Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Changeover Two Complete

Expedition 10A has now entered its final phase as second changeover is now complete.

Groups arrived at Borneo Paradise for a second time last Friday for two days of catching up with friends, learning about their new alpha groups, hot showers and sleeping in a real bed!!!  Luckily all the coaches arrived on time this time so alpha groups had a full two days before going out on phase again.

Checking the blog

The first night was dedicated to alpha group skits, showing what had happened during phase two. The prize was a delivery of pizza so competition was fierce. Alpha Six won first place, for a piece showing how an obsession with mock duck can take you to dangerous places. That evening Mac also announced the winners of the 'Come Dine with Me' competition. Alpha Five won first place for their evening meal and entertainment featuring a masked ball and kilted waiters.

Alpha Eight's Fashion Show skit

The judges give their scores

On Saturday, venturers got up early for a full expedition meeting and to hear where they would be heading next. It was a nervous wait as groups waited to hear which trek, community and environmental projects they would be heading to.

The nervous wait for allocations

Straight afterwards everyone from the expedition gathered for a full expedition photograph, before heading into group meetings.

That afternoon venturers took part in a fierce session of Raleigh Olympics where teams of seven swimmers were pitched against each other in a relay race. Each swimmer had to dash through two lengths of the pool before being changed out of their outfit (Raleigh t-shirt, swimming hat and goggles) by the other members of the team.

The winning team, the new Alpha One

Sadly on Saturday afternoon we also said goodbye to our seven-weekers: James Reif, James Davies, Zak Woodhouse, Luke Ewer, Anton Hawthorne, Christina Tucker, Hannah Sprake and Victoria Clutterbuck. We also said goodbye to two project managers who had to leave expedition due to prior commitments. We wish Sav Wijensingha and Sam de La Haye bon voyage and good luck! We are sad to see you go and will miss you.

The next morning all of the groups deployed to their new project sites. Let's meet the new Alphas.

Alpha One is off to complete the kindergarten in Sulit Paitan, with PM’s Ali T and Laura Pickering are:
Alwine I de Vos van Steenwijk
Carynn J Tanduba
Craig Hart
Emily Mutton
Isabel E Mattick
James Eyles
Mark Skelton
Ryan C Aylwin
Sebastian Winn
Tiffany Harvey
William H Mitchell

On their way to Alpha Two in Kopuron to finish the filtered gravity water feed system, with PMs Serge Neumand and Emily Carter are:
Ah Ching Wong
Alice Hobhouse
Ashley Vickers
Benjamin J Teuten
Felicity-Rae James
Josh J Stevenson-Brown
Kimberley Balsdon
Kyra v Hil
Mark Cavanagh
Paul Henry
Rosalind Helson
Timothy J Mottram

Finishing the gravity water feed system in Vunui Lokos is Alpha Three. David Lau and Rachel Gower are accompanied by:
Briony J McPherson
Eunice Lum
Francesca Sandwell
Frederik A Vincentz
Hayley J Burnell
Paul S Choat
Solomon Akhtar
Sophie Pahud de Mortanges
Stephen D Myers
Theodore C Gibson
Tom F Plant
Aydan Al-Saad, one of the logs team, is also accompanying the team for half of the phase.

Now to the environmental projects. Off to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok with Sarah Pink and Donna Scanlan is Alpha Four:
Aidan Nairn
Alexander van leeuwen
Becki Ingram
Benjamin G Cowley
Christopher J Tuson
David Sparks
Elizabeth J Chapman
Gilbert Sukim
James P Wood
Jenny Veness
Matt Underhill
Morna Spence
Nisha Kaushal

Alpha Five is off to Imbak Canyon to carry on with infrastructure development. With PMs Oonagh Hayes, Eddie Boyle and Ali D are:
Aernout van der Goes
Alexander E Godwin
Ashleigh Davies
Greg O Jones
Harry R Tabor
Louise O'Neill
Lucie G Perris
Martin Brien
Michael J Day
Patrick Laidlaw
Roster Lexon Solaiman
Sarah Parumal

Completing the long house in Kudat with PMs Eleni Coldrey and Kate Hallam is Alpha Six made up of:
Adam J White
Angelina Tan
Danielle A Gaywood
Darren A Pugh
Eleanor Chapman
Joost Pompe
Joseph Mathers
Kirsty Simms
Laura Crockwell
Liam Sumner
Polly Cocker
Scott Monaghan

Now the trekkers, completing their PADI qualifications then trekking, is Alpha Seven. With PM Ed Laschet and medic Cat Bush are:
Alexandra Bevir
Edward Sants
Harry R Griffiths
Heng Tseng Wen
Joel Davie
Joseph Francis
Katharine R Ridgway
Laura Pittaway
Michael J Mason
Natasha Fournel
Vineeta Tan

Alpha Eight are trekking from Long Pasia, then finishing their phase on dive island, With PM James McGovern and medic Nat Iliffe are:
Aisha Begum
Andrew Fraser
Brett Anderson
Darren Lee Tan
Helen F Ray-Jones
Jawad Al-Hairi
Josephine K Ayre
Mark A Wardman
Petronella John
Rachel L Magnus
Simon Skelly
Thijs J Veltman

And last, but not least, are Alpha Nine, who are trekking through Kiulu then diving at Mamutik before finishing with a trek through the Crocker mountain range. With PM Ali Parry and medic Eleri Evans are:
Adam Shahrum Zainal Abidin
Andrew W Hattersley
Bas Pothof
Carys Duckworth
Charlotte J Green
Conor J Gracey
Edward Lewis
Henry (Harry) C Dewe-Mathews
Nigel Dakin
Rachel A Sutton
Rosalind J Davies
Sophie Grant

So here it is the last phase.

The loop leaves on Friday, so keep those messages coming so we can get them out to the groups.


The Matticks said...

Hi, Izzi (Alpha 1). Great to see the new group photos! It was lovely to speak to you on Saturday, and congrats again on winning the entertainment and Olympics! Thanks for the texts and also the message from the coach - didn't get that one until Sunday evening, as D was monitoring his bberry and not home email. The weather has brightened up again here, but we're all indoors, of course. We're practising madly for J French oral on Friday - cross fingers for her. Enjoy building the kindergarten - looking forward to hearing from you again in a couple of weeks and seeing photos from the Loop before then. Love from M,D,J and the rest of the family.

Jane Plant said...

Wow (Tom Plant) you're on the final phase. Seems to have flown by - I'm just craving news on how it's all been!! Nice to see you in the photo of your new Alpha group. Sooooo miffed I missed your phone call this weekend. Dad and me trying to sort something for your card. Have tried calling you this morning but no luck with your mobile. Ne'er mind, we'll get something off to you.
Do need to chat about ongoing travel plans asap. Have to change your flight home, etc.

Tortoises are up - sure sign that Spring is on it's way. Pepper still missing you. Jack had a gig on Saturday - they're getting quite good. Saxon Black were excellent. We're all really missing you now (took a while - ha!) Ned and Sam have cancelled any talk of travel plans - don't know why.

Well, if you can at all make contact, do so to let me know your plans.

Love you loads Little Man. Mutta x x x x x x x

Ali White said...

Joe[Alpha 6]

How fabulous Joe to do your final phase building a long house in such a beautiful paradise location. Savour every minuteit looks alot different to the Bath Rd. Take lots of photos, hope the camera is holding out.
Clare is convinced you are on the wrong trip "on Namibia Raleigh we were in a corrugated shed,he eats fresh fruit and coconut and he's got a pool!" Think we will have to plan some severe endurance tests for when you get home or you won't hear the end of it.Couldn't you try and look pale, under nourished and miserable on next round of photos....it may help!
Anyway have a great last phase, all doing well here. Let me know your plans after. Laura and James in Thailand from about April 5th to 19th. Got your email, glad you liked the vests!

Lorra love, mum etc xxx

Reify said...

Hey Delta 2, the first Alpha 9 and second Alpha 6 peoples!

Already missing you guys hugely even though its only been like a couple of days since I headed off. Hope your new alpha groups are going well. I've managed to bus it up to Ko Pha Ngan in time for the Half Moon Festival tonight which i cant wait for. A tip for any of you planning to go there: Book accommodation BEFORE you get there so you dont have to walk around like us for a hour with our bags looking for good prices. You'll thank me later - Coral looks insane but its been fully booked everyday but gonna try and get there tomorrow night. Currently staying on a lush beach hostel, though the beds are horrifically poor and there's no a/c. Oh well at 3 quid a night,
I'm not complaining.

Can't believe i'm not seeing any of you for like 4 months - crazy, i feel like i've known some of you for years already. I'm back mid july from Africa so there shall be many reunions after that, for sure. Have a great last phase y'all!!

Reify XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Aisha
u luking gud in the pics
eberyone is so excited for you to come home
esp the kids
ive tried calling u
about ur flights

to change your flight its £50
but there is no more economy flights on the 11th 12th 13th
the next available flight to come to bham is on the 27th april

if you wana coem back home on the 10th ur going to have to upgrade ur ticket to business or 1st class

ill keep checking for you and il blog u and text u again

if i can change it and cant get through to you
ill ring raleigh head office to inform them

in the mean time have fun


leighanderson said...

Hi Brett Alpha 8
you are looking well and very sun tanned have a fantastic time on the trek and then the dive on dive island sounds like a great way to end your ten weeks it's going so quick going to see Archie and Phoebie to day. I will send you a comment every day
Mum and Dad

d.crockwell said...

Hi No 1
You look happy and rested. Enjoy your time on the beach. All requests have been actioned!
Speak to you soon. Big hi to Alpha 6.
Big hugs to you.
Lots of love mum xxxx

emily arthur said...

Paul Choat!!! You look so slim and slinky in your pictures!! I'll have to get a move on and get rid of my beer belly now!!! :P Was SUPER to tak to you over the weekend, i'm mega mega mega mega excited about seeing you 3 weeks today!!!everyones sick of my excitement i think! :P Have an awesome last phase,hope you get your water thingy finished.
Love n miss you squillions, as always :P

Essie for BEN TEUTEN said...


its getting really sunny here, not a cloud in the sky! Im sorry if you dont get any letters from me on the loop, the parcel was the last one, cus i think iv spoiled you enough! Have you used the hot choclate powder? the galaxy one is soo good!! Not much happening this week, im trying to do student finance.. oh yeh you need to call your mum about uni stuff which is important - dont forget, but basicaly your not a failure and i lvoe you. Im having dinner at yours tonight, then cinema weds, babysitt thurs and amagi friday cus everyones back from uni, including Rose which should be a barrel of laughs..Charlie and I had a fight but wev made up again..spoke to tom gardener whos missing you and Affie.. i didnt know you had so many friends! anyway TWO weeks now when you read this :) im so excited, i even bought a new passport cover ! hehe.. i miss you b, saw a pic of you and you look really sunburt like a beetroot.. give me a call if you get a chance cus im bound to need to ask u what to bring/which shorts you want or whatnot.. love you, see you soon!


Luke said...

No chance you guys can show the higher resoloution/source images? the image links are only as big as the thumbnails..

p.s Kirsty simms rocks.

Anonymous said...

hey Ben T from Alphs 2

Got your place at Kent! Congratulations!!

xxxx mum

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Great so see your new group! By now you will be well into your trek. Hope it is going well. Its pouring with rain here - been dry for ages. Hope you are not getting too wet. Take care and good luck.
Much love and lots of hugs from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah

Luu Moore said...

Andy Fraiser,
Hope everythings going well, still waiting on a letter :-p
Heres a short update of things going on here. Stine's sister had her baby! I'm getting baptised on 4th April (Easter Sunday, couldn't have been a better date, awesome) You had LOADS of comments on your fb on your birthday, everyone hopes you had an AWESOME day :) and lots of people are missing you. I went on Clares hen party last weekend, that was an unusual theater EXPERIENCE. Turns out 'burlesque' is where people take their clothes off O_O I am doing a teaching assistant placement in the art dept at a school, so that should be amazing. That begins in a week or so and lasts for 2 weeks, with a gap in the middle for Easter break. Bekah is still doing her teaching course at uni. Stines still working in Waterlooville. Am still at uni, but moving to Poole next year and starting work as a teaching assistant. Everything there looks way more exciting :-p you aren't missing much here! Wriiiiiite! you have my addressssss..

- Cherly Cole is now SINGLE.
- A school in North Tyneside has let their pupils lie-in for an extra hour, saying it will boost their performance? HAHA
- More than £29m has been raised for global causes by celebrities and the public taking part in the BBC's Sport Relief charity event.
- A scout group were turned away from the Harrods store after refusing to removes their neckerchiefs and woggles.
- US TV bosses apologise after preview clips of the Playboy channel were accidentally played out on two children's channels in North Carolina.
- The war in Afghanistan is grinding towards its ninth anniversary. crazy.
- BA cabin crew just finished a three day strike which resulted in loads and loads of flights canceled- not fun.

Anyway, thats about all I can think of. Continue having fun! :)
Luu xxxxxx

Erika said...

Hi Ryan, it was great to talk to you over the weekend. Have fun completing the kindergarten and enjoy the party afterwards. Congrats to all the new Alpha One team on winning the Raleigh Olympics, looked like great fun, nice to see photos of you again! Am sending off another parcel today (24/3) not sure if it will catch the next loop, if not it will be waiting for you at the end of expedition. Speak to you again when you can, Love from all of us Mum, Dad, Lisa, Ryan and Leo xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Mark Skelton, Alpha 1

Just seen the latest blog with all the photos etc of the last changeover - well done on the Olympics! With any luck you should get two parcels as they were posted yesterday (mon 22nd).
Have fun speak soon.
M D & E xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenn said...

Hey Nige(now Alpha 9).

