Saturday, 6 March 2010

Update on Alpha Four - Sepilok Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Hi, it's Claire, the communications officer, back from my visit to Sepilok to give you an update on Alpha four's work on the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. 

The new Alpha four team left Borneo Paradise early last Sunday, after an all too quick changeover, to begin the seven hour journey to the project site. After setting up camp the team went to bed early, ready for an induction to the project the next day.

Petronella, Paul, Nigel & Mike from the Alpha 4 phase 2 team

Aisha, Jai, Francesca and Alex

On Monday the new group was introduced to the project, and went on a visit to see the animals currently being looked after by the centre. The sun bear is the smallest of the nine bear species in the world and is vulnerable to extinction. Little is known about them and scientists are keen to learn more about their ecology and biology. Raleigh groups are helping to protect the species, with work on the construction of a new conservation centre in Sepilok. This new centre will help educate the public about the sun bear and also raise funds for future research.  By the end of this expedition Raleigh groups will have built a new bridge providing visitor access to the centre.

Billy one of the project architects showing venturers work on the bridge to date

The team started day two with work on the south trench foundations of the bridge, hand mixing concrete and filling in the base for the bridge supports. Work was extremely successful and progressed further than expected with the completion of the south trench in one day. 

Dry mixing concrete

Wet mixing concrete  

The completed south trench foundation

That evening the team celebrated with a party for Mike's 19th birthday. Team members were given one day to pull together an outfit starting with the letter M, the prize being one tube of Mentos and one packet of Fruitella. Entries included a mouse, a merman, a mummy, a medic and Madonna. After deciding on Madonna as the eventual winner the team tucked into a banoffee pie of sorts, singing Happy Birthday in Malay, French, English, Greek and Arabic.
Luke as a mummy

 Banoffe pie

Mike, Fran and Alex

On day three the group started on the foundations for the north trench, putting in the supports for the bridge and starting to fill the trench with concrete.

The north trench

Sophie, Alex, Paul and Alwine

Alpha four after day three

Sadly, I had to leave early on day four. Since I left the team have carried on with building the north trench and have already filled half of it with concrete. The team have also made a visit to the Rainforest Discovery Centre and are planning to complete foundations for the bridge by the end of phase 2.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie (Alpha 3)
We are really missing you and hope you are enjoying yourself! It was lovely to hear all your news and we look forward to seeing more photos of you on the Blog. Loads of love Mum,Dad and Cath xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe! (Joe Francis Alpha 6)
Having fun on the beach?! Maybe you'll come back with a suntan - first time ever!! Did you pay for your haircut?! Now you've made a longhouse you'll be able to put up a pergola in the garden - lots of other jobs lined up for you too!
Keep having fun
love Dad xx

Anonymous said...

To Natasha Fournel Alpha 2

Keeping track of all your adventures. Trust you are getting all our post. It all looks so exciting and I'm sure you'll have lots and lots to tell on your return.

Hope this time you get my message.

All love and a couple of cards are on their way.

Love, PG

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren Lee (alpha 2)

Looks like your muscles are building up and you don't need to go gym anymore. Please don't be so...... hitam until we cannnot recognise you.


P.S. How do I connect your iPod touch to wifi? Hi Darren!


kitty said...

hi aisha

oh my days!!!!!!!!!! it looks like you have been kept busy, its about time you did some work. you're so lazy at home im surprised your actually doing some work. anyway learn everything so we can open up our own business. LOL. anyway have fun.

from kits

JamesC said...

Hi Alex!

Great to see some more photos of you - I wasn't expecting to see you, as the post is meant to be about 'alpha 4' so it was a very pleasant surprise! You look as beautiful as ever. Look after yourself (and maybe also the sunbears) and keep up the good work!


Danielle said...

Dear Alex Bevir,

I got your letter today. I loved it! It made my day and week :) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU CANT WAIT to talk to you again :) Hope youre having an amazing time and stay strong!


Jenn said...

Hey Nige (Alpha 4)

I'm so glad to see you busy...i'm assuming you're loving this project so I do hope you are having fun. It has been mega sunny here (Plymouth) over the last few days but still cold. Been celebrating dissertation finale the whole week so now gotta get back into work. I hope you're coping well with the heat...consider it a prep for Costa Rica ;]

Love you lots!



Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey Alpha 6

blue sky and sunshine here, yeah! but also frost! enjoying music from all spectrums - gypsy, opera, jazz n blues. hope to find a cosy bar in gsansk to satisfy my appetite. musica, v**karie and eaterie, not necessarily in that order. new roof is half done on the knoll - yet to see if the cottage will be done too! all is well here, we will miss u at grampa's 83rd birthday at the walnut tree, but will propose a toast to you with the finest of wines!
love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Good photos of you on your birthdat! Sounded a lot of fun..did you get my parcel? we got back from aunt Marys wedding. It was really good and she looked amazing. It was so nice to see all your cousins etc. Alexei and Rody are wearing Mavros style beards! When I commented they replied that they were afterall russians. They both delivered the speech re Mary and it was excellent. The girls and Mike went with Nats car, 5mn later they broke down insisting they had to drive my car...yes you guessed right. Mike -thank god it was him - put regular petrol in her diesl car Oppppsssss. Much love let me have news of these sun bears..they seem really cute Msky

de vos said...

Lieve Alwine,
nou was ik net de eerste die meteen reageerde op de foto's in de veronderstelling dat het nog net mee kon met de loop, staat hij er niet op! Te snel denk ik...
In elk geval hoop ik dat een paar kaarten meegekomen zijn... Ik heb nog steeds geen idee hoe lang de post erover doet. Vorige week weer een dikke brief gestuurd. Heerlijk om je op de foto's te zien. Lekker bruin en vrolijk! Al weer op de helft, wat gaat dat snel!
Hoop dat je geniet, en geniet en geniet!
veel liefs van ons allen T

Kiren said...

Aisha ( alpha4)

The loop has left :( So you'll probably end up reading this at change over, and by that time you would have got my parcel! Hope you like it :p I'm missing you so much!!! Everything at home is good. Had a FAB time celebrating my 18th, lots of nice pressies too :) Thanks for the text, was really sweet of u! I have my interview for UWC this Sunday and its really eating me up! I'm so nervous and have started preparing..(though I'm not too sure how exactly hehhe). My results for the O levels are out soon...on Thursday(its Monday, the 8th now btw).

So yea....Thats all for now. Hope you receive my parcel all in none piece. Your looking good in the photos. Dont worry sweetie the tan suits you!! So stop complaining hehe. Say Hi to Sophie for me. Hope you guys are making the best of your time at Sepilok!


Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)
Hi Andy! Hope you are well and not working too hard.. all that lifting rocks should give you muscles like Popeye! Hope you had a good birthday. Can't wait to see photos of what you have been doing. Did you ever manage to write that letter??????? It seems AGES since we spoke to you - can you believe it is 5 weeks! Hope we can talk to you when you return to base. Hope you have received some of my letters. Take care. Much love from mum, dad and Ellie xxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)
Hi Andy! Dad and I went up to London to see Ellie and Hannah over the weekend - very unexpected. Stayed at Hannah's flat. Went shopping at Westfields -couldn't bear to walk past Hollister without you! Take care! Much love from Mum, Dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxxx

yiota said...

Yia sou agapi mou Alex(alpha 4).Charika poly pou ida nees photographies sou sta blogs.Phenese na doulevis sklira kai den boro na pistepso pos se vlepo na anamigiis tsimento.mipos na skeftosoun na allazes epagelma;pantos den tha itan aschimi idea na mas edichnes ki emas!!!Ime poli perifani agapoula mou gia sena. Doulevis omos kato apo ton ilio ke den foras kapelo! Den ipame na prosehis;2 evdomathes akoma ke telioni ki afto to project. Metrao tis meres.Do u wont me to top up ur telephone card?Se pethimisa afadasta. O James mou ipe pos telika apofasises na pas stin Thailande. Paroti tha mou lipsis poli an pragmatika ise sigouri pos thelis na pas , na pas!!Pote logariazis na ise stin Kypro; O gamos tou Christou ine stis 19 June.Pistevo tha ise stin Ameriki tote etsi then ine;Se pethimoume poli oloi edo ke mazevomaste giro apo to computer ke vlepome tis photographies sou. pollous heretismous apo tin Chrissie,Lara,Maro Pampo Christo,Gloria,Suzy NIcholas,Anna,Akis,and last but not lest Anteas.Sagapo poli ke se pethimoxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you are getting all our letters.
Love seeing the photos of you and have been boring everyone showing them round.
I am sure you are enjoying the trek and dive.
Love you loads

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good birthday on the 9th, will be thinking of you and look forward to some photos,- bit of news for you, Portsmouth are through to the semi final of the F A cup, they will play Fulham or Tottenham at Wembley,will let you know how they get on. Have a good time,--- lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good birthday on the 9th, will be thinking of you and look forward to some photos,- bit of news for you, Portsmouth are through to the semi final of the F A cup, they will play Fulham or Tottenham at Wembley,will let you know how they get on. Have a good time,--- lots of love

David Bevir said...

