Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Project Allocations and Deployment

Hello and welcome back to the Raleigh Blog!

Gosh we have had a really hectic and exciting few days since you last heard from us...

On the last day at TAC all of the venturers found out which project they would be working on for the next few weeks. It was an exciting and tense time as everyone found out just where they would be going and who they would be working with.

All of the teams then moved to Likas hostel for the busiest day of the expedition, where they sorted, collected and lugged around everything from coffee to wheelbarrows, medical kits to washing up bowels and pick-axes, to the infamous Raleigh ration crackers... Everything they needed for the first project had to be packed up ready to go. I do feel a bit sorry for the alpha group that left their toilet rolls behind...unlucky!

Deployment day was an early start, with bleary eyed staff up before 5.00am to get breakfast ready and the first coaches arriving at 6.00am! Everyone got smoothly onto the coaches and we know that all of the groups arrived safely at their destinations. Read on to find out just where your loved ones are at this moment...

Community Projects

Alpha 1 set off to live in Kampung Sulit Paitan and build a Kindergarten. Project managers Ali T and Laura are looking forward to getting the land cleared and the project started. Sister Dorothy is sure to be keeping a close eye on them all to make sure their work is up to scratch! The venturers who went with them are: Vineeta Tan, Roster Lexon Solaiman, Thijs Veltman, Alexander Bevir, Jawad Al-Hairi, Christina Tucker, Ashleigh Davies, Carys Duckworth, Morna Spence, Edward Sants, Alexander Godwin and Nigel Dakin. When completed, this kindergarten will allow children to gain the basic literacy skills that are required to access the education system, so it really will change people’s lives!

Alpha 2 departed to build a ground-breaking new water filter system in Kampung Kopuron. If all goes to plan, clean filtered water with be delivered straight into the homes of this village. This has never been achieved before in Borneo, or anywhere in Malaysia and hence is incredibly exciting for everyone involved. The lucky guys involved in this project are: Aidan Nairn, Petronella John, Gilbert Sukim, Zak Woodhouse, Rosalind Davies, Adam White, Helen Ray Jones, Conor Gracey, Kirsty Simms, Joseph Francis, and Michael Day, with project managers Emily and Serge. Claire, our communications officer has also deployed with this team, hopefully she won’t be too disappointed with what we have done with this blog whilst she is away...

Alpha 3 made an early start to Kampung Lingka Bugan 2 where they are repairing a water system which has fallen into disrepair. Project managers Rachel, Dave and Kim plan to complete this project during this phase, so they should be leaving the Kampung (village) with an efficient water supply, which will be amazing! The folks chosen for this project are: Sophie Grant, Kiren Kaur, Angelina Tan, Joel Davie, Michael Mason, Alexander van Leeuwen, Aisha Begum, Laura Crockwell, Andrew Fraser, Liam Sumner, Greg Jones and last but not least, Martin Brien!

Environmental Projects

Alpha 4, lead by (very excited!) project managers Donna and Sara set off on the long journey to Sepilok on the east coast of Borneo. The venturers are helping to build The Sun Bear Conservation Centre on the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve area. The centre aims to allow the smallest bears in the world to live in a natural environment and aims to stop the endangered Sun Bear from becoming extinct. Venturers: Heng Tseng Wen, Natasha Fournel, Harry Dewe-Mathews, Kyra v Hil, Anton Hawthorne-Gonazalvez, Ryan Aylwin, Rosalind Helson, Felicity-Rae James, Rachel Sutton, Andrew Hattersley, Mark Wardman and Simon Skelly, will be joining this project. If they are really lucky the Orang-utans from the sanctuary next door may even lend a hand... Failing that we have sent Tom our ever ready accountant over there to get involved in some manual labour...

Alpha 5 are venturing to pristine rainforest at Imbak Canyon right in the heart of Sabah. More people have been to Everest Base Camp than have ever set foot here! The intrepid venturers who will be accompanying project managers Eddie, Oonagh and Eleri here are: Ah Ching Wong, Brett Anderson, William Mitchell, Adam Shahrum Zainal Abidin, Katharine Ridgway, Bas Pothof, Victoria Clutterbuck, Mark Skelton, Kimberly Balsdon, Laura Pittaway, Josh Stevenson-Brown and Hannah Sprake. There are many projects that the team are involved in here, the biggest are the construction of second suspension bridge over the Imbak river and the improvement of the infrastructure at the BBC and Rangers camp.

