Friday, 12 March 2010

The Return of the Loop

The loop has returned from a whirlwind visit to the environmental and community projects with many exciting stories to tell. The loop goes out every phase and drops off post, blog comments, a mini shop for essentials (not sure Fruitella’s are essential but some claim they are) and just to have a catch up to see how the team and the projects are getting on.

The loop team this time was a wolfpack affair of Tom Accountant, James Logs and myself Mac CPM. The journey led to us covering over a 1,500 Km and travelling all over Sabah from the deepest darkest Imbak Canyon, the memorial to the allied soldiers at Kundasang and to the hills of Vunui Lokos in Pitas.

Alpha 2 Kopuron. Our first visit took us to the gravity water feed project at Kopuron. The team has made great progress. The weir at the water source is completed and the pipes are about to be laid into the village. When we arrived the team had just finished a long hard days work, but still had the energy to team up with the community for games of volleyball. We were welcomed after our long drive to a cup of tea and shown around the place. We were then treated to a great night of entertainment and food laid out by the team. The food by David Sparky Sparks and Harry T was great, as was the entertainment of pass the parcel with chilli forfeits organized by James W and Harry G and some acoustic singing from Sparky and Tish. Early the next morning we left with the team and the community getting ready for another hard day’s work.
Welcome to Alpha two
Dinner at Alpha two
Memorial to allied soldiers at Kundasang  -

Alpha 5 Imbak Canyon. After a long off road drive into ranger camp we were met by the team who were to help trek the final hour into BBC camp. So after fresh food supplies had been distributed amongst peoples' packs, we set off. The heat and humidity was incredible and we all looked like we had stepped out of a shower by the time we reached camp. Luckily for us we were greeted with a fruit punch and an invitation to Imbak’s first masked ball. First things first though it was agreed that before the evening entertainment we should all go to the waterfall for a shower. Not a bad way to end a hard day’s work of carrying rocks up hills for the foundations of the new 350ft suspension bridge. The team has been working hard to complete this task and when I returned to Fieldbase, I was told they have managed to complete this ahead of schedule.
An outline of the evening's entertainment
Special guests
After the best natural shower in Sabah we set to work on our masks for the evening during with Joel and Izzy. Carys began the evening with a singing introduction, followed by an introduction from the waiters to the evening all dressed in kilts. Ed Sants might start wearing one all the time he was heard to say. The meal was great and just shows what you can do with the Raleigh rations. We also managed to fit in a quick game of twister with Paul confirming his place as current Imbak champion. The big event of the night (apart from the rocky road dessert) was of course the masked ball. We made our way with our partners to the viewing platform overlooking the waterfall. It was a stunning way to end the evening underneath the thousands of stars and certainly one of the most surreal things I’ve ever done is dancing to YMCA in the middle of a jungle. So it was with lots of praise and thanks we began our trek out to start the journey to Alpha 4.
The waiters
 Dancing under the stars
Alpha 4 at Sepilok were happy to see us again and went straight into our collective good books with a nice brew and catch up. The team has been hard at work building the bridge and boardwalk to allow visitors access to the sun bear sanctuary, helpingto make it sustainable in the future and raising funds for the centre. The results are impressive for this physically hard and mentally challenging project. The foundations are nearly complete, ready for the next team to build the bridge. Keep an eye on the blog and we will update you on the release of the bears on the 4th April. The team really looked after us and we had another great dinner of fresh fish from the nearby market and then the entertainment began with probably the most intense games of Mafia witnessed on expedition. The discussions of tactics went on long into the night after the game was over. We thanked the team for looking after us so well and began the longest journey to Alpha 1.
 Dancing with Alpha four

Dinner at Alpha four
Alpha 1 Sulit Paitan visit was short due to traffic but very nice all the same the team is working really hard on the kindergarten. The roof is nearly finished and the walls are steadily coming on. Apart from working really hard on the Kindergarten the group has found time to make a football pitch and organize a sports day for the community. The team has been playing the community most nights at football and yesterday was the first away fixture. We missed a great night which was the murder mystery night which was enjoyed by everyone. After a traditional cracker and tuna lunch we were on our way again to Alpha 3.
The stunning view from Alpha three
Alpha 3 have one of the more spartan camps, although you wouldn’t think that listening to the team who have made home in a basha on the side of the village overlooking a spectacular valley. The team has been busily building the dam for the gravity water feed system and moving heavy bags of gravel up the 300m hill. After a great dinner of fresh bread and pasta we sat down under the stars for a quiz night. It was to be our night as the lads from the group won by an impressive margin. However one round was Topher’s round and it’s a bit funny how his team won we’ll say no more. It was a great night and a nice way to have our final night on loop. So it was again an early morning start to visit Alpha 6 at Kudat.
Bye from Alpha three
Alpha 6 had already had an overnight visit so it was just a quick call in to see how the team were doing and what progress had been made on the long house. Again impressive, the basic structure is complete and they reckon that the floor should be ready by the end of phase. We were given a quick tour of one of the best campsite views on Raleigh with the tents facing the beautiful white sand and turquoise sea about 10 minutes walk from the worksite. We left them in good spirits ready for another afternoon of work.
Work site at Alpha six
View from Alpha six camp
So that’s the second phase loop complete. Apologies for the lack of news on the adventure groups just to let you know they are all doing really well. Alpha 7 having completed their diving phase are well into the trek now in the headhunting country of Long Pasia. Alpha 8 have just finished the trek and will begin the diving phase soon. Alpha 9 have just completed the diving and begin the trekking the hunters ridge today.

Just a quick reminder to say that that everyone really loved receiving you messages on the blog and letters from home. The silence that happens on a project sight as the post is handed out is always special. So keep the messages coming the team is doing themselves proud at the moment.


Anonymous said...

message for Hannah (Alpha 8)

Hi, me hope you have found some electricity and can access your emails. You should have plenty to read by now. Everyone I have spoken to has wished you well, sends love and congrats, so well done you. Seem to be missing you more the closer it gets to the 21st. With lots of hugs and hisses, Mum Dad and Beth

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett (Alpha 3)
So pleased to see a picture of you, looks like you are really enjoying yourself great. You seem to have got a tan and lost a lot of weight suits you. Dont for get to write. More letters are on there way to you. We will be watching the site waiting for more pictures of you all having fun working.
Love you loads Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

huz said...

Hey Anton, how's the trek going? Am still keeping up to date with the blog and looking on the map. All is fine here- I am going to see Nana and Grandad at the weekend who are fine-dad struggling to walk but they are in good spirits. We are all looking forward to seeing you and hearing your news.
Lots and lots of love- keep putting your best foot forward! Hope the boots are Ok?

Jane Plant said...

Wow! Tom (Plant, Alpha 5) - just read the return of the Loop. Sounds amazing - showering in the waterfall, dancing under the stars. Shame no piccies of you though. Will you ever want to come home?? Soooooo jealous. Everyone here asking after you. Shelley rang to ask - she couldn't work out how to leave a message here but wanted to! Susie too. Love you loads, my Little Man. Ma x x x

Godders said...

Hi Alex Godwin,

Hope u r keepin well. Looks as though u r still havin a GR8 time over there. The Island looks fantastic.Hope the diving is just as good.....I'm sure it is!! Hope u r receiving mail from your mates.Everyone sends their love over here. Danda had a good party.....he was really surprised to see the rest of the family. Mums has been freezoing for the past 3 days as the central heating and hot water has broken down in the house......Shes not a happy Bunny with British Gas.....She said "at least one of us is warm!!!" Nothin much else is goin on here. Looking forward 2 hearing all your stories and seeing photos etc. Anyway take care......Speak soon.....Luv ya.....Mum & Dad XXXX

Emily Arthur said...

another awesome update-thanks team! :)
Paul Choat..
Heya scrummy, check you, your yan and your hairy belly out ;) (i'm jealous of some, but not all, of those things!!)Goodness knows what lives in your belly fluff out there!!! Looks and sounds like your having an amazing time still anyways, lovely to see you grinning away :) Glad to see you and your unnatural bendyness are giving you some jungle-cred :)
All here is fine, at home with an icky cold, but still managing to eat everyone out of house and home. Did a trip to see nana and nanny yesterday, lots of "oooh, ahhh" and "there you are then" and of course..."neverrrrr" come from a certain someone!! Just off to submit my choices for my honours project(AHHH), but will send you a letter later. Love and miss you squillions and bajillions.
PS-32 sleeps :D

Lydia said...

Hi Becki (Alpha 1)
Still no pictures yet but i hear the loop visit was very brief. Fantastic about you setting up footie games with the locals. That must make you very happy to show off your skills! Shame Malaysia don't have their own footie team in the world cup!
Keep up the good work, and I'll write again soon.
Hope to speak again at changeover next weekend?
Love you loads,
Mum xxx

carol harvey said...

Hi Tiff (alpha 5)

Uncle Sammy s beside me the now......he's been trying to get a message to you for weeks, but has been too drunk while doing!!!!!! haha.....he says hiya and will try and message you laters...we all say hiya too and hope all is going well.....few more days til we will hear from you again i am sure!
Mum & girls xxxxx

carol harvey said...

Hey Tiff (alpha 5) What a brilliant surprise!!! Just seen your pics with menu and sarong!!! haha....what a fab surprise just wasn't expecting to see them as there hasn't been that many pics of you posted at all, just 2 group ones which is very nice timinig especially when Uncle Sammy was here to see it!!! Hayleigh is off school today ill so she has seen them too!! oh and btw 18.5 pounds off now wooohoooo Mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi,to Michael(alpha8)I hear from the Blog that you have just finnished trekking and will be diving shortly.hope you enjoyed the trek,have fun on the dive,Im really jealous.Hope you are getting theses messages!
Love Dad

Vin Sumner said...

Liam (alpha 8) ... see ypu finished the trek .. enjoy the diving ... man u doing well :-)
Mum Dad Zoe Gareth

d.crockwell said...

Hi Laura Crockwell
Just read the blog and you are now deep into head hunting country on your jungle trek. Are you the hunter or the hunted? Any road up, hope the diving went well and the creatures of the jungle are not giving you a hard time. Carry on having a fantastic time, speak soon, be safe, lots of love Pa xxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)
Hi Andy, great to see some photos of your project. Sounds pretty hot and humid. Can you believe you have only a week to go? Can't wait to hear how everything is going. The work seems to be going well. Quite a party you had by the looks of it - no sign of you in a kilt? Think we spotted you in one of the photos. Hope you are taking loads.
Hope to talk soon. Much love from Mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte Balcombe said...

Hey Nige (Alpha4)

Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!! sorry didnt msg on the day, hope u had a cracker
...looks pretty hot out there! Hope you are having a great time!Read an earlier msg from Jenn...looks like a congrats is needed on ur arch competition entry - thats brilliant news!!! Definitely deserved! Well Done!
Hope you are having fun,looks educational! Take care,
Charlotte xx

Nicola said...

To Tish Alpha 2
Great to see you doing what comes naturally! Couldn't you find a drum kit? Please apply more suncream!!
lots of love xxx

Matticks said...

Hello Izzi (Alpha 5).
Great to see you in a photo again, this time with the cast of the Half Monty. We knew your waitressing experience would come in handy.
Sounds as if you had some fun when the Loop came round, even though the climate is pretty challenging. Wish we had some of your heat here.
Lots of love, M, D, J et al.

Nicola said...

For Tish Alpha 2
No more nagging....just suffering withdrawal symptoms!!! Very proud that you are mentioned in dispatches. xxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)
Hi Andy, been reading about all your exploits. Well done to you and Alpha 5 for lugging all those rocks up the hill and competing your task. A great achievement for all of you.

Dad has ordered several tons of rocks from B and Q to make you feel at home when you return - only joking!

Hannah and Ellie are off to Dubai tomorrow - they can't wait.

Will be thinking about you on Sunday (Mother's Day) and remembering last year when you dashed back from uni.

Take care. Much love from Mum, Dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey tiff (alpha 5)
Its gran, hope your having a brill time now, seen your pics they are brilliant! not wrote to you yet, so im just saying hi on this! Enjoy the rest of your trip and hope all is going well. Lots of love Gran xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hiya tiffany, (alpha 5)
its hayleigh, saw your pictures they are well good!, looks like you have a great tan, ill need to be putting the fake bake on for you coming home lol, saw mums comment, yeah i was off school yesterday still arent feeling too good, well its mothers day tomorrow, mum picked her own present so she knows what shes got. Loving the new style, think ill be going to buy it tomorrow lol, love you lots and lots! love hayleigh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


Love the pic of dancing on Alpha 4. The headlamp is sooo now! Looks like a lot of fun is being had by everyone. Oh, and try not to txt me at three in the morning!!! Don't mind really - good to hear from you at any time. I'm meeting up with Alex tomorrow. We fed the ducks in St. James's park last weekend. It was fun. Lots n lots of love, Mum xxxxxx

Green Family said...

To Char (Alpha 2)
Hi just read the report on your team's progress at Kopuron, sounds like you are all doing a great job and having a great time. When Mum saw the group picture on the beach she was very envious and wished she could be in her 20s again and doing something similar. Ed sends his love and will be back from Uni next Saturday. Going for a walk along the river - our Raleigh! LoL Mum and Dad (and Jade!) xxx

Chris Trickett said...

Hi Laura Crockwell,
Still been keeping up with the blog while im supposed to be writing up my assignments ha!
The guys on the blog are doing great to keep everyone updated.
Sounds like you're in the thick of it on the trek. I hope you make it out alive. If not hopefully someone took a guitar on the trek ;) just got your letter, love it. speak to you and write to you soon. Always thinking of you,
Love you,
Chris x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim (Alpha 5)

So pleased to hear news of you on the blog - I liked the kilt and hope the waitering went well with not too many spillages. It must be VERY hot and humid. Copied web page of Imbak Canyon - what a fascinating place. Hope you have finished moving the boulders and are building the bridge. Keep well and take care. Love Gran

Tahir+Leena said...

Hi Aisha, hw is Malaysia 4 u. Hope ur well and good luck for your next adventure. Lots of love Tahir and Leena x

Katie B-H said...

Birthday message for Katie Ridgway (Alpha One) :)13/03/10.

KATIE!!!! Happy 19th Birthday!!!! Hope you have the most fabulous birthday today and celebrate in true Katie style :) I got your letter today thank you very much it all sounds incredible and I'm so glad you've got to do some baking :) Also, very happy you now like raisens! :) There is post on it's way to you I hope you get it very soon :) Take care and happy birthday again :) Lots and lots of love, Butface xxx

Linda said...

Darren Pugh (Alpha 8)

Looking forward to seeing pictures of you on the blog. Missing you loads. Will have a roast beef dinner ready for you when you come home!

Although we are missing you I must say it is great to have the SKY REMOTE CONTROL all to myself!!!!!

Love you billions.

Mum and Dad
x x x

robert said...

Hiya Jammy

Sorry we missed your phone call last wednesday....we were out and about with Uncle Geoff's grandchild charlie as Becky has just given birth in hospital.
Although we didn't get to speak was really good to hear your voice and to tell us what is going on...from what you mentioned it sounds like a combination of treking and diving.
Hope your feet are holding up !!
especially after what you said really seems like a fantastic place to be.
not wishing your time away ,,,but can't wait to meet up again..we are always thinking of you and missing you so much...please take care and lots of love .


Anonymous said...

Hi Tory (aka Vikki - Alpha 7)

Headhunters???? OMG!!! Everyone fine back in UK. CJ distinction in exam - only 1 so he did really well. Really excited about seeing you soon and hearing about all the marvellous things you've seen and done and the new friends you've made. Hopefully there are some photos for us to see!
No snow for days now and slowly getting warmer but boy are you going to feel it after weeks in the rain forest!
Take care; really enjoy the rest of your time in Borneo and say hello to the orang-utans on Saturday

See you soon; keep safe. God Bless

Love Mom and Dad x

Christine Ayre said...

Hey Josie on Alpha One cant wait to hear from you will be missing you on Mothers Day tomorrow as my girl is the one who makes most fuss of me! hope all is well and you are working hard!Bet your sun tan is amazing by now , am very jealous is still cold and windy here lots of love mum

yiota said...

yia sou agapi mou.Telos ki aftis tis evdomadas.Mia evdomada akoma ke telioni ki afto to project.Pos niothis; ise charoumeni telika pou kataferes kati toso yperocho; anipomono na se do stis 5 tou mai ke na akouso gia oles tis empiries sou.Sas echou vali mia kenouria fotografia alla ehis girisi aptin allin ke den fenete to prosopaki sou.
emis edo kala, se skeftomaste ki anipomonoume na se doume.Sagapame oloi parapoli.Elpizo o mpampas na ehi taktopoiisi tin karta tilefomou sou.O Theos mazi sou panta ke pantou. Se filoxxxx

Daniel said...

Sarah ( Alpha 3) Thank you for the text,the sun is out but cold may go for a drive in the car after dinner. I am on A/L next week but not doing anything, hope to see Clare on Wed but Dan is also off school.Nic is popping round later she said she is well getting used to looking down the toilet ha ha. Well take care Ann xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Em in Alpha 7,
Hope trek is going well and you are avoiding snakes, leeches and headhunters....
It's a sunny Sunday here, hooray! We had a wonderful day in London with Jess yesterday. We did some exciting things but of course we all missed you. Jess is looking forward to Paris and I am looking forward to us all visiting her there!
Well, you take care and keep taking photos. Can't wait to talk to you properly!!
Loads of love,
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey

Hi there from sunny Wales!

Jung Chang talk was good, will have to read Wild Swans again.

Getting ready for trip to Gdansk, where it will be cold n snowing! Ur there hot n sweaty,can't win really.

Yiayia is like a queen in her newly decorated bedroom, new carpet and new bed!

Just spoken to Vix, she sends her love, as do all my friends.

Gareth's new company is up and running.

Happy St Patricks day on 17th - will get that in now cos I will be away.

Have given up sending rugby results :(

All is well in Nork, Dade n Chrissy are away skiing again.

Love ya millions.
maX n Larry

Anonymous said...

Dear Sophie, just been looking at pictures of you on the blog. Needless to say your mum organised it for me. Today is Mothers' Day and your mum is typing this for me. She brought me some flowers from you all and baked me a lovely victoria sponge cake. Wishing you all the best for your remaining time there. With lots of love from Grandma Betty xxx

d.crockwell said...

Hi No1,
Deep in the Borneo jungle you'll be pleased to know Charley won the dancing (as you predicted).This should ease the heavy load. Bring on the cheese!
Thanks for the lovely mothers day card. M xxxxx

Auntie Fran said...

Hiya Carys (Alpha 5), Grandma has nothing to say to you, sorry!!!!!!! She's too gobsmacked by the whole adventure and hasn't had enough time to think what to say to you. She sends her love anyway and is now off to put a pie crust on the meat and potato pie before your mum and dad go home. We think we've seen you in the latest blog with a miner's lamp on your forehead. Was that you???? If so, you're looking tanned. Your mum wonders if you've got muscles like Popeye yet. Perhaps when you get back you can trim our 40ft conifers for us - Uncle Geoff and Mark have both done their backs in with the four they've done so far! Your mum thinks you'd be happier rebuilding our rockery round the pond perhaps! Keep up the good work. I thought you were having a ball, but didn't realize it was so literal!!!! Lots of love, Auntie Fran xxx

Dan Nash said...

To Vikki, (Alpha 7)

Sounds like you're having a wicked time out there and I'm still very jealous! I miss you and can't wait to see you when you're home. Enjoy what's left of your time there and bring me back something nice =]

Everything is good my end, I'm back in Brum atm. I have my Classoc election at the end of the month which is a lil nerve racking but hey. Take care of yourself and I'll speak to you soon.

Love from Dan xxxx

Krystyna said...

Harry Griffiths Alpha 2

Hello! miss you very much, can't wait till you're home.

karolina has become the secretary of the medical school so will be control of all the first year medics next year... yes thats you. mahahahahaa unlucky."oh is that kal's little brother?" "yes, yes i think it is" "Let's make him drink."

very disappointed you didnt take a camera, and you're not even in any of the new photos that have been put up... LET DOWN.

We are off to france to top up our tans as we've had a sudden heatwave over here in liverpool, you wouldn't believe it. hottest it's been for months, i was sunbathing by the docks. So don't go thinking you'll be the most tanned.

Stay Safe, Big Love, your favourite sister and that other girl, Didi.

p.s. glad you've learnt to mix cement, now you can make those steps in France.

Fraser Family said...

Andrew Fraser (Alpha 5)
Hi Andy. It was wonderful to receive your text - even though it was 2.30 AM! Ha ha! For some reason I took my mobile up with me last night - never do that, so its spooky, isn't it? I did text back a couple of times but not sure if you received them as it said pending. I do hope you did. I was so thrilled to hear from you, and thank you for your Mother's Day wishes. I am, of course, missing you today - girls are far away in Dubai! Went out to Greatham for lunch with dad, then home to do some jobs. Seems funny without you all. Hope you are seeing some interesting things now your rock shifting is finished - can't wait to see the photos. The Canyon looks absolutely amazing - I have been searching on the internet for more photos and info. Have you seen any orang utangs or other interesting wildlife? Hope there aren't too many pythons about. Keep safe and look forward to talking to you at last on the
19th. I am at work all day but will come straight home in case you call. We will ring you if you text us. Much love from Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Sarah Parumal (alpha 3??)

Hope you are having a nice time babe and hope the zero gravity water feature is coming along nicely. Mothers day over here, so as you can imagine its been quite busy what with two mothers living here. Still snowed under with work, should have the brunt of it out the way by the time you get back tho. Had a nice weekend at home, doing my work at a pretty slow rate. Looks like I'm going to have to pick you up in Dougie from the airport. Still need to take him to the car hospital for a new exhaust. He's starting to get very noisy and people are starting to stare when I drive past. Not a goold look at all. I'll make sure I give him a good clean before I set off. Not much to report apart from that, apart from Derby are crap and keep losing. Nothing new there.

See you soon,

lots of love TOM xxxx



Hi Em!!! (Alpha 7)

How is/was trek? Thinking of you missioning around the jungle! We're planning on doing Pen Y Fan at Easter so think of it as a tribute to your efforts ha!

Missed you very much last weekend and had so much to tell you! I hope you get my letter soon, make sure you write back! I have many many more things to tell you; also keep thinking of little private jokes that only you would find amusing. Oh well. Have started revision now for my finals, FML massively.

Love you tonnes and cannot WAIT to hear from you.





Hi Em!!! (Alpha 7)

How is/was trek? Thinking of you missioning around the jungle! We're planning on doing Pen Y Fan at Easter so think of it as a tribute to your efforts ha!

Missed you very much last weekend and had so much to tell you! I hope you get my letter soon, make sure you write back! I have many many more things to tell you; also keep thinking of little private jokes that only you would find amusing. Oh well. Have started revision now for my finals, FML massively.

Love you tonnes and cannot WAIT to hear from you.



David Bevir said...

Hello Alexandra Bevir, Alpha 4.
I recognized you in your latest photo by your hair ! What is the game of Mafia ? George has been camping on the east coast of the UAE and earlier was in Beirut for 5 days. Harry is on a medical mission to the interior for 10 days. Lewis came 3rd in the Bahrain GP today which won me £17.50 !
Lots of love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren (ALPHA 8)

Man U 3 Fulham 0 !!!!

Rooney scored 2 goals.


I have lost the plot with LOST !!!


Have lots of fun and enjoy your adventures. Love and miss you loads. But LOVE the sky remote to ourselves!!!!

Anonymous said...

James P Wood
Alpha 2

Hi James, All hoping you're ok and having a good time! Hoping for some more photos of your group soon. All well here, loads to tell you when you're back. We all miss you. Love you lots Biz, and the Parents, Granny and Grandma, Sarah and the kids xxxx

Anonymous said...

Tim (Alpha 5)
hello! nice to see some news of you here, hope you're having a great time and working hard! you look good as a waiter! bet you're not as good as me though haha :)looked like a fun night and an amazing place! got your text this morning and i better not get another! anyway hope you got my letters, i'll write you another soon :) i'm sure james will be telling you all the gossip in his. thinking of you, love from pamela xxxxx

Hazel Duckworth said...

Hi Carys (Alpha 5). Thanks so much for your message which I received on Mother's Day: I don't know how you did it but it was a lovely suprise. We went to Wales for the weekend. I think I texted you to say Your Dad has passed the ministry recognition panel and can continue with his studies,which is wonderful. I showed Fran how to find the Raleigh blog so she has sent you a message too.Haven't had time to write your usual letter yet as we drove straight back from Wales for a Baptism service. Will put pen to paper soon. Meanwhile hugs and kisses via the Blog. Love you loads.Mum and Dad.XXXX

Marie and John Hattersley said...


Hi Darling, just seen your latest blog. Your looking brown and healthy. Ed and Cat have been here all day, we went out for lunch as its mothering Sunday. Missed you not being there!
Hope all is going well, give us a ring when you can.
Love you loads, God bless.
Mum and Dad xxx

Jonhattersley said...

Hi Andy

You're looking thinner it must be because you can't get at our fridge!!! Our food bills have halved. Can you stay in Borneo longer!
You missed out on buying flowers and a card as it was Mothers Day today. Ed and Cat came over and we all went out for lunch to treat your Mum.
It must be over half way through the project and you still have the trek and scuba diving to look forward to lucky thing.
I will pick you up from Heathrow on 12th April at that ridiculous hour and thats provided I still recognise you.
You must let me know your diet as I could do with losing half a stone.
Have fun.
Love Dad and Mum x

Ali White said...

Joe[Alpha 7]

Just to let you know Dad and I safely back from skiing. I did ok progressing up to a red run and only managed to fall in the swimming pool foot bath and on an icey pavement! Did some crazy apres ski with Anne dancing to Abba etc with a live band. Dad and Paul skulked in a corner with their beers abstaining from all responsibility and ownership-maybe something to do with us doing the conga all round the bar...'mum you're so embarrassing!'
You will be coming to the end of your trek now and hopefully the diving course went well too. Have sent bags of chocolate and a clean t shirt, though I think you will only be concerned about the former.
Let me know if you have any travel plans for after, need anything booking this end etc.
Love you lots and still checking the blog daily. Yes I am a bit obsessive!

Mum, Dad, Clare, Sam, Harry and Tessa xxx

JESS for EMILY (Alpha 7) said...

* *JESS for EMILY * *

PS: Gossip Girl is re-starting on Wednesday and Chuck is looking as beautiful as ever! I'll keep you posted of any significant developments

Big love

Dr Dan said...

Sorry this comes after the loop but two important jokes for Alpha 3 and Rachel Magnus which we would like you to pass on please.
1) Why did the mexican push his wife off the cliff? 'Tequila! 2)What do you call the mexican man who had his car stolen? 'Carlos!'. Love to you Rachel and all on Alpha 3. Love your big brother Dr Dan and sis-in-law Kerri. xxx

Jan Akhtar said...

Hi Sol,
It was so good to hear your voice on Mothers' Day and to know you are still having such a fantastic time. Shame you missed Josh but his 18th went well and Googy stood in as surrogate big bro!We had 13 to lunch; Piskorz family plus alina's mum, Nana and Gramps, Loz and later on Mark, Teresa and Sophie popped in. All missed you though and everyone wanted to hear all your news and send their love.Long house seems to be taking shape, but you still seem to be avoiding the cameras!! Beach looks iydillic!! Make the most of your last few days there. Hope to get an E mail from you at change over.I've read your last one about 50 times!!!
Keep smiling, we're all so proud of you. Miss you loads and love you loads.
Mum, Dad, Josh, Adam, Ben and Sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Josh Stevenson (Alpha 8)

Hey Bro!
I hear that you have survived the trek without getting eaten by headhunters/snakes/giant jungle bugs! I think I missed a call from you on the weekend which was a big shame, so give me a buzz if you can another time, be great to hear what adventures you have been up to. Glad to hear you got my letter and sweets. Enjoy the dive, be a tad warmer than the water we are used to in Cornwall won't it! Watch out for sharks! Take care and have fun.
Lots of love,
Sis xxxxx

Sunny said...

Hiya Nisha,
Glad to see you are getting stuck in to some proper graft and getting your hands dirty!
Got your letter... So good to hear from you and hear that you're having a fab time. I bet time is flying so enjoy every moment

All the family are well here and Babaji has called a few times from India and he's doing fine, enjoying the weather.

Take Care

Sunny, Rekha and Nikhil x

tanja said...

lieve Alwine,
We zijn in Baarn ter gelegenheid van Mechtels verjaardag, een mooie gelegenheid om jou te bedanken voor je brief, waarin het enthousiasme over je belevenissen luid en duidelijk was. Fijn, dat je zo geniet, want wij hadden zo onze bedenkingen over de tocht in de jungle, maar dat had je dus ook niet willen missen. Met Opa gaat het steeds een beetje beter, maar hij moet wel erg veel geduld opbrengen, dus dat valt niet altijd mee.We wensen je nog een heel fijne tijd; Hartelijke groeten, Opa en Oma.

P&S camping said...

Hi Eleni, am still trying to work out this blog ! will i succeed this time ? you may be home by the time i can do it !!
bet youre not missing the cold, we still have some snow on the hills here
keep delegating the washing up....specially the sausage pans !
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee Dee (alpha 1)
Well 3rd time lucky!! Keep trying to post a message to you but I must be messing up somehow! So here goes! Read that the loop came to see you but no photos on the blog. Can't believe that you are eating tuna fish..the local delicacy! It did make me chuckle. Hope you're using your de nailing skill on the building work. Perhaps you can finish our extension when you get back!!Thanks for your E mail...great to hear you are having such a great time.Dad was annoyed that you found the trek easier than you thought! Been skiing but have sent a letter about that. Saw Charlotte's mum who said she had been trying to contact you. Hopefully she'll blog you now. Can't believe you'll be on your last phase soon!
Missing you loads as I'm here with all the boys!
Love Mum xxxxx (Dad, Ben and Styx send their love!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby bear.
hope you are keeping well and enjoyed the trek! We thought of you every day. Thought you might like to know... The Eye is expecting a little eye! OMG!
Love from Poppa Bear XX

Dawn said...

Aidan (alpha 7)..Hi buddy..hope you enjoyed the trek..everyone here is good..Morven is on some new meds so things looking up..she's going into school on Thur to sit german speaking exam..not looking forward to that lol..I'm taking Nikki to her college interview tomorrow (Tue) her portfolio looks will be really impressed by it...we had spag bol tonight in your honour but it wasn't the same without mess or slurpy noises lol..Patrick dropped into say hi and catch up on your news..told him about the diving ..he may have a very interesting lead on that for you when you get back..only a few more weeks til your back..make the most of it...Loads of people have been asking how you are getting on and are following the blogs..loving the mad Everyone says hi and sends hugs..
We love you...keep happy..stay cool..
Mum, Dad, Morven & Ailsa

Anonymous said...


Hope the diving went well? Now treking? Just returned from the knocki knocki trip in Lamu, Kenya. Swam with the dolphins and gave myself a hellofa fright by swimming past a white tip shark!!! All's well here at home, Tom's driving coming along, Lottie has just done a CCF weekend etc. Dad off to high brow meeting in Ecqudor on Wednesday, away for a week. We miss you here - got your postcards finally! Did you get a couple of packages? LOVE YOU LOTS, M. xxx

d.crockwell said...

Hi Laura
It’s nearly change over time again so we’re looking forward to your phone call with all the jungle news, and you’ll be looking forward to showering and sleeping in a bed no doubt. Got your letter at the weekend, sounds like you’re having a fantastic time. I had a run on Sunday that started and finished on the Top Gear test track, didn’t see the Stig or any of the others which was a bit disappointing. I have done some research on t’interweb and apparently the biggest number known to man is a million. So, if I give it a million per cent in the Marathon I should be OK, despite the rollercoaster of emotions I will encounter on my journey, probably a bit like the emotional rollercoaster of your jungle trek, but with fewer leeches. Missing all the magazines you used to buy, haven’t read a decent vodka/false leg/Angelina’s fury related story for weeks. Hope that Helps. Be Safe, Love Pa xxx

Erika said...

Hi Ryan, apha 9. Looking forward to an update from you on the diving, hope you enjoying the trekking,know how much you were looking forward to the second trek, hope you see a leopard!! love Mum, Dad, Lisa, Phill & Leo

Anonymous said...

Louise O'Neill (Alpha two?) Hope you are still having a wonderful time! wanted to wish you a very happy 22nd birthday for tomorrow! Just been looking at the pictures from your 21st haha you mess!! we are going to go out for drinks in your honour! Love you lots and looking forward to a long visit up to sheffield from you as soon as you return! All my love Holley xxxxx

Elizabeth Tucker said...

Hello Christina (Alpha 5),

John's birthday and he hasn't appeared yet, but I've got the book you left for him wrapped up, and a computer-joke card written in your name. Catherine and family in transit back from Mexico today.

I'll write again on Thursday or Friday, but I wanted to write now to make sure you get something when you arrive back in KK and to let you know that we're looking forward to seeing you at LHR on Sunday. We may be around for longer than planned as BA are going on strike and we may travel on AA on Monday instead if the strike isn't settled. Dad hanging on until the last minute, but you're lucky you're booked to come back the whole way on Malaysian airlines not BA. We'll have your transport back home from LHR arranged one way or other, so don't worry about this.

The roof is only half thatched, and so I'm afraid Mr Cross will still be working on it most of the time when you get back. Dad has fixed up the new TV in your room (but we've still got the old one in case you don't like it), but no further progress with your laptop as the hard drive seems to be missing. Hope you know where it is but I'll leave you my laptop in case.

Not much of a report from Imbak Canyon, but perhaps they felt it got well photographed with the last group who were there. Looking forward to being in touch again, and hearing directly from you about it all!
Much love, Mammy

Jan Akhtar said...

Hi Sol. We all missed you on Joshs Birthday.Your long phone chat was great and gave us upto date News & projects.Must say I am at the stage where I would like to speak to you in person + pint or two ( I will keep afew chilled in Fridge).Remain +ve and ENERGETIC.Love DAD xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie(Alpha 3)
It was great seeing a photo of you on the latest Blog - it looks like you are having a fantastic time! I can't believe that you are coming to the end of this phase and we look forward to hearing from you at the changeover. We are really missing you but want you to make the most of your last few weeks! Loads of love Mum, Dad and Cath xxxxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)
Well another day over - hope you are still enjoying yourself! Look forward to hearing what you have been up to inbetween lugging rocks up the gorge. We may rig up a shower in the garden like the one you have been using so you feel at home!

Don't forget the photos! We want to see EVERYTHING! Take care.
Much love and hugs from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxxxxxxx

Clyde said...

Hi Becki (Alpha 1)!

Keep that footie training going -- but isn't it too hot and humid to run around a pitch after a hard day building the kindergarten? What ref. can keep issuing the string of red cards you are busy earning?

Mum and I got to another Saints match on Saturday 13-Mar. Saints scored the early goal, and the Leeds fans got rather noisy. (We were sat just 5 seats away from them.) What an exciting game -- many near misses on both sides. But Saints held their lead and earned 3 points.

Matt spent Sunday at Thorpe, and met us at the Anvil for Harriet's concert. Harriet is still raising big funds for her 'Nam trip by selling chocolate brownies -- she doesn't eat them herself, so Allan is happy to step up to the mark as food-taster.

I'm planning a 50'th bike ride on 28-Mar, and have built in some punishing hills, just to remind me how young I used to be.

Dad xxxxx

yiota said...

to Alex Bevir (Alpha4) Ti yperocho doro nakouso ti fonoula sou sta genethlia mou!!!anisicho ligaki gia sena alla proseychome ki elpizo nase kala. Emis se perimenoume me anipomonisia ke metrame tis meres.Sou eho klisi isistirio gia tis 16 june .tha prospathiso na tiposo tis leptomeries sto e-mail sou.Den xwero an mou egrapses alla eho lavei mono mia carta mehri simera.tha ithela na sou grapso kai na soustilo kati alla pernei toso poli hrono pou isos nase edo prin fthasi to epomeno grammamou. Okeros edo arhise ke zesteni arketa se ligo tha prepi na sikosoume ta himoniatika. Pos niothis pou o Christos tha erthi na zisi edo;Ego the vlepo tin ora na sas eho ke tous 2 konta mou.sagapo se skeftome ke se pethimo.xxxxx

dorien said...

Hé Bas,
Wat een top foto van jou!!! Dank voor je brief....volgens mij je eerste brief ooit, trouwens...dat krijg je hè met computers en mobile phones...Het lijkt ons super spannend wat je allemaal meemaakt. Kunnen niet wachten tot je terug bent, maar de trekking heb je nog te gaan en dat lijkt me ook wel super om mee te maken. Tijn zit nog steeds in Hong Kong en Daan heeft morgen en overmorgen tentamens, dat wordt duimen...
Lekker schema heb je met als laatste de trekking en je Padi..hele dikke kus doroes en har

Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel (Alpha 4)

They failed to catch your dance moves in the blog pictures. As there may be some hereditary influence from me I'm not surprised they pictured others! Your group seems to be getting the start of the projects for example foundations & footings. I hope you can get some variety later. It sounds as if you are all cooking well. It was good to read about the other groups trek. That will be something to look forward to. We are still slaving away getting the boat ready for the wet stuff. Some trauma getting the new windows fitted but it's all good now. Got locked in the boat yard last Friday luckily the dogs were on a night off and I found a place to scale the fence! I no idea what is going on with football other than PFC have nine points or so removed from their score which means they get demoted. I watched most of the Grand Prix from Bahrain Mostly at 4X (It was that interesting!). Does not bode well for an exciting season. Getting some clues that you may have won a competition. I am off to investigate. Enjoy another week.



Anonymous said...

Message for Briony (Alpha 8?)

Hi Briony ~ Delighted to hear from you. I don't have your address so trying to get a message through to you through the Blog. You apear to be having the time of your life.

Will be thinking of you on 19th and hope that you will be having a very Happy Birthday. What a terrific way to spend your birthday ...... magic!

Lots of love from Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee Dee
Mum here again...I'm getting good at this blog thing now (there'll be no stopping me!) Ben is on crutches as he's done something to his knee ligaments. He's really worried that this will affect his surfing in the summer! \Hope you are injury free and those mossies are biiting too much...they always find you sooo juicy. I really am dying to find out what you've been upto and see some photos..hope you've still got your camera. we're all fine here and just said goodbye to our 2nd lot of students (3 boys who were very lively!). Ohh..Laura has been offerred a 1 year foundation cpourse at East 15 and is thrilled to bits. You'll be in the same city...if you go to Goldsmiths of course.
Send another letter lucky thing.
Loads and loads of love
Mum, Dad and styx XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Message for Joe (Alpha 1)
We are following the blog. There was a great photo of you on the beach at the changeover. Also just heard that you are getting on really well with the kindergarten - so proud of you! Have tried to send letters each week - missed this week and will try to send posts from now on. We are all well but the house is very quiet without you! Dad and I are going to visit Ellie, Tom and Sam this weekend. You are not missing anything here - weather is still cold! Sent you latest news of election in our last letter - same issues still going on!
Think you may have another changeover this weekend. If you are able to phone please try my mobile 07909 972127. Will then phone you back. Take care. Lots of love, Mum and Dad.

tanja said...

Lieve Alwine,
als het goed is kom je vandaag weer terug, we verheugen ons erop je weer te spreken! Alweer het laatste stuk, wat is het snel gegaan. Wilde je alleen laten weten dat de opdracht binnen is,

heel veel liefs Tanja

Sue Davie said...

