Monday, 1 March 2010

Changeover 1: DONE!

Hello all, it's Yolanda again, as Claire our communications officer is out to get the latest scoop on Alpha 4's project in Sepilok with the sun bears.

Over here at Raleigh Borneo, it is now day 1 of Phase 2 as Changeover 1 has just been completed.

As always, the arrival of the venturers and project managers of all the groups were highly anticipated after being out on their project sites for a good 19 days.

Alpha groups started arriving from their project sites to the beautiful Borneo Paradise from their project sites from about noon time, the last groups (Alpha 1 and 2) arriving the day after as their bus had very unfortunately broken down the day before. Saying that Alphas 1 and 2 received a very warm welcome from all of the other groups and were all smiles despite their unplanned delay.

Changeover is a time when we transform the tranquil Borneo Paradise into a buzzing joint, because it's all about catching up with people we haven't seen in weeks, queuing for 15 minutes on the 'net, chilling out, reading messages and letters that have been sent here from home, stocking up on fizzy drinks and chocolates,   being re-allocated into new project groups, getting a new stock of food and kit ready for deployment and getting to know new team mates.  

Project managers Alison and Laura quickly catch up with friends and family back home

The groups each performed a skit on the second night at Borneo Paradise, as they vie for a prize as the group who can best describe what has happened on project. 

As the teams perform their best to paint a picture of what's happened on phase

The judges give them a score for the best team to win a prize

And the winner is Alpha 1 with the best skit. Alpha 1 also won the 'Come Dine With Me' prize for having the food and entertainment for the Loop. GREAT work, Alpha 1! They won a mountain of sweets and baked goodies. 

Trek, dive, community or environment? Venturers find out where they will be going next and are both anxious and excited about what's to come!

We present to you Phase two Alpha groups: 

Off to Alpha 1 in Sulit Paitan to assist PMs Ali T and Laura help Sister Dorothy build a kindergarten are

Adam Shahrum Zainal Abidin
Aernout van der Goes
Becki Ingram
Benjamin G Cowley
Danielle A Gaywood
Elizabeth J Chapman
Henry (Harry) C Dewe-Mathews
Joseph Mathers
Josephine K Ayre
Katharine R Ridgway
Mark A Wardman
Oliver J Pringle
Scott Monaghan

The troopers building a gravity water feed system with an in-built filter with Serge and Emily are 

Andrew W Hattersley
Charlotte J Green
Darren Lee Tan
David Sparks
Harry R Griffiths
Harry R Tabor
James P Wood
Joost Pompe
Laura Pittaway
Louise O'Neill
Lucie G Perris
Natasha Fournel
Patrick Laidlaw

With PMs Dave, Rachel and Oonagh at Alpha 3, building a gravity water feed system for a new kampung are

Bas Pothof
Brett Anderson
Christopher J Tuson
Darren A Pugh
Edward Lewis
Eleanor Chapman
Heng Tseng Wen
Jenny Veness
Nisha Kaushal
Rachel A Sutton
Rachel L Magnus
Sarah Parumal
Simon Skelly

Building a home for the sun bears in Sepilok with PMs Donna and Sara are

Aisha Begum
Alexandra Bevir
Alwine I de Vos van Steenwijk
Conor J Gracey
Francesca Sandwell
Jawad Al-Hairi
Luke Ewer
Michael J Mason
Nigel Dakin
Paul Henry
Petronella John
Sophie Grant 
   Also with them is our comms officer Claire

The new intrepid Alpha 5, building a bridge in the pristine Imbak Canyon are PMs Eddie, Ali D, Dr. Natalie,
Andrew Fraser
Carys Duckworth
Christina F Tucker
Edward Sants
Eunice Lum
Isabel E Mattick
Joel Davie
Paul S Choat
Tiffany Harvey
Timothy J Mottram
Tom F Plant
Zak Woodhouse

Building a long-house for a reforestation, Alpha 6 now consists of the lovely PMs Eleni and Kate, joined by 

Ashley Vickers
Carynn J Tanduba
Hayley J Burnell
Helen F Ray-Jones
James L Davies
James N Reif
Joseph Francis
Mark Cavanagh
Rosalind J Davies
Solomon Akhtar
Stephen D Myers
Thijs J Veltman