Alpha 6 travelled north to Kamung Bawang Jamal in the Kudat district. As well as getting to live on an awesome beach, these guys are helping with a brand new conservation project known as the Metre Of RainForest project (MORF). Borneo has been badly affected by deforestation and this project aims to replant rainforest by helping people to buy a ‘metre of rainforest’ which they then give to the charity to replant. Still in the very early stages, the team here will be constructing a longhouse, improving the nursery and helping to collect saplings. The venturers trying to keep project managers Kate and Eleni off the beach are: Briony McPherson, Darren Lee Tan, Rachel Magnus, Sophie Pahud de Mortanges, James Eyles, Emily Mutton, Josephine Ayre, Edward Lewis, Benjamin Teuten, Frederik Vincentz, Harry Griffiths and Alice Hobhouse. And, just to make sure they are putting their backs into it, we have sent our photographer Cheese (Charlie) to see what’s going on up there too! He will be travelling around many of the projects in the coming weeks and we are all really excited about seeing his work when he gets back.

Adventure Projects

Alpha 7 started their day by heading over to a classroom to learn diving theory, before getting a boat over to the beautiful Mamutik (“Dive”) Island, where they will live, dive and help with a conservation project for five days before starting their trek in Long Pasia. The ventures that will be getting used to island life with project managers Ed, Ali D and Sav are: Scott Monaghan, Eunice Lum, Oliver Pringle, Christopher Tuson, Alwine de Vos van Steenwik, Luke Ewer, Eleanor Chapman, Becki Ingram, Jenny Veness, Stephen Myers, James Wood and Mark Cavanagh. Good luck on getting your PADI qualifications!

Alpha 8 will no doubt be dreaming of Dive Island as I write! These guys have started their incredible jungle trek in Long Pasia, which is just north of the Sabah/Sarawak border. Carrying everything they will need for twelve days on their backs and learning how to survive in the jungle, with just a little help from their local guides and project mangers Nat and Sam are: Paddy Laidlaw, Paul Henry, James Davies, Ashley Vickers, Darren Pugh, Elizabeth Chapman, Danielle Gaywood, Isabel Mattick, Nisha Kaushal, David Sparks, Aernout van der Goes and Paul Choat.

Alpha 9, last, but definitely not least, are trekking new ground for Raleigh, with their adventure which will take in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, before going diving and then finishing up with a breath-taking trek along Crocker Ridge’s ‘Hunter’s Trail’. This route has previously only been used by local hunters and the potential for spotting wildlife like gibbons has everyone at field base incredibly excited. Keeping their eyes peeled will be: project managers Emma, Ally and Tiffany Harvey, Carynn Tanduba, Benjamin Cowley, Joost Pompe, James Reif, Tom Plant, Solomon Akhtar, Sara Paramal, Francesca Sanwell, Louise O’Neill, Harry Tabor and Joseph Mathers.

Well, I did say that we have been busy!

Everyone at fieldbase is completely exhausted, but have enjoyed every minute of the preparation. Just look at James’ feet to get an idea of how hard we have been working:

The adventure really has begun now and the amazing thing about Raleigh is that no matter where people end up, they will have a most awesome time! Every project is unique and exciting and every venturer is special to us and their team. The most important message we have for all of our teams is to make the absolute most of every opportunity that comes their way and look after each other, because they have probably already met friends that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

10A might just be the best expedition of all time...


Anonymous said...

Ed! Good luck and lot's of fun on your first phase on Mamutik Island! It looks beautiful and I do my best not to get too jealous of course! On the pics it looks like you have everything well prepared and sorted out - that's so you :)...
Enjoy it all!

Jane Plant said...

Hey Tommy Tuck. Just spotted your group photo. (It's now my screensaver) So great to see you though your back pack looks half it's size - have you lost that much already!!!!
Sounds soooo exciting. Hope you're having loads of fun. Will get you're watch off to you soon. Lotsa love from everyone in boring Petersfield. Ma x x x x

Anonymous said...

Good luck Aidan with the Alpha2 project, I'm sure water will never taste sweeter! It looks fantastic and I am just a little jealous.
Take care

d.crockwell said...

Hi Laura
Sounds so exiting and you look really happy in the photos. Enjoy the hard work with your new playmates. Love Pa xx (Hope that helps)

Danielle said...

Alexandra Bevir!! Just say your picture and your name. Alpha 1, I am rooting for you!! :D
Enjoy I miss you!!

-Danielle xoxox

Anonymous said...

Anyone know which of the team photos is Alpha 2? My daughter Helen should be there but I can't see her!
Thanks, Mike.

