Saturday, 6 February 2010

Venturers Arrive

Expedition 10A is now truly underway with the arrival of 120 venturers 4 days ago. This year venturers have come from a wide range of countries including the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Malaysia and the UK.
After arriving at the Kota Kinabalu Airport,venturers were split into 9 delta groups and taken to TAC (Traverse Activity Centre) for 4 days training on the essential skills needed to survive in the jungle. 

In the last 4 days venturers have learnt a wide variety of skills including how to:

Set up and use a radio properly

Put up a hammock and basher 
Learnt jungle skills

  • Cross a river safely 
  • Cook dinner in the jungle 

Venturers have also:

  • Trekked into the jungle, to spend a night in one of the harshest environments in the world
  • Got essential medical advice from Raleigh's expediton medics
  • Got to know other venturers
  • Taken part in Raleigh Olympics

    Trekking into the jungle

    Playing 'Evolution'

    Raleigh Olympics  

    Today venturers finish their jungle training and everyone will be regrouped to form new Alpha groups for phase one. Venturers will also find out what project they will be working on for the next two weeks.


    Anonymous said...

    lieve Kyra
    Wat sta jij daar lekker aan het touw te trekken!!! gelukkig met een grote lach op je gezicht! hoe gaat het? hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt. weet niet hoe dit werkt en hoop dat je het leest. Hier alles goed, de foto's zien er top uit en ik neem aan dat het erg mooi en warm is! Mijn rode bril is in duigen die kan ik niet meer dragen. ik mis je natuurlijk wel! geniet van alles en een dikke dikke kus

    Nicola said...

    Huge thanks for the update.
    Hi Tish Fournel
    Really brilliant to see you in a photo, same t-shirt you left home in..mmm,nice! Lovely to read all the things you've been up to...sounds fantastic.
    All my love

    Anonymous said...

    Ryan, posted 1st comment on wrong blog! Looking forward to seeing you in some photos, projects look great, enjoy yourself Mum, Dad, Lisa, Phill & Leo xx

    Anonymous said...

    Eleni Coldrey - 6 nations...
    Ireland 29 Italy 11
    England 30 Wales 17
    ur better off in Borneo!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the pics: nice to know you are (all) having such a great time. Enjoy! Much love, Dum and Mad, Bethy, A Maneese (alumni86), U. Martin , Gracie and Andrew xxxxxxxx

    zed said...

    good luck to all venturers =)

    Chris said...

    Hi Laura Crockwell,
    I just had a little look on the raleigh blog and saw a few of the pictures. I saw one with your cheeky self in. Always smiling of course :)
    I hope you're having a fantastic time. I sent a letter off today so sooner or later it should turn up.
    I hope the mossies are laying off you.
    Look after yourself darling and get working hard.
    I miss you and im always thinking of you.
    Speak to you soon
    I love you

    Matt and Amy said...

    Yo Jamster!

    Hope Borneo's treating you well and trek training was awesome. Enjoy the Tang and make some crazy skits!


    Matt & Amy

    Dr Dan said...

    To keep this truly international we are writing from the Maldives. Looks like you are having an amazing time and we are very jealous - particularly as it brings back memories from my last Raleigh expedition - Namibia 98C!!! For Rachel Magnus, hope you are having a great time. Enjoy it. We miss you. Lots of love, DAN and KERRI XXX

    Anonymous said...

    hi brett
    when you can let us know what you have been up to we are following
    progress it looks such fun we all think yuo are so lucky enjoy
    love you lots mum and dad x x x

    lesleydavies said...

    Happy Birthday Rosie for Wednesday. Looks like it will be one to remember.
    Much love - Mum, Dad and Chrisxx

    Jenn said...

    Nige: Hey dude, hope ur having a heck of a time! try and get urself in some snaps so I can see ur face next time ;] Love you lots xoxo


    JamesC said...

    Hi Alex,

    Glad to see everything is up and running - hopefully there will be some photos of you on the next update! Will keep checking back for more. Take care, I love you.

    Anonymous said...

    To the much missed Hannah Sprakey!! :-)

    I am presently at your house eating carrot cake with your lovely Mum with a cup of tea!!

    Raiding your wardrobe for that brown sequin dress of yours....can't find it!! Where did you put it.....Hannah I need you now!!

    Anyways....glad to see that you are having a fantastic time...I hope you get to read this at some point!!!

    Continue having fun and smiling!!
    Lots of love Fiona x x

    Rebecca said...

    Benjamin, I miss you boy, hope you are having an amazing time. I love you
    Hennis xxx

    Emily Arthur said...

    Paul Choat- you're in Borneo and still educating people of the mighty Dons eh!??
    Hope you're having an AMAZING time, i got snowed on today!! Brr!
    Filling up the mail box with letters...hope the leeches aren't gobbling you up- take care!! Love you and miss you many, Emmy

    Anonymous said...

