Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tom The Accountant Visits Alpha 4

Good morning to all of our followers!

Here at fieldbase we were delighted to welcome Tom home from Sepilok!

During his nine day stay with Alpha 4 at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre project he had a wonderful time and I am sure that you will all be just as excited as we were, to see the first photographs from one of the project sites this expedition.

Alpha 4 - Great to see you all looking so happy!

Tom's bed!

The view from the bedroom window...

The bedroom

The showers

The water supply

Having a chinwag around the kitchen table

The view from the kitchen sink.

The trek to the work site

On the first day that the group arrived on the project site they built steps into the steep hillside to allow them to access the project site.

The group then commenced work on a bridge which will provide the main route of access for visitors to the Sun Bear Centre, when it officially opens to the public.

Working on both sides of the river, the group toiled to dig trenches for the bridge foundations. This involved digging two holes 1.10m wide, 2.5m long, and 1.5m deep! Not an easy feat in the Borneo climate.

The next step was to pack the bases of the holes with stones and cover with a thin layer of cement, prior to putting in the initial supports for the bridge, which will be done over the next few days.

Mixing the concrete

Inspecting All Of Their Hard Work

Waipak the head bear keeper and Billy, one of the project's architects

Outside of The Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre
(Spot the very excited taxi driver!)

A trip to the Rainforest Discovery Centre, where Simon is wowed by the size of the tree in the background. 

And finally... Harry shows off one of his new skills - making an aeroplane out of towel!

Alpha 4, it has been fantastic to see all of your hard work and adventures. Tom was so sad to leave you all, he said that the atmosphere at camp was fantastic and he will miss working with people who are so motivated and enthusiastic.

We look forward to hearing from the rest of the groups, but right now I am off to eat some pancakes x x x x


Anonymous said...

Great to see pics of Harry DM on the blog and his towel plane! Hope you having a great time. Weather here is v cold indeed and more snow on the way. Still half term - Tom drove us to the Maytime on Dad's birthday and we practically crashed into the stone wall as he turned into the car park! We all yelled STOP ... I think he's still got a long way to go! Tom is now becoming "Lord of the Cellar" and Lots and I are busy investigating ' conceptual art' for her GCSE. Going to Lamu with the girls on the 5th. Can't wait. Would you like us to write and send goodies? Big hugs, M x

Anonymous said...

Hello to Michael(alpha2),hope all is going well.We look forward to hearing how your project is going.Love Dad.

leighanderson said...

hi brett darling
well guess what we had pancakes last night teri made them i miss your pancakes are better so when you are back you can make me some more you have your uses we are still gettin snow it has no settled to much but very cold
so its not fair i bet its really hot there we are going out for a meal with mark and his girlfiend
on sunday should be nice love you loads Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh lieve Kyra,
Wat ws het heerlijk om weer foto's van je te zien, was even nodig.
Dat is een zware taak die jullie daar uitvoeren en wat een prachtig bed heb je, ben niet echt jaloers.
Zelf hebben jullie een luxe badkamer, dus toch enorm veel luxe.
Bij ons is het nog steeds koud en sneeuw dus lieverd je kunt je dat
niet meer voorstellen.
Ik hoop echt snel iets van je te horen .
Hele vette kus mamamia

Anonymous said...

dear-Hannah (Sprake)
Am showing Kate the pictures from Borneo..she will be joining the next expedition!
Hi Hannah, How brave are you? What an amazing place. hope you are not missing home comforts. S'cold and wet-and borring. not like YOU.Kate Love from us all Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan A (Bob), just seen the latest photos of Alpha 4's project, great to see you in so many of them! It looks like hard work and you seem to be really enjoying yourself,am very envious. Dad has taken over your room as his alternative TV viewing room! Hope you got your parcel, will post Happy Birthday again on Friday. I (Mum) have printed off some photos and have them on my desk at work!! Love from us all Mum, Dad, Lisa, Phill & Leo xx

Jan Akhtar said...

Happy birthday Solomon! (Alpha 9) All thinking of you and wondering how you will be spending your birthday? Hope you've managed to celebrate in some small way.
Guess your'e off treking again!
We're all missing you. especially on this special day. Will drink a toast to you this evening and may your 19th year be the best yet.
Lots of love from mum, Dad, Josh, Adam, Ben and Sophie xxxx

Lana said...

