Saturday, 3 April 2010

Return of the Loop

Nicki (Logs Manager) and myself (Sarah - Deputy Programme Manager) have just returned from an incredible 7 day road trip around Sabah.  We visited each of the 6 static project sites and were wined and dined with great food and fruit cordial at all of them.  We returned exhausted but overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of every person we met and excited by how close we are to finishing each project.

Our journey started on the beautiful beach at Kudat.  On arrival, we were greeted with garlands and hand-made shell necklaces.  Kirsty, Laura, Liam and Big Joe were keen to take us straight to the worksite, where the longhouse is in it's final stages of construction as the atap roof is laid.

We returned to the beach where a team of chefs were busy preparing our dinner of bean burgers and pitta bread followed by home-made donuts with condensed milk.  When we could not eat any more, we laid back under the almost full moon and gazed at the stars.  Unfortunately none were shooting tonight though.

As we left Kudat behind we made our way to the Pitas district and Alpha 3 in Kg Vunui Locos.  We received the best welcome of the trip at Alpha 3 and think this should have been a sign of the events in store for us that night.  This group can only be described as Loco by name, loco by nature. 

The group were out in force to wave the Bravo onto their site and warm, fresh donuts were waiting for us (I think they needed to soften us up before they gave us our elephant costumes for the evening!)  You will be pleased to hear they were happy to look as silly as us and must have put an immense amount of effort into each costume ready for the jungle party, led by Chief Muupungaa.  Some of the other guests included Sophie the frog, Steve the dinosaur, Theo and Freddie the two birds, Hayley the lion, Dave the parrot, Rachel the stray dog, Briony the hedgehog and Paul the bee.  Some of the costumes were very creative, others were very funny and some, well it's the taking part that counts isn't it?

An evening of games and hillarity ensued as Team Sarah and Team Nicki fought for the winners spot.  Once again we also feasted well on an amazing dinner of fresh salad, burgers in buns and a delicious chocolate brownie for dessert.

The team were up early despite having the next day off and Paul showed us up to their dam sites before accompanying us and some of the group down to their nearby river for an envigorating swim to gear us up for the drive to Alpha 1 in Kg Sulit Paitan.

Alpha 1 lived up to their reputation as excellent hosts and on arrival gave us a grand tour of the newly built Kindergarten.  The building is in it's final stages and it's almost impossible to believe that 10 weeks ago there was nothing here but an empty expanse.  The Kindergarten looks huge and will play a vital role to the local children.  The construction is complete and now we are waiting for the creative juices to flow as the group get handy with the paintbrushes.  I can't wait to see the final outcome as we witnessed real genius preparation for the evening entertainment.

As we were handed our ponchos, fake moustaches and mini sombreros, the mexican theme became clear.  Arriba, Arriba!!  A smorgasbord of activities lay ahead including table football, pin the sombrero on Sanchez and a homemade Pinatta full of a variety of sweets, although maybe the corn flavoured ones lost them a few points!  Dinner was once again amazing and we realised this competiton was going to be a close call.

The following morning we waved Adios and drove the exhilarating mountain drive to Alpha 4 and the Sun Bears in Sepilok.  The group were hard at work and very excited as they had just found out they will be able to lay the planks on the bridge they have been working on, so will actually be able to walk all the way across before they finish.

Once again, a night of gorging on delicious food (including one of Morna's special cakes) fun and games were upon us.  The group were in high spirits and made us feel incredibly welcome, providing comedy entertainment at all times.  It was great to be a part of and see such friendships as in their evening review each person thanked someone else in the group for something they had done that day.  This however was soon forgotten once a game of Mafia began and accusations were being thown left, right and centre.

As the morning sun streamed through the canopy cover and hit a peaceful Sepilok jungle camp, we packed up for our journey west to Alpha 2 in Kg Kopuron. 

A hive of activity was taking place in this kitchen on arrival.  I now know better than to ask, as we are always told to "wait and see".  As ever, the food was worth the wait.  Lentil daal with garlic bread was on the menu tonight and tasted every bit as good as it sounds.  For dessert the group concocted a chocolate "suprise" on the spur of the moment.  Leaving things to chance may be risky but this group pulled it off perfectly.  As if we had not had enough chocolate, gallons of milo were then served, just to give everyone enough energy for the games of Spotlight and Cheat that followed.

