Saturday, 24 July 2010

10I Project Managers Discover Their Fate At Project Allocations...

The project managers for Raleigh's five week expedition- 10I discovered which projects they would be working on this summer at the Allocations Ceremony that was hosted by Mac and the field base team yesterday.

The volunteer staff nervously took their seats and awaited their fate.

The field base team watched on excitedly as the project allocations were announced.

It is now my pleasure to announce that...repairing a gravity water feed system in Kampung Bombong 3 will be...
Nikki & Helena

Building a brand new gravity water system from scratch in just three weeks at Kampung Mongowou will be the very capable...
Neasa, Ben & Ruhena

What a happy team they seem to be!

And last but by no means least, working on the Meter Of Rain Forest project in Kudat and living on a stunning beach will be...
Mike & Pam

And that concludes the 10I Allocations Ceremony.  Today the new PM teams will be heading out on their project planning visits where they'll acquaint themselves with the area and the people and get to grips with the task that lies ahead.  Just eight days now until the five week venturers arrive- we're can't wait to meet you all!


Anonymous said...

For Eloise Samuelson
I have finally worked out this blogging so here we go.I am following what you are up to on the website and it looks absolutely amazing. you can head the new bridge building devision of my company. I have e-mailed your uni re the resit and rewrite, we will have to see what they say, i have e-mailed you a copy of what I said which you will see when you can next access the net. I think about what you are up to all the time i am sure you are having great fun you must be in your element. We are all off to Florida, old key west to be precise on 27th dec returning on 4th Jan. We being you me beau daisy ami and sam. you still get xmas at home,grandma to be precise should be loads of fun. I am off to Israel for a couple of weeks leaving home on Thursday 29th July returnig on Thursday 12th august. I will still be contactable phone and e-mail so I look foward to hearing from you when you next have access to communications.Love you loads Daddy xxxx alias Bertie blog, Bertie Samuelson

Bob said...

Hi Pam

How is it going ?

Hope you are getting our posts this IT stuff is pretty hard going.

Neil Chloe and Ishi are all missing you and the big one is now ensconced in his new job which was a day and a half !!!

Take care and stick in we are sure you will deliver your project on target on time and on budget.

Neil McFarlane said...

Message for Pam McFarlane:

Hi Mum,

Had a busy first two days, a lot of paperwork but I'm now officially a Pilot Officer following my attestation last night. Getting my uniform and kit issued tomorrow, can't wait to get into it and really start working! Thats great that you have the forest re-planting project! I'm also strangely working with an army major, but this one is our Sqn Commander. I'll keep it brief as I'm absolutely shattered and in need of a good sleep.

Hope all is well and your having as much fun as I am!

Lots of love,

Neil xxx

Chloe said...

For Pam McFarlane

Hi mam!Unsure of how to work this really, so I hope that I'm sending it to the right place. Hope your having fun, got my breathing tests and blood test done to see about my lungs. They don't think its anything too scary, but its not asthma apparently!

speak to you soon. Love you Pammy.

Chloe xxx

Sharon said...

Hi Neasa & Mike,

Just a little comment to let you know we are thinking about you.

Fair play, you're doing a great job.

Send us an update.

Frances and Sharon from Ireland xxx