Monday, 22 February 2010

Visit to Alpha 2 - Kampung Kopuron

The last two weeks have been busy for the communications officer here on expedition 10A. Claire has been on a one week visit to Alpha two in Kopuron before spending a week on the loop. Today she has written an update on the the group's first week installing a new gravity water feed system in the village.

"Alpha two and I left Likas early on the morning of the 7th to be given a warm welcome by the villagers. The group were extremely excited to learn they would have lights for the next two and a half weeks.

Meeting the villagers

On day two we trekked to the pool that will feed the new water system and looked at where the new pipes and filters will be. This walk usually takes around 40 minutes but lasted a lot longer as the group kept stopping to taste jungle delicacies including tarap, chillies and sago worms!

The weir

The group checking out the filtration site
Gilbert trying a sago worm


On days three and four the group created a map of all the houses in the village, planning the location of the new pipes and system. We were also treated to an amazing dinner cooked by villagers to celebrate Rosie's 19th birthday. Sadly our after dinner singing did not meet the high standard set by the local community. Perhaps Bohemian Rhapsody is not supposed to be sung acapella.

Plotting the new water system
Rosie's birthday dinner, courtesy of the villagers of Kampung Kopuron

 Rosie looking very pleased

On day five the group finalised plans with the villagers and began the collection of materials (stones and sand) for a dam, weir and bridge. On day six we spent the morning transporting all the materials needed to build a new dam and weir. In the afternoon the team built the dam and also begun construction of new water channels needed for the gravity water feed system.

Figuring out transportation and beginning the dam

Finishing the dam and constructing the new water channels 

Sunday marked day seven, and a day off! The team spent the afternoon playing football and volleyball. Luckily the villagers took pity on the Raleigh team and decided to play in mixed teams of venturers and villagers so the Raleigh team were not creamed again!


Conor and Serge

Since I left Alpha 2 the team have continued with the construction of the weir and bridge. The team has also taken delivery of pipes, storage and filter tanks, and are almost a phase closer to completing their project."


Anonymous said...

Michael Day(Alppa2)just recieved the latest from your site,please try & get in the photos just to prove you are there,hope your well,
love Dad

lauriewoodhouse said...

Zak Woodhouse (Alpha Two) Looks like an amazing project mate. You must be getting really fit. Hope you get a break soon. We heard about your hard concrete floor - yikes. Dad and I celebrated our 18th anniversary yesterday. We miss you. Love Mum xxxx00000

Janice said...

To Emily (Alpha 2)
Really enjoyed seeing all the photos taken on Charlie's visit. Not sure about those 'sago worms' though - perhaps being veggie you had to pass on those!!
Love all in Leeds xxxxxxxxx

Werner said...

Hi Joe(White),

Just seen some great pics of the water supply project with you part of a human chain moving rocks.

Did you enjoy the birthday meal ?

Mum and I were impressed by your volleyball leap.We were having one of our little debates .....are you setting the ball or hitting it back?

A few more days then a short break at base and then on to the next project

All the best

Love Dad

Helen said...

Hi Kirsty Simms!!! (Alpha 2!!)

It looks like your having an amazing time and so lucky to be doing an exciting new project!! I'm missing you loads here, nothing new to report really, been gyming it a lot! Rubbish weather, hope your making the most of the SUN!!! You better be getting a tan!!

Anyway, I can't wait to hear all your stories, make the most of every minute!

Love you loads and miss you heaps, Helen :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lauriewoodhouse said...

Zak Woodhouse, alpha2, Snowing again, Dad's in Chicago on a new consulting job. Conor is getting his drivers license this week. Uncle Gary is having fun in Gomera. We hear you're going to Borneo paradise - looks great. See you in a month. lol Mum