Hello Alexandra Bevir, Alpha 4,
It's very good to see so many photos of Sepilok with you in them, and to read about the Sun Bear project.
You are obviously honing your culinary and bridge-building skills !
I wonder what the Rainforest Discovery Centre was like.
Take care of yourself.
Lots of love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Vikki (alpha 7)

Well done on the PADI; knew you would do it

You must be on trek now so we will not hear from you for a while. Everyone here is fine and looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your adventures

Phone all sorted; van is excellent! Tico very happy when he came to stay.

Try and check e-mails when back in civilisation - think people have been leaving you messages there

Keep safe; have fun and God bless


Mom and Dad x

Angela said...

Hi Nig


Hope you have a great day.
It was great to see some more photos of you and that you can mix concrete. Missing you lots.
Love Mum X

Anonymous said...

Darren Lee (Alpha 2 )

Reading the newspapers in the evenings was a daily ritual.While doing so,you would fill me in on your happenings for the day and it would take ages to finish reading.But listening to you made my evenings feels better.

Since you left camp,I actually finish reading the newspapers so much earlier even when I've read from page till to the last.I miss your delightful chatter about the day and also your presence and your voice.

Caroline said...

Hello Edward (Alpha 5) Congratulations! You have your offer (unconditonal) from Imperial. Fantastic news but now you are going to have to do some hard thinking- reply deadline 4th May. Your exam results come on Thursday although they are not so important now! I have somewhat unwisely been watching Expedition Borneo reruns- filmed from your camp. There seem to be rather a lot of unfriendly creepy crawlies but I am sure you are being careful! Arthur doing mocks this week and has SHORR on Thursday- hope he manages to take his trousers off in time this year! Addy has had a great job offer and finishes his thesis this week so it's all go here! Speak to you soon I hope- and WELL DONE from all of us xxxx MUM

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett
just so you dont think we forget you, your letter is on it's way to you we are going to see Archie and Phoebie today he wants a card and present because he hurt his eye.
keeps asking to speak to you and when you will be home think it will be your first visit when you get home lol! well mate waiting for news of and pics we look
forward to seeing any pics that come through it makes the distance seem closer to us lots of love
and miss you
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen (Alpha 6)

Hope you're still having a damned good time, and making the most of that fabulous beach! Weather here quite nice & bright (though still cold). Met up with Alan & Niki twice in the last few days. Their house conversion is coming on nicely, and Beth should be home about the same time as you.

Simon has had his Manchester interview, and now has an unconditional offer!! He's very pleased.

Love you to bits.
Mum & Dad xxx

Jenn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nige (Alpha 4)!!! Hope you have a fantastic birthday...gutted your mom beat me to congratulate you but there's no way I would have been awake at 6am =P

Anyway I hope you have a fantastic birthday and even better to know that Frederic Piquionne secured a 2-0 win against Birmingham to make Portsmouth advance to the Semi-finals of the FA cup...I would love to say I've been following the football but Tom told me this so I thought you would love to know.

Love you lots and I hope you have a fantastic birthday...i need some clues as to what you would like for a present cos I'm not as good as you on that field.



Anonymous said...