Danielle said...

Alex Bevir!!! Good luck lovely :) I miss you muchos. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Go Alpha 1!!!


Catherine said...

VEE! Bet you're having tons of awesome fun ;-) Tell me all about it when you get back (I'll make sure of that). I really do hope you look after yourself and I'm looking forward to seeing photos of you. *steal someone's camera for a moment* Anyways, I really miss you dearie! Take care now!!! Muaah!



Sarah said...

Hi my boy (Ali Parry)
Hope all is going well on your first (or fourth) expedition!
I went to Richmond Park yesterday with the parentals to see the deer - like we did last year! It was not quite the same without you - I did miss you being there!
I am a bit poorly sick at the moment so its good you are not here cos I know how you hate it!
Hope the trekking is fun and you have seen lots of amazing things.

I love you and miss you as ever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tory

Alpha 5 group looks great - have a fantastic time in Imbak Canyon.

You look like you are having a brilliant time

Keep safe

Love Mom and Dad x

Jenjen said...

Hi Dee (Danielle)
Just seen your photo...you look FANTASTIC!Can't believe you're on the trek first(it did make me chuckle!). Hope the shoulder is OK. Life here is very dull without you. So proud of you and love you loads!
Mum, Dad and Styx! xxx
Hope the training is paying off!! -Hope you're having a great time. Dad

yiota said...

Hi Alexandra B mou.Just seen ur photo! How excited!!!koimithikes katholou;Phenese san molis na xypnises!!
In Kampung Sulit Paitan eh? I hope it's not ur group that left their toilet rolls behind!!What a fantastic project ur in, to built a kindergarten! So ur going to develop building skills. That's useful.Good luck agapi mou.I miss u and love u so much.I m allways thinking of u

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan (Bob!), good to see you in a photo at last! The Sun Bear project sounds brilliant. Sending a card and small parcel for your birthday next week, not sure when you will get it,love Mum,Dad,Lisa,Phill & Leo xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy! (Fraser) Wow! What fabulous photos. Great to see where you have been and what you have been doing. We can't wait to hear about how the project is going, and hope to see some more photos of you. Take care. Lots of love from mum,dad, Ellie and Hannah xxxxx

thea said...

To Andy in Alpha 4....

Hey Hatters! Wow you're on the sun bear project you lucky devil! I'm so jealous, I missed out on managing to bring a turtle back from Costa so just try and squeeze a lil bear in your rucksack and I'd be very gratefull, ha!
Seen the photo of you, you goof, looks like you've got a great team with you, and the sun is shining, yay, you'll be happy to hear that it is miserably cold here and snowing again, boo.
Well, I hope that the place you're staying is great and the 100% deet is working out for you, just remember don't scratch, or you'll end up with scarry legs like me. I'm going to keep an eye on the blog, so make sure you get in more photos,

have fun, Thea xxx

Hugo said...

Hi Rosie (Helson)

Seen all the cracking photos online - looks amazing (and a hell of a lot more exciting than Houston). Can't believe you got the Sun Bear project. Hope you are settling in well. What are the leaches and all the insects like?

Very Jealous!


Dawn said...

Hi Aidan (Alpha 2)..First team on this project first..brilliant..Dad is keen to know how it
works..lol..love the picture of your group , you look great..and Borneo looks amazing..wish we were with you..keep up the good work..your karma will be rewarded..LOVE YOU..and enjoy yourself !!
Mum, Dad, Morven & Ailsa

Charlotte Parker said...

Hey Sarah (Alpha 9) Hope you have an amazing time trekking, it looks awesome, such a great experience. Remember to always wear longs and deet, else you'll end up with horrible scarred legs like mine :p
I'm so jealous of you (my tan from costa rica has finally faded!) you're gonna have such fun. And if the trek gets a bit tough just remember I survived it so you definitely will! Borneo looks beautiful. Me, Beth and Fran are meeting up on Sunday - we'll have a drink for you! lots of love, charlotte xxxx

Eleana said...

agapoula mou!!

efaa ti zoi mou na do pou na grapso!! elpizo oti dame en to sosto. ap'oti ida egrapse sou ke i danielle. i miss u lots and lots. hope you're safe! ida tes photos they look amazing!! egrapsa sou ke gramma alla akoma na to stilo. i will very soon! show me a sign xxxx im so proud of u and i love u xxx

p.s. vlepo oti i kiria giota ekataferen ta! well done


Vin Sumner said...