Diving first before trekking with Alpha 7 PMs Ed and Eleri are

Adam J White
Ah Ching Wong
Aidan Nairn
alexander van leeuwen
Anton Hawthorne-Gonazalvez
Ashleigh Davies
Benjamin J Teuten
Emily Mutton
Felicity-Rae James
Laura Crockwell
Mark Skelton
Victoria L Clutterbuck

Trek then dive Alpha 8 with PMs Sam and Sav are

Alice Hobhouse
Gilbert Sukim
Greg O Jones
Hannah L Sprake
Josh J Stevenson-Brown
Liam Sumner
Matt Underhill
Michael J Day
Morna Spence
Polly Cocker
Rosalind Helson
Roster Lexon Solaiman
Sophie Pahud de Mortanges

And finally, with PMs Ali P and medic Kat are the trek-dive-trek team with

Alexander E Godwin
Angelina Tan
Briony J McPherson
Frederik A Vincentz
James Eyles
Kimberley Balsdon
Kirsty Simms
Kyra v Hil
Martin Brien
Ryan C Aylwin
Theodore C Gibson
William H Mitchell

All groups deployed early on Sunday morning and have arrived safely at their project/trek/dive sites this wonderful Monday. Keep up-to-date with what's happening here at Raleigh Borneo on Twitter, where we quickly update with news from the Alpha groups with a sentence or two so you'll know the latest on what's happening out there!

'Til then, jumpa lagi!


Vin said...

Hi Liam (Alpha 8)

Looks a bit warm out there ... enjoy the trek and dives

We have lots of plumbing jobs for you.

take care

dad, mum , zoe gareth

Anonymous said...

hey darren lee,
i see you're in your new group already.finally an obviuos picture of you and you're so hitam alreaddyyy! what happen to the fair skin?well at least you have some color on your now.make sure you don't get too tan till can't see the barcode on your boobies there.take care dude!
wai nee

Anonymous said...


Just seen pic of your group on blog. Fantastic beach in background! Have the most wonderful 'Trek Dive Trek' time! Can't find good biltong without going all the way to your favorite south african shop in Farmoor, so sending card plus choc (will be melted - yum!) today! Beautiful sunny day this morning
, just seen your noisy friend, the woodpecker, on the bird table ! Having lunch with Pippa Storey today and doing sheds. S-D's have asked us to go sailing in BVI at Christmas .... Read Mike's message on your group, he writes so well, he should be a journalist !! All's well here but Sunday lunch, roast port and crackling - just isn't the same without you!! M x

Anonymous said...

Happy St David's Day to you all!

from Eleni's Mum
and thanks Yolanda for your sterlng blogging!

Mum and Dad said...

To Hayley Burnell, Alpha 6
Hi Blossom,
Can't believe you're living on that gorgeous beach for the next few weeks! Looks fantastic. Have a fabulous time - wish we were there!

Loads of love and big hugs from us all at home xxxx

Jane Plant said...

Great update, Raleigh peeps. Thanks. Can you tell us what project Alpha 5 are doing. Thanks.

Jane Plant said...

Hey Tom F Plant. Good luck with your new project. Nice to see a piccie of you on the website - got your watch then!! Ma x x x

Thanks for email. xx

Emily Arthur said...

Paul Choat(alpha5) Miracles do happen!! You shaved and i wasn't there to whinge about your hairy face!! :P You're looking well- Tennent's and Kasbah miss your spending ;) Hope the next phase is amazing, will write to you soon, off for a fun week at uni now(I'm VERY jealous of you!!) Muchos love and kisses, maybe a hug if your not tooooo stinky :), emmy

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett (in Alpha 3) it was so nice to hear your voice looking at the photo's of you changeover we like the look of the beach looks inviting is the water warm or frezing stii I don't think you would care!!!!
Well still very cold here I bet you think thats funny!. Well we will be in touch love you lots bye for now Mum and Dad xxxxxx

Pauline said...

Congratulations Darren! You survived....:).

Pauline said...

To Darren...good luck 2 u Marcus. jia you jia you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren Lee Alpha 2,

Nice to know you are enjoying and glad that you can cook.Love Mummy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ( alpha 3) it was great to see you in the group picture,You look well and yes I see you have lost weight I think I will join you. Hope you enjoy your new adventure. Take care love M xx

Chris Trickett said...

