Monday, 29 March 2010

Girls on tour and photos from phase two

Hi and welcome back to the Raleigh expedition 10A blog.

It seems like no time at all since the beginning of expedition, but field base is very quiet as two of our favourite girls are out on tour.  Sarah Hoare (deputy programme manager) and Nicki (logs manager) are half way through the last loop of 10A visiting all the static sites delivering essential supplies, mail and messages from the blog.

Sarah and Nicki with the loop handbag also known as a dry-bag

The loop team are once again making sure they are well fed while out and about,  by holding a come dine with me competition. Groups will vie with each other to see who can host the best evening in terms of both  food and entertainment.

This loop have already visited three project sites with three more to go as follows:
29th March - Alpha 4, Sepilok
30th March - Alpha 2, Kopuron
31st March - Alpha 5, Imbak Caynon 

The winner of the competition will be revealed at Endex

Off on the road


During the last changeover the comms team collected photographs taken by venturers from all alpha groups, so you could see some more pictures of their adventures during phase two. We've selected some of our favourites below, and had much fun doing so. Not wanting to hog all the fun, we thought you, the blog readers, might like to choose your favourite photo too. It might be a flattering picture of a loved one, an emotional photo of life on expedition, or a stunning shot of the scenery. Whichever one catches your eye just simply write a comment on this posting including the name of the photo you'd like to choose and why. The photographer of the winning shot will receive a pat on the back for their achievement so get voting.

Alpha One
The one where everyone's lying down.
The one with the digging.
The one in the stocks.
The one eating lunch.

Alpha Two
The one playing volleyball.
The one at the weir.
The one on sports day.
The one carrying the pipe.
Alpha Three
The one in the water tank.
The one with the rucksack.
The one with the battered hand.
The one with the fetching umbrella.

Alpha Four
The one through the window.
The one on the balcony.
The one by the lake.
The one with the giant tree.
The one on the bridge.
The one on Nigel's birthday.

Alpha Five
The one with the butterfly.
The one without your arms.
The one with all the smoke
Alpha 6
The one at the longhouse.
The one with the tents.
The one on the beach.
The one with the land rover.

Alpha Seven
The arty one.
The one by the camp fire.
The trekking one.
The one in a cave.
The one with the view.

Alpha 8
The one with the parang.
The one with the pretty clouds.
The one at Maga Falls.
The washing up one.
The SCUBA one.

Alpha Nine
The one in the hamoc.
The shampooing one.
The one on dive island.
The one watching the sunset.
The one on Briony's birthday.


d.crockwell said...

We think all the photos are absolutely fantastic and send huge congratulations to all of expedition 10. Also a great big thank-you to all involved in the Raleigh website and blog allowing all the families to follow our loved ones fantastic adventure.
Love from the Crockwell massive.xx

leighanderson said...

Brett Alpha 8
we liked the picture we think it's you in red washing up if so we have plenty to keep you going when you get home I will save it for you lol. I'm sure you are really domesticated now and can fend for yourself so no need for us to do it ha ha ha. well we got your lett
and card arrived on the same day it was nice to hear from you just keep having a fun time. love you and miss you Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren Lee,

Hope you are not feeding the leeches during your 11 days trekking.Lucky you for being able to going diving after that.Put on some weight cos you look so skinny in the photos.


Anonymous said...

Lieve schone Kyra,
Het is heerlijk om te zien dat je zo'n een "schone" vrouw bent, het doet mij deugd je zo te zien wassen.
Ik denk dat het moeilijk wennen zal zijn voor je om in de europese
wereld te komen leven, maar het is wel heerlijk om een gewoon bad te kunnen nemen.
Lieverd geniet van dit schone leven
Vette kus mamamamiiiia

Danielle said...

Alex Bevir, Alpha Four.

Good to see you are still alive.. I have been reading Central America on a shoe string, trying to kinda plan our trip :) Read my facebook message though if you can, and let me know soon :) :) love love love you!

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Great to see some more photos - think we could see you but the photos have got really small! Hope everything is going well - can't believe you have been gone over a week! Take care, much love from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxx

Anonymous said...