I do hope you got the letters and that you're still having a great time! Work has gone mega hectic I've just had my last tutorial ever today and it just seems surreal and quite dissappointing. After having a fab review with Sana and Mark, Mark kinda burst my bubble and brought my overconfidence down to my feet...which is good, I can actually see for once eye to eye with him and though he was particularly harsh he was also constructive. Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to write more letters as it's getting quite intense now. But I'm sure you'll have plenty else to think about with such an exciting phase approaching...and the last one..and yet it still seems aaaaaaaaaaaaages before I get to see you. =[ I'm missing you lots. Love you xoxo

ps. I've sent out the email to the Memorial woman I hope it's OK. xoxo

katie simms said...

hey kirst!
just seen your new alpha pic! you look great! nice and brown! helen would be proud! it looks so beautiful on that beach! im well jealous! luke has put in up on fb next to the other one for people to see. Today im doing all my taxes and invoices and boring things so this is a nice little distraction for me! so much has happened recently, i think i told you most of it on the phone the other day. ive seen pics of baby rueben! he is SOOOOOO cute! hes got lots of black hair and really chubby cheeks! poor christina is still recovering from it though!i might be going to paris for 3 days to work on the Ralph Lauren window displays, but its not decided yet. me and the girl i would do it with have to wait and see who they pic to do it so it may not happen. i had a great time this weekend went up to see al and went to the theater to see the caretaker, it was really good then went out in shoreditch with uni peeps and didnt get back to als till 6am! ha! we were stumbling round the city at 5 trying to find the right bus! haha! im off to Normandy for the day this weekend with ian and em, should be fun, just hope it dosnt rain! (its been raining a lot!:( boo)steph has picked up the bridesmaid dresses this week and we have to go round and try them on so they will be exciting! ummm... cant think of anything else so ill say bye for now! but not for long as ill be waiting at the airport with a big kiss for you and a basket of food for you to eat on the way home! haha! miss you loads babes! oh! really hope you get our letters soon!!! loads of love!!!kate xxxx

Julie Cocker said...

Polly (Alpha 6) Hello Sweetheart, just seen the blog update so great to hear that your going off to Kudat, the beach there looks wonderful, so what a fantastic place to spend your last 3 weeks! You look beautiful and happy, although look like you've lost some weight - maybe I'll come out haha! We're all good here, missing you zillions and now on countdown until your return. Hopefully, there'll be a few more photos of you now that you've finished you're trek and diving phase, although we have got three of you in your group, so that's lovely. Take care my darling, everyone here is asking after you and sending you big hugs and love. Mum xxx

Chris Trickett said...

Hi Laura Alpha 6

Looking good cheeky. You should have fun on the next project. Im sure they'll work you just as hard. Prove you're a strongman!
Have fun darling. See if you can get the locals to teach you any new skills then you can teach me. Ray Mears eat you heart out ha!

Fantastic speaking to you for so long the other day. Made my week.
I'll speak to you again soon.
Missing you like crazy
Love you
x x x x

henrydorling said...

francesca :)

hello x x hope you're doing good. you're certainly looking good. can't believe you're onto the last phase now. seems to have passed very quickly. really looking forward to joining you... i hope you get my letter, i'm putting it in the post tomorrow, but dunno if the 'loop' people will take it out to you on time... oh well maybe you'll get in on your return. i've been in belfast for a few days visiting paddy and isobel. been having lots of fun, playing music and meeting people and exploring. leaving pure soon - can't wait! people there still asking after you and sending you their best wishes. had responses from a couple of schools so looks like i should be able to get something sorted out for the end of the year. god i'm missing you a lot now, very ready to get going and get back together with you. until then enjoy the rest of your adventures and keep on smiling beautiful. love you. henry x xxx x

Rebecca Hennessey said...

Ben Cowley
I hope you have an amazing time on your last phase. Try smuggle a bear home... I'll see you in 3 weeks! Love Hennis

Anonymous said...

Hi Becki (Alpha 4)
Fantstic news about your next phase.
Sepilok and the bears! Bet you're well pleased! Its raining here really badly, Matt has just gone off to a Saints game with 2 mates, and I'm trying to stop Flossy from peeing on the carpet cos she's too lazy to go outside! Dad is v pleased with his bday pressies. Got him an i phone! He loved your home made card!
Keep in touch over E mail, and we'll keep you posted about Thailand.
Have a fab time!
Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em, Hilight of our day is to check blog for news of you. Fab to see pics too. You are having the most amazing time in a beautiful place. Lucky, lucky you. Mum says you are now in Alpha 1 so we will be excited to read all about your next adventure. If the camera is snapping please get your face to the front - lots of back views of you last time!! Stay safe. Lots of love, Pam and Bill xxx.

Sheena said...

Hi Morna (alpha 4)
Love the new photo of you looking fantastic,
All well here and looking forward to seeing you very soon.
Love you loads
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hello Em in Alpha 1!
Enjoy your last Raleigh adventure! Congrats on the Olympic win.

M and D


Jan Akhtar said...

Hi Solly,
Well done Alpha 6 for winnning the skit comp ! I bet the pizzas went down well! Great seeing another photo of you, you look the picture of health....the life style is obviously suiting you........or is it the abstinence from alcohol?!Your final project sounds great-make the most of these last few weeks cos I'm sure they will whizz by. You should have some more letters on the way.
Always thinking about you.
Loads of love from Mum, Dad, Josh, Adam, Ben and Sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

carol harvey said...

Hiya Tiffany (alpha 1)

Weeehhheyyyyy and what a fine bunch of winners of the Raleigh Olympics you all are!!! Excellent well done to ya all!
Good to see you seem to be having a fab time, hope you're not too eager to get home as you're missing nothing here, inc the weather!
Thomas is going to show Gran the pics tonight, so they might leave a message too.
It is Lisa's birthday today, big 16she is...god help Glasgow now!!
Take care

Anonymous said...

To Briony J McPherson (Alpha 3)

Following your progress with great interest Briony and wishing you and all at Alpha 3 the very best for your stay at Vunui Locus and the gravity water feed system.

Hope you had a terrific birthday.

Lots of love from Kathleen

the Pittaways said...

Hi Beanie
Great to see you with new group on the beach. Hope all going well with diving and then trek. No doubt will be chatting on skype soon. Mark & Dad finished central heating for Pat's Sarah today so Mark may get spare moment to talk to you about flights and hotels. Glad you were ok with the changes I made for your return fight - fingers crossed all will work out fine. Spring has arrived at last - daffs and blossom very slowly appearing. Temp has risen but still envious of you all 'suffering' the heat. Love you loads and so proud Mum & Keg

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett Alpha 8
hope your feet are ok and not to sore stiil i'm sure will be glad to soak them in the sea. well went to see Archie and Phoebie she is so tuff and put up with Archie no matter how ruff he is with her.
Phoebie eats anything every one else has she is so funny she walks and smiles all the time and waves
Archie wants to know when you are coming home I think he thinks you are just around the corner it will have to be your first visit. bye for now love you lots Mum

Danielle said...

Good luck Alex Mou Have an amazing last adventure! Can't wait to see you! love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey.......

do I detect a slight tan?!!!!

gdansk was gr8, now in need of sun, cheap flights again to mexico
need u here to make my mind up! thinking merida uxmal and campeche, ho hum!

new gas supply 1st apr - then will get house str8

the band I was championing came in top 6 unsigned uk bands and will be on C4 - hurrah - Alejandro Toledo and Magic Tombelinos.

cannot believe this is the last phase, it has come round so quickly.

enjoy ur travels after u finish with raleigh. keep me posted.


Anonymous said...