The next morning we had just enough time to visit some of the houses in the community and witness the installation of taps, which will give the people of this village fresh filtered drinking water.  The first complete system of it's type in Sabah!  The group were kind enough to let me try out my plumbing skills and following careful instruction from Kim and Rosie, the church now has a tap too.

So on to our final destination, the beautiful Imbak Canyon.  The whole group trekked out to meet us a Rangers Camp and after we re-filled them with sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and of course lots of stamps and envelopes so they can write to you back home, we trekked the hour long route back into the heart of the Canyon and the Alpha 5 home. 

We were fortunate enough to get to swim under the Imbak falls, as there has been little rainfall and the river was at a safe level, then we were given the grand tour including the brand new multi-gym built by Harry and Greg.  Each piece of equipment has been carefully thought out and will be left with detailed instruction of use for future Raleigh groups when this one leave.

In celebration of Alex's 19th birthday, the group had prepared a fantastic tea party complete with fruit punch, Paddy's fresh bread, cheese and pineapple on sticks, pizza crackers and popcorn - who says Raleigh rations arent good??

Paddy and Eddie had prepared an evening of entertainment, starting with a scavenger hunt to get us in the compeitive spirit.  This was followed by twister, apple bobbing and pin the tie on the bear.  In fact, there were a whole load more games but we just didnt have the time to get through them all.  The evening culminated in our final feast of the loop; pasta bolognaise, pearoffee pie and a 3-tier birthday cake made by Ashleigh and Harry.

We left the group early the next morning and were fortuntate enought to catch a glimpse of some gibbons swinging through the trees on the way out.

Both Nicki and I loved every minute and wish we could have spent longer with everyone.  Thank you to all the groups for opening up your homes and sharing them with us.  Every group was outstanding and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

For those of you at home, thanks for all your letters and blog posts.  These really do make all the difference when you are away from home and living without your usual comforts and are always the first things that people ask for when we get there.  Just one thing, when these guys get home and tell you they can't cook - they are lying!


leighanderson said...

Hi Brett Alpha 8
Getting bored waiting for news of your group it seems ages since we saw any pictures of you.
hope ypur trek went ok with no problems. We went to Chessington with everyone for Phoebie's Birthday it was fun Archie made a bear in a shop Dad thought he had been so good he deserved a present
Phoebie is growing fast and she is a little moo bag. you wait till you see her you wil see such a difference in her. Well darling looking forward to seeing you soon
have a great time love you so much.
By for now x x x Mum and Dad xxxxx

Ali White said...

Big Joe [Alpha 6]

Well sounds like your rugby name has followed you! Wonder if there is a 'little Joe' there too.
Longhouse looks great. Only a week to go, can't believe it.
Remember you have 2 nights booked at Red Palm, KK which I can cancel if not needed otherwise they will charge. Or you have a flight to KL but don't know what your plans are.
Anyway I'm sure you will have a fab time travelling on afterwards.
Easter weather atrocious! We ate all going to Cath's on Easter Monday, taking the Grannys with us, will toast you. I think Cath sent a bucket of chocolate to you at £8 postage but is a little tearful that she has had no letter from pressure. Yes you do look on the skinny side so think you can pig out.
Can't wait to hear all your news in May.
Love you lots, mum and co xxx

emily arthur said...

Paul Choat,
I can only amagine the sweatiness of you in what looks like a bin-bag bee costume-yummy. Hope it wasnt a repeat of the snowman costume to any extent!! At home, enjoying a rather wet day; eating more than should be humanly possible!! 10 sleeps until i see you!!! I'm SOOOOO excited!! Let me know what kinda food you fnacy and i'll do a shop...i'm guessing bacon, beans and mash might be a good start?!?!... Hope you've had a fantastic time on your last phase and your partying etc!
Everyones looking forwards to your return. Love you millions

Werner said...

Hi Big Joe (White)

It is a while since I blogged you.I have been very busy with my new job but that is no excuse!

The pics of the longhouse near the beach at Kudat are excellent.No doubt you have picked up some very useful DIY/Construction skills.Maybe you will be able to use them working with Pete in the summer.......not sure what the demand for longhouses is like in the UK !