I was really pleased to hear from you the other day and to hear what you've been getting upto.
After your call i got in touch with Mum...and told her what you mentioned to me..She understands and you will be able to chill out and recuperate while in Sing....
Mum only expects to be travelling after I have gone back home at the you will have time to relax and enjoy the grub etc.
please take care looking forward to seeing you shortly.


Sheena said...

Lots of brilliant photos. Everyone looks like they are having a great time.
Our favourite photo has to be the SCUBA ONE. Mainly due to the lovely smile of the girl 2nd from the right.
Mo you look great.
Everyone back home in Edinburgh is really looking forward to seeing you when you get back.
Love you loads Mum and Dad

Mummy Burnell said...

Hi Hayley (Alpha 3)

How is life in a hammock? Got your letter at the weekend, it was lovely to hear all your news. Not much excitement here - everyone is fine, Jen's date went VERY well!! I'm just off to dentist, then shopping, J finishes tomorrow, so have to fit everything in before then! Bet you're dying for a shower by now?! Hope nothing is nibbling you this time!
Take care and keep well.
Love and hugs and kissies, Mum

Ali White said...

Ali White

Fantastic flavour of Raleigh Borneo with all the photos. We particularly liked the one where everyone carrying the pipe together...what team work.

Hope longhouse building going well Joe. Have just sent what will probably be last post, hope it gets there in time. Then where are you off to? Got your lovely long letter, it's ok I have stopped worrying about you now!

Thought you would be fascinated to know that Andrew Lloyd Webber has new series on Saturday looking for Dorothy and Toto for Wizard of Oz musical. Clare is now putting Tessa through her paces for an audition, involves alot of skipping round house to Yellow Brick Road! Tessa bemused but loving it, could we have a star in our midst.

Ed rang last night and is sorting Reading Festival tickets for you.

Love you lots, mum and the bunnies. xxx

a.mitchell said...


Great to see some photos - I liked the one on the dive island! Also liked the one of the pipeline.

Dad and I off to Jersey, Thursday to Monday, for Easter. It'll be nice to see Granma etc. and the Richardsons are having a drinks.

Lottie and Tom both in France!

Sent you a parcel yesterday which I hope you get before you leave, should do. It's full of Easter goodies for you!

M x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah(alpha5) just to say happy easter. See you soon m xxx

Christine Ayre said...

TO Josie Ayre Alpha 8 hope you have a brilliant birthday ! Will clebrate when you get back with a M and S cake! Have a good time diving take care lots of love mam dad and grandma s vera and stella xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey

countdown to the end of projects now. do u get adegree in longhouse building - think u must have at least got part way to RIBA quals!

weekend was gr8, and was lovely to have a brief chat with u, know the olds were happy. did u say a sad farewell to the tip of borneo? or will u be there again b4 u go back to kk?

usual going on here, dentist - all clear, angel for lunch friday - fish n chip special with Ali, blah blah blah.

Have to mention the weather..... sprng came and went in a day, cold again and expecting snow!

looking forward to next email update.


Jan Akhtar said...

Hi solly,
We love the photos from all the various projects. It's a difficult choice but our favourite was the one where everyone is carrying the pipe down the road. Not only is it a great photograph but it sums up what Raleigh is all about- being a team player.I have a very similar photo from the Raleigh expedition on Bathurst Island in 1986 when we laid a gravity fed water pipe. It brings back very happy memories. I can't believe how camera shy you are, solly. You never seem to get snapped!! So glad to know that you're still loving it and to learn of your travel plans afterwards.You are so often the subject of conversation in the village with people asking how you're getting on. Bob David is looking forward to you writing an article for the parish mag when you get back.We'll miss you on Easter weekend. Will save you some Easter eggs! Keep enjoying yourself.
Love you so much.
Mum, Dad, Josh, Adam, Ben and Sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Erika said...

Hi Ryan. Great to see some photos, our favourite is either the one on dive island or the one watching the sunset. Hope the parcel arrived in time for the loop. Coming to the end of the raleigh time over there, what a great time you have had. Look forward to hearing from you soon, Lisa has been given a Wii so we having great fun with that, Lisa and I using the Dance Fun as our exercise regime!! Love from all here including Granmum, Grandad, Imi and of course all of us at no 27 including Leo xx

Erika said...