Hi Liam

Looks like you managed to stay in the hammock this time. Have fun.
Dad , Mum , Zoe and Gareth

Yiota said...

Hay Alex B,
ti kaneis simera;arhisate na ktizete e akoma katharizete to chorafi; I hope the kindergarten ur building to be safe for the kidds!!Ha ha!I am sure it will be as ur involved.In the photograph ur wering shorts, I hope when ur working ur wering longs.Ur group seems a good one I am sure ur having fun.I hope that the place ur staying is safe.I've just seen a massage from Danielle. Hi Danielle!!

Anonymous said...

Isis zegt tegen Kyra
Hay Lieve schat,
Is weer geweldig om een foto van je te zien, waanzinnig je ziet er goed uit dus dat geeft mij het geruststellende gevoel dat je geniet.
Fantastisch die beren alpha 4, jaloers is het woord. Dus lieverd tot de volgende foto. Vette kus isis

Anonymous said...

lieve Kyra (holland)

Ik vind je leuk! gewoon leuk!
xx Raaf

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

Living on a beach? Planting trees? Never was life so good! You look as if you have found yourself a fantastic group in Alpha 6 although you do look a little out of it in one of the photos! Life is very quiet without you here, no snowballs from you in the garden..
Lots of love from us all..
M & D Tash Polly Chloe Nana Flora and of course the mad cat

Anonymous said...

To Mac, every day I open the blog to see what you are up to. Why are there never any pictures of you on the blog? It would make my day just to even see a tiny bit of your ginger hair in the back ground. Love from ....Mac's mum

Nikki Barclay said...

To Aidan Nairn (alpha 2)
Missing you alot, hope you're having a great time! I wish I was there with you now, the weather looks so good! typical rain here.
Speak to you soon! Keep an eye out for those moths ;) Love you millions! Nikki and Sully xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi "Mike-looking-for Alpha2-and-Helen". Have had same problem; cannot recognise my daughter either but have identified group photo by identifying the project managers. Do this by scrolling down the blog to the very earliest Jan entries, when project managers arrived and the expeditions are described. You might be able to do it that way..I've resorted to eliminating what I can see of rucksacks and asking her cousins whether they recognise the t-shirts bought on shopping trips! How sad is that? Hope this helps.
Good luck from this useless mother, wishing to remain anonymous.

GladyP said...

Hi Becki

I hope I am posting this in the right place. How exciting to read what you are up to and spot your photo as proof you made it. Think of us back in freezing Berkshire while you sweat it out in the jungle.

Gladys xxx

Dan Nash said...

Hey Vikki, its good to see you on the pic, glad things seem to be going well.

I miss you and love you



Anonymous said...

Hi Izzi (Alpha 8), great photo - you all look really ready for the jungle! Hope the trek is going well and the insects aren't being too troublesome. We would all like to be out there rather than here in freezing Britain.
Jakey results show he's doing well and M can now ride him in walk. We go back in 10 weeks. Had to load and unload in the snow! Cookie checks your room every morning.
Love you lots and missing you!
M,D,J, Tilly,Bella,Carla, Cookie and Jakey xx

Pepper said...

Hey Tam Plant. Missing you loads - especially at dinner times. Had to sleep with Jack and Ralph last night. Pah! Your faithful pal, Pepper x x

Anonymous said...

Hi "useless-mother-wishing-to-remain-anonymous" - you are not useless at all! Now we know that those pics were of the tango teams, not the alpha teams... and that my lovely Helen (and probably your son/daughter too) were already in the jungle!

Do the venturers get to see these messages? I had assumed not... but if they do: hi Helen (Alpha 2)! Missing you sooooo much but really happy for you too, hope you are having the time of your life. Love you loads, Dad (aka "Mike-looking-for Alpha2-and-Helen").

Anonymous said...

Hi jammy

It was really good to see some pictures and to hear what you are going to be upto in Alpha 6.
I have to say it looks fantastic where you are and marvelous experience for you.
How is the grub? also are the new boots holding up well...take care and we are always thinking of you.

Keston HQ xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Anton,
Wow! Enjoy the Alpha 4 project with the sun bears-am totally with you in spirit. Looks like you are having a great time-and the weather looks better than here. All fine in London-am off to Tenerife on Sunday so will blog you when I get back.
Love you loads
Big hug
Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy Fraser in Alpha 3! How are you doing? We are thinking about you and wondering how it's going. We are nearly packed - Ellie and Amit are meeting us on Saturday - its Amit's birthday. It's still freezing here. Can't wait to see some more photos. Hope you are taking lots. Take care. Lots of love from mum, dad, Ellie and Hannah.xxxxxx

JamesC said...

Hi Alex,

Really pleased to see a photo of you, you look very happy. I miss you very much, and can't wait to hear more news from alpha1. I love you xx

christos said...

Hi alex B mu. How are you? Why have you got your face covered? I hope that you are loving it.Love you lot's and missing you
love christos

Sam said...

James W from Alpha 7 - Looks like you're having an awesome time mate... I'm quite jealous! Hope all's going well!
Much Love!
Sam T

Lydia said...

Hi my darling Becki,
Its so nice to see a pic of you finally.
Go Alpha 7!!!
We miss you loads and the house is v quiet, but hope you are enjoying every minute of your time!
Love you loads,
Mum xx

Lydia said...

Hi darling Becki!
So nice to see a picture of you at last. Hope your diving is going well, and you enjoy your trek!
Go Alpha 7!!!
Missing you loads!
Mum xx

The Haywards said...

Sarah Parumal, Hi it's auntie Deb, Hope your having a great time. Nan and grandad send there love. They were very pleased to see your group photo, they got very excited. You look as if your having an amazing time. Hope everythings going well and hope to see you soon. Lots of love The Haywardss :) xxxxxx

Jenjen said...

Hi Dee
FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Goldsmith Uni have offered you an unconditional place... Congratulations! Woopwoop!
Mum and Dad and Styx..licklick. xxxx

yiota said...

Alex mou,elpizo na mas poun syntoma ti gineste ti kanete pos paei to project sas. Na proseheis agapoula mou.Elaves grammamou. elpizo na mou egrapses ki esy.S'agapo polyxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kyra
We zien je op de computer! geweldig. Je maakt wat mee! Wij wachten maar af. Goede tijden en hou je gezond. Het is hier koud en veel sneeuw, jullie stikken van de hitte. Isis, Frans en Inez.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tory on Alpha 5

Hope you are having a fantastic time. All is well at home. Off to the wedding on Sunday. Everyone sends their love

Keep safe; take loads of photos

Love Mom, Dad, CJ, Rachel and Tico

leighanderson said...

brett what a great son you are we miss and love you lots you look like you are having a great time
the photos are good just dont cover your face we could not work out which one was you hope you have got on with the bridge building sounds fun but hard work
well another letter is on its way to you lots of love and affection Mum and Dad xxxxx

David Bevir said...

Hello AlexandRA Bevir. I hope the kindergarten project is going well, and that you are well and enjoying it all. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow - James might like to know that 'the tiny male anglerfish takes commitment to the extreme by scenting out his chosen mate, biting her and then hanging on until his skin fuses to his partner so that their bodies grow together'. Lots of love, Dad.

CatHattersley said...

ANDY HATTERSLEY!!!!!!!!! hows it goin bro

Just thought id jump on here and check out whats going on over there!

Well....i'm jealous!! Looks amazing and SUNNY!! please send a tiny bit of sun and heat our way. Its so cold in Sheffield. Hate it!!!

Charlie misses you haha and so does Dan! he txt me drunk other night telling me that - BLESS!
Hope you've settled in ok and your enjoying yourself! Keep the pictures coming, wanna see more of you and your group!
Love ya, speak soon!!

Cat x

yiota said...

Alex B(gr.1)Can we sent a package? Ti pethimises;Kati elliniko isos.How is the kindergarten project going on?Elpizo na min sou vgazoun to ladi.
S'agapo kai se pethimo afantasta!

Clyde said...

Hi Becki in Alpha 7,

Hey, how's the beach holiday on Mamutik. If you thought feeding hammer-heads had you in deep water, look-out -- here comes the big trek. Those pongos are just waiting to meet you.

News: Saints lost 1-4 to Pompey. Matt's on the Westgate trip and has gone very quiet . . .

We now have squatters in your old room -- loud music and dogs with huge fleas. Still, it's a lot cleaner and quieter than when you were here. Heh, heh.

Dad, xxxxx

katie simms said...

hey kirst! wow just looking at the blogs! it all looks so amazing! we are all so proud of you and all you are achieving! we have just done our first day skiing! (i made it too - had some problems with finding my passport!) me and mum have very red faces while everyone else is lovely and golden! boo! dont know if our letters have reached you yet? but hope they will soon if not already! sending all our love kate, mum, dad, ad, claire and rob! XXXXXXX

yiota said...

