Friday, 19 March 2010

Cheese on Homestay with Alpha 8

After leaving Alpha 7 midway through their trek in the jungle it was time to meet up with Alpha 8 for their homestay in Long Pasia. They had finished their trek earlier in the day and I was expecting them to be taking an afternoon nap after their 12 day trek. But as I walked into the kampung I heard a familiar voice shouting ‘SPIKE, SPIKE!’. They were already stuck into an intense game of volleyball with the locals as well as a more gentle game of football with the kids. It was a refreshing site. After nearly a week under the canopy of the dense jungle it felt good to have a proper view and to soak up the late afternoon sun. No wonder everyone was outside enjoying themselves.

Nooh, one of the guides, showed me to his home, a traditional stilt house made entirely of wood, where I met his family who I stayed with that night. I was given CoffeeTea (coffee, tea, milk & sugar in a single sachet) and shown photo albums of all of the previous Alpha groups that have trekked in Long Pasia. Nooh could remember the name of every Project Manager and his favourite venturers. It became clear that the Raleigh treks are as much of a highlight for the guides as they are for us.
I spent the evening eating copious amounts of traditional food generously prepared by my hosts, and learning Malay from their 5 year old daughter before the lure of an actual bed became too great.
In the morning I met up with some of the group waiting patiently outside one of the houses for the others to finish breakfast. One of the guides turned up eager for Mike to give him a final boxing lesson before we left.

The 4x4s arrived soon after and we set off for KK with the promise of pizza and the group was eagerly anticipating their time on Mamutik, the dive island.

After an eventful but successful journey of KFC and guitars we made it back to KK and treated ourselves to a dip in the local swimming pool. I left Alpha 8 as they tucked into a dinner of KK’s finest noodles. They never did get their pizza, but I think their week on Mamutik should have made up for it by now.


Carla Jones said...

Hi Greg (Alpha 8)
Hope your diving week went well, good to hear from you last weekend and to see the latest pictures on the blog. Looking forward to hearing what you'll be doing next. Can't believe its the last project coming up, the time has gone so fast.
Love Mum

Sheena said...

Hi Morna-alpha 8
Just seen your latest photo. You look good.
Hope you enjoyed the diving-we are both quite jealous.
Off to Roshven today that will make you jealous.
Still writing and hope you are getting the letters.
Love you loads Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Look forward to updates on Alpha 9, not heard much about them recently, assume they trekking!

Vin Sumner said...

Liam (alpha 8) .. sound like an adventure, enjoy the diving ... all well back here ... off to lakes for gran's 80th ... Dad Mum, Zoe, Gareth

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser
Hi Andy, great to hear from you at last and to catch up on all your news. We hope the trek goes well and that you have a fabulous time diving. Can't wait to see the photos and to see your new group. Take care and big hugs from all here. Much love from mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Michael(alpha8)It was great to hear from you on the phone.Stay safe on your next assignment keep taking the mozzy tabs! Make another call from KK before your flight to Oz,
Love Dad.

David Bevir said...

To Alexandra Bevir (Alpha 4)
Hello Alex,
I can't see any report or photo of your group this week - I hope that the project is going well and that you are still enjoying it all.
Here the news is dominated by the current strike of BA cabin staff (with another one planned for next week) and a prospective rail strike - not much fun for Easter travellers. The election is about 6 weeks away and looks as if it will result in a hung parliament; vote for UKIP and emancipation from the EU !
I've renewed my gym membership for 18 months and I'm enjoying learning Tagalog - are you picking up any of the local language and customs ?
Take care of yourself.
Lots of love, Dad

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett (Alpha 8)
so nice to hear from you not many pictures comming through so hope you are looking good missing you cant wait to see you I'm counting ythe days I want lots of photos of you diving thats why you got waterproof cameras so dont forget love you see you soon Mum and Dad

carol harvey said...

Hiya Tiff (alpha 1??? change again!)

Has Gran got that right? She said you're now in A1 but you forgot to tell me on the phonecall....

Had a look tonight (Sun 21st) and altho new pics as you said but sad not to see any of you! Quite disappointed in all the weeks you've been away i can count about 4 pics of you???

Only 3 weeks to go, the countdown is on but i am sure you have had a blast and the experience of a lifetime which i said you'd have all along....

Hope yo see some pics tomorrow, there are loads of A7 your original group, so hope they show your group next as there was loads...

Lotsa Luv
Mum xxxx

Jude said...

Josh (alpha 8), you seem to have a smile on your face now! Lovely to catch up with you, hope Mamutik was as wonderful as it sounded at 6.20 walking along the beach. Looking forward to hearing what your final project phase is, wow suddenly it all seems to be going by so fast. Dad went of yesterday for his adventure meanwhile I made do with a trip to visit Den on the Isle of Wight! George called in, lovely to see him. Get in touch soon, lots of love Jude

Anonymous said...

Michael(alpha8)It was good to get the phone call from you, not good for England&the rugby,hope you were not too tired after staying up to watch it! Phone us again before boarding your flight to Oz,
Love Dad.

Julie Cocker said...

Polly (Alpha 8). Hi sweetheart, lovely to get another photo, so I can now swap my screensaver pic. You look really well and happy, although can't see the leech bites!! Dad's just come back from Paris after watching the England/France rugby, not the result he wanted, but he had a great time. Moo has been busy 'partying' over the weekend and I've been enjoying the sunshine. I think you must have started your project by now, so hope that is all going well. Miss you loads and love you zillions. Keep happy, keep safe and have fun. All our love Mum, Dad and Moo xxxxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy, great to speak to you at last. Glad to hear that you are ok and off on your trek. I have been reading all about the last group's homestay in Long Pasea and it looks brilliant. We will be thinking about you and hope you have a great time scuba diving. Hannah and Ellie are back from Dubai, nearly missed the 'plane but thats a long story! Take care, be safe, lots of hugs from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kitts said...

hey aisha

hpe ur ok, i have been so busy this week. il have to tel u the gossip wen u get back. i have tried calling you but cudnt get thru. anyway try and call so we can have a chat. its been ages, gosh its flown by. anyway not long to go now. i will be picking u up frm the airport so dont wori i havnt forgotten. the kids have been missing you esp ur sis. everyones good here. as you know trishas preparing her trip to india so shes busy with all that. besides that its all good. wel chat soon. take care