Andy Hattersley in Alpha 9

Got your postcard pal, good to hear your having a good time, bet its flown by though? Hope your enjoying the trekking
You are champions on SM, i imagine you are now buzzing!
Wednesday are doing okish got a big game tonight against watford though and if we dont start winning relegation is a real possability
Hunters Bar have just had a right result beating Brampton 5-0 the week after loosing to buxton christians 4-1, hopefully we can do enough to stay up

Anyway pal, take it easy, see you in a few weeks :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim - Alpha 2
Seen your picture on the blog. hope you are enjoying your new siteand that you get the water going. Dad keeps me informed as I gather you spoke to him from KK and also sent text. Sarah is leaving Ludlow this weekend and coming here for a while. Look forward to hearing more news and pictures.Keep well. Love, Gran

yiota said...

Alexandra Bevir Alpha 7
Akoma mia photographia sou me oli tin ipolipi omada sta blogs.Eftichos pou vazoun kai kamia photographia pou ke pou gia na mi xechname pos phenese!!!
Cherome pou pernas kala eki omos mi xetharevis poli ke kanis epikindina pragmata.Se parakalo na prosechis!Tha isichaso kapos otan teliosis me ola ta taxidia ke girisis sti routina sou.

Isos to na girisis piso sto panepistimio na phenete pia politelia meta apo toso skliri chironactiki ergasia.

O Christos erchete opos sou ipa stis 20 Apriliouke nomizo tha ine kalitera etsi.

Se pethimoume afant asta .

Pare dinami gia to epomenoi project.
ine epikindino; Na prosefhese.

Sagapo poli ./O Theos mazi souxxxx

M said...

hee lieve sammie, hier dan eindelijk mijn lang verwachte blog. hoe is eht daar nu allemaal? ben je al lekker bruin? en waarom sta jij niet op de groepfoto's haha? en moet je nog steeds in een gat kakken? binnekort stuur ik je ook nog wel een leuke brief hehe. dan stuur ik onze leuke foto samen in milaan ook wel mee. heb je al een leuk engels meisje aan de haak geslagen? of blijven ze allemaal heel trouw aan hun vriendje hehe. nou laat maar snel iets van je horen. veel liefsss

Pere de Skwig said...

Nige (Alpha 9)
Wow got the exciting phase. A break fom digging foundations etc. That looks like some group you got mixed up wiv Dude! Boat slaving coming to an end at last. Easter is around the corner and we are doing the grandparent thing. Train rides & Ice cream. Wish you were here.
We hope that the mozzy cures are working. Things hotting up on the South Coast (13C). Signed up for the round the Island Race as a Stag event. Wet suit trial fit next weekend. Sat on the Laser. We all hope you enjoy the recreational phase of your trip. Stay safe.
Pere Gill Colin & Max

Nicola said...

For Tish, alpha 7
Just got your letter written in phase 2. Glad it was so brilliant and I hope that you might have left the best till last....d'ya think?? xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee Dee Gee (Alpha 5)
You are sooo lucky going to Kudat. It looks beautiful! Sorry we missed your phone call, I'm absolutely gutted as would loved to have heard your voice. Just got a letter from you with news of your adventure phase, can't wait to hear more! Dad's laughing at me at the moment as our French students have arrived, one had a mouthful of my food and was sick! It's going to be a long 3 days for him! Glad to hear you're friends with butterflies now and eating anything. Ohh the bank said when you travel to keep your credit card seperate just in case you lose your money belt...so you can still spend and draw out money. Get on with that Long House ...will you live in it?
Miss you and adore you so much!
Love Mum, Dad and Styx xxxx

Anonymous said...

message for Rachel Sutton:
Your fantastic letter arrived today, it was great to read about phase 2 and we loved your high points and low points! Gemma immediately wrote back to you, will post it tomorrow. I am not saying you have been away so long we have forgotten what you look like but Dad and I spent 10 minutes arguing which blonde was you in the most recent photo. Gemma put us straight (I was right of course!) love you miss you Mumx

Essie for BEN T (alpha 2) said...


did actually realise how much stuff im going to bring of yours, was it the white shorts and the white stripey ones? aswell as tshirts/boxers (definately after what you told me and if youv ruined the union jack ones your dead.) /tshirts/two shirts and two cardis and flip flops oh and the two swimshorts thee grey with the green and the very pink ones? wen u phone have an idea of which ones of them ^ also whats the deal with adapters? do u need any creams/paracetamol medical stuff - toothpaste/deodrant??

Iv had a completely crazy idea for summer... like actually mental.. I need to discuss it with you, so i can double check your still as crazy as me too...cant wait to see you blablabla the usual, stop eating KFC and doughnuts! i know you are dont lie to me with all this rice and noodle nonsense!
Tottenham just beat Fulham 3-1 in the rematch so game on...

amagi bouncers asked if youv seen any orangutans but didnt think you had? I wana see one wen we go to the wildlife park..
Charlie misses you hes going to give me a letter from him to you next week hopefully..dont worry about all of us everyones fine <3
dont get angry..be strong.. 2weeks is nothing!
lovelovelove you always xx

Hazel Duckworth said...

Hi Carys(now Alpha 9).
Lovely to speak with you over the weekend. They've now updated the website: only one photo of you that I could spot and the resolution is poor so can't enlarge it. Well done for the team winning the Come dine with me event.We hope you really enjoy the final phase and see more of the wildlife you hoped for. We've posted our last snail mail letter to you c/o Raleigh as I don't think anthing posted next weekend will arrive in time. Love you loads .Watch out for the leeches. Love Mum. xxxx

de vos said...

Lieve Alwine,

we kregen gisteren je brief! Heel veel dank, gezellig van je te horen, de andere brieven gaan vandaag door!
Er is er ook weer een naar jou onderweg sinds eenpaar dagen, ik hoop dat die de loop haalt. Reinalt was onder de indruk van je haar op de groepsfoto. Echt grappig. Hier eindelijk het voorjaar begonnen! HBL is als een van de vijf scholen genomineerd voor radio 538 award. Ted was gisteren matrassen aan het plakken op de trap -( zit in de seniores) , ze moeten zich vandaag als leukste school van Nederland presenteren.
We houden je op de hoogte,

liefs van ons allemaal T

Jen said...

Hello Hayley (Alpha 3),
It's your sister!! How's it going?
I hear from Mum and Dad what you're up to, all sounds good. I don't have very much news...work is good, but busy. I'm moving out at the end of April, so we've been completing reams of paperwork and sorting out everything for the move. The place is really nice though. I thought I could get you to help me move in? Put those rugby muscles to good use?

And I have a date on Saturday. Yes, really. Will tell you more about that (depending on how it goes - might be a disaster) on your return.
Have fun for the last few weeks!
Jen xxx

Mummy Burnell said...

Hayley - Alpha 3

Hi Blossom, saw your piccie with all your new mates - hope you all have a great time, sure you will! I've just done my last 2 days on the course in London, managed to pass, so that's all finished now. James breaks up next Wednesday for Easter hols (he's had enough now!) but he has a trip out on friday, bowling and lunch, so he's looking forward to that. Only 3 weeks now until we see you, bet it will fly by for you now. James can start counting down the sleeps! Can't wait to hear all about it. Just spoke to Grandma and she sends you her love - she'll feel better once we get you safely back!!
Take care and enjoy, Big hugs and kisses, mum

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett Alpha 8
well mate nearly half way through your trek hope the feet are ok and not to sore just look after them, thay still have a long way to take you lol. dont forget to think about what you would like for your dinner when you get home. just let us know. We are so proud of you and miss and love you loads keep having a fantastic time
love Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

To Charlotte J Green (now Alpha 9):
Hello Darling!!! Freya and I are missing you so so much! Thank you for letting us know that you’re doing good. What you did for the last couple of weeks sounds amazing and we are very proud of our little trooper! I read the blog all the time and am really excited about the next leg of your journey 
Sorry there have been no letters as of yet, time seems to have fled so quickly. I have only written half of mine...so, I think I will briefly update you on here, and the rest will have to follow when you get back. It will be more exciting that way as we do have ... some news.. ;) (plus my letter probably wouldn’t get there in time!).
So my birthday was awesome! Freya baked the most amazing Lithuanian cake!!!! And these Lithuanian honey muffins. We had that together with some tequila on the way to the O2, where we danced for no less than 8 hours! I was quite dead afterwards (Also, Freya met her future husband). She will not be happy with me for sharing her news and not mine! Anyway, she is back from skiing in France now, and so is Matt, who I’m sure sends his greetings; and so does Les and the Czech guys and our other friends!
It will be so great to see you, you and Freya will definitely have to come see me. I am still unemployed so have plenty of time! Started doing the AA now, by the way. I told them to give me a call if they ever need extra people, and now keep getting calls all the time : ) but I enjoy doing it.
My Love, I will leave it here, I really hope you get this message, at least before your flight back to the UK.

Anonymous said...

Matt (Alpha 4)
I've got tickets for Chelsea - Bolton on the Tuesday night after you get back. Depending on how we do between now and then (Manchester United away)the atmosphere will either be rocking or funereal.
Thanks for your text. Hope you've been receiving our letters.
All love from here

Faye said...

Louuuuiiisse O'neill. Yes I am commenting *again*, hello! Good luck with your next task! We all miss you lots and everyone keeps asking me 'if i'm coping ok without you' hahaha jeeesus, we are one. I do bloody miss you though, and can't wait to see you soon(ish) now! How's the banter?

Love you alot, Faye xxxx

Angela said...

Hi Nig
Congrats on coming in the first 6 in the competition. Jen sent them an e-mail to say that you are in Borneo and cant attend in April. They have emailed back to say they will still present your work.
We have just got back from Cyprus weather was good but not compared to where you are.
I was very pleased to receive your letter today. Hopefully you got mine.
Have a good time on the trek and diving expedition.
Love mum XX

Vikki said...

FLICK!!!!! It's Vik :) Hope you're good and looking after yourself =]

Everything's cool in freezing England =] I'm with Dan now!!! He says Hi, it's so weird READING the blog :S I will leave you a better comment soon!! I've only just realised I can read this and got over excited! Miss you AUSSIE!! Keep smiling :) Hope you and Ben are good xxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Sarah Parumal (Alpha 5)

Hope everything is going alrite babe. We have all come down with a virus at my house everyone is off work and in bed. No energy whatsoever. Luckily managed to get through my job interview without being sick and even more amazingly actually got the job. Woohoo. Starting in September possibly June depending on what the school can sort out. Been off today throwing up last night, yeah yeah yeah too much information. Might go back in tomorrow if I feel a lot better but looks pretty doubtful. Not a lot happening around here aprat from that. Was my sisters birthday today but obviously everyone is ill so we can't really celebrate. Spoke to your sister about picking you up, going to come down with Sean. I don't think Dougie is up to the job of taking me down to London I'm afraid he'll overheat if he goes further than 30 miles, note to self need to buy a new car. So we are coming down to get you on the 12th from Heathrow! Don't go back to school until the Thursday which by my reckoning is the 15th. Haven't checked it though. Anyway I'm wasting valuable paper with my rambling. Miss you loads. See you soon, got the fridge stashed up for when you get back.

Love you loads,

Tom x

Sharon said...

Message for Greg Jones (Alpha 5)
Hi Greg
Who's the Daddy then? Jozef's the daddy. He sent me a text to say that Jozef Junior was born this morning, weight 3.73kg. No doubt I'll get all the proud dad details tomorrow morning at the gym.
Sorry I didn't get round to writing to you last week. More importantly, I did manage to send you two bars of chocolate so hope they've arrived OK. Weird, I don't remember craving for chocolate in the tropics...
Oh dear, I think I've already run out of time to make the Friday "loop" - forgot you're a few hours ahead of me. And it's taken me ages to remember what my stupid blog account details were so I could submit my post. Aaagh! Will write soon. At least I understand how to make pen and paper work.
Looking forward to hearing all your news, especially about the diving. Lots of love

Emily Arthur said...

Paul Choat! Last wee comment then i'll stop looking like ur big stalker lady ;) I think "the loop" is leaving soon so thought i'd drop a wee note :) Lou's bubba didn't make an appearance today, so she's to go back next week! Essays going well, so i'm sure i can squeeze in a bit of time for you when u FINALLY return!! I hope everything's awesome with you-i'm sure it will be!!! Cant even begin to tell you how excited i am- i'm driving everyone barmy!! Enjoy the last of your awesome trip, and treasure the feeling of not having an Emmy refusing to let go of you-cause its gonna happen for at least a week when u'r home!!
Love and miss you millions, and billions and squillions
(bit of a massive comment-sorry!!)
Emmy xxxxxxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)
Hi Andy! Well I wonder if it is raining as much as it was here today. We had an open evening at school - absolute bedlam, kids and parents everywhere! Then all of a sudden there was a huge clap of thunder and the heavens opened.It absolutely poured! Funny really as last time there was a parents evening we got struck by lightening!

We are off to see Ann and George this weekend. Looking forward to that. The girls have rented a house together. It looks good, newly renovated and nice bathroom and kitchen. They seem pleased, so that is great.

Did you ever finish that letter????????? I have just written one to you so will post it tomorrow.

Take care and keep safe.

Much love and many hugs from mum.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Well done to the old Alpha 5 for winning the Come Dine With Me event. Those kilts really must have swung it, not to mention the 5* food.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen (Alpha 8)

Happy Birthday again for the 3rd! Missing you so so much, can't wait to see you! Looks like another great team you're with, hope they give you a fun jungle party!

We got your second letter a few days ago, you write so well, had us falling about laughing! And it was brilliant to speak to you at changeover.

Make the most of your 'fun' phase - you have really earned it.

Take care sweetheart, and have a safe journey home. Mum will be there to meet you at the station.

All your love, mum and dad xxxx

Brooke Jones said...

Hi Greg Jones,

I'm off to Iceland tomorrow, they had a volcanic erruption this week, so the trip should be interesting...
The temperature is probably going to be a little different to where you are!
I've accepted my place at Solihull School for next year, St Martins aren't exactly pleased about it!
You'll be glad to know I am free of the "disease" you think i have...
I will enjoy eating your easter egg for you, haaa!

