Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Twitter alert!

Check out  Raleigh Borneo's Twitter  for today's updates on the Alpha groups. 


lauriewoodhouse said...

Zak Woodhouse, spring is here mate. The sun is finally out. We miss you but we're planning a graduation party for you and the gang

Anonymous said...

Message for Hannah Alpha 8
Hi sweetheart, have read the Twitter alert and ... finally some news of you. Will go look for the Maga river on maps now. Should think you are really in need of that swim in the river after the trekking. Haven't seen snow here for almost a week and managed a whole day in the garden last Sunday but the nights are freezing so the cats have still got their winter coats. Have been looking at the snow in Avoriaz and can't quite believe we're collecting you from equatorial rainforest and dumping you in the Alps 7 days later. All well here; look forward to seeing you in some shots of the dive island. Much love, mum, dad and Beth. xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim (alpha 5)
The gang came round to scam some cash off me (you owe me Pal) -you are going to Magaluf for the next stage of your world tour (june) - I'm thinking the scenery/wildlife in Majorca might be a bit different than Borneo! Seen some internet info on Imbak Canyon, looks great, hope you are workin hard and enjoying yourself. Lots of jobs waiting for you when you return.
love dad

Anonymous said...

Tim (alpha 5)
Forgot to say, check your email at the next changeover - I have forwarded some updated details from Expedia on your flights home. No word (letter) yet from Edinburgh.

d.crockwell said...

Hi No1,(aka Laura Crockwell)
Sue,Kevin,Charlotte,Jo,Jack and the girls all send their love.
Sun is finally shining on us but still no comparison to your surroundings. Keep on trekking!
Love you Mum xxxxxxxxxx

saskia said...

To Sophie(Alpha 8),

Lieve Soof,
Hoop dat je de trek met mega-blaar goed doorstaat en snel aan het duikavontuur gaat beginnen! Bella zit met Mark ergens in de jungle in C.R. een pad aanleggen in een natuurpark en zij hebben het super!
Ben net terug uit S.L. en heb je veel te vertellen. Lieverd heel veel plezier en zorg goed voor jezelf, dikke zoen mamxxx

Anonymous said...

Message to Ellie Chapman (Alpha 3)

Thinking of you a lot. Hope all going well and that you are having a great time. You will have a great story to tell when you get home. Take care. Love from Grandpa and Uncle Michael

Anonymous said...

he lieve kier,
ik heb vandaag overheerlijke tonijn gegeten met cappocino en witte wijn en rose en ijs met druiven en baileys en overheerlijke nederlandse kaas en blanke rozijnen en chips met cola en dropjes en en mint thee en niet te vergeten nespresso apparaat en koffie verkeerd met hazelnoot siroop erin en mozzarella en tomaat met pesto. je weet dat wij van je houden
we zitten nu aan tafel vandaar deze mail en we denken aan jou! dikke kus Juul en Isis

Jenn said...

Nige (Alpha 4)!!

Gosh ur a lucky dude this week. More good news...you received an email yesterday from the memorial competition. You were selected as one of 6 finalists for the competition amongst 66. They want you to fly out to North Carolina on April 8th (they would help towards $500 of the travelling costs) but you would have to represent your work based on the judges comments and re-submit by April 2nd so that they can print your stuff out. They mention that if you cannot obtain a Visa or afford travel to the US they would look for alternative means for you to present your work but you would still have to make considerable changes to it and they sent some paperwork for you to sign.

The judges comments were:

1. Would like the interior to be more developed. Explain the spaces in more detail and what each area brings programmatically.

2. Thought the overall size was to large, maybe scale down the project. It seemed to be overwhelming.

3. Thought that the idea that Canada as the place for freedom (escaping to Canada), instead of looking internally at our issues was a criticism of the project.

4. Jurors thought the project was very creative and the images were clear on how one would experience the memorial museum.

I hope you get this message in time and I wait to hear what you want to do. Either way Congratulations for getting this far...that's a feat in itself...seems like things are looking good for your return!

Hope you're still enjoying yourself and that you had an AWESOME birthday ;P Love you lots


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, what a fabulous place dive island is, we are all very envious! Hope your letters and parcel have arrived or will arrive soon Sent text to let you know man u beat ac 4 nil last night! love Mum and all xxx

Anonymous said...

For Morna, Alpha 8

Hello! I think you're Alpha 8 now, but used to be Alpha 1....? Yes? Anyways, I'm absolutely loving taking a shneaky little peek at your blog, looks like you're having an AMAZING time! Nice job on your Come Dine with Me win, your hostess skills up to scratch as per usual. ALSO, am I right in saying that there is now photo evidence of you, wait for it, participating in a DRAMA activity of sorts?! And you won?! You are a changed woman these days haha. I see the loop doesn't reach you this time around but I hope you get to see this at your next changeover and that my letter has arrived safely. I think I sent it on the 23rd February so hopefully you should get it soon. The weather's starting to look better here actually which is good, it gives me more of an incentive to go to my classes. It's Mother's Day on Sunday so I shall be sure to wish Sheena well on your behalf. Missing you so so much, seriously can't wait to see you. Your letter has made me look forward to our classic catch up even more! Hope you're still having the best time (which I am almost certain you will be) and are enjoying the trek/dive, love you lots, Laura xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Hannah (Alpha8)
Please let Hannah know as soon as possible: Maths A. Well done. Much love, Mum and Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie Cocker said...

Polly (alpha 8) hi sweetheart, it was great to get an update of your trek via twitter. Me and dad are officially 'twits' now - but hey that's no news to you! We googled Maga Falls - looks amazing, we can share a 'virtual' experience with you, which is probably a great deal less exhausting than what you're doing. love you and miss you zillions, keep having fun. Moo sends a massive hug. Mum xxxx

Caroline said...

Dear Edward (alpha 5) All well here. Results day! 93 in M1 and 93 in C2. C1 87- one less than before! well done- lucky you did M1 after all. BB came 2nd in J16 SHORR today-should be happy. 1st VIII 8th but stroke ill and unable to row which hampered them. all in all a fun day and Myles, George and Will S were there which was good of them. Hope you are making good progress with the bridge- it looks quite a challenge!
LOL from us all xxxx

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett
Hope you are all getting ready for your next stage of the expedition
I bet you are looking forward to the diving Dad and Grant would love to be doing the dive part I know it will be fantastic cant wait to hear from you your letter has not arrived as yet still I'm
sure you have been writting to me all the time lol. we are really missing you and look forward to you coming home with all the news
and we hope lots of photos,
well Darling I will write again soon you have another letter in the post, we will stop sending letters around 20th March so I'm afraid there will only be another one or two to go love you loads you are so lucky. lots of hugs and
kisses from Archie and Phoebie
and us see you soon
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx