Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Volunteer Managers get ready for venturers arrival - 2nd February 2010

Volunteer managers have had a busy week preparing for the arrival of 150 venturers from around the world arriving today. Over the course of the last week all the teams have visited their project sites and finalised plans for the next ten weeks. They've drawn up route cards, visited local hospitals and met with project partners.  

Alpha 1 went to Kampung Sulit Paitan where they will be building a kindergarten from scratch with the support of a local NGO called PACOS. While on their visit they met with Sister Dorothy who oversees kindergarten education in the region. They also looked at different routes to work and the project site.              
The project site. This will be a kindergarten in ten weeks!                                    


Laura and Sister Dorothy

Alpha 2 visited Kampung Kopuron where they are building a new gravity water system that will provide clean drinking water straight from the tap without having to boil it. Here they met with the local community and talked about project plans for the next week.

Alpha 3 are building a new pipe network supplying water to the people of Kampung Lingka Bugan 2. They are also installing a completely new water system in the village of Kampung Vunui Locos. During their visit they went to Lingka Bugan 2 to meet with the project partner Asian Forestry Company and to look at the existing pipe network.

The existing pipe network in Lingka Bugan 2 and the water source for the new water system 

Alpha 4 went to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok where the team will be involved in a variety of work and will hopefully get to see the sun bears released into their home around March, more news on that to follow. While at Sepilok, the team met with the architect for the centre and looked at the plans for the construction of a new bridge.

Alpha 5 are working in Imbak Canyon further developing the infrastructure at both Rangers' Camp and the BBC camp. The team visited the site and planned out the next ten weeks.

The existing infrastructure at Imbak

Alpha 6 is working on a reforestation project in Kampung Bawang Jamal in the Kudat District. During the project planning the team drew up plans for the next ten weeks as well as carrying out safety assessments on site.

Completing risk assesments on Kudat Beach and testing out the accommodation at Kudat

Alpha teams 7 and Alpha 8 will be trekking from Long Pa Sia and diving from the Tungku Abdul Rahman Marine Park in Mamutik. On their visit the team drew up emergency plans and met with local guides. They also checked the accommodation on Mamutik. Alpha 9 is trekking through the Kiulu Valley and Crocker Ra as well as diving in the Tungku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. 

After returning from their visits staff spent three more days in intensive training. The team are now fully prepared for the arrival of the venturers and looking forward to the start of expedition 10A!


Anonymous said...

Hola Adriana
Espero que hayas tenido un viaje sin complicaciones. Suerte y esperamos saber de ti. Love Mum

Jan Akhtar said...

Hi Solly,
So glad to hear that you arrived safely. The choice of projects sound amazing! Make the most of every minute. Wish we could be there too!!
Love you loads
Mum, Dad, Josh, Adam, Ben and Sophie. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yassou Eleni Coldrey!!
You have managed to put Borneo and Raleigh on the map for a lot of my friends! They are all following the blog.
Still trying to snow here, brrrrrr!
Risk assessments on the beach? Think the real work will have begun now.
Love ya millions.

Kripa said...

Hey Laura (Pickering),

Just read your email update - sounds like you're doing well and having a fab time - although the jury is out on crocodile infested water sources :o)
Hope you didn't pick up too many bargains in HK? I'm definitely taking extra bags with me to India - countdown is underway.
Take care.
Kripa xx

Christine Ayre said...

Hi to Josie Ayre from mum!

Anonymous said...

Lieve kleine Kyra,
Even een berichtje uit het nattekoude en gladde Holland, het is geweldig om te zien waar je allemaal naar toe gaat en wat je aan het doen bent.
Ik weet niet meer of je nu slaap of wakker bent, ben wat dat betreft totaal de kluts kwijt met jullie als buitenlandse kinderen.
Maar ik zit nu op mijn werk en het is ochtend en ga op naar de öpen Dag".
Ik krijg vast gelijk, zondag ben je een week daar en dan .....
Vette kus Mamamia

Anonymous said...

my friend told me about your projects in our state. Thank u very much.

Tody~ Kota Marudu, Sabah.

Dawn said...

Hi Aidan...Glad you arrived safe and are loving it..enjoy every minute...we are thinking of you and are following the blogs and tweets to keep up with your adventures...love you buddy..
Mum, Dad, Morven & Ailsa xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy! Hope you are all settling in ok, and ready for the start of your projects. Take lots of photos, won't you! Hope to hear which projects you are going to be involved with soon. Take care. Love from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah.xx

Jude said...

Hi Josh Stevenson, imagining you having a wonderful time. Maybe spot you in a photo sometime!! Lots of love M & D

Anonymous said...

Lieve Sophie,
We hopen dat alles heel goed gaat en je een geweldige tijd hebt en gaat hebben! Als het kan laat wat van je horen! Bella heeft het ook super in Costa Rica en gaat zaterdag beginnen met de trektocht...
Dikke zoen, mam en pap

Werner said...

Hi Joe

Hope you had a good journey.The projects look really interesting and exciting.Enjoy your adventures

love Dad,Mum,Clare ,Sam& Harry

Jenjen said...

Hi Dee Dee
I am sure you have arrived safely and managed to negotiate Kuala Lumpur airport! Have a fantastic time...looking out for any updates about your assigned projects! Dad says don't go scaring the local wild life (he's sooo funny!...Help me!) Styx is missing you!
Loads of love
Mum, Dad and Styx

leighanderson said...

hi brett love you lots have a great time looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all your news
love from
mum and dad

leighanderson said...

hello brett
thought i would send you a short note have fun and dont waste a minute of your time out there
love teri and dan

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg
Hope you are having a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
Love Mum, Dad & Brooke (Jones)
PS Chelsea only drew at Hull!

Anonymous said...

Ben T
Just off to switzerland - bet you are warmer!
Love Mum Dad and Andrew

leigh said...

hi darling brett
love you lots hope this gets to you ok have a great time enjoy every minute of your time out there
look forward to lots of photos
and stories love mum and dad

Jane Plant said...

Hi to Tom Plant. Hope you're having fun fella. We all miss you and keep talking about what you may be up to.
Love you loads, Mutta & Co x x x

Anonymous said...

hi Aisha
Hope you doing fine hun...missing you sooo mch!! im really proud ov u getting out there and being involved in sucha great project! keep me updated on what you get up to...cant wait to hear from you, love you lots!! Rose....

huz said...

Hi there Anton and Luke,
glad you arrived safely and hope you have recovered from jet lag and are having a great time.

Mom and dad x said...

Hi Vikki (Tory)
Hope you are having a fantastic time.
Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures once you are back home
Take care; keep safe
Love Mom and dad x

Jude said...

Hi Josh Stevenson, Imagine you are having a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing news of the groups. Lots of love M&D

Anonymous said...

Aisha my huniiiii, missing u so much already! glad to know ur enjoying urself! so proud of u babe. all the best! luv u loadz xx

David Bevir said...

To Alex Bevir
I hope everything is going according to plan - and that you are enjoying it too ! Lots of love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi jammy

Hope you arrived safe and sound ...appears like you have been upto lots of stuff already.
Take good care of yourself and have a great time ...look forward to hearing from you via e-mail or blog when you get a chance, we are all missing you ...but the time will go by quickly so enjoy every moment.

lots of love from Keston HQ XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy! Great to hear from you. Glad you are on your way to your first project. It sounds very interesting. Missing you loads but can't wait to see the photos! Take care and have a great time. Much love from Mum, Dad, Ellie and Hannah xx

Anonymous said...

hope you having a great time..
everyones good here, chatou is still terrorizing flora.
Essie seems to be doing fine...Mum cleared out your bedroom ha so no empty vodka bottkes now, bad luck.
Nothing much has happened, but all your jumpers have been worn...
but i wish you the best of luck and will see you soon

Lily said...

Hey Aisha,

hope ur good, hows the new project going? 9 weeks left now, i bet the days are flying by! i cant wait to c u in the pics! miss u loads! mwahz Lily xxx

y iota charalampous said...

Alexandra B mou,

pethimisa ti phonoula sou. elpizo na eisai kala. den xero an grapho stin sosti omada alla eida minima ki apo ton mpampa.den eida photographies sou.s'agapo poly.philakia

yiota said...

Hello Alexandra B mou,hope ur fine and r havving a great time. I so proud of u being involve in this project.Looking forwrd to hearing about ur adventure.Missing so much. Please look after ur self and take care.love mum

rob said...

Hi Kyra.
Je ziet er hoed uit op de foto,s en super tien met je groep Alpha 4
veel plezier met de Sun Bears,



Dan said...

Andy Hattersley in Alpha 4
Hunters Bar not doing too well, Sheff Wed doing good, and your undefeated on Soccer Manager :)

I wonder if this gets to you. Anyway will keep you updated in a few weeks

Take it easy pal


crow said...

briony jude mcpherson.

love you loads honey bear ;)
hope your having a great time, wish i could be with you
miss you loads gorgeous xxx
be good n be carefull, i want you back in one piece

ann shaw said...

Hi Sarah ( Alpha 9) hope you are having a great time,everybody is well here.
Its been snowing again so is very cold. Take care Mum xxx

chattycal said...

Hey Tiffany

Glad to hear you're doing great!! Told you it would be a brilliant experience.....one you won't forget!
Everyone is asking how you are getting on so i will let them know about the blogg!!
Hope they will do a wee celebration for your birthday!!!
Take Care...keep up the great work and speak soon...

Lotsa Luv
Mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Rosie Helson! It's fantastic to see you've arrived safely and to hear you are working on the Sun Bear sanctuary..take lots of photos!
When our little Rosie went off to Borneo
She set off on her ownio
Within a short time she was a flying
With new friends all aroundio!
Love from Mum, Dad, Dom and Gen xoxox

Anonymous said...

hi aish
hope ur well
everything is good here everuyone is asking about you and the project ur doing at the moment

amin is coming back from bngladesh on the 22nd so everyone is excited about that

hope ur having fun and lookin after yourself

keep us updated and hopfully we can see you more in the pictures that are being uploaded