Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Brief Alpha Group Updates

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leighanderson said...

Hi Brett
hope you are working hard, we are so proud of you we all follow your progress and find it all so interesting. When you do come home I will want to hear all of your adventures and see the pictures you have taken. Don't for get to write it's so nice to hear from you love and miss you lots,
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxx

d.crockwell said...

Hi No1, aka Laura Crockwell,
You all look fabulously happy.
Good luck with the diving, give it your best shot! Go Alpha 7!
Love and miss you (but saving lots of money) Mum xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey

your ma is now officially a twit - or maybe that should be a twitterer!
bet the bikram yoga on the beach is amazing.

ps Yolanda - have been waiting for confusion between Eleni and Eleri!!

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett (Alpha 3)
Well me again just had a thought what can I do with the cheese we have so much left we only need a quarter of what we buy! who eats all the cheese lol ha ha.
also we have bottles of lemonade as well so you will have a lot to eat when you come home. dad said it must be you, still waiting for your letters we love you lots and miss you all our thoughts are with you have a great time
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Hannah Alpha 8

Dear Hannah,
Fiona (Neame) has just phoned.She is staying with her Sharon, a friend from school, who is Greg's auntie! Greg is in your group. And Fiona was also at school with his mum Carla! Fiona does not belieeeeve it! What a small world. Your letter arrived yesterday (no 2) where did no 1 go to I wonder? Lovely to read all the details of your early days in Imbak; will keep it as a souvenir for you. Have been thinking of you often and hoping it is not too arduous. much love, Mum (and Dad!) xxxxxxxx

Gill Burnell said...

Hi Hayley - Alpha 6

Hope it's all going well, looking forward to seeing some piccies!
Dad is having a fab time in Austria, enjoying the skiing and the apres! James thinks it's really funny that you're living in a tent - it's dress-up day at school today, for book week, so he's Doc Martin! Looks like you still have the gorgeous weather. Hope you're all managing some yummy dinners. Grandma sends her love.
Big hugs from us all, Mum and James xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan A, sent off a letter and parcel yesterday, hope it arrives ok. Lisa and Phill and Imi busy writing, Uncle Mark also going to get in touch so lots of mail coming to you! Have a great time on the trek dive trek, look forward to hearing from you at change over, give us a quick ring, I will pay your bill!! love Mum and all xxx

Lydia said...

Hi Becki ( Alpha 1)
How goes the work? What a fantastic project! Saints have had two amazing wins recently 5-1 and 5-0. Still in 10th place, and the big push is now on! Matt has his tickets for Wembley final.
Its Dads birthday on 20th, and have organised a 50km cycle ride for him and his mates. Hope weather is good. Lots of love, and hope to hear from you again at changeover.
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben T from Alpha 7

Hope the diving was amazing and that you did not meet a shark! All is well here and Good luck with the trek - we will be thinking of you!
love M&D and all the gang xxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)

Hi Andy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!Hope you are able to celebrate it with the rest of Alpha 5. It sounds pretty hard work. Hope its not too hot! We miss you a lot and wish we could say Happy Birthday to you in person, but we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you today and every day. Dad went to QA today and his eye is progressing well. Ellie and Hannah are off to Dubai in just over a week's time. Am looking forward to your letter - did you get time to finish it? I am working an extra day and a half to cover maternity leave so that is good news. Take care, and have a great day. Much love from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
saw your photo on the blog. Max, Evie , Dad all fine. I am writing you a letter but you probably wont get it for a couple of weeks.
Love Mum

Ali White said...

Hi Joe Alpha 7

Well hopefully you will have completed your PADI today, did the ears hold out?
All fine here though Dad becoming more bizarre. He is sat opposite me now at the kitchen table sending me emails ......attention seeking or what! Of course he finds it really amusing. We are off skiing with Anne and Paul on Sunday, which could involve Anne dragging me off to patisserie and gluvine after a mornings skiing, with her renditions of 'I can't be arsed!'

Harry has hit 16 monosyllabic mode so it is very quiet in the house.
Tessa threw up four times in the kitchen which CLARE had to clear up, I am sure you can visualise the rantings as she was confined to her basket for the afternoon!
Tessa, not Clare!

I can't cope with the leftovers that now accumulate in the fridge, no one else seems to want curry or meatballs for'd better come home soon.

Have a good trek. Chocolate on the way. Love Mum and co xxxxx

Ali White said...

Hi Joe Alpha 7

Well hopefully you will have completed your PADI today, did the ears hold out?
All fine here though Dad becoming more bizarre. He is sat opposite me now at the kitchen table sending me emails ......attention seeking or what! Of course he finds it really amusing. We are off skiing with Anne and Paul on Sunday, which could involve Anne dragging me off to patisserie and gluvine after a mornings skiing, with her renditions of 'I can't be arsed!'

Harry has hit 16 monosyllabic mode so it is very quiet in the house.
Tessa threw up four times in the kitchen which CLARE had to clear up, I am sure you can visualise the rantings as she was confined to her basket for the afternoon!
Tessa, not Clare!

I can't cope with the leftovers that now accumulate in the fridge, no one else seems to want curry or meatballs for'd better come home soon.

Have a good trek. Chocolate on the way. Love Mum and co xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Heyy Jack B!

Hope Your Having A Good Time Mr!

And Not Working To Hard!

We All Miss You Already !

Love Kim! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura - Alpha 1
Received your phone text today - wonders of technology - you in Borneo and us in Spain! Glad to hear all is going so well and that your group won all the prizes when you back at camp last weekend. We have viewed all the pictures on facebook and the kindergarten structure is certainly is coming along. Hope you got the news that its going to be a BOY.
Very grey here today and there's even talk of snow on Monday! Crazy weather everywhere.
Look forward to catching up again on your next changeover.
LoL Mum and Dad x

Emily Arthur said...

Hey Paul Choat!!(alpha 5)
Hope your bridge building is going super, and that you're putting your skills to good use!! All here is good, girls are home for the weeekend so i'm enjoying some peace!! Your letter stillllll hasn't arrived- think our postman is skiving though! haha. Plenty more letters on their way to you, miss you bijillions! Take good care of your stinky self.Fluff and Dopey are good!! Muchos loveage. Emmy

alan said...

Hi Helen (Alpha 2 or 6?)
I've been looking round the Raleigh website and found a photo of you on a lovely beach with a palm tree in the background. It looks wonderful - we are rather cold here though the sun shines for a change. I also found references to winning a football match against the locals and building a longhouse - was that you? Hope you are having an interesting/great/useful time! A card is on its way, or will be soon.
Love from us both - A&E

sharonharris said...

Hi Greg (Alpha 8)

Hannah's mum beat me to posting a blog. Such a small world and such a coincidence that you've ended up in the same group. Do you remember Fiona Neame? (You met her and Charles on your parents' silver wedding anniversary boat trip.) Anyway, Mum and I were at school with her and she was staying with me this week, asked what you were up to, to which I replied, "He's in Borneo, lucky devil". "That's funny" she said, "My Bedford neighbour's daughter, Hannah, is in Borneo. When did he go?" et etc. Went to the website, checked the photos and sure enough you're in the same group, at which point we all got ridiculously excited. Less than six degrees of separation in this case. Spooky. So keep in with Hannah (if you aren't already of course), cos I can get all the dirt on you from another source!! Haven't told Mum & Dad yet (bit busy at work) but perhaps they'll find out via the blog too.
Lots of love. Write soon! Sharon

Julie Cocker said...

Polly (Alpha 8). By the time you receive this you'll have finished your trek - hope it was fantastic and you coped with 'all night long'! Love the picture of you on the beach, it's now everywhere, our screensaver, on the fridge door and emailed to just about everyone! I've sent some letters....which I hope you'll get soon. Next it's PADI for you which I'm sure will be amazing. Love you zillions, enjoy, enjoy Mum xxxx

phaikmay said...

Hi darren!

The pictures look great. So glad you're finally experiencing what you wished for since you first heard of the expedition. Hope you learn loads from it. We are all doing well here, hoping for your safe return.

Take care of yourself and hv fun!

lauriewoodhouse said...

Zak Woodhouse - hope your having the time of your life up in the canyon. Your brother is now driving - wow. Spring is almost here and we can't wait to give you a hug. I'm having your door fixed you'll be happy to know. Big Kisses Mum

Anonymous said...

Message for Hannah (Alpha8)

Hi Hanni, hope all is well and trekking is/was successful. Thought of you in sweating it out as I opened the curtains and saw a de-icing task ahead of me...again. Am beginning to wonder where Scrat is.At least it's sunny.Off to see Beth get her face smashed in by lacrosse balls as she's back to goalkeeping. They're in a 2 day Tournament at Imperial College and surprisingly, she's given us permission to watch! Can't see her Julia Roberts smile lasting the whole Tournament, though. Hope our final letter arrives in time for you. We left 3 weeks, as was suggested...will help you decipher the scrawl when you get home'll see what I mean.
Other than that, all is well in the furry feline world; Dad has no shoes left and they've started on the furniture. Come home soon...while there's a house left standing.
much love, Mum and Dad, Tilly and Daisy.

leighanderson said...

Hi Brett
colin and karen have got there new car picking it up in two weeks lol.
Archie was jumping on the settee and fell off and hit his eye on the corner grants desk. He is ok but feeling sorry for himself guess what it was Grants fault it was his desk ha ha. well mate keep up the good work waiting for any photo's that come on the web it's nice to see what you are doing well love and miss you
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

TO Jamie/wee man

good to hear from u buddy. glad alls well and that u are enjoying the projects! sandhurst app on hold at the moment for medical reasons i wont bore u with but am in the process of sorting it out and will hopefully be in come september! im sure that the treck will be great with new people as well haha. how does borneo compare to india? we are all very jealous of u getting to do the whole thing again!!!! let me know what date ur coming back as will have to do something when ur home.

till next time


Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5)
Hi Andy! Hope you had a good birthday and didn't spend the whole time lifting rocks. Letter posted today - bit later than I planned but hope you get it. Take care. Much love from Mum, Dad and Ellie xxxxxx

Clyde said...

To Becki in Alpha 1:

Tell me more about your jungle trek last month with Alpha 7. That figure-of-eight route over the mountains: was that you navigating a straight-line route again??

WASO turned 40 last night at the Anvil. They pulled it out of the bag for West Side Story. Loads of ensembles. Matt came up to the mark with his solo accompaniment to Grace Fenelly, who danced the Swan, in Carnival of the Animals.

The WYCB played Lux Aurumque, an arrangement by Eric Whitacre, so unlike the vocal original. But all told, a grand evening.

It'll probably do youse all some good being back at kindergarten. Are Alpha 1 behaving themselves, or do they keep getting sent to the naughty step instead of having play-time?

Dad, xxxx

Sue Davie said...

Hi Joel - Great photo of you on the blog - looks amazing and can't wait to read your journal and hear your tales. Hope the sunburn has cleared up and you have been able to lift all those rocks in the canyon. Missing you lots - especially when the footie is on. Am drinking buds on my own - England won on Wednesday against Egypt. Take care and happy trekking. Love Mum

yiota said...

yia sou agapi mou. Epitelous meta apo ena mina pira tin karta sou.fenete poli oreo meros.Sefharisto ,elpizo na ehis lavi ki esy ta grammata mou mehri tora.Herome pou les oti pernas kala .Ti apofasises me tin thailand;Mas menoun enas minas ke mia evdomatha mehri na teliosis apo eki.Elpizo na apofasisis na erthis edo,alla tha katalavo an thelis nna pas me tin perea pou ehis gnorisis stin thaland.Etsi ki allios then ehis kani mathitikes ekdromes.anipomono gia na se akouso tin Kirirki i na diavaso kanena minimataki sou. sagapo

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,lovely to see you enjoying yourself & , working hard,
just had Sunday Roast cookd by your father,hope you enjoyed your monkey meal!
Missing you lots Nan.

BTScarienow said...

Hi Simon,(alpha 3) thought we'd better write something on the blog so that you didn't feel left out! Great to see you in the photos, handsome as ever!Hope you are enjoying phase 2 as much as phase 1-it all looks fantastic.All good here and in Ed. Missing you, and Monty is feeling very neglected and sends you a tail wag and a lick. Sofa also feeling neglected.Looking forward to your next call.Lots of love Ma,Pa and Monty x

Zoe Sumner said...

Hi Liam (Alpha 8 )

Hope the diving is going well and that you are beginning to get the hang of it! I am off to a farm for a week with school - think I am going to learn how to milk a cow!

Take care Zo x

Anonymous said...

To: Helen Ray-Jones
I am really missing you lovely. When you get back you have to come and stay with me and we will find a ceilidh somewhere or busk or just play music or something. I am just back from a folk dance festival and got about 8 hours sleep over two nights... Exhausting!
Hope you have seen/will see the sunbears and the orang-ooo-tans...
Much love, your Hattie x x x x x

Brenda Brien said...

Hi Martin Brien (Alpha 9)HAPPY
19th BIRTHDAY for the 11th March. Hope you have a fantastic day darling and you manage to celebrate somehow. You were missed at the family meal on Saturday as was Shell and Dad(he is working away), we had a meal at the Eddystone pub.

Thank you for your letter which we received last week (only took a week) so glad you are enjoying the experience Mart and making loads of new mates.

Well I collected my new car last week it is well nice, not sure if I will let you drive it though lol. I am planning to drive to Heathrow to meet you in it!!

Everyone missing and looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Hope the diving goes ok. Try and phone on changeover will be great to hear you. Take care and miss you loads.

Mum, Dad & Shell. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex.

Yiax ti episimi arxi alla thelo na sou to dosoun gi avto!! I miss you!! Hope you are well!! Almost done and almost back to me!! (Selfish) Can't wait to hear all about it. Fefgo se 6 meres!!! Fovame!! Tha se skeftome sinexeia ke tha grapso diary gia na diavaseis oti tha kano! Write to me soon. enjoy every moment and take care of yourself. Eat fruits! Love you.


sarah said...

Hey Adam of Alpha 1!

Your luddite mother can't find latest piccies of you or blogs on the website but trust you are happy, well and thriving!

Jothi called to say the sailing season has kicked off and you had a place on board and looking forward to you joining them.

We're all missing you very much. Tok is doing well, as is Grandma. Suspect your brother is missing you but doubt he'll admit to it!

Jack is a leeeetle bit friendlier but marginally so as not to get anyone too excited. Henry, well, is Henry.

Looking forward to your next call. And just paid your phone bill so no excuses! ;)

Hugs and much love, Mxxx

the Pittaways said...

Hi Beanie
Got your text while in French class. Hope you enjoyed visit to locals home. Simon's birthday today and just rang him. They were eating (surprise surprise)but working on 4th room later. Dad out there helping so peace here. Visiting Glen 2morr so may not be back early enough to chat. Sat would suit better.
It's FREEZING here-still wearing thermals. Dad sends his love and says he is very proud of you. Nan has written to you again bless her.
Off to clear up now tho not so bad with only Mark & me at home.
Missing you as always all our love Mum & Keg xxxx

Michelle Brien said...

Happy Birthday to lil bro Martin who is not so little anymore!! It looks like you are having a fantabulous time and can't wait to hear about all your tales. Am tres jealous you are doing some diving, try and do a night dive as they are super fun, just watch out for those sharks! Lots of love, Shell xxx

ps. hope someone sneaked a birthday cake into your ration packs and that you've had a fun birthday :)

CHRISTOS said...

Hi Alex mu
It looks like you are having a good time. Jordan and Janus send thier love, they had a look at the pictures and think it is cool. missing you loads, love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam (Alpha 1)
Received your postcard, thanks! Saw picture of your group, looks really hard work (sun, sea, palmtrees etc.) but I'm sure that's just a PR front! We know its all sweat and toil really!
Spring is finally arriving in UK, temperatures are at a heady 7 or 8 C, almost catching up with yours!
Anyway, you seem to be having a great time and doing positive things for folk less blessed than yourselves, so hats off to you and all.
Hope you make it to UK this year.
Lots of love
Auntie P and Uncle A

e.vanleeuwen said...

Hoi Alexander,
Blijven proberen te bloggen. Alles Ok? Hier gaat het prima. Hoppen over Griekse eilanden deden wij dertig jaar geleden. Weet niet of onze ervaring nu nog wat waard is voor jullie. Naxos, Mykonos en Santorini waren mooie eilanden, toen nog met hippies. Hier gaat het goed. Kamer geschilderd, nu nog paar dingetjes en dan huppetee. Politiek gedoe, Bos weg Kant weg. Vanmiddag Ajax PSV, als Ajax wint dan nog maar 1 punt achter. Laat wel weten. Doei, ma en pa