No doubt you have recovered strongly from your gangrene and pneumonia.Your letter was enjoyed by all.

It has been cold and wet here with lots more snow in the north.Hopefully spring will have arrived when you return.

Had a good day yesterday with Rich,Jane and your little cousins.Laura is a character and reminds me of Clare.Bruce and Jane also popped in.

We are all going to Caff and Petes on Monday taking the grannies along too.

Hope you are able to finalise your travel arrangements soon

Love Dad

Kay and Zoe said...

Hi Liam (Alpha 6)

Good to see the building you are working on. Quite impressive. Have wondered if we should let you build our extension? But then maybe you will be too tired when you get back.
Zoe and Wil are here and are impressed too.

Mum and Zoe

Mum said...

Hi Hayley - Alpha 3

Just seen the blog update, with all your news and piccies! Lovely to see you at last - although dad struggled to spot you as the lion, hope he does better at Heathrow! James loved seeing you with all your friends, he says 'I love you, and you look scarey'. You'll have to try your doughnuts on him when you get home!

Lots of love and hugs from us all, Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey

Longhouse is looking good.
Wonder what ur plans are when the project finishes!
Happy Easter from one and all here to one and all there, could not post u an egg so I will eat it 4 u!
Chrissy and I are going to see Corinne at Somerset House - yippee! Do u want tickets for Flo and the m/c? Thurs of ur b'day week.
Vix is 60 next week!!!!! have a big surprise for her, but can't tell on here in case word gets out!

love ya millions

tanja said...

Lieve Alwine,
Fijn je weer aan de lijn gehad te hebben!
Het verslag van de loop ziet er weer super uit. Mexicaans dit keer! MA1 won zonder probleem van D1, H1 versloeg JA1...
Fijn dat het project af is, nog veel inspiratie voor de final touch.
Feest ze,
liefs T

Anonymous said...

Matt Underhill (Alpha 4)
Great to see pictures of you today on the blog. Hope the bear release went well.
Chelsea beat Man Utd at Old Trafford today (2-1)so the Bolton match should be exciting.
All love,

Anonymous said...

Darren Pugh (Alpha 6)

So looking forward to having you home again!

Mum, Dad, x x x


Lana and Gethin!

Anonymous said...


Happy happy Easter Sophie. Chocolate waiting for you on your return. Got Alex, Grandma, David and Andrea coming to lunch tomorrow (Easter Sunday). Really not much happening here apart from missing you around the place. Look after yourself and stay safe. Loads of love, Mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em in Alpha 1. Granpops is here tomorrow and as a retired builder he will be well impressed with your work on the kindergarten! Jess is home and has brought chaos were there was order, noise where there was peace and discord where there was harmony. But it is nice to see her and hear her news. Easter Day today and a sunny day for a walk with the gang in the Black Mountains. Or should that be black hills... of Dakota? Miss you loads. Come home and save us from the unfavoured one!

Julie Cocker said...

To Polly (Alpha 6) Happy Easter darling - the bunny has been busy here, you'll have to hunt when you get back (that's if I can stop dad finding them first)! I wonder if you still like the taste of chocolate - hehe...All the projects look amazing... can't wait to see pics of the completed long house. Everyone is asking after you and sending lots of love. Take care, keep safe and keep having the time of your life...all our love mum, dad and Moo xxxx

Chris Trickett said...

Hi Laura Crockwell,
The longhouse is looking good, keep up the hard work. Hope you've had chance to chill out and relax as well. Hope you've been getting my last couple of letters. Not sure which one you received last.

Sunday now so just been packing my bag for tommorrow's long journey to spain. 24 hours on a bus mate. Its going to be funny!

You're looking gorgeous but i do wish you were in more photos so I could see you. Looking forward to speaking to you on thursday. Make sure you send me a message or email so i know when to ring you.

The kit we've got for the tournament looks quality. You'll like it. You should have a few emails from me to have a little read over too. Wish me luck for the rugby.

Missing you like crazy darling.
I love you
x x x x
ps keep looking up at those stars x x

Anonymous said...