Hello Laura (Crockwell) Alpha 7
The beach looks fantastic, you're looking gorgeous. It was so good speaking to you over the weekend. Good luck with the dive and the trek.
Love you. Chris x x x x

the Pittaways said...

Hi Beanie
Seen you posing on the beach before you went off to new project with Alpha 2. Looking very happy! It was so great to talk to you over the weekend. Monday and kids here. Beautiful sunny day AT LAST! Tues we're off at 4am to Norfolk to watch millions of geese fly in at high tide. Madness or what? Unforgettable sight we hope. Mark out working so all good. Dad on motorbike off to hosp check up. Leg not good. Still no letter from us?? Sent you 2. Yours not arrived yet. Huge hugs and love from us all back here in Hornchurch. Mum & Keg

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!! (Alpha 3)

You are looking so well, glad you're enjoying yourself!! Good luck on the new project I'm sure you will enjoy it just as much as the last one. Can't wait to see more pictures of you.

We all miss you lots and are counting down the weeks till you come home.

Love and hugs
Clare, Sean, Mum, Nic and Baby Bean!! XXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael(alpha8)I see you are in a new team and about to go trecking before diving.You look like you may have lost some weight,hope your getting enough grub. Enjoy your trek,keep taking the mossy pills,take some photos,
love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi James Davies (now Alpha 6)!

I hope that creepy crawlies are not eating you alive in the jungle. You appear to be hiding in your latest photo - is that from natives protecting their women or just photographers from Hello magazine? The blog says that Alpha 6 is off building a long-house for a "reforestation facility"- is that Borneo-speak for a garden centre? Grandma has gone to Lanzarotte for the sun (but she will have to plant an awful lot of trees to make the place look like Borneo). I got Gareth a Welsh flag but it brought no luck just a 26-20 defeat to the French in Cardiff. Ireland look set for a Triple Crown and France the Grand Slam.
Well I had better do some work. Have a great time this week! Uncle Rog

Nicola said...

Wow...wonderful white sand.....beautiful blue sky....looks amazing. Tish and Alpha look good too!!!
All my love

Rebecca Hennessey said...

Ben Cowley, I know you'll be having a stunning time helping build the kindergarten. Hope you get my letter soon. I miss you. Love Hennis xxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)
Hi Andy,just to let you know that we have arrived home safely this morning. It was absolutely freezing but quite sunny. We had quite a bumpy ride last night! Dad has already been to QA to get his eyes checked out, as advised by the doctor, and all seems to be on the mend. It was great to see you in the photos. Thanks also for the facebook message. So sorry we missed you on the internet a few days ago. Hope you did not get eaten by leeches on the way to the project. Will be writing to you tomorrow. Hope you have a great birthday on the 4th and that you got the birthday card - we will miss you on this special day. I promise to make you a very large chocolate birthday cake when you get home! Glad to hear you are now eating porridge! Take care and keep safe. Much love from mum and dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Louise O'Neill, hey! Good luck with the next bit of your trip building the water feed system. I hope you get/got my postcard from New Orleans! Looks like you're having an awesome time, can't wait to swap travel stories :D

Muchos besos, Faye!

Anonymous said...


Hi Hanni,
Thanks, to Yolande for fabulous photos of CLEAN!!venturers...wonderful thing, soap.
I guess you will be on the move and out of the loop from now on, so here's hoping you get to pick up these blogs when you finish trek and get to Mamuit Island. Not a bad idea to do the adventure phase that way round. Have googled the dive centre and it certainly looks fantastic: hope the trek isn't too full of wild beasties and stay away from sharks! Will look forward to seeing you on 21st, much love Dum and Mad.

PS How on earth did you find Andrew on the internet at 3am?!!Gracie is sooo mad that he didn't wake her. We all miss you. xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Michael Mason Alpha 4

BON ANNIVERSAIRE, mon petit prince!!! Hope you have a good one. You must be very pleased about your changeover...These sunbears look so cute. I hope you received my parcel. Enjoyed very much reading your rally made my day, keep on sending them..Natalie in excellent form. They are looking for a cottage near Woodstock and may have found one. Catherine has had a few excellent job offers re photography. Tims movie is on and money finally coming in. Should be starting around June/july. Enjoy your new assignment. Sounds really good. Gros bisous Mumsky

Anonymous said...

Louise O'Neill! Hope you are having an amazing time! Miss you! Lots of love Holley x

Henderson Family said...

HI Felicity-Rae
Gr8 2 c u having a fantastic time and experiencing stuff that must of us will only dream of. Glenyes says hi and 2 tell u she hasn't cooked since u left. Hope the rest of your trip is as exciting as the first 4 weeks. We all miss u so much but it is gr8 2 c your photos on the blog. Good 2 see we will have a builder's labourer when u get back. Love u and stay safe, The Hendersons

Ali White said...

To Joe[Alpha 7]

Took me a few tries to spot you with new haircut.....what happened to all the curls! Still I suppose it saves on the washing. Have a great time diving and don't forget to equalise[remembering Turkey].
Bit of a tropical paradise location, savour every moment.
All fine here. Will send you details of big house we've rented in Cornwall for everyone for Granpa's 'walk', June 20th.

Miss you lots but looking forward to hearing all about it, take lots of photos. Got your letter and email. Mum, Dad, Clare, Sam, Harry and Tessa xxx

Sarah said...

Alastair Parry, that facial hair is looking really quite frightening now! Hope that the second expedition goes really well and that you don't lose anybody! Have just booked the hotel for hanoi - very excited now! Love you, Sarah xx

de vos said...

Lieve Alwine,
het was heerlijk je aan de lijn te hebben en te horen dat je zo genoten hebt. Als je de trekking fysiek mee vond vallen, is de rest helemaal een eitje...
Nu bouwen, dat ken je nog van Ghana.
We zijn zo trots op je,
veel liefs van ons allemaal vanuit een eindelijk niet meer wit Nederland ( hoewel het weer is gaan vriezen...)
dikke zoenen van ons allen, T

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex Godwin (Alpha 1)
we're missing you loads but you look like you're having an amazing time looking at these pictures!
loving the facial hair by the way haha
keep in touch while you're out there!
miss you Kira xxx

Sunny said...

Hey Nisha,
Looking good...
We wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday ..... hope you have a fab day :-). I bet it'll be a heck of a lot different from previous birthdays!
All the crew at home are well and are missing you loads.

Happy Birthday once again ..

Sunny, Rekha and Nikhil x

Henderson Family said...

To Felicity-Rae
Hi honey alex and blake both said to say hello cant wait until you get back still need to make that passionfruit slice. Blakes at boarding school in Leeton he comes home every weekend he is having a great time to busy to talk to his mum. Tim is missing you heaps. Thank you so much for the postcard they are so cute. Keep having an amazing adventure. Love Glenyes

Jenn Jammaers said...

Hello Dakin!!

Good job on winning the best skit!!! Kinda sucked I couldn't hear you well on the phone but it was sooooooooo nice to just hear your voice and hear how happy you are. I hope this phase is even better than the last and I hope you get my modest birthday package (honestly modest but I couldn't afford anything to get lost!) Have fun and i'm looking forward to hearing from you again! Love you dude xoxo

Jenn Jammaers said...

ps. two photos of you (you're definitely improving! =P)

Anonymous said...

have been following the blog and looks like you are having a fab time, love the photos cant wait to see some more, very proud of you, good luck with your next adventure, love you lots, nan and grandad.

Dawn said...

Hi Aidan (alpha 7)
It was great to here your voice, its so good to know that you are well and happy...enjoy the diving we know its your favourite thing...nikki is worried you will go live with the is mega jealous...everyone here is good..Ailsa wants to become and explorer like her big brother..I can see you 2 off on is on the mend, but very slowly, she'll get there she is quite tough and stubborn , just like you ..
We miss you, but are so glad you are there, keep safe and be cool..
Mum, Dad, Morven & Ailsa xxxxx

yiota said...

Yia sou agapi mou Alex B group 4
kalo mina.kalo neo project.
It was so nice to hear your voice last weekend and is also great to see you in the group photos. You look like you're having an amazing time..
1st for surviving in the jungle!!
2nd for completed your first and probably the most difficult project and 3rd our team won two prices.Well done!!!I am so proud of you.
I hope you will enjoy your new project as much as the last one.
The wather started to be quite warm here and makes me missing you even more (if this is possible.
I didn't have any letters from you yet.Did you have mine?
Look after your self, keep safe and God Bless you.I love you so much and miss youxxx

d.crockwell said...

Hi Laura Crockwell
Really lovely to talk to you at the weekend, so glad you are really enjoying what you are doing. Being part of the community for 3 weeks and doing something so practical and worthwhile is an achievement to be proud of. It's been sunny and quite warm here today, probably not as warm as you, so I'm envious of your few days R&R on the beach. Enjoy the diving, and get your energy together for the trek. What a rollercoaster of emotions you will experience in the jungle, but by giving it a 110% (maybe even 120%)you can look forward to a place in the live final. Lots of love, be safe. Pa xxx

Anonymous said...

Dag zus (Kyra v hil)
wat was het fijn om je stem even te horen afgelopen week en wat sta je weer lekker op die foto! in het zand! en de zon! hier in London is het voorjaar begonnen, zon en vogels en baluwe lucht. kortom het gaat goed. En ik luister naar de bijna 2000 nieuwe nummers die jij me heb gegeven dank! geniet en vergeet niet te drinken!
dikke kus en Liefs

Anonymous said...

Hi Beanie
Your letter arrived today! Great reading all your escapades Many thanks. Enjoy out there darling
Miss you lots
Mum & Keg xx

Krystyna said...

To Harry Griffiths

From your favourite sister! Love you and miss you loads, mummy's birthday today. keep appearing in the pictures... you look like you're having an amazing time and i'm very jealous you're getting a tan! Hope you're surviving cooking for yourself :/
Lots of love Krystyna xxxxxxxxxx

huz said...

Hi Anton,
Saw you in the photo on the beach-hope you enjoy the diving and have a great time. The sun came out here on March 1 and there is a crocus in the window box so spring is here. I even sat out in the sun at lunchtime today! Bet you are MUCH hotter over there-hope the water is refreshing.
Have a swim for me!
Enjoy the last few weeks-hasn't it gone quickly?
Lots of love as always
Mum xx

thea said...

hi hatters (alpha 2)
congrats on finishing phase 1! hope you enjoyed changeover, partying it up with skits, tunes, and mocktails. Bet you're really pleased getting the community phase next, now you can finish Raleigh with the trek and some scuba diving, awesome. Hope you're still having an amazing time, working hard, enjoying the sun, and getting a tan! not jelaous at all.
thea xxxx

Carla + Phil Jones said...

To Greg
Nice photos - and good to hear from you at changeover, albeit brief. Hope you enjoy the trekking and diving - the beaches look great anyway! Dont know if you'll get any mail during this phase, hopefully you might hear the messages via radio though.
Lots of love
Mum, Dad & BB

David Bevir said...

To Alexandra Bevir with the sun bears
Hello Alex !
Many thanks for your letter of 14/2, posted 22/2, which arrived on 27/2, so quick ! Good to have your news and thoughts about it all, which I passed on as requested.
O2 has sent a refund of £21.96 to your account.
Congratulations on winning the prize for the best skit ! I hope you are enjoying the sweets and goodies. Nice to see you in the photos.
I hope you are enjoying building the home for the sun bears and that it's all going well. How's the hammock - and the shower !
Take care of yourself, and lots of love, Dad

Mike Ray-Jones said...

Hi Helen (Alpha 6)

Looking great - and a good-looking team too! ;-)

Enjoy your beach party (oh, and a spot of building work too!)

Lots of love, mum & dad xxx

GladyP said...

Hi Becki

It's great to have found some more photos of you today. (Proof that you have survived thus far!) Keep up the good work. Harriet says Hi. She's very active selling caramel squares and fudge at school for her big trip in 2011.

Aunty Glad

Anonymous said...

James Eyles...
Hope you're having an amazing time out there-it looks stunning in the photos!
I think it's safe to say that those of us at home are missing India and are more than a little jealous that you're doing it all again somewhere new!
Enjoy every moment,
Beth (still missing my mutilmoola mural) x x x

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser Alpha 5
Hi again, Andy. Well its back to school tomorrow for me, and work for dad. Ellie sends her love to you. We are watching the blogs hoping to see you in the photos. Don't forget to take lots of photos will you? Have you been eating porridge again? Now you will be able to make us all cups of tea as you have started drinking it! Take care. Much love from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah. xxxx

Hazel Duckworth said...