    Paul:hiya saw you in one of the pictures like to see some more! hope you're having a great time.Everyone sends their love
    mum xxx

    Sheena said...

    Hi Mo. No sign of you in the photos - and your Mum even had her glasses on for the purpose of checking. It all looks great. Have a terrific trip. Love you lots, Mum and Dad

    Elisa said...

    Hi San!

    Hoe is ie? Beetje leuk daar? Al veel apen en ander wild tegen gekomen? En ook nog beetje je verjaardag kunnen vieren? Ik heb er zaterdag wel bij stil gestaan, jammer dat ik je niet ff kon bellen! Hier in Oxford is alles goed, druk aan de studie!

    Veel plezier! Liefs je zus!

    henry said...


    hello my love :) been thinking of you lots, looks amazing where you are. hope youre enjoying exploring the world and meeting new people. i couldn't find you in any photos - better start pestering the camera man!

    i hope this message gets to you, took me a while to figure out how to sort it out but i think this should work... missing you little one but imagining all the adventures you must be having makes me very happy.

    my parents say hello and also silvie from work said to say hi as she missed you before you left. teddy's happy. sending you lots of love and hugs from over here.

    henry x x x

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Nish,
    Looks like your having fun. Enjoy the experience.
    All the crew are doing well and say hi.


    Anonymous said...

    iiiii benamock. hoe is het vriend? overleef je het eeen beetje
    ?vast wel.. heeft aal ze beste matties al gevonden ahah :P trouwens nog gefeliciteer gladde! wat heb je gekregen? een banaatje? of wat extra porgey hahah.. of wat extra crackers :P nee maar zalig jongens.. respect brada!! sta over 9 weken te wachten met 1 dike swenjo!jwz.. doe henry de groeten van mij die indiaan van tracking!! rustug aan papies!! xxxxx bert and swa

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Aiden,

    Hope you are having a fantastic time. Have been getting very jealous thinking of what you must be doing.

    All the best,

    d.crockwell said...

    Hey No1,aka Laura Crockwell, great to see you all having a wonderful time and everywhere looks so beautiful. Bet you're glad you didn't land the trek first! Miss you lots but very proud to follow your amazing adventure on the blog. big hug and lots of love mumxxxxxx

    leighanderson said...

    hi brett
    thank you for mine and teris flowers it was a noice suprise it would be nice to see your face in the picture eveyone very proud of you and we are proud you
    lots of love
    dad mum teri and all

    semyna said...

    hi aisha
    wer ru in the pics it would be nice to see your face in one of the pictures ;-)
    we are all well heer so dont stress
    how are you
    were all so proud of you
    you did

    call home when you can cuz mum is stressing she hasnt spoken to you lol

    your lucky your in borneo the weather is so bad here

    the kids are well
    call wen you can

    by the way we have sent some letters to you
    so you should be recieving them


    The Pittaways said...

    Hi Beanie
    We are looking at the blog each day to keep up to date. Hope you are having a wonderful time and looking forward to next part of your adventure. What a beautiful place - we have snow again today. We love you very much darling. Hugs and kisses Mum & Keg xxx

    yiota said...

    Agapoula mou, elpizo na sou dinoun ta minimata pou sou grafome.Vlepo sou egrapse kai i Eleana.pos paei to htisimo?Alithia ti tha kanis meta apo afto? I Katerina sou stelnei tin agapi tis, to idio kai o Andreas i Anna o Akis kai i Androula.I Hope they put some more photos so to see ur face next time.Hope ur having an amazing time.Miss u and love u.xxxx

    henry said...

    francesca -

    ello ello, found photos of you now, was really lovely to see your face. you look like you've settled in very well. i see you're doing a bit of trekking and diving to start off with, that right? it's great to be able to follow what you're doing, been showing your photos to my mum and dad too and they also send you their love.

    everything's good here, although had a bit of a cider issue with my computer... hmm hopefully not too serious...

    sending you all my love and best wishes baby, hope you're having an amazing time and that you're getting used to the heat and bugs and what have you.

    wishing you very excellent adventures, with lots of love and hugs from henry x x x x

    huz said...

    Hi Anton,
    this is me trying again on every comment box! Just to say I love you loads and am following your progress. Keep smiling!

    Fayedilla said...

    miss louise (lou bear) oneill i bloody miss you too much. Iam in phillidephia drunk as you like. Have the best time please and aletter is winging its way to you as we speak with the sordid details of New York City. Miss you, love you, FAYE XXXXXXX

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Beanie
    Great to see you on group photo - looking well and happy. In touch with Jamie. He said he couldn't get access to link but sure he'll leave a message soon.We all send our love. Mark is back this Sun Missing you Mum & Keg

    Sohail said...

    Hi Ya Aisha...keep cool...Wishing u all da best..Sohail..Watch out for them ants ..Ive seen em on the discovery channel...hope u getting on much better now...Adios amigo...Are u conscious and breathing..LOL

    The Pittaways said...

    Hi Beanie
    Really getting the hang of this now. Good luck with entertaining in jungle. Hope they provide more than a tin of sardines - pancakes would be good tho!! Expecting Mark back tomorrow so our peace will be destroyed. All fine at home and thinking about you every day. Hope our letter reaches you - posted last week. Everyone sends you love and hugs Mum & Keg xx

    Sally said...

    Hi Rosie Helson, Here's my second blog (the first has not appeared!). We're so proud of what you are doing and can't wait to see the Sun Bears and you! Keep wearing the pink flower. Here's the poem I sent yesterday:
    When Rosie left for Borneo
    She was on her ownio
    Within a short time she was a flying
    With new friends all aroundio!
    Love Mum Dad, Dom and Gen xoxox

    folkert van der Linden said...

    ey bas en aal.. hoe is het daar? zag dat ayden leider was die zat 7 weken bij mij in de groep wel lagge.. overleven jullie het een beetje? hoop het wel! wel zuur he dat eten!! en schijten en pissen enz ik heb net ff lekker knetje gedaan en heb nu pizza erin gestopt en ga zo ff cal of duty plegen!! hahahha heel chill!! ja heel ontspannen in nederland!! :D wel koud maar wel lekker zuipen enz!! je kent me hahah nee grapje bradas heel goed man!!! respect jwz!! xxx ly en suc6 doe henry de groeten van baas folkert

    folkert van der Linden said...

    Heey ayden here is ur kapitain folkert speaking!! how are u ? how was thailand?? ur leader now or not? give bas and alexander (nickname: gladde) some extra food man there good guys!! hahahhaha just kidding mAN give them a hard time!! i hope there on D&V hahaha speak to u soon bro

    Hannah Watt said...

    zak w. baby, i love you and miss you so much. I hope you're having a wonderful time, which by the pictures i can you see you are!! be safe and i cant wait to see you again!!!
    - love Hannah

    Anonymous said...

    Well Hello Miss Carynn Josue Tanduba! Nice to see you are having fun from the photos!I wonder if there will be any photos of you and Alpha 1 diving? Would love to see. I'm missing you loads, but i want you to know i'm very proud of you!! All my Love, Carach Di Carynn Cariad, Shaun xxxxx

    de vos said...

    He Alwine ( alpha 7)

    Hoe gaat het in de bush bush? Vind dat het er leuk uitziet op de foto. En volgens mij heb je al heel veel matties gemaakt. Ik hoop dat je me nog kunt vertellen hoe het duiken was.
    Big hug your little brother.

    d.crockwell said...

    Hi No1,
    Looks like a lot of Kraft cheese slices going out on the supplies!!
    Chris would appreciate a cheese based ration! Letter on it's way, will get another in the post. Hope you've all got that water flowing now. Go Alpha 3, make us proud.
    Thinking of you and sending you lots of love Mum xxxxx

    Richard said...

    Hello there to Paul Henry, Eunice Lum, Carynn Josue and Darren!!

    How's everything there? Hope you guys are having fun and amazing experience like i did there. Well, hereby i also would like to wish you guys Happy Chinese New year ya. Take care and see you guys when you come back then.

    evert&lydia said...

    Hoi Alexander,
    Sorry we missed you on your birthday! We were driving to Italy. We hope that you are all right and that you are able to enjoy this tremendous trip. Let's have you on the next photo's!
    pa en ma.

    Ellie White said...

    To Ellie Chapman

    ahhhh! hope youre having an amazing time babe!
    your mission (?!) thingy looks so coooool, not that im jealous of you diving i would defo drown! haha.
    we have a very cringe message on the way to you so WATCH OUT!
    stay safe, hope the mosquitos havent got you ;)
    LOTS OF LOVE, ellie (the other one) :D XXXXX

    ps. mobley ;)
    hope you understand that or this will just be awkward!

    Christine Ayre said...

    Hi Josie Ayre! Just got back from trip to London really missed my shopping mate! Saw Rob had a nice day out with him. Got back home very quiet without you around. Am so proud of you hope you having great time xxx mum

    henry said...


    ello ello! how you doing out there? really loved getting your text messages, very good to hear from you indeed. dunno how youre sending them, i did reply but i dont know if you'd have got them or not.

    so i imagine you'll have done your diving now, is that right? looking forward to the next installment of photos. make sure you get in front of the lens, its so lovely to be able to follow what youre doing.

    things here are good. ben from work wanted me to pass on his best wishes to you and also to let you know his scab is healing nicely (!), and lots of other people from there have been asking after you. i'm generally having a pretty nice time making music, hanging out with peoples, yeah everything's pretty damn good really. do miss you a lot though.

    hope youre having excellent adventures, sending you lots & lots of love from over here, from henry x x x x x