A big thankyou to all at Raleigh for the great website and the blog which has meant we can keep in what a great time they are having on their expedition. Thank you, all the Aylwins

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie
Can't believe you have less than 2 weeks left - we really look forward to seeing you and hearing all your news! Enjoy your remaining time on the beach - sounds fantastic!
Loads of love Mum, Dad, Michael and Cath xxxxxxxx

GladyP said...

Hi Becki

Is that you I see lying down on the job. I hope it is going well. Harriet's come to a bit of a standstill raising money for her trip because everyone is fed up with her selling her brownies. She'll try again after Easter. However, it looks like she'll be going to South America in 2012instead of Vietnam in 2011 because she is very likely going to go to Farnborough College - interview on Thursday. She's very excited.

Next week she goes to Pinewood Studios to act as an extra in a new BBC series. More excitement.

Harriet, Alice, Allan and I are going to see your tribe in Winchester on Friday. We'll miss you. We're hoping to go for a walk and a pub lunch - a belated 50th birthday celebration.

Much love from Gladys et al xxxx

Jonhattersley said...

Hi Andy
You're looking well from the photos. Hope you had a great time trekking through the jungle and then scuba diving. I'm quite envious particularly seeing from the photos that its warm and sunny there. Snow is forecast here and this weeks been like a monsoon. Something for you to look forward to. Charlie is looking sorry for himself as he had his b...s cut off by the vet last week but recovered well and back to his old mischievious self. Ed staying here at the moment and he said that he was missing his brother!
We're looking forward to hearing about your adventure when you get home and just remortgagaed the house to buy food for when you return.
Charlie would love an orang-utan to play with if you find one lying around.
See you soon.
Love Dad and Mum x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jammy Dodger,

Wonderful to see photos of Alpha 1..can't quite decide whether the 'one in the stocks' is you but all of you look like you are having a great time. Its raining most afternoons in Singapore and I am wondering whether you might be affected with the bad weather in Borneo. I hope you have receive the package with the medicinal cream and the foot powder. Don't worry if you have not , it was worth a try just in case it does get through. We'll get more in Sing when you join us. Looking forward to see you on the 11th!!
Take care and dad, Uncle chong , aunty Pam and I will be at the airport.
Love you

Mum xxberr

Hazel Duckworth said...

Hi Carys (alpha 9).
The photos on the blog are great: lots of tanned and smiley people. I too liked the one carrying the water pipe also the one in the water tank. I hope you got my voice mail re India visa: it seems that rules vary depending on your country of departure. That is what the rather unhelpful lady seemed to be saying when we phoned that number you gave us. Websites seem to suggest that you need to send your passport off with your application which I would be very nervous of doing. Let us know if you have any success.LOve Mum and dad. xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Josh Stevenson:

Hey Bruv!

Your last project looks cool, if not hard work again! Hope you haven't got too many blisters on fingers and toes! I can't believe you are nearly finished and in another few weeks will be home from your adventures, can't wait to see you and hear all about it. Everything here is good. Heard from Dad today, sounds like he is also having a wonderful adventure - sleeping in tents in the Saraha etc! Bike is behaving itself too which is good. Hope you have got my latest letter and goodies. Take care Bro.

Lots of love,


d.crockwell said...

Hi No1
Just to let you know, Vicky got into LCF. Joe just texted me from Amsterdam, which he says is wicked!
Love you lots, miss you like mad. mum xxxxxx big hugs

tanja said...

