks like they re having an amazing experience !

Caroline said...

Hi Alannah
It looks like you had something in your eye in one of the pictures where you were well covered up avoiding the mosquitos. Dom is back from london for the weekend and will send u a message. Rory was stranded at Bristol airport 4 several hours and is now on a coach to edinburgh. Big complaint on the way to Easyjet! The house is so quiet. Hope u r having a great time. Missing u loads lotsa love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

eunice lum said...

Hi Geng Qian,
Hi Sandra,

HOORAY!!!!....Good have done half way in phase one ady loo.....

MUM said...

Hi Manisha, got your letter today, so good to hear from u even though it is by letter,it's nice to know what u have been upto. hope u rec'd comments from Ramji,and A mama.Please improve your handwriting as some words are difficult to understand, I know this may be cause u r so tired. All the best for the rest of this phase, hope u got our letters.

IanG said...

Message for Alex (Alpha 4)
Yes, its your computer -illiterate father very excited having received a letter from the jungle, and in joined-up handwriting, too!!! That studying really paid off.Maybe one of the bears helped you. I will write(via mail) to you today, but my First Project was to master this message business. Jane guided me through-after several attempts of my own. I think I am now signed up to most major international E-Mail providers. Such talent in one so young! Those bears sound cool! Lovely to be doing good for dumb animals - anyway, enough about me.
Looking forward to my birthday - who would think I will be 42yrs old! It looks as if you are being completely spoilt with food and accomodation.Is it even making my cooking look reasonable? Probably not. Will drop you a line daily. Sorry incompetence triumphed over sense for a while but nothing can stop me now! My next Project is Operation Waitrose, Wandsworth. My injections are up to date!!!
Big hug and lots and lots of kisses!
Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bushfamily said...

Hi Abi! Lovely to see you in your island habitat! It looks sooo idyllic but I bet the project is hard work. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your news. Love Mum, Dad and Simon xxxx

Anonymous said...

Mate looks like your having an awesome time, so wish i was out there but why would i complain i am only in sunny Well pretty standard stuff to report back on matey, my general ability in putting my foot in mouth and offend people you'd be pleased continues, completed the london triathlon in hyde park and now working towards my ironman. Well mate all the best, enjoy the experience and man Pottsey

MUM said...

Hi Christopher,
Just seen the new photos you look well & the place looks lovely. we our all well, made some plum jam we have a good crop of plums this year. your not getting to brown are you! i remember you in the garden just before you left!! we all miss you & send our love bye for now all the best love mum xxxxxxx

Will Travis said...

Abby Walker

Happy 18th for Wednesday!

I must say I'm loving the Borneo attire; the Ghandi sandals and the cricket hat is a magical combination!

Checking the website regularly, it looks incredible.
Keep up the good work and have a great birthday!

Will and the Travis fam

Bushfamily said...

Hi Abi! Just to let you know this might be the last message for a bit as we are unsure of the computer / internet situation in Kilifi. I don't think there are facilities at the hotel but there may be an internet cafe in the town. Pleased to hear you've successfully completed stage 1 - Mike and his dad brought everything back from Bouverie Street last night! We'll continue to send letters. Enjoy the next phase.
Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Simon xxxxx

Jayna said...

Manisha (Alpha 1) a bit late in the day but i hope u managed to get my text! happy birthday and i hope u had a really good day! its a different place to have ur birthday so hopefully its one 2 remember! lots and lots of love, Jayna xxxxx

akhil said...

Hi manishaa
hope ur coping well out there! been lukin at da picz nd lukz like your doing a great job :)... happy birthday :) shud b 1 to remember lol! take care


Dad said...

Hi Gary W alpha 2
still waiting for a letter mate you sound full of it in your e-mail grandad is sure you should have gone M6 sure he could give you the rds to Borneo nd nan gets mixed up which country you are in everone sends there love be safe

Dad said...

hi gary w alpha 2
not heard anything for a while now hope all is ok mom is drivin me mad no one else to be nagged ha ha the house has been moved around every other night scared to go to sleep might wake up in another room! happy now my car is fixed just need some sun to have the top down write when you can be safe see u soon be good luv mom n dad

Maria Robinson said...

Alpha 5
Hi Christopher R
It was nice to hear from you sounds like your having fun! how is your diving going! seen any mermaids. We have had some rain here have you had much over there? even though you are probably getting wet enough. Hope you get this before you go for your little walk, bye for now we all miss you lots of love Mum,Dad & Stephanie xxxxxxxxxxx

Maria Robinson said...

Alpha 5
Hi Christoper R
Happy Birthday you should be back soon when you get a chance look on your e mail I have sent you another message. We all wish you a happy Birthday all the best love Mum,Dad & Stephanie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maria Robinson said...

Alpha 4
Hi Christoper R
We have received your post card of Sapi Island looks like a dream place to be!! it was nice to hear from you yesterday as well. after we spoke to you we went to woburn abbey for a day trip it was nice to get out for the day. hope you have a nice time with the bears!! take care love Mum,Dad & Stephanie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx