Thursday, 11 February 2010

Someone missing from the photographs?

Just reading through the blog and noticed that a few of you were unable to find your friends and loved ones...

The group photographs were of the tango groups that everyone had spent the last week in and as it turns out, the first two groups that set off into the jungle were missing.

So...Especially for Helen's Dad, here she is! Stood up on the back row, second from the right. Hopefully anonymous mum searching for her child will also find them below!

Just a quick tip as well, if you double click on the photographs they should open up much bigger, which makes it a bit easier to spot people too.

Keep your comments coming, I know everyone here loves hearing from you all.


Anonymous said...

hi aisha

just a quick message from the kids to say that they love you and are missing you lots

fahim said to enjoy yourself and babu said bring him back something nice!!!!!!!!

lol he wants a monkey


amita said...

hi aisha
i have just seen your picture, it looks like ur enjoying your self. aunty said she wanted to call you because she misses you so if get the chance give us a call or give us number to call you. anyway you enjoy yourself and hope everyone is looking after you. eat properly ans sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call service! Thank you!!

Helen's dad.

trisha said...

hi aisha
its me your favourite neighbour, im still crying that ur gone lol. missing you loads. got loads to tell you, you know what i mean so hurry up and come back. enjoy yourself and speak to you soon

from trisha

ann shaw said...

Hi Sarah ( Alpha 9)Its great to see you in the photo at least I know you arrived. you all look like you are having a good time.
Have told Clare to look on the Blog and I will let nan and grandad know as well. Take care Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah (alpha 9),

We have finally found you on one of the photos. Looks like you are having a fantastic time and enjoying lots of trekking. Just think how skinny you'll be when you get back!! Hope the beasties haven't got sharp teeth (hee hee). Make the most of the hot weather it's -2 here and snowing again. Please take care and enjoy every moment we are all so jealous.

Lots of love and hugs
Mum, Clare, Sean, Nic, Paul and the rest of the family XXXXXXXX

P.S Don't forget to bring a monkey back for Jack!!

Sue said...

Hi Joel
Alpha 3 - a worthwhile project - all the best in your endeavours. Hope you are having a great time. It's great seeing photos of you on the blog. All well at (Arsenal 1 - Liverpool 0)
Love Mum, Dad & callum

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah (alpha 9),

It looks like you are having a fantastic time we are all so jealous. Make the most of the weather it's -2 here and it was snowing yesterday. Hope you are loving the trekking, just think how fit and trim you'll be when you get back!! Take care of yourself and enjoy every second of your first project.
Lots of love and hugs
Mum, Clare, Sean, Nic, Paul and the rest of the family XXXXXXXX
P.S Don't forget Jack's monkey!!

Jan Akhtar said...

Hi Solly,
Haven't had a letter from you yet but we were so excited to see you photo with your group!! You look as if you're enjoying yourself and we were amazed at how clean your yellow shorts look!! Are you working hard enough??! Your project sounds fantastic! Hope you spot some gibbons. We are all missing you and thinking of you lots.
Love you.
from Mum, Dad, Josh, Adam, Ben and Sophie xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Zak;

We're in a snow storm so enjoy life in the jungle. Temperature is 9 degree Farenheit. We have your picture up on the wall and love knowing what you're up to. Wish we were there.

Love, Mum

Luke said...

Aw what group is kirsty simms in ;<

Ali said...

Hey Joel!!
man sounds like you are doing some crazy cool things and learning loads! Im jealous, you'll have to remember it all for when we do the appalachian trail.
Thinking and praying for you! Have fun and take care!!

Essie said...

Benjamin Teuten,
sent you a package so look out! Am in manchester!! saw what you wrote on roses walls lol..all her flatmates remeber you and charlie as the crazy guys! miss our nights out, its not the same..! lots of lvoe hope your having fun planting trees !! Happy valentines day bubz, lots of love Essie and Aimee (and rose) x

janet lewis said...

message for ed lewis alex out of hosp. after 13 days ...phew . Glad to see you really are there after all....looks LOVELY.Selamat mum xxx

huz said...

Hi Anton,
Not sure if I am doing this leaving a comment business right- have left a couple which i hope you got.
Anyway, am watching the blog and saw your photo-what long arms you have! No doubt you are swinging thru th trees by now- ha ha!
Looks great fun- am thinking of you.
Loads of love and a big ( sun ) bear hug!

Brenda Brien said...

Hi Martin Brien glad to see you in the photos at last!! Hope you having a fantastic time and look forward to hearing all about your adventure when your get home. Take care and miss you loads love mum and dad. xx

P.S Raleigh can you tell me what Alpha Group Martin Brien is in please as his name was not mentioned. Or does anybody know what Alpha group is the 5th group photo down on the blog called 'Project Allocations'? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

we have just been looking at all the pictures and managed to spot you!! so crazy to see you actually in BORNEO!! we hope your having an amazing time, because it looks it! we love you and feel lost without you! were in england for 18 days now, crazy crazy, getting a bit stressed... BIG HUG AND KISSY WISSY from your favourite fellow travellers, jesse and meg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

Anonymous said...

Harry alpha6

Looking good in pics. Keep them coming. Looks like great teams and that you will be kept busy.
Relieved to see all OK. You can leave behind any creatures you find in the forest!
Have fun
M&D K2 xxx

de vos said...