Lieve Alwine,

Ik mis het wel hoor het schrijven. Dat heeft geen zin meer want zou toch niet meer op tijd komen. De loop is alweer geweest en ik hoop dat mijn laatste bericht nog op tijd was. Hier alles ok. Project gaat nu echt starten! Het is bijna Pasen, we gaan brunchen in Holten. Wanneer jij dit krijgt is je programma denk ik alweer voorbij. Hoop dat je heerlijke vervolgplannen hebt en verheug me erop weer eens te kunnen skypen.
Mex is nu in Keulen op excursie en R ziek. Hoop dat hij met pasen weer ok is. Langzaamaan moeten wij ons voorbereiden op onze bouwreis de 17e april. Cape Town zal in elk geval een stuk warmer zijn dan hier! Wellicht kan jij aan ons denken vanaf een of ander tropisch strand terwijl wij ons in het zweet werken voor het goede doel!
Wens je een subliem eindfeest en goede terugkeer in de ( bewoonde ) wereld.

Liefs T

emily arthur said...

Hi mr choat!!! Think my last message went for a wander..but i just wanted to say- it snowed!! haha! make the most of that warm weather!!! i miss you and im excittttteeeeed.
Love you, Emmy

Pere de Skwig said...


I am going to be unbiased as Nigel would expect and vote for the picture "The one with Pipe". Nice perspective and colour.

Pere de Skwig said...

Hi Nigel (Alpha Whatever I think it's 4)

I hope that they report on your expedition next week. It will be really good to see what you are up to. Not that we didn't enjoy the picture of you and your cake! Thank you very much for the letter which arrived last week. It was good to hear all the thoughts you have about your experiences. THe boat goes back in the water tomorrow 1st April! Yes Winter has returned to the UK. It's blowing F7-8 at the moment. We are about to celebrate Easter - that explains it! Everything else is good. Have a good week.


Brenda Brien said...

Hi Mart cant believe you will be home in 2 weeks, we are counting the days now! Wishing you a lovely Easter and hope you get an egg!! The photos have been fantastic and i like the pipe carrying one, as people of said it just sums up the team work you guys have done. It was great to hear you on the phone the other day and to hear how you are loving every minute (apart from the snake episode lol) The weather might be the same as you left, Dartmoor had loads of snow today!! Anyway enjoy your last few weeks and look forward to seeing you at the airport. Lots of love and take care mum and dad xxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy, guess you are nearly at the end of the trek. Hope you have all survived! I break up tomorrow for Easter. It's absolutely freezing here - lots of snow in Scotland and power lines down so pretty manic there. We are going up to stay at Hannah's on Saturday until Monday.

Take care. Lots of love from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jude said...

Hi Josh (alpha 2)
Loved looking at the photo gallery, thank you everyone. They all give such a flavour of Raleigh Borneo to those of us excited to hear and see news of the trip. Very tricky to choose one but it would have to be carrying the pipe. I love the colours, its got humour,team work and access to water is a basic human right. Thanks Josh being woken up by your call on my birthday was the best present ever. Lots of love Jude xxxx

Nicola said...

its got to be ....the one on sports day....why??...because I'm biased!!!
Please give Tish a really big hug from me. xxx

Gill Burnell said...

Hayley - Alpha 3

Hi Blossom, Good Friday tomorrow, so Happy Easter to you all! James has now broken up, we're off for bowling and lunch today with Chloe, June, Adam and Nickie. Going to Bristol on Saturday afternoon for 2 nights, so will be back on Monday evening - forecast is rain the whole time, so not sure what we shall be doing!! It was lovely to talk to you the other day, it all sounds very exciting. Hope your last week goes well, and you get some water out of those taps!!!

Lots of love and hugs from us all, Take care, Mumsie xxx

Ali White said...

Hi Joe

Just wanted to let you know that Ed got the Reading Fest tickets for you.
Clare got NHS grad job so starts in September, really thrilled. Think her and Sam will get flat together near Oxford.
Harry still waiting to hear from Pates.
Try and ring us next weekend so can catch up on your plans, travelling etc.

Love mum xxx

Try and call us next weekend if you get the chance

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
Thanks for your letter. I can't believe you've not got ours. We'll try sending another!
Sounds like you've been having a good time. Are you really coming home in a few weeks?
Look forward to seeing you then!
Love Claire, Dan and girls xxxxx

Fraser family said...

Thank you to Raleigh for all the photographs. For those of us left at home it has been great to get a small insight into what happens at each phase. The photos have been amazing and this last set are really wonderful.