Hi Darren (Pugh) (Alpha 8),

Just a quick message to say hope you are having the time of your life trekking through the jungle. We are all so proud of you and continue to be amazed at what you accomplish. Gethin is missing his Uncle Da loads but you'll be pleased to know he is on his feet, clapping his hands, waving bye bye and playing peek-a-boo at ten months! We're counting down the Sunday dinners to go before we come and pick you up from the airport.
Love you millions and can't wait to hear all about your adventure.
Lana, Gareth & Gethin. xxxxxxxx

Lana said...

Just wondering when Alpha 8 are due out of the jungle?


Jonhattersley said...

Hi Andy(Hattersley)
Great to see the photos of you. It looks fabulously hot and green. Was just thinking of you and Dad spotted you on the Blog.You look very happy and I can't believe that this is your third week.
Love you loads.
God bless Mum and Dad xxxx

Elizabeth Tucker said...

Hello Christina (alpha 1),
Mum and John are back home from Boston after a very good few days looking after Cordelia and Elizabeth. Both girls were amazingly good in their parents' absence, and C and A enjoyed Iceland. They saw the Northern Lights on Feb. 14th! Iceland must seem a long way in all respects from Borneo. We look forward to a report from your group sometime.

Sorry if my letter didn't arrive on your loop yesterday, but if not there will be one next time (perhaps even one from Dad!).

much love from all at Woodbine Cottage (which is getting its new thatch slowly when weather permits;
Fluffy very noisy).

Trish said...

Hi Harry D-M (alpha4). You have got the unconditional offer you wanted!! Many congratulations - I will need your instruction. Great to see all the project pictures yesterday. Looks like hard work scrambling up and down the hill. You are in so many of the pics so no doubt about where you are, hope the dart was fit for purpose! Everything ok here. Am giving the blog link to everyone who asks how yr doing so hopefully you may get more msgs. Haven't heard anything from Tom. Hope you haven't felt neglected, will send something in post next week. Hope Mike and Wills enjoy their projects. Much love from everyone here. Xx Mum.

kitty said...

hi aisha

its been a horrible weather today. its been snowing like mad. you are so lucky your in the hot weather. anyway hurry up and come back so we can go wedding shopping. actually can you believe it i got alot done. oh yeah before i forget i have been ignoring your sister shes been doing my head in honestly il have to change my number. LOL :-) any way try and call us im missing you loads. ok now im going to bed. nite nite
xxxxxxxxxx amita

Anonymous said...

To Michael Mason (alpha 3)

Hey mackerel... or should i say alpha-dog (It's Shrimpy here). We haven't forgotten you yet... afraid to say you are going to be attacked with lots of messages now - Mummy blew your cover when we clicked on to how to contact you. This gig looks amazing and I am positive you are having an incredible time. I hope you've made some good chums already... even though the wife and tall spawn can't be with you. Harry seems happy enough making towel planes on the other hand! England is wet, and threatening to snow. But apart from that it's the same old same old. I'm still getting up to my usual antics down in Brizzle... and am proud to announce the discovery that falling UP the stairs is indeed possible. Turns out it's rather dangerous. Valentines was special - ended up in the best gay club in Bristol and ended up dancing to the delights of Abba, Britney Spears and Mika - oh yes. The boys weren't too impressed. So apart from a few bruises and never wanting to listen to Mika EVER AGAIN everything is dandy. I love you. I miss you. XXXX

channy said...

hey Bubby (Felicity James, alpha 4)
saw evidence that your still alive and well, sweating it out and building bridges. Your camp site looks ridiculously awesome. Going to visit Abigail in a few weeks so we will send you a letter and photos then. She got accepted for the job inn England, but she said she's going to for a year. Parents are working on the almond harvest but keep getting rained off. hope you made heaps of friends and are having a good time. miss you heaps xoxoxox. love chan and everyone here

Fraser Family said...

Hi Andy (Fraser). Hope you are ok. We have been thinking about you a lot. Hope you have received some of my letters by now. We move down to F.L. on Saturday. Weather here has been freezing but sunny. Set to improve when we leave - typical!We keep looking out for news of you and Alpha 3. Hope there are some more photos soon. Take care, miss you loads. Much love from Mum, Dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxx

Jane Plant said...

Hi Tom P (Alpha 9) Nothing to report from here - just saying hi. Wow, you've been out there three weeks already! Sooooo can't wait to hear how it's going. Try to get in some photos when you're on the next phase. G and me off to Scotland this afternoon - it's gonna be ffffffreezing! Jack's been bumming around on half term - totally nocturnal! Aimee went to some convention with work so it's all been very quiet around here. Most exciting thing this week - rabbits escaped, spent two hours trying to catch them. Bet you wish you were home, eh? Love you so much, Bom. Take care and keep having fun. Mutta x x x x

Sally said...