HI Carys (now Alpha 5) .You were on loads of the photos at turnaround w/e which was a treat for us. The group photo on the beach with all that white sand and sun was designed to make Brits jealous! We again woke up to snow in Yorkshire (2nd March) but it turned into a beautiful clear day :warm for us at 8 degrees! Julian wrote on his facebook that his phone ran out of charge when he was talking to you on Sunday . He must have been really upset as he's missed talking with you. Enjoy happy ..Keep safe .God bless .love Mum & Dad

M said...

Hee Aernout, wat een lekker bounty-eiland, ik heb net pappa naar het station gebracht en we moesten weer krabben voordat we weg konden rijden.... Waarschijnlijk wordt het pas echt lekker weer in april, als jij weer thuis komt, dat heb je dan mooi omzeilt. Ik ben wel benieuwd hoe die kindergarten eruit gaat zien voor Sister Dorothy, verantwoordelijke job eigenlijk, verheug me op alle klussen die je thuis straks allemaal kan doen als je een handyman geworden bent, zoen M

Matticks said...

Hi, Izzi (Alpha 5). We were so eager to send you a message on Monday that we didn't press all the right buttons! So here's a second attempt.
Thanks for your email. D read it after dinner in Philadelphia just after you sent it and tried to "ping" you, but then fell asleep before he could reply! Great to see you in another group photo and hope everything is going well on the new project. Imbak Canyon looks and sounds fascinating: just watch out for the leeches, don't drop any stones and make sure you drink enough water!
Jakey is making good progress (M rode him round the X-country course and he walked sensibly), D is back to the grindstone in London and J is working hard (?!). Weather has been glorious the last two days. Hope things aren't too hot and humid for you and you do useful work and see lots of interesting plant- and wild life.
Love M, D, J and menagerie xxx.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan A, great to see pics of you, that beach looks awesome! Enjoy the trek and dive phase, have fun with your new group. Your letter and postcard arrived, everyone wants to write so have given the post address out and Uncle Mark now has blog address. Looking forward to updates on your blog when you get internet again, am sure you have loads to update! Missing you loads Mum, Dad, Lisa, Phill, Leo, granmum and grandad

Anonymous said...

Lieve Kyra (alpha 9)
Het was ontroerend om je even aan
telefoon te hebben en je stem te horen. Heerlijk dat je zo geniet.
Op alle foto zie je er blakend en gelukkig uit dus dat doet mij erg goed.
De laatste foto was weer erg ladylike, even niet met schop en
"verlicht" hoofd.
Het is fabtastisch dat je dit allemaal aankunt. Lieverd let goed op je gezondheid.
Dikke kus Isis

Anonymous said...


Will, I'm panicing now - long flight to Nairobi tomorrow morning. Leaving the house at 6am. EEEK. I hate flying. Then we have the small hopper flight to Malindi. Spending three days near Hemingways (!) in a friends house and then hopper plane again to Lamu (Shales house). Hope to snorkle with wild dolphins. Sandra Crampton-Smith and I were the only ones brave enough last time! Haven't been away for so long so am looking forward to the heat. Posted letter to you today - will be interesting to see if you actually get it! Lots and lots of love to you - Dad will be here whilst I'm away. BIG HUGS, M x

crow said...

miss briony jude :)
hope your having a great time out therebaby, saw you with your new team, hope there gonna take care of you. everyone missing you loads, specially me.
cant wait till you get back but till then i'll think of the great job your doing out there. really proud of you!!!
keep up the hard work honey n make the most of it.
cant wait to see you when you get back.
lots of love,



Miss you loads babes...
Fernando, George, Tom, Rob and Joe!

keep up the bonding.

Elizabeth Tucker said...

Hello Christina (Alpha 5, Imbok Canyon),
It was great to read your happy email at the Changeover, and it made all the family so happy (esp. me and Dad in France)! Thank you very very much. Well done on your unconditional offer, that was a super piece of news to receive while you're still in Borneo. Also congratulations on the progress made with the kindergarten building; your group must have really worked hard to get so far.

Can see from the blog a picture of you waving with your new group on the beach, presummably at KK, and it's told us that you've reached the canyon safely and where it's hot and humid (hardly surprising). I've found some pictures of the animals on the Discovery Channel website, but will have to get Catherine and John onto locating the BBC film.