It is SO difficult to choose one as so many of them are brilliant but we like the one with the water pipe as it shows the amazing scenery, the team work and it really epitomises what Raleigh is all about.

Thank you Raleigh!

saskia said...

Lieve Sophie,
Heerlijk je heel even gesproken te hebben! Hier alles goed, morgen gaan we met Pim en Karin naar de matthaus passion in Leiden en het weekend naar dalfsen waar oma bila ook komt logeren. Paaseieren gaan dit keer aan je voorbij... Veel plezier nog in je laatste week en we hopen je volgend weekend weer even te spreken en al je reisplannen te horen!
liefs, pap en mam xxx

carla + phil jones said...

Hi Greg (Alpha 5)
Happy Easter! Hope our chocolate made its way to you.... We're off to Berlin in the morning to meet up with Steffi and co.
BB is back from Iceland, she found it very cold.
Man Utd lost 2-1 to Bayern in first leg, second one next Tuesday at Old Trafford. Rooney out for about 4 weeks. Arsenal scraped a 2-2 draw with Barcelona last night, Fabregas has a broken leg after kicking a penalty too hard, so its unlikely they'll win now. Its Chelsea at Old Trafford on Saturday, the season decider probably but we're unlikely to see it in Berlin so its on the DvD recorder.
We enjoyed all the photos though you seem to have managed to keep out of them all! We'll vote for the Scuba photo because you enjoyed that part so much.

Muttons for Em Mutton said...

Hello Em in Alpha 1!
How goes it? Is the Kindergarden shaping up nicely? We were disappointed you weren't in the recent photos? Where were you?! We are on holiday at last. Hooray! Had a staff do in Malvern last night to say Bye to Mr. M. A jolly time was had by all. Jess came home yesterday, yay! On Sunday we are doing a gang walk and G and G are arriving on Monday with an Aussie cousin. Get in touch soon mate.
Loads of love,
Mum, Dad and Jess



Em, I needed you last night. I was sound asleep in my lovely warm bed having arrived home after a very long day of travelling from London, then at some ungodly hour Mother came in, DRUNK, and insisted upon waking me up, shouting, jumping up and down on my bed and made me get up and go and drink coffee with her. Honestly, the youth of today!

So the last message you have on here from her was written in a somewhat hungover state. Disgraceful.

Anyway, hope you've had a suitable amount of fun on your final Phase.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Loads of love


Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
So glad to hear you survived the trek, and expect you are looking forward to dive island.

Just wanted to wish you a very happy Easter - your egg is waiting for your return....if I haven't eaten it before then!

Any idea what you are doing next????

Can't wait to talk to you. Take care and enjoy your last phase.

Much love from mum, dad Ellie and Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jonhattersley said...

Hi Andrew (Hattersley)Alpha 9

Guess what?? Your airmail letters finally arrived closely followed by your card posted at the beginning of February.It was so lovely to hear from you and that you were going to Church!! Long may it continue! What you have been doimng is so worhtwhile and beneficial. You all must have a great sense of achievment. Well done to you all.
How fabulous that you have also made soime great friends. You will have so much to tell us when you get home. We are looking forward to seeing you slim Jim. I am filling ther freezer with meat for you.
Dad made an enquiry to see if your air ticket could be extended but you bought a fixed price cheaper ticket with the proviso that you travelled on the fixed dates.
Dad bought Charlie a big dog kennel so he can stay outside for a few hours when the weather gets better but so far he has not ventured inside but has tried to eat it instead!

Love you tons.
God blessd

Mum x

Anonymous said...

To Michael(Day) just seen some more photos of you I vote for the scuba one. Harry says he heard from you via facebook are you able to e-mail us? Hope the bridge building is going ok. Keep safe,love Dad.

yiota said...

Alexandra Bevir (alpha 7)

Great photos,particularly the one through the window!! The girl lying down seems so peaceful!!

yia sou koroula mou, kalo pascha!