Hi sophie hope all well with you ,just had lunch with mum and am still alive.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely longhouse! where is the roof?!!! ul get wet! and all the others that sleep in there. hope there aren't any spiders, scorpions or snakes! I see it is rasised up on stilts so no flooding. I have seen several Borneo things on TV, fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie Alpha 2 What a fabulous time and set of new skills! Can you fix our garden taps when you get back? We can't wait to see your photos and hear about all the adventures. It's great to see the other projects coming to fruition as well and to know the bridge for the Sun Bear sanctuary will be walkable soon. We're all well and send our love and hugs. Mum xoxox

Grandpa said...

Hi Hayley (Alpha 3) - your mum and dad and James are here in Downend. I can see that my messages go on a different blog to your mum and dads so hope you have seen them ? We are going out to lunch today. Hope you are having fun and doing some good work. Love Grandpa xx

Kath Mutton said...

Happy Easter! Did you celebrate? We went for 2 lovely walks in the Black Hills with the Gang, stopped at Galanthus for tea and then had a meal for 20 at the Royal. Lots of fun was had by all and many photos were taken so I'm sure Dad will put some on Facebook. (The ones he doesn't delete, of course.) Today Jess has gone to climb Pen y Fan with some mates. Tomorrow, G and G are coming over from Cheltenham for a couple of days. Well, make the most of your last days with Raleigh. Hasn't it gone quickly?! Looknig forward to speaking soon.
Tonnes of love my darling,

Hazel Duckworth said...

Hi Carys(Alpha 9)
Thanks for your Dad's birthday and Easter message. We were sorry we missed your call when you did get a signal we were still out at the easter service. Happy Easter to you too: we've finished eating up the eggs we'd bought for you!!!Hope we manage to speak with you soon. Fran and Geoff set off for Spain on Sunday. Sadly, I'm back at work tomorrow. Need to do some more work on your poem. Your Dad's preaching at Idle next Sunday so if you're thinking you might be in touch then, try and leave it as late as you can to allow us to get home in time. Love you loads. Mum and Dad XXX

Sharon said...

Hi Greg (Alpha 5)
Sorry I haven't written or even blogged for ages but hope all the chocolate has got through to you (a much greater priority I'm sure you'll agree). I've got a half written letter here but it occurred to me that it's probably a bit late to send it now isn't it as you must be finishing soon. I'm currently taking a break from some major spring cleaning to check the Raleigh website. Good to see the photos of you. Imbak Canyon looks fabulous and I'm glad to see you're keeping yourself in shape but hope you've built a leg press in your mini-gym. I'm sure you have as it wouldn't be like you to only work your biceps now would it? While I was deep-cleaning my kitchen this morning I took apart my nesting Turkana baskets (from Kenya), upon which my pots and pans normally sit, and came across a whole stack of letters from home sent to me while I was in Kenya in 1981/82. An odd place to keep them, I know, but I got pleasantly sidetracked for a while reading some of them and it made me remember just how important those letters were when I was abroad. Even though I never got homesick it was still lovely to hear news from home. I'm glad I've kept them because it's a fund of memories I'd otherwise forget about, like the one from your mum in March 1981 talking about your dad passing his driving test and soon afterwards running out of petrol on the A1 on his way home from work and having to walk the last 4 miles home because all the filling stations were shut.
Changing the subject, I'm sorry to say Man Utd lost 2-1 to Chelsea this weekend (and that was coming back from 2-0 down)so now Chelsea have a 2 point lead over Man Utd at the top of the table. Grrrr!
Don't know if you follow F1 now that Raikkonen has switched but Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix followed by Webber and Rosberg. Shame it wasn't taking place a couple of weeks later...
OK, the floorshine stuff I put on the kitchen floor has dried now so I'd better get back to the drudgery of spring cleaning (a strictly once a decade activity). Thinking of you Istimewa Esa! Enjoy the last bit of your jungle escapade. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Anonymous said...

To Michael(Day)sorry we have not been in touch-internet down due to fire in sub station. hope the bridge building is going ok.this is Cherylyns mobile in OZ in case of emergencies(0422824993)Try to get in touch before leaving KK.
Look after yourself,
Love Dad

Jane Plant said...