Miss you, a little bit. Not much though.

Lots of love from Bumbers!(:

Anonymous said...

Dee Dee G (Sorry got my first message wrong, Dee is in Alpha 6 not 5...can't recognise my own daughter!)

Just started Bug upp Dee and she went first time..purrring like a kitten. French boy still not eating my food and was sick again last night. Easter is here soon. Hope you've saved your Easter present I smuggled into your rucksack!Ben is off to Amsterdam with uni. Aaron, Sarah and Becca are going. Apparently Aaron and Becca are now an item!The Bishopsa are coming down for Easter so will be good to see them. A. Ness is printing off all your photos. Take care Dee.
Mum xxxxx

yiota said...

yia sou agapoula harika toso pou akousa tin phonoula sou simera to proi.Harika episis pou ta kataferes toso kala me to diving. Den vlepo tin ora na teliosis ke na mporoume na milisoume pali. na sou po pali na prosehis ke o Theos mazi sou. Sagapo polixxxxx

sarah said...

Hey Adam of Alpha 9!

What a great pix of your dive captured during the Raleigh Olympics! It must be you...it has your usual "I'll give it my all and more" attitude! Thrilled to see you're so happy and throwing yourself wholeheartedly into the expedition.

So you'll be climbing the Crocker Range huh? Stick close to your team...don't want you getting lost in there!

Am in Langkawi for the weekend. Lots of work (and a litte play I hope). Even stuck indoors have picked up a tan (though no match to yours!).

Joe's been busy with the school's Sports Festival all week. His football team came 2nd and his rugby team came 1st.

Grandma and 'Tok good. As are Billy, Lizzy, Jack & Henry.

Hugs and much love, Mxxx

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett Alpha 8

well one week down not long to the dive bet you cant wait. We still dont know where to go for our holiday if we can, been looking at maldives but who knows,
it's Friday morning 9 30am karen will be over later. We are goint to chessington zoo for phoebie's birthday Grant thought she would like seeing all the animals. I dont know about her but I will Have not been to the zoo for years,
well mate I will do you another letter tomorrow as I said one a day
love you and miss you lots
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vin Sumner said...

Hi Liam ( Alpha 6) ,
You seem to be hiding from the camera on the group photo , always good to see you though. Its easter next week , so I hope Raleigh have sorted out some eggs for you all. All is well , here , we got planning permission through for the extension :-). Will spend this weekend panning trip to meet up with you in china. Take care and have fun.
Mum , Dad , Gareth , Zoe
PS .. you will miss all the election fun :-)



Hey Sis,

Good to see you kept up the competitive sporty edge with the Olympics, too bad you couldn't have shown such skill in Crete!! So...last phase! Wow how it's gone fast. Kindergarten building sounds amazing; that's the phase Alice and Emma enjoyed the most I think.

Have finished ALL my lectures EVER now at King's and have my exam timetable. What joys. Going home for only a week at Easter I think as will not revise there as home is too comforting! Think about coming to France with me in the summer; either Paris or the south. You'll love it. It'll be like Kos Round II. But with fewer raging chavs.

It was SO lovely to chat to you last weekend. Although, I must say I was a little disappointed with the lack of email on your part. Sort it out. Am going to write you a facebook email now to get more in, so over and out.

Love you tonnes

Carla + Phil Jones said...

Hi Greg (Jones)
We posted a message for you just after Brooke's but it hasn't come up so I must have done something wrong.
I wanted to tell you the good news that you have got a Camp America placement for the summer, Camp Letts, its near Annapolis. They even do cricket and diving there, its right on Chesapeake Bay. You have to fly out on June 6 and finish August 21 which is the day we take the house in OBX.
So you'll be busy in your short time home going to London to get your visa and sorting everything out for the summer and catching up with Freer and helping BB & I with out GCSE's!
If there's any problem with the Camp America thing you have to tell me ASAP as I need to pay the final invoice.

Jude said...

Hi Josh alpha 2, can hardly believe it is the last phase and sounds great that you will be spending it in a community. You look taller or are you stretching!? Can't believe I am still shivering,definately remember spending some birthdays feeling warm. Look forward to hearing from you soon, Lots of love M xx

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett Alpha 8
As I said a letter a day well Teri has done your facebook and farm they are all up to date and looking good, Tony and Jan get Married again today, we are going to their Reception tonight shoulb be fun. firs week at an end nearly hope you get to rest your feet bet their sore still your hard you will cope lol.

Love you loads counting the days till you are home even if it's not for long love and miss you Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hazel Duckworth said...

HI Carys(alpha 9),
Not sure when you'll get this as the loop has already set off. We have at last received one of your letters. You're writing about Imbak Canyon so if you sent something from your first phase ,it hasn't arrived yet!Jess, danny and Julian have been in touch about letters : they may chance sending them but I advised they'd be safer messaging you on this board. Jess had tried before but struggled with the Google account so I told her to select URL/name and maybe she'll succeed. Had alovely day in York yesterday. The daffs are not quite out yet : another few days and a bit of sunshine should do it. We're seeing Barbara off this Sunday: will give her your love and best wishes.Hoping to have Mary A and Nora round next week but finding a time to suit both is a problem. Fran & Geoff are off to Spain for April and May. Let us know your travel arrangements when you have them sorted. LOve you loads , missing you. Have you seen any angels yet?! Hugs and kisses. Mum and Dad XXX.

Green Family said...

Charlotte Green (Aplha 9)

Hi Char - so you are now off on the trek which will be a great adventure for you - hope we picked the right boots! The diving and trek in the Crocker Mountains also sound exciting. Your letter finally arrived which we all enjoyed reading - the BBQ grubs must have been quite something, Ed wants to try some! Mum will put her skills to paper again (not quite as good as yours) so you should get another letter before you finish there. All our Love. Mum, Dad and Ed xxx

Jenn said...

Niiiiiiiiige! (Alpha 9) sorry...got a bit excited just received your letter sent out at the beginning of the month a week ago and today i got your latest letter...that was quite fast. It hurts to write for some reason gym has taken a toll on my arms but I've been every day so far and will be next week to so thanks for the motivation. Life is good thought I am missing you LOTS and as much as I would love to come meet you I still have soooooo much work left to do but I had an epiphany two nights ago and my work revealed itself to me. AWESOME! HA. But that means a lot of work but I will try and come meet you but please don't get your hopes up.

You can read the news on other ppl's post - i've found them quite interesting but there's one they left out which i thought was quite funny... so Lewis Hamilton gets his car impounded after getting caught drifting through the city of melbourne.... classic.

Right, must go back to work. Love you lots and cant wait to see you!!!! freaking excited! =P Do enjoy this last phase and hopefully I'll be able to get in touch before u set off on ur travels.



jo_asia said...

HATTERSLEY!!!!! (alpha nine)

I got your postcard!! LOVE IT! Thank you very much! I would love if you could have adopted a little orangutan and brought it back home:) obv I know that isn't a real possibility... Anyway, sorry I haven't posted anything on here sooner... hardly recognised you in that photo looking very brown and slightly taller then usual! Prob the hands in the air confusing matters:) Everything looks gorgeous and I hope you're having the most AMAZING time! (know you are!) Bet you'll be sorry to leave! Enjoy your dive and trek through the mountains! try not to get eaten by lions or anything dangerous lurking in the jungle.