Hi Rosie Helson Great to have your email. We have sent letters and three blogs so far but the blogs do not seem to appear on this site....back to the drawing board.It's amazing to see where you are. The showers remind me of Glastonbury! It's clearly hot enough to sleep outdoors...not to many creepy crawlies or monkeys or bears visiting at night I hope!Here's the poem I sent in the first blog which has not arrived!
When Rosie set out for Borneo
She was all on her ownio
Within a short time she was a flying
With new friends all aroundio! Love & hugs Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie Helson Alpha 4
Here's my fifth attempt to get a blog posted so we haven't forgotten you Im just not able to master this technology! Amazing pictures of your adventures. Dad wants to know if you will help him build the cottage with you new found skills! Off to Liverpool for another audition with Genny tomorrow, Dom's Jazz Stallions have had a great write up in the local paper. Seen many orangutans yet?
Lots of love Mum xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan A, Happy Birthday to you today Feb 19th, we are all thinking of you and will have a drink on you, hope you have a good day!! Very envious you went to the Orang Utan Centre, love Mum,Dad,Lisa,Phill and Leo xxx

Catherine said...

To Michael Mason (alpha 3)

Christ I can smell you from here have a SHOWER! Only joking bru. This is your sister Catherine! Hello you! I think about you almost every day I miss you so much its such a shock you have gone for so long! Chezzie is forever asking me how you are.... haha. Everyone sends you lots of love. Last weekend I had a dinner party at Gullys and I was told it was fancy dress. So I painted myself head to toe in blue and went as a smurf... Needless to say when I got there only 3 of us were actually in fancy dress so as you can imagine much to everyones amusement I was blue and looked like an IDIOT. You should see the pictures on facebook- too funny! I absolutely love your playlist- its so epic I listen to it all the time and everyone demands the songs when I am at their houses! I hope you like yours... When i listen to them it reminds me of you and I hope you are having an amazing time. Do you miss pillows yet?!?! Lots of love, cant wait to here from you in a couple of months... I will post on here often, Love you and Miss you xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ciao Bello, have just found out that you belong to Alpha 3 and building a new water supply. Very impressive and we are all very proud of you. Hows it all going? with Birthday looming, is there anything we could send you? We are off to France to see Ben and Bev for a long w/e. Just finished Gavin& Stacey with Paula. What a laugh! So pleased you introduced it to me. All well here except the miserable weather and dining room's roof flooded!! the smell is horrible. Wilbur chased a swan away and it did not come back-sic. Miss you loads xxxxxx

Caroline said...

Hello Edward Sants Hope your leg is better and you are watching where you are treading from now on...

Your man Bode is gradually getting there- looks like he will get silver in the super G today -one more chance for the Gold so keeping fingers crossed. Arthur is on his way back from Aspen- he had a fantastic time and no broken bones this time thank goodness. Otherwise all well but we miss you loads- it s really boring and quiet here without you! xxx Mum and Dad

Nicola said...

Thankyou blogsters for showing us alpha 4.
Hi Tish Fournel, Brilliant to see you, what you are doing and where you are. Do you want to know who killed Archie?? Lots of love Mum x

Anonymous said...

tiffany (alpha 9) happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to tiffany happy birthday to you hope your having a good time took me ages to work out what to do but i think i have it. so proud of you its looks amazing and great fun hope you have a wonderful experience speak to you soon lots of luv aunt maryann xxxx

Anonymous said...

tiffany(alpha9)unclestephen here happy birthday hope u r being good

Abigail said...

hey bubby!! (felicity-rae, alpha 4)

go stick a banana in ur ear...HOW R U?!? dad showed me chans comment, i see she figured it out, what a trooper ;) soo anywho, looks awesome!! so proud of u! hope ur havin so much fun ! u must have the sweatest kadet there AHAHA hope all is well, cant wait 2 see u again, maybe we can cry on potato farms xoxo love ya bubby! love ya sis xx

katie said...

Hi Ben Teuten alpha 6 Borneo

Alright Ben hows the wilderness, its Katie and Franky here im leaving for Thailand a week today so will be only a small sea away. Franky still stuck in rainy britain living it up in nottingham where hopefully we will both be joining him soon. Been reading the blog thingy coz your mum showed my mum and we see a mention of ben and digging you own "long drop" sounds right up your street Franky says he hopes you custom designed your bog however he did only just get that thats what a long drop is he just thought it was a long drop.

Much love from both from both of us

Katie and Franky
x x x

Abigail said...

i love u bubay *forest gump style*