As instructed I paid the balance to Coral Cay via the website log-in on Monday after I got back from France. No post at home for you that looks important and we're at home now until you come back but C & A and the girls are going off to Mexico in a week's time. Dad will ring Paul soon to remind him to send Ralph to collect you at T4 on the Sunday morning and if you're approx. on time we'll be there too.

Much love from us all, Mammy

Essie said...

Benjamin John Theodore Teuten!!!!!!
.. you made pancakes!! bet their not as good as the ones i had at yours, well done for completing your 3/4th phase of diving.. im very proud of you bubz, i want to go to the sister island Manukan wen we get there, apprently someone in another alpha fell down their long drop, gutted!! hope the trek is okay, remember wat that guy in the shop said, to stay in the middle so the leeches dont get you, and not too near the back cus of the smell! what was it like at the top? was it beautiful..? hope you read this..i dont like not speaking to you..cant wait to see you..iv bought you sooo many presents im going to spoil you rotten! im so excited, love you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Em (Alpha 7),
What a beach! Hope you are having loads of fun not diving and that you are getting mentally prepared for...the trek!!
So so good to speak to you at the weekend and to read your texts, email and letter. It all sounds amazing and we are all so pleased you are making the most of it.
All OK here. Have actually had some sunshine this week!
Granny and Grandad, Pam and Bill all send their love.

And I do too, lots and lots,


Jude said...

Hi Josh (alpha 8), great to see new photos and news of the next phase. Hope you love the trek and dive as much as Imbak Canyon. Sounds like you have taken to jungle dwelling!! Everyone excited to hear your news and send their love. Hope no blisters, take care lots of love M&D xx

Lily said...

Hey Aisha, ur looking good hun...just dropped by to say hi and miss uuuu, cnt w8 to hv u bak... love u loads ummwaaah x

Anonymous said...

Please tell Sav (PM Alpha 8 I think) not to be tempted to stay with Mowgli in the jungle but to come back safe and sound.

Please send her all my love and a sausage sandwich. TB x

Essie and Max said...

Benjamin Teuten (alpha 7)
yo mate, its Max man.. me and chaz r looking after essie. missing you mate. hope you got that crazzy letter from amagi lool. cant wait 4 vegas haha. and some times when your back with some nice beers and a few nice camel blues along with a few games of poker. well hope you are well. and your enjoying it. were all thinking of you bro xxx
love you bubz, we just went to the pub, talked about you alot, England beat Eygpt at football 3-1!! Charlie was doing shots of pink tequila by himself lol, miss you baby, loads, you know that.. see you very soon love you x

yiota said...

Yia sou agapi mou.(Alex B group 4)
efharisto poli gia to minimataki pou mou estiles.Pos ine dinato na se xehaso;Taktopiisa ton logariasmo sou paroti tha heromoun poly an se evlepa pio sintoma alla ipotheto thelis pio polles empiries.ehis lavi to gramma mou i akoma;I Anna ehi perasi to test odigisis.imaste oloi kala ke se pethimame .O Theosa mazi sou .Na se prosehi.sagapoi poli ke se pethimoxxxx

Felicity-Rae :P said...

hey babe :)
god i miss you like crazy. cant wait to see you again soon. how has it been going. not much doing here except rain... lol. do u know when ur coming back to aus yet? thanks for the post card and the letter.. im writting one back but not sure if it will get there in time. oh well.. fare out i cant wait till your home. i love you so much baby.. talk soon :) love tim

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren Lee (Alpha 2)

Can I borrow your iPod touch? And come back and download Glee for me please. :D Mummy says she miss your voice at home.


Martin Cocker said...

Hiya Pol (Alpha 8).

Great to be able to keep track of you on your grand adventure. Hope that the trek went well and the shoes were properly worn in - if you could manage the bridle path OK then expect the jungle was a stroll in the, eh, jungle! Enjoy the next bit. All my love. Dadxx

fazer said...

Hi Josh (Alpha 8),
Finally got to see a piccie of you, proves you are really there now!
Trek then dive?? Not sure what dive is but haven't checked the whole blog out to see either.
Hope you are acclimatizing to the weather after freezing UK??
Perth, WA is as hot as ever he he.
Have fun, stay safe and I will keep an eye out for comms from you, Luv Uncle Chris

James said...

Hey Alex,

Really pleased it's all going so well for you, and very happy to see lots of photos.