For Tom Plant (Alpha 3). Hey Bom! Just seen the new blog and spotted a couple of pics of you. That's so great. Looks like you're having fun. OMG! Only a few days left - really need to speak to you fella re. your plans. Need to arrange travel insurance, etc. Please let us know if you receive card sent out by courier. If you can get a text to me with a way of me phoning you back, that would be great. Love you so much. So happy for you. Miss you an insy winsy bit too!! Mutta x x x x

Essie for BEN T (alpha 2) said...


I am so excited, its unreal

Im not flying business class lol.. i was only joking, knew it would wind you up!! hahaha, ..!!!

big smile :D

love you more than a fat kid loves cake


Anonymous said...



Jane Plant said...

Another for Tom Plant!! Sorry darling, forgot to wish you a Happy Easter. Hope you received your book. An Easter to remember, eh? CALL ME!!! x x xx

Carla Jones said...

Hi Greg (Jones)
Looks like you had fun building your multi-gym! By the time you get this your Raleigh trip will be almost over. From here it looks like it was a fantastic experience. Hope you can call us at the weekend and tell us all about it, and what you plan for your 3 weeks before you come home.
We had a great time in Berlin over Easter, now looking forward to Spain on 11th.
Love Mum

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy, guess you are having a great time on dive island. It looks wonderful - make sure you snap those sunsets! Time is flying by and you only have a few days left so make the most of it.

Did the boots survive the trek???

We have just got back from London this evening. Took Ellie on the Eye last night - sudden mad decision as everywhere else was shut for Bank Holiday - had to dash to the station and get a train, arrived at 7.00 pm and had a great view of London as the sun set.

Ellie at work today so Hannah and I went to the shops -looking for a bed for Ellie. Ended up in Ikea which was heaving as usual.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Much love from Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ali White said...

Hi Joe [Alpha 6]

Forgot to mention on last blog, are you sharing a crate to send some heavy, obselete gear back so you can travel on light. Might be an idea, especially as [I hate to tell you this]the family all have a bet on as to how many items will get lost and won't return with you. Won't tell you how many Clare has said but 'passport'is in there!
How ghastly, horrid and faithless they all are, of course 'Mummy' is only concerned that 'little Johnny' comes home safe and sound in one piece.
Anyways I can contribute to the crate if you want to do that. Laura has sent you an email of their spreadsheet of their Thailand itinerary. Yes she is her Mother's daughter. I am not expecting a spreadsheet from you but a brief text of what country you might be going to would be lovely, or even an email.
Enjoy your last few days of Raleigh, really looking forward to seeing you in May. Rememeber you have to be on that May 1st flight from KL or you will have to re book.

Big hugs Mum and co xxxxx

Jan Akhtar said...

Hi Solly,
At last some photos of you!! Though we're not sure what you are wearing on your head!!? I think you may fall into the category; " It's the taking part that counts!!" You have gone mega dark! We think you're darker than Dad now!! And the hair has gone really wild! We missed you at Easter but have saved you lots of looks as if you could do with some calories!!
Can't believe your time with Raleigh is almost over yet it seems such a long time ago that we saw you off at Heathrow! Make the most of your last few days and a big, big thank you to all the Raleigh leaders for looking after our loved ones so well and for the wonderful blog site which has been a much appreciated life line!
Do keep in touch on your travels and look after yourself.
Sending you heaps and oodles of love from Mum,Dad, Josh, Adam, Ben and Sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS Which photo was the most popular on the blog?

Fraser family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy, the sun is shining here today - pity it didn't shine over the weekend! Dad is back at work and I am thinking about painting the hall...or maybe not!

Can't wait to hear from you.
It's so quiet here on my own.

Take care and talk soon.
Much love from mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Briony (Alpha3)

Following all your progress and can see you are having the time of your life. You have all been doing such great jobs. Enjoy the rest of your time away Briony.

Lots of love,

a.mitchell said...