Hola Natalya (alpha 4)

Como te lo pases ? espero que escuchas nuestras canciones espanolas. Un abrazo muy fuerte de tu Tia Cati y de Olivier, Elodie, Mickael, Maxime y Robert

Essie Khajenouri said...



mate some people get loads of these blog things! Obviously i miss you, everyone does. Think its time you play the swine flu card and come home loll.. Apparently today your near the indonesian border, i tried google earthing it but its all fuzzy! Anyway, everyones fineee.charlie misses you loads, but hes got a girl now (Sara).. kurrens been banned for drink driving for 2years and had to spend the night in cell..unlucky, Joe Connollys girlfriend, Melissa got swine flu, Kati misses you...Fil got into Notts, Jordan got into Leeds Met, Aimee is going up to Newcastle next week..Its sophies birthday on 15th so we'r doing a Duke night..Im guna have to stop writing soon cus otherwise youll never get them. Cant wait to get out there and see youu, im counting the days, and buying lots of tanning oil so i can catch up with you! I sent another package today (9th March) so hope you got it.. the easter bunny things are so good!.. Keep going, im v.proud of youu you know that, love



Pere de Skwig said...

Nigel (Alpha 4 P2)
Hi Nigel
Good to see your group made the front page of the blog. Lots of pictures of you all at work. Not a Sun Bear in sight. You need to mix cement silently. Hope you had a good Birthday and did not get trussed up like Luke! Steaming hot & sunny in UK! Keep up the good work. I see they got a site architect on the job, never mind you can get your own back one day.


Pere, Gill & Max

carol said...

Hi Tiff, Alpha 5

Just a wee note to say it's very strange to not be hearing from you!!! Seen the new photo of you and your new group, hope you're all having a fab time and you're enjoying it much more!! Not everything can go smoothly and just think of the people you are out there helping, that should keep you going!! Everyone keeps asking how you are......Jono passed his driving test woohooo.....everyone sends their love.....Mum, Layla and Hayleigh xxxxx and Gran too since she's useless on the pc lol xxxx

Deneen said...

Hi Claire,

Enjoying the updates!

Jefferson, USA

de vos said...

he alwine
hoe gaat het daar ergens in de rimboe
wij zitten hier in de friezing winterkou van baarn, ik heb het egt leuk in mijn klas op baarnsch veel toffe matties wel bale dat ik zo veel huiswerk eb marja dat moet ik gewoon nog effe doorstaan,
khoop dat het lekker weer / super blijft en ik stuur nog wel wat gr reinknein

de vos said...

we hebben je brief gekregen,
T: helemaal super!
maar dat vinden wij ook hoor.. maar even iets anders ik ben bezig met een brief maar hij wordt langer en langer.. ik zal hem nu dan echt een keer gaan sturen..
dus brieven duren me veel te lang..

ik heb een vriendje!

XXXX mex

Caroline Dorling said...

For Francesca Sandwell

Lovely to see you enjoying yourself with such a good crowd of people. Hope you are keeping a diary.We're all sitting in shawls and scarfs and Henry still has a hotwater bottle. Still we cleared the veg patch this week and i've put in shallots, peas and beans. We've been a bit laid low with a pernicious bug but tomorrow Christopher and I are off to Hereford for the ball and then back for mothers' day. I've used this cold weather well: curtains one week, essay the next, then mending followed by filing. Apart from that, Henry's windows have been measured up for replacement, my sister's been to lunch and Ben (Christopher's other son) has been talking through his childhood, which has been rather emotional but good as there are lots of misunderstandings.

Think of you a lot and lots of love, as always, Caroline

Anonymous said...

Hi Aisha, (Alpha 4)
It's been great to see what you have been up to and it looks like you are really enjoying yourself, we are missing you and have no one to tease, but no doubt we will make up for that when you get home, Charlie, Pat and Sunny say Hi as well and hope you have been playing just as hard as you have been working.
Take care and we will all see you soon.
Sue, Charlie, Pat and Sunny

Anonymous said...

(Alwine, Alpha 4)

Ha nichtje van me!

houd je het allemaal vol in de bush bush? Of nouja, het is natuurlijk geen kwestie van volhouden, maar een van een ontzettend vette ervaring! Ik zou nu echt met je willen ruilen! Bij mij komen die o zo fijne examens eraan, yes lekker studeren, je weet niet wat je mist! (Daarbuiten wel veel leuke dingen hoor) Maar nog even dit: Ik heb gehoord dat je in een gekke bui je haren knalrood geverfd hebt! Dus ik meteen die hele site afgezocht naar een foto van mijn nichtje met rood haar, maar die is nergens te bekennen! Ik blijf op zoek!
Ik weet zeker dat je de tijd van je leven hebt daar in Azië, Geniet ervan en niet te veel huilen omdat je je neef zo ontzettend mist!

Ik ben benieuwd naar je verhalen!