Hi Joel (Alpha 5)
Thank you so much for the birthday text - it was great to hear from you although I did receive it at 3am - a nice wake up alarm!! I was then up at 6am in preparation the the 10 mile race - I equalled my pb to the second. I did have a good day but missed you as it was mothers day as well. Sounds like you are having a great time. Pictures of you are fab. Watched Liverpool beat Lille 3-0 so through to the quarters - even Dad enjoyed the game! Should be change over soon so hope to hear from you then. Take care.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim (Alpha 5),
good to hear from you. Glad you are having fun. Max, Evie, Dad and I all fine. Mick coming over tonight, going up to the Cross for a curry.
Lots love

Green Family said...

To Charlotte Green (Alpha 2) Dear Charlotte,
It was a lovely surprise to get the beatiful little yellow Easter egg. So delicate and pretty! I'm looking forward to making the Easter tree with you and hanging it on it. Glad everthing is going fine and you haven't experienced any more tummy bugs. I'm very proud of you and love you lots. Miss You mumxx

yiota said...

Epitelous (Alex Bevir alpha4)Ystera apo exandlitiki prospa8ia ki eki pou elega na ta paratiso ta katafera ke na pou sou grapho pali.Nomisa pos den 8a kataferna na epikinoniso mazi sou ke arhisa na melaholo.Agapi mou se parakalo na prosehis.Ehoume 3 evdomades akoma. Poso 8a haro pou 8a se eho konta mou ton Maio.fenete ligo makria gia tin ora alla eftihos o keros kila.Arga alla sta8era, kila.Se 1 mina 8a ehoume to Christo edo ke meta apo 2 evdomades 8a ehoume ki esena.
Dikio ehi i Danielle, beaver sto onoma beaver ke stin hari.

Elpizo na perasis kalasto dive island. sagapo poli ke mou lipisxxxx

Gwyn said...

To: Tish Fournel

Hiya from rainy Wales. I spoke to your Mam last night, she's very well, extremely proud of you and apparently encouraging you to become a seasoned traveller. Well, GO FOR IT! By now you should be tanned, toned and can only get better. Take care, Gwyn.

Clyde said...

To Becki the Bear Keeper (Sepilok)

(I don't know what Alpha you are moving to for the final assignment in Sepilok, after coming from Alpha One.)

Mum told me you rang this (Saturday) morning with news of your adventures in the Kindergarten and up river with your football matches. That was a tough assignment, struggling to help a displaced, fragmented village gel into a community. But all of Alpha One can be proud of making a difference to people in real hard need. I'm so proud of you, gal. All of you.

But isn't that just the finest essence of Raleigh -- giving you lucky lot the chance to brighten peoples lives in a way that you never could as just a tourist. A very special chance.

And if the village girls ever consider that girls playing football is more than just a giggle, then you have made another kind of difference. (Er, what did the local Imans think ...?)

To celebrate my birthday, your Granny Joan and I strolled along the coast road at Mullaghmore Head, high above the Atlantic breakers, with a stunning view across Donegal Bay to the mighty Slieve League. Not a drop of Irish rain, just hot sun, From a Clear Blue Sky above Benbulbin brooding over Sligo town, behind the beautiful but sad Classiebawn Castle. A very special place.

On the starry drive over the mountain back to Enniskillen, the temperature plunged to minus one. Say, how is it for you in Sabah?

I showed Granny the YouTube video of the sleepy sun bear squashing his nose -- she nearly fell off her chair laughing. Granny sends her love.

Dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Mark Skelton, Alpha 1

Great to speak with you at the weekend - best of luck with the kindergarten next phase. Have today (Monday) posted TWO parcels so should be at KK by weekend and hopefully with you via the loop soon after. Take care, lots of love Mum Dad and Em (+ Smiffs etc)

Charlotte Olver said...

Howdy Dee, (Danielle Gaywood, Alpha 6) Charlotte Here!!! Been trying to do this since you've left but had to go to the extreme of getting my mother hen to ask your mother Goose for some help lol.... LITERALLY missing you so much right now, CANNOT wait till you come home... oh talking about that apparently you Bubs Jen are stopping over in Southampton before you go somewhere with them on holiday (forgotten) but arranging with your mum to meet up...How Sick is that... I hope your having a brilliant time and you living you life to the most and Newton Abbot is still same. Don't work too hard,Have fun, laugh, cry, hug and most of all EYE twitch!! We all talk about you a lot, kinda unhealthy but yeh. oh Pete's dad passed away a while ago and hes now in Auz with Tobes both having a brilliant time, But apart from that everything is pretty much how you left it. I must go but I literally LOVE you so much and i'm so proud of you. HAVE THE BEST TIME OF LIFE and I'll see you when you adventure home... Lots of LOVE Miss.Charlotte Lauren Olver xxxx

Jess Goodman said...


hey hun hows you? sent you another letter but your mum said it may not get there in time. Hope you are well it looks like you are havcing a blast. So jealous you shower in a waterfall!! love you lots and miss you xxx

jo_asia said...

HATTERSLEY!!!!! (alpha nine)

I got your postcard!! LOVE IT! Thank you very much! I would love if you could have adopted a little orangutan and brought it back home:) obv I know that isn't a real possibility... Anyway, sorry I haven't posted anything on here sooner... hardly recognised you in that photo looking very brown and slightly taller then usual prob is the hands in the air confusing matters! Everything looks gorgeous and I hope you're having the most AMAZING time! (know you are!) Bet you'll be sorry to leave! Enjoy your dive and trek through the mountains! try not to get eaten by lions or anything dangerous lurking in the jungle.

Speak soon, POLISH:)... lol to clarify this is from Joasia x

ps. I got on my Masters! Yay!
also if this has posted twice its because I didn't know if it sent the first time. Silly moment...