Mou ipes oti then ipirche logos na sou grapso kathos isos na min lamvanes ta minimata mou alla den mporo na min grapso toulachiston
Elpizo na echis lavi tis sokolates pou estile i Suzy alla pistevo pos mallon den tha tis lavis kathos ego echo lavi mono mia karta sou kai ena simiomataki.Gramma the efthase!
Anisicho kapos pou se skeftome na perpatas sti zougla ke vazo me to mialo hilia dio pragmata ma prosefhome ke niotho kalitera.
Echoume akoma mia evdomada choris nea sou. Tha mou fani atelioti alla eftichos ine i teleftea ke prota o Theos to allo Savvato tha mporoume na milisoume.

Charika poli pou ida kenouries photographies sta blogs alla prepi na ine palies yiti anapheronte sto proigoumeno project sou.

Emis tha kanome Pascha sto spiti tou Aki.Tha ine oi dyo Andries ta pedia tous o Stelios i Suzy ola ta pedia tou Aki ke o Michalis o aravoniastikos tis Fytas.Den thimame na sto anafera prin , i fyta ine egios.

Leme me ton Aki ke tin Anna otan me to kalo erthis pou tha ine ke o Christos edo na kanoume ana deftero Pascha.

O keros edo ine poli kalos antitheta me tin Aglia pou echi vroches kai krio.

Den vlepo tin ora na teliosi ke afti i evdomada ke aftos o minas ke na ftasoume me tin voithia tou Theou stis 5 maiou. mou elipses afantasta.

Se perimeno me anipomonisia.filakia ke o Theos mazi sou.

Nicholas Charalambous said...

Alex Bevir ( alpha 7)

HI Alex I liked your picture through the window because it was you. L.O.L =P We realy miss you and have a very happy Easter. Remember that Jesus died for you. We love you and God Bless you always!!

With lots of love from Nicholas Charalambous (your cousin)

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy! We are staying with the girls in London over the weekend. They have gone to see Peter Andre -he and Kerry Katona are apparently an item - can you believe it?

Went to see their new house today, it looks very nice - could only peep through the windows though.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Hope you are enjoying the scuba diving - the sunset photos look amazing.

Can't believe you are reaching the end of your expedition. We are so proud of you.

Much love from Mum, Dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Joe Francis (Alpha 7)
Hi Joe

Love the photo of you in the 'one the beach' - you look really happy if a little thin! Looking forward to fattening you up once you're back home!

Thank you Raleigh for the wonderful pics - it's been wonderful to share the adventure through the updates and amazing photos

Love The Francis family xx

Jenn said...

Hey Nige,

Just a quick message to say hi. Kinda accidentally cut the internet out so dunno when we'll have it again as Jake left his room locked. House is mega lonely, its just Liam and I this week so we've been bonding and having easter dinner at one of his friend's. Should be a laugh. 3DS is givin me a lil bit of a nightmare as my computer will not render...left it overnight and it got stuck. So all my rendering efforts will have to retake place in photoshop. Life's a bit hectic and boring atm cant wait to hear from you!!! Hope you're having a blast. Love you lots xoxo


James C said...

Hi Alex,

Great to see some more photos of you, it seems like such a long time since I saw you, but glad to see you look so well.

I guess you'll be finished the trek in about a week, can't wait to hear from you.

Take care, give me a call when you can. I love you,


Paul said...

Alex Bevir, Alpha 4

Xristos anesti agapoulla mou..Just in cyprus weather is amazing ur so missing out..ade not long to go and we'll see each other..take care

paul pavlos xxxx

Angela said...

Hi Nig,
Not sure when you finish the trek and diving and go on tour but must be soon now. It will be great to hear from you again. Not much news from home. Spring has at last arrvied and Pompey have just beaten Spurs and are now through to the FA final.
Missing you lots, love Mum XX

leighanderson said...

hi Thank you for taking care of Brett Anderson on raleigh 10A he look so good and now knows what he wants out of life he is now sure working abroad is his thing he wants and now has a direction so once again thank you from Mr and Mrs Anderson Brett's proud Parents well done to all ventures staff and everyone else for all the projects compleated it makes a big differance the people in the villages that are helped
yours thankfully
Mr and Mrs Anderson