Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Project Planning Visits Are Complete

The PM's all returned to field base yesterday after spending the last four days checking out the project sites where the 6 alpha groups will be working over the course of the summer. Things ran smoothly by all accounts and everyone seems really eager to get stuck in. Not long now until the venturers arrive and Raleigh Borneo expedition 10D swings into action. Some very exciting times lie ahead.

Here are a few snaps that were taken along the way to give you a little taster of what is to come...

Alpha one: Kindergarten- Maliau Layung

The Community

Making Friends On A Home Stay

Alpha Two: Community Workshop- Pulau Kaliangin Besar
Transport To The Island

Traditional Handy-Crafts

The Community

Alpha Three: Bridge Building- Imbak Canyon
The Journey

The Shower Block

Alpha Four: Sun Bear Conservation Centre- Sepilok
Radio Check

Staff Team


Dave & Kath said...

Hi Kate,
Remember you can't be "Over & Out!" it's one or the other.
We love the web site it all looks very exciting.
As we speak Andy Murray is through to the Semis,
fingers crosses, as he plays Rafael Nadal - could mean an early bath...
Good luck next week with the group; we'll maintain a "listening watch" via the site.
Stainless and
Side kick

Anonymous said...

Is that you Cat in the last picture??

Linda M said...

To Catherine M.
Great to speak to you today, Babes! There was a comment for you on 2 July from one of your mates, but they didn't identify themselves. Sounds and looks like an extraordinary experience. Look after yourself and 'all the best' to your companions, too. Richard sends his love. Love you! Bye for now!

jay said...

Hi there ange how r u?Hope u doin me jay here wish to get reply from u soon...take care