Speak soon, POLISH:)... lol to clarify this is from Joasia x

ps I got on my Masters! Yay!

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 8)

Hi again! Have been wondering how its going. We are going to see A and G tomorrow, staying in a really nice place overnight - we put the clocks forward tonight so we will lose an hours sleep. There are goats in the garden! Luckily they are behind a fence as one is apparently quite vicious. Shan't be hand feeding him!

We are going up to London next weekend to see the girls, as its Easter. They want us to go and look at their new house, it sounds very nice.

Take care. Much love from mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Henderson Family said...

To Felicity Rae
Lovely to see ur smiling and happy face, we're all just getting over a flu here, so hope ur healthy. U look like ur having a gr8 time, hope u r. We are all so proud of u, doing ur bit 2 make the world better 4 those less fortunate then the rest of us. U should be proud of yourself with what u have been able 2 achieve also. Can't wait 2 c u and give u a big hug. Love u. xxoo

Alan Purkiss said...

Hi Adam (Alpha 9)
Yes, I too thought that was you doing the rather classy dive!
I've envied everything you've experienced so far (except the leeches!!). But this next diving course has got to be the best?
My favourite dive ever was in your direction, in Bali with your Aunt Debby, so I can imagine what it will be like. Lucky lad.
I trust they will work you really hard through the Crockers before you go back to the soft life in KL.
Thanks for your letter, arrived today as did your text.
Keep swatting the mozzys and watch out for jellyfish!
Love from Auntie P and me.

leighanderson said...

Brett.Alpha 8
Hi Darling just a short note to keep you going we went to Tony and Jans wedding on Saturday it was really nice it got Dad and I thinking about ours how about we all go abroad to a villa and we will renew our vows on the beach with you all there, sound good we thought so we can talk about it when we see you have a great time love you lots
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To aunty Nat
I hope my letter reachs you.
Thank you for the letter.
Happy Easter!
Love from Chloe xxxxxxxxx

Hazel Duckworth said...

HI Carys( Alpha 9)
Just to let you know , yesterday we received your postcard from the first phase!!! Lovely to hear from you even if it is all out of synch!
We're taking Mary A and Norah to the Swan for Monday lunch. Clocks went forward last night so I think that means we're now 7 hours behind you ( but I could just be confused). Hope you are rested and ready for the last phase. Have a great time. Love Mum and Dad. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah (alpha5) i see you being picked up has been sorted, nobody ever asks me,but still at least it has been sorted. All well here the boys are out playing, and Chris`s mom is here for dinner. We are going to have snow again this week so it said on the news - not again. Well take care good news about Tom`s job. xxxxx

Chris Trickett said...

Hi Laura Crockwell

Got your letters yesterday. Loved them. How are you doing out there? Soaking up the rays while you're working I hope. Not long till I go away and get some of that wonderful sun myself. Got a busy week of assignments and work ahead of me first though so Im sure that will pass the time nicely.
I posted you another letter the other day so that will be with you on changeover.
You'll be pleased to know Jenson Button won the Australian Grand Prix. I know how much you love it ;)
Missing you mate
Speak to you soon.
Fantastic again for doing so well on the trek.
Love you
x x x x

Rebz said...

To Andy Fraser (alpha 8)
Hi andy !! sorry havent wrote on here before but u knw what im like with technology!!! hope everything is going well out there have seen u in a few photos and u look like u are having an AMAZING time doing really well cant wait to hear all about it when you return!!!
Im still working on my goal of passing my driving before you get back !! - il be cutting it fine as failed my first theory but have got my other one soon then the practical ahh!!!
hope you manage to get some sort of eastery food if not i shall get you some percy pigs for your return.
Take care and keep having a great time cant wait for you to come back miss you !
Much love
Rebz (rebecca West)

Laura Mitchell said...


Hi sweetiepie. I have opened a google account. I've just sent you long message but will do a recap in case you didn't get my last message. (I rarely see them published .... this is prob not a good thing!)

Got letter from Leeds. Induction week begins 20th Sept. Learnt that the Uni summer term is only 6 weeks long !!!

Linda Baillie told me that Sarah (oldest) used to go out with Jim McGovern. Small world.

Loved your air mail letter, thank you so much!! Dad knew the areas you mentioned and the insects. Tom thought your reference to Bilbo Bagins was funny!

Tom has shown me funny UTUBE called GAP YAH. Look it up when you can. He also likes RENNAISSANCE MAN but it missed me completely!

Let Ricci C. know if you are going to take him up on his offer. Doesn't matter if you don't, just let him know.

Jamie Mitchell is getting married in Ko Samui end of April. Maybe you can go!! That would be a hoot!

Hope this phase is good, cant believe that its nearly over.

Have you organised flights etc.

Hope to hear from you soon. I've got Skype up and running.

Ruth says if you want a job in Cornwall in the summer, she can fix it.


Zoe said...

Hi Liam Sumner (Alpha 6)

Hope you are still having an amazing time! Bet it feels a world away from walking back and forth to the village! I have 4 days left at school before the holidays ! Hooray! Then begins the countdown to China!
Love Zoe X

Dad said...

Hi Hayley (Alpha 3). Just been told that my last message is in the wrong place so you may not have seen it ? Is this project tougher ? Are u bothering to wash ? All fine here, good games of golf and footie this weekend plus took James to Legoland. Grandpa can see the msg he's sent you, but nobody else can !! Have a great week. Love Dad xxx

Kay Sumner said...

Liam (Alpha 6)

Hi Liam
Missing you, but the picture of you all on the beach makes it look lovely there. Hope you are enjoying life out there. When we see you again I look forward to hearing all your stories.

Take care.
Love Mum, Dad, Zoe, Gareth

Sam de la Haye said...

Hello All, I hope phase three is coming along nicely with a lot of the projects approaching their conclusions - opening ceremonies galore (perhaps!). Don't rush back the UK is coooold and overcast with more bad weather on the way - hooorah! Hope you all have a fab rest of expedition and well deserved endex parties - you certainly deserve it!!


Sam said...

Eleni! I hope it's all going OK - looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. It's cold and wet in the UK and slightly depressing - make the most of the last wee bit! My shell bracelet is causing no end of drama - mamaged to lose one shell whilst mucking out the stable, only to find the horse sucking it later in the evening, and then nearly killed myself by stepping on one that fell off in the shower! Anyhoo, may invest oin some glue? or something to keep them all on! Have a drink for me in JJ's!


Anonymous said...

To Briony McPherson (Alpha 3)

Sending this off in hope it reaches you for Easter. Hope you have a great one. Would you believe we have snow again over here - more like sleet I must say. Maybe when your trip is over the sun will follow you home. Enjoy the rest of your trip Briony . Thinking of you a lot.
Love & God bless,

Anonymous said...


Hello Sophie. It's great, as usual, to see you looking well and very happy in the pics. Only a few weeks now till I can see you again. Thanks for the lovely and informative letters you send. I have passed the content to everyone along with the postcards. The weather here is absolutely awful at the moment but will probably be better by the time you come back (or you could bring some warm weather with you!). Everyone here is well and Alex and Grandma asked me to say hello to you and that they miss you (yea you really do believe that Alex said that don't you!!!) Take care my lovely girl and be careful. Lots of love, Mum xxx :)

David Bevir said...