I got a postcard from you yesterday, thank you! I miss you very much, and can't wait for the next update.

Love you xx

Hazel Duckworth said...

Hi Carys(alpha5).

Hope you're not straining too many muscles shifting rocks. Dad has his ministry recognition interview next Thursday (11th March).We've just bought him a new suit for the occasion although it seems a bit of over-kill. He looks pretty sharp in it We're going to Wales afterwards to spend Mother's day w/e with Grandma. Everyone sends their love. Andrew has another cold: it's the weather! It has brightened a bit though. Loads of love and hugs. Mum and Dad. XXX

Pere de Skwig said...

Hi Nigel
Looking good & Healthy. Congratulations on winning the Skit & Cooking prize. I will let you cook something up around here now! The new crew look good, best of luck with the bears!


Sally Whittingham said...

For Josh, Alpha 8. Sooo envious of you all Josh! Hope you really enjoy the diving and stay fit and happy, lol

veggie4life said...

hey Joel! (alpha 5)

Not sure if you'll actually get this but just to say I got your postcard today and am so glad you're having a good time! The post card made my weekend but junction isn't the same without you! Can we send you letters back or are you always moving about ?

Stay Safe xxx


Sarah Neale said...

For Alan Sugar, Alpha Two...
Hey hey hey - it's Sarah from the Costa Rica camp. How the devil are you? Listen - try as I might, the botfly are proving elusive, I've failed to get attacked by a snake or find any weird and wonderful tropical diseases. I did manage to get bitten by bedbugs (does that count?) and had a tarantula fall on my head. Please send stories of leeches - or better still, pictures. Dying to hear about your adventures - can't believe we're almost half way through the expedition already!!! I'm thinking about a second bite of the cherry - you? Update pleasie :) And check out our Costa Rica blog -! Yours is looking ace - I'm deadly jealous of that amazing beach. Have a wicked time fella, lots of love, Sarah (AKA - FYI - blogger) x

katie simms said...

hey kirst!
saw the pic of you and your new alpha group on the blog! that beach looks amazing! luke put it up on FB and everyone has said how jealous they are! so nice to speak on the phone again this morning! glad you are enjoying your diving! say hi to nemo and dory for me if you see them again!haha! everyone here is missing you loads and we cant wait to see you! i have been telling everyone all about what your up to and boasting about it like it was me doing it! ha! it just coz im well proud of you! ok best go ill write on the blog again soon! all my love kate xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hallooo mijn liefste kier!
Ik heb je brief gekregen!! Je hebt me er heel erg blij mee gemaakt, te horen dat alles goed gaat ,je het naar je zin hebt ( kan ook niet anders natuurlijk) en je nog gezond en wel bent. Natuurlijk een brief op zn kyra´s dus vaak moeilijk te lezen en lekker duidelijk haha maar ach, je raakt er aan gewend. Ik ga je binnenkort een brief terugsturen. Ondanks je brief is het zo moeilijk voor te stellen hoe je het daar allemaal ervaart, het lijkt me echt prachtig fantastisch geweldig. Ik zag je foto en de groep ziet er leuk uit! Ook zag ik dat je mn ketting droeg, dat doet me echt veel. Nou lieve kier, ik mis je en doe voorzichtig en geniet.
Love u xxxxxx suus

Anonymous said...


Hey my darling, missing you but not the mess in your room, the kitchen, the bathroom!!! I love seeing the photos on here so well done everyone ar Raleigh. It's lovely for us back home to see our loved ones looking happy. Sophie, I am so envious of all that you're doing and experiencing. After you showed me life in Thailand last year, I would love to do what you're doing (with the snakes though!). Enjoy every minute of your time there. Lots and lots of love, Mum xxx :)

Anonymous said...

to Alex.

agapi ego ime pale. molis ida tis fotos sou ke evala ta klamata. you look great and happy!! i am so jealous wish i was there with you!! everything looks amazin and so much fun!! oti foto do ise mesa!!! sooo proud of u keep up the good work!!

love you,


Ange said...

To Eunice Lum (Alpha 5),

Time passes so fast that now you are already in your second phase!
Hope you had lots of fun.

Pei Mun sends her best regards to you!!! (^.^) Hope you will take good care of yourself.

My marathon is this coming 27th March gal !!!! haha..
Can't wait.

In the meantime, take care ya!!!