To Will (Alpha 1)
The Kindergarten looks great! Hope your artistic skills were put to good work. Mum and I had a great Easter en Jersey. Highglight was a rough water dash with David to Ecreheous in a rib with Gerome, his French friend. A major storm had just passed through on a 38ft tide so we were glad to see no huts were damaged though ours was full of water! Very bouncy and excititng return! Hope to speak to you on Friday or thereabouts.
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

For Morna (Alpha 8)
Hello! Hope you enjoyed your time on Dive Island, looks like it judging by the photos. I love seeing what you're up to, although definitely makes me miss you lots and lots! Not long now until you come home, I know you'll be making the most of the time you have left there. I'm in Hamilton with Meg at the moment, it's really good to see her and put all her stories and descriptions of the place into context. Fiona Rennie's also here at the moment which is nice, SO bizarre bumping into her the first time. I go back to uni soon so am currently enjoying the last of my work-free existence! Hope you are well and still loving it out there. Miss you tonnes, love you

M said...

Hi Aernout!
Dat ziet er wel erg cool uit, dat longhouse met jou als handyman in de nok..! Wat gaat de tijd toch snel, volgende week ben je alweer thuis; Jenny is lekker aan het strijken in je kamer, nu kan dat nog net, straks moet ze weer verkassen. Geniet er nog even van, van het bounty-leven, hier begint het zonniger en -we geloven het bijna niet- voorjaar te worden. Dikke zoen, M

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Ed!
Hope you are doing fine!!
I've just sent you a letter..
Hugs and X

leighanderson said...

Hi Darling Brett (Alpha 8).
Well mate hope you are making the most of the last few days and enjoying the diving. did your feet ache after the trek. We have lots for you to help us with just to keep you busy gardening ect,
we are really missing you lots, Archie and Phoebie are looking forward to seeing you too. Teri has missed you more then any one she has felt very lonely without you who would have thought she would be the worst.
sorry I have not sent a blog for a couple of days but Dad and I have had a bad cold and felt rough. still wont be lont till we see you, all our love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy! Well, you must have completed your dive by now. Congratulations on getting your certificate! Brilliant!

Am thinking about you a lot now, and wondering when we will get to talk - can't be long now!

Take care
Much love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee Dee (Alpha 6)
Great to see you in a photo..well done. See you're wearing a hard hat...BOB! Hope you had a good easter and found your easter eggs hidden in your luggage...although I'm sure you would have already eaten them, you chocoholic. Loads has gone on here. The Bishops came down for had a big family gathering! Laura still isn't well with her "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". Kate Nask and Diana Vickers have brought out new albums. Ben has just bought a van with Aaron and Joe to sleep in at Croyde..they are mad! Living in a confined space for 3 months..nice! Saw a message above to Joe. His mum was suggesting paying for a crate to send some stuff home...could be a good idea to speak to him and perhaps share the cost. Will save you lugging things around and then you can buy more! I hear things still aren't that great in Bangkok. I will wait in all of saturday to make sure I catch your call.Can't wait to speak. Love you loads!!
Mum, Dad and Styx xxxxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy, I guess you are on your way to Borneo Paradise today. Bet you can't wait for a shower!

Have sent you an email about a possible job application - Hannah's landlord has a vacancy in his London office but we need more info about your work experience. If you get a chance do look at your emails as I sent you all the information.

Enjoy your last few days with Raleigh. It will end all too soon.

I have read that others are going to crate up stuff to send home - might be an idea to see if anyone wants to share a crate so you can get rid of stuff you don't need any more.

Take care
Much love from mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS. Many thanks to everyone at Raleigh for the wonderful blogs and photos.

Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey

Congrats on completing the longhouse!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Raleigh expedation A10,
Thanks for your wonderful pictures and reviews. Thanks to all
friends and parents that I could read and share all your emotions on the blog.
Isis, mother of Kyra now I will write in Dutch to my daugther.

Lieve Schat,
Nog even en dan is Raleigh over, voor jou een wereld ervaring, nog even in de hangmat en daarna met je nieuwe vrienden Borneo verkennen.
Het zal niet eenvoudig zijn om afscheid te nemen maar dit zal altijd bij je blijven.
Lieverd hier mis ik je natuurlijk maar ben toch regelmatig virtueel bij je.
Geniet nog even met volle teugen.
Dikke pakkerd/kus en natuurlijk poot van Wop.

Hazel Duckworth said...