Lieve Alwine,

snap eindelijk hoe dit werkt! Fijn om je even aan de lijn te hebben. Op de foto's kan ik goed zien hoe je geniet! Wat spannend dat je nu waarschijnlijk je PADI hebt. En dan nu de tracking. Je kunt het! We denken veel aan je en missen je, geniet volop,
liefs van ons allen

Jane Plant said...

Hey Bom (Tom Plant, Alpha 9). Your watch is on it's way. Soooo cold here! Aimee and me were wondering when looking at your group photo - did you remember to pick up your water bottle?!!!! Hope the camera is working ok. Take loads of pics and don't forget to write in your journal. Oooh, can't wait to hear how it's all going. Love you loads, Ma, Aimz and Shack. Ned sends a message that I can't post up here - too rude! x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael(Day) hope you are well and enjoying yourself, still havnt seen much of you on the photo blogs.We are all missing you especially Andrew.Look after yourself and the other members of your team.
Love Dad.

M said...

Hi Aernout,
Zag je op de foto, cool hoor, hier heeft het alweer gesneeuwd, dan zit je daar toch stukken beter!!
We proberen ons voor te stellen hoe het is nu, je tracking en of het lekker slaapt in de jungle....!
Dikke zoen,
M en P

leighanderson said...

hi darling brett
we are still following your progress looks like you are having a great time everything fine over here all the family are watching your progress on facebook teri is keeping it updated our letters are on there way to you please write back when you can love and miss you
keep enjoying it
love you lots
mum and dad

Chris Trickett said...

Hi laura (crockwell),

Sounds like you're having a great time from what ive read on here.Missing you loads.
Celebrated my birthday with the rugby lads on wednesday and tonight with everyone else. Absolutely class.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Ive sent of a couple of letters so i hope they reach you soon.i hear you're working hard repairing the water works in Kampung.good stuff.i bet you are loving it all.

Speak soon darling
Love you, Chris x x x

John said...

Hi Christina Tucker
mum and john are in boston with your nieces. We see you're alpha 1 building the kindergarten!
Love from all here

Emily Arthur said...

Hey Paul Choat! Hope you weren't in the group that forgot their loo roll!!(yummy..) Went to see Amie today- she has sent a letter to uncle paul in the jungle!! Bought myself a pair of shoes as a subsitute for you for valentines! tehe. Got a C in one of my exams- next to come soon hopefully- wish you were here to celebrate!!
Love you millions, take care of my favourite hairy smelly poo :)
squillions of love, Emmy
PS- brilliant pictures and blog!!thankyou!!

Christine Ayre said...

Christne Ayre says Hi to Josie Ayre! Really happy to see your picture you looked like you're having a great time. Enjoy your first project it looks amazing we are all missing you here Rose and all the others at the stables send their love they keep aking me what you up to so a letter would be nice sometime! lots and lots of love mam and dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael(Alpga 2)hope the water filtration system wok is going ok and you are well, hope your getting enough to eat!!!
love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie
Really missing you and hope you are having a great time! We loved the photos and look forward to hearing all your news! Loads of love mum, dad and Cath xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Em in Alpha 6!
Great to see some photos of you. All looks wonderful and your first project sounds amazing! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Enjoy yourself.

Loads of love,
Mum and Dad

Laura Mitchell said...

for Will Mitchell:

hi will ,
fantastic to hear from raleigh blog that you have gone to Imbak Canyon! Hope it is a brilliant experience. we are all missing you here tons! especially purdy! :)
half term for Tom and Lottie now. so strange not having you here but im sure your having an amazing time! miss you and love you lots,
M x

mehran said...

Hi Aisha, hope you are behaving and enjoying your self. hows the weathers there, must be be very hot, i am very jealous, soo cold here in birmingham ;-< hope the mosquitoes ARE biting you and sucking all your blood just like you bit me lol. have fun, from Mehran

Werner said...

Hi Joe (White),

We are now reassured that you are in Borneo having finally seen you on a photograph.We were beginning to think you had decided to make alternative plans.

The project you are working on ,upgrading a water supply sounds great and we are looking forward to hearing how it is going.

Went to see Glos yesterday.They played very well putting six tries past Harlequins.England play Italy this afternoon.

Love Dad,Mum,Clare Sam and Harry

Hazel said...

Hi Carys. Alpha group 1. Andrew pointed us in the direction of the photos and we've found you at last!! You look great in front of those enormous bamboos! Love you . Miss you. Especially as your Dad's dying my hair tonight!!!Keep safe and ENJOY. Mum and Dad XXXX

evert&lydia said...

Hi Alexander,

We hope that everything is allright with you! The pictures give a very enthusiastic impression. Sorry we missed you on your birthday. We were driving toItaly and could not hear the phone.
Hope to see you soon on a photo!

Julian said...

Hi Carys (Alpha1),

Hope you are well? looks like your having great fun from the photo :)& I have also read that your building a Kindergarten. You've had plenty of practice at building in recent years LOL keep up the good work.
I sent you some text messages but I`m not sure if you got them let me know. I`ll try and ring you but i`m not sure when your available.

Miss you loads, Love you lots
xxx000xxx bobby says woof as well

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel Alpha 4 Finally managed to catch you on photos . Looks like you are having a wonderful time ,digging holes and mixing concrete, cant wait to hear all about it when you get here. lol Grandma and Grandad xxx