Alexandra Bevir (Alpha 7)
Hello Alex,
Thank you very much for your letter dated March 6th, posted 18th and received 24th ! It was lovely to have all your news and the orang utan picture.
You must have become a skilled cement maker !
Your plans for 11-29 April look very good - unless you have changed them by now !
I'm well and happy and eating pretty well, thanks !
Yes, I'm surprised, but glad, you are looking forward to your LPC.
I'm going to Dumpers for Easter, including a visit to a first cousin on my mother's side whom we've only met once (!) and a meeting with the Coxs again before they go back to Scotland to live.
By now you must be on your trek/diving, so I hope it's all going well and you are enjoying it.
Take care of yourself.
Lots of love, Dad



Em! Guess what.... I'm going to India in the summer! Woop woop!!!! Just found out today that I've been accepted on a 3 week placement out there from mid-Aug to Sept! Yayyy!!!

Hope you're still having fun... missing you

Love love




HEY! Hows it going twino?! Just been trying to work out the website to see your pics...I've seen some of them... Is that you with your back to us in the picture with the waterfall? if it is then, god I need to send you some maccy d's!!

Got your postcard FINALLY, in fact we all did..the parents did n Ed did so cheers for that. Looking forward to seeing ya and hearing about it all, may have to head out there myself. It looks awesome.

Everything back here is fine, the weather was nice and sunny and has decided to take a turn for the worst and piss it down with rain constantly, the temperatures dropped and they're saying its going to snow this week..however were going to have a boiling summer (apparently).

I've been working loads, been to gigs in Manchester and Leeds, been a laugh!! BUT! -I have tinnitus! It started up over a week a go. A constant buzzing in my right ear, every second of my life. Gutted!! so be careful of your ears I'm not joking. Other than that I'm fine, ready for a holiday and wish I was going traveling again this summer :(

I've seen Dan a few times now, every time involved loads of alcohol and staying up till 6 in the morning, went out with Will scouse for his bday we all wore military attire, was a laugh and i've met a few of your footie mates, they need you back I reckon.

Charlies good, the parents took him to get his manhood taken away from him the poor pup. But hes great, lively as ever! All you have to do now is pick up a stick and he knocks you over.
haha on a walk he ran into barbed wire!! he cut his face next to his eye so now he has this nice white bit of skin showing amongst his black face. Hopefully the hair will grow back.

Ed bought a brand new beamer!! it's gleaming!..Wonder how long he'll have this one though...had his last car for 4 months? tut tut. ah well I'd love a beamer so good on him for being able to afford one.

I cannot believe you'll be coming home soon..its gone so fast!!
Don't be too gutted to come home though, you'll get to see US!

Please for the love of God will you bring some of that sun back with you.

Love you loads and see you soon!
Cat xx

Anonymous said...

Mess for Mark Skelton

vote for the one in the cave.

Currently working away from home. Good to talk to you last weekend. Life still very busy, missing you lots and looking forward to hearing all the news.Picked up the tank for the Honda so have started to put it back together, may finish before you get home HA HA.
Dad XX

Anonymous said...


Hello my darling. The bestest girl in all the huge wide world, my sugarplum fairy baby. (Just felt like being silly!) Are you embarrassed yet? If not, I could try a little harder!!! Nothing too exciting to report. I planted some tomato plant seeds yesterday (the absolute highlight of my day, yippee. Got Betty, Alex, David and Andrea coming for lunch on Sunday (Easter Sunday). Probably going to have roast lamb, mint sauce, gravy, mashed spuds and lots of lovely fresh vegetables. Sorry honey - not making you hungry am I?!? What would you like to eat when you get back/what have you been really missing? Let me guess - a lovely juicy steak? Have fun. See ya soon. Tons of love, Mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Eleni
nearly the end of the trip then ! what next ?
news from Aber.... am getting involved with the walking festival in Oct, will train to be a guide and may have to do first aid ( bit daft !)
went to see Jethro at Brecon last week, he's very funny
cover now off the van, 1st trip planned for 1st w/end after easter. nothing much planned for easter, weathers cold and wet again .snow on blorenge this a.m.
going to rugby - ospreys v scarlets on good friday then walk somewhere another day i expect.
Grampa had a good b'day.. walnut tree sat nite and lunch at olds on sunday. Dade has a funny video of the lunch apparently he will put it on you tube !!!
Gareths ok i think not home for easter by the look of it, he's busy with his business etc
off to work now hope its not busy

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Soph (Alpha9)! Looks like you're still loving it out there, still missing you a bit (surprisingly!). Still working on my bike but not for long i don't think. Speak to you soon! Alex

Sarah T said...

Rosie! (Davies) I hope you're having a fab time! Missing you loads but I'm sure you're having way too much fun to miss me much haha.

I've been messaging you on facebook so you'll need to put aside quite a bit of time to read through them when you get access to the net again lol.

The show went really well, shame you missed it but I'll be getting a DVD so you can see it. You wouldn't have recognised the hall, it looked amazing!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be hearing from you soon so take care. Have a brilliant time on your travels!

Much lovliness. Sarah xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe (Mathers, Alpha 6)

It was so lovely to talk to you that we never posted in time for the last loop! But have been following the blog and seen that you are now at the long house. Longing to hear all about you and to have a Skype talk when you get back (yes we have it now!)
Bibs's wedding was beautiful - both very happy, packed church, lots of singing and then reception in the hall underneath! So very convenient. Tom was good as MC. Several jokes, eg - 'this is a love affair, pure and simple. Bibs is pure and Andy is ....' Best man's speech based on Andy's continuing devotion to Warhammer at age 27!
Really loved the letter, but can't reply by post as it is too late now. Speak soon! Mum and Dad

leighanderson said...

Brett Alpha 8
well it's thursday 7 pm I'm on my own tonight Teri over Dans and Dad at work so I can watch tv all the craft shows I want lol and eat what I want fun fun well Phoebie is one tomorrow, we are all of to chessington for the day looking forward to it. hope you got through the trek ok and will be on dive island soon have a great time missing you loads cant wait to see you.
love Mum and Dad

The Henderson Family said...

To Felicity Rae
Happy easter,hope u have a gr8 weekend. We r all thinking of u, and yes u have a mess of eggs for when u get home
Luv you xxoo

Anonymous said...

Ben und gladde
hoe is het daar? Zit er volgens mij alweer bijna op! jullie hebben het vast wel overleeft! en daarna gaan jullie naar bali toch? heel vet! moet je keer een avond naar koe de ta (KDT) gaat goed los daar met alleen maar westerse mensen en kan je vol chillen!! rob bert en ik zijn druk bezig met het huis beetje aan het inrichtte! wil nog niet echt lukken watn komt zoveel bij kijken! dus duurt denk ik nog wel even! maarja jou kamer staat op je te w8ten benzon! word heel zaliggg!! veel plezier nog en genietse van je eerste pilsie:D die zal vast goed smaken!! :D groeten rustig ! folkert