Hi Carys (alpha 9).
Missing you loads as all the photos are of the projects and we haven't had a chance to speak with you. I hope you've been ok on this final phase and the sunburn settled down quickly. Barbara left everything immaculate as far as we could see. We haven't picked up the keys yet as she was leaving them with Rosie.Grandma sends her love. They thought Titan might have to be put down but he seems to have rallied and looks quite happy now. Fran and Geoff have arrived safely at their spanish home and are preparing the place to ensure the water pump is working and the generator will supply them with electricity. Andrew managed to get a review of one of the bands appearing at Sonisphere published on their website so it means that he will be entered in a draw to choose people to write reviews of the performances at the festival. We're all very chuffed for him . Dad has at last bought his netbook and is enjoying playing with his new toy! Hope to hear from you soon: your news junkies are having withdrawal symptoms. Loads of hugs and kisses. Be safe. Love Mum and Dad . All the extended family have sent their love when they've asked after you and we regularly pray for you in housegroup .XXXX

David Bevir said...

Alexandra Bevir
Hello Alex,
I hope the trek and the diving have both gone well and that you have enjoyed them. Make the most of your last few days !
In Thailand, a state of emergency was declared yesterday, so I think you would be wise to review your plans to go there, especially your ability to fly in and, more importantly, to fly out. The whole country seems to be in considerable chaos.
Whatever you decide, please take great care and no unnecessary risks.
Lots of love, Dad

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett Alpha 8
Well Darling you must be getting ready for your trip home we are all looking forward to seeing you.I bet you will all be party party! over the next few hours enjoy it I'm sure you will. hope you have had the time of your life and now what you want to do. Well Mate I will close now as I still have my cold and feel rough so I will send anouther one tomorrow love you load looking forward to seeing you soon Mum and Dad

Green Family said...

Charlotte Green (Alpha 9) Hi Char, hope you have got over the trek! The forest and mountain scenery on the Borneo web sites look fantastic which hopefully will have made up for sore feet! We tried to locate place names on the map without luck so you will have to show us where you have been on a larger scale map when you get back. Im sure there will be lots to catch up on. Ed has been home playing his guitar for most of the time, the essay still awaits! He and Ellie are in London tonight at a gig and then staying at Duncan's. Time has flown since you have been away but we can't wait to see you. Take care, all our love. Mum and Dad xxx

henrydorling said...

Hello Francesca :)

Hope you're very well. Thank you for the post card you sent, was really lovely to hear from you. The orangutans look very cute. glad youre having such a good time, i'm guessing your time with raleigh must be coming to an end soon, is that right? our mothers spoke the other day and i think your mum was saying you were having a bit of trouble sorting out your plans for the next couple of weeks... would be good to know what youre up to. got the impression you might be on your own for a while. if i was you i wouldnt worry yourself unduly, im sure if you find a yourself hostel somewhere you'll meet people to hang out with and travel with for a while. either way would be good to know more once youve got more of a connection with the rest of the world. stuff here has been good, the sun is shining, i did my last shift at pure yesterday, looking forward to starting the easter playscheme next week. some other stuff a bit hectic but all good really, i'll say more in an email. counting down the days till i see you again, i cannot wait! love you so much gorgeous, keep well and enjoy the rest of your time in borneo. all my love and hugs x x x x x

tanja said...

Lieve Alwine,
jouw laatste dag, mijn laatste keer schrijven, gek hoor dat het er nu al bijna op zit, wat is dat snel gegaan. Verheug me er weer op je dit weekend te spreken. Hoop dat je een heerlijk feest had.
Nu op voor de tweede helft. Spannend hoor - voor jou maar ook een beetje voor ons... Heerlijk even geen programma vrij te gaan en staan waar je wilt.
Geniet ze,

Ook nog een bericht van Reinalt:
he Wine,
was de laatst keer best wel zeik toen ik je sprak en was daarom niet echt in de mood. Hoop je snel weer te spreken en dat je geniet,
kusjes je broertje

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah (alpha5) See you on monday have a good trip home.Take care love m xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah (alpha5) See you on monday have a good trip home.Take care love m xxxxxx

Nicola said...

Many thanks to the blog team for all the updates. It helped to keep us at home involved in the Raleigh experience. The fridge is full and the washing machine is ready for action!!
Thanks to everyone from
Tish's Mum