Hey Alex B mou,Happy Valentine's Day. I hope ur not working hard today.So ur cooking on the 17th of February.What ru going to cook? Something greek?tin Paraskevi itan to teliko x-factor kai nikise o Stavros.Kyprios pali kai malista Lemessanos.Ektos tou oti einai karnavalli simera,einai kai tou agiou Valentinou ki etsi gemise episkeptes i Lemesos.s'agapo polyxxxx

Aimee said...

Hey Tom, Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
love Aimee xx

KATEMAN! said...

Tom im living in your room its smells great! Hahaha only joking we are all bored on a Sunday just ate pancakes - missing your presence for hangover time! Hope your having fun loads of love Kate (G2) x over and out.

stanton_howard said...

Gilbert and Ah Ching,

I have been hearing great things about the two of you and we are all very proud of you up here in Kudat. Keep up the good work, make loads of friends, get involved with everything and most importantly have a blinkin good time.
We all look forward to your stories when you get up here ,

With nothing but the very best of the very best wishes,

The Emmanuel crew

folkert van der Linden said...

Benzon Benzon en nog is Benzonlien
Hoe is het broeder? overleeft u het een beetje? hahah welk project had je als eerst dan? ik ben net wakker ga nu ff eitje pakken met spek kaas en beetje ketchup en lekker van genieten hahah geen porgey voor mij :P haha nee grapje vriend!! die ayden zat bij mij in de groep volgens mij is die nu leider! wel aardige pik! zitten ook stelletje mogolen tussen he niet normaal!! en hoest met aloes? heeft ie zijn beroep uitgevonden? hahah nog gefeleciteerd aaloes!! als je dit leest zit je in het luxe hotel ;) hahaha lekker duikie in het pisbad en een lekkere hamburger! haha zakelijk! laat ff snel wat van je horen als het kan rustig aan jongens peace! swalloem

Anonymous said...

Two messages left for 'Tom' from Aimee and Kateman on 14th February - they're meant for Tom Plant (Alpha 9)

Davies family said...

James Davies Alpha 8,
Hi James,
Grandma and I have just had Sunday dinner and have managed to get on the blog!!!!!- hope you are impressed. Looks as though you are having the experience you wanted although grandma does not like your bed- neither does Mum. Grandma drank your health in Blue Nun,Mum with the usual. Looking forward to Salcombe. Take care Mum, Grandma and Gareth XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Chris said...

Hi James Davies,
YOu look like a large american. You need to get back in the gym!

Love Chris

Oli PJ said...

Alex Bevir

You look ridic in your photo! Here is my news: I tried to research something on my iPhone in the packed college of law library today and accidentally switched the iPod function on. Cue hardcore rap (thanks shuffle!) playing loudly over the heavy silence for 5 secs. FML.

Good luck with the kindergarden, wish I was in Borneo. Rain rain rain in London. Going to Jimbos bday drinks tom.xxx

Shahreen said...

yooooo..kiren joe! kaise ho? missing you here back in kl. hope raleigh is fun n treating you well. keep it up. just remember....hot body after everythings over :P. we just got back from penang. waiting for u for the next trip.mucho pyaaaar from me. take care! oh and one more thing...dont forget to bring the kacak-kacak mundas back here. :P

xoxo shahreen

Anonymous said...

Hi James
I have mastered the messaging!!!
Seen email from Ollie to his parents it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy the diving sounds much better than the jungle to me!
lots of love
Mum and Gareth xxxxxxxxxxxx

yiota said...

Alex,mou (A1), paei enas minas apo tote pou efyges apo tin Kypro ,shedon tris evdomades pou eisai sto Bornio kai shedon dio evdomades pou eisai sto project sou.Otan tha figei o fevrouarios, pou afto simeni pos tha ehis teliosi me to project sou,prota o Theos,tha to diaskedaso.Otan teliosi o martios sigoura tha to giortaso kai sta mesa Apriliou Theou thelontos tha to glendisoume axioprpos.
Simera magirevei i omada sou. Ti kala ftiahnete;
Anypomono nakouso nea gia to group sas kai na do nees photographies sas.

s'agapo poly kai se pethimo afantastaxx

chattycal said...

Hey Tiff

Hope you're smiling!!! I know you must be so disappointed in missing out on the diving and trek it sounds amazing but as i said you will get other opportunities that will still amaze you! What's important is that you get better!!
We are all thinking about you and everyone sends their love.....
Keep smiling you hit your twenties in a couple of days....getting old you know! :-)
Love Mum, Layla & Hayleigh xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Tiffany alpha 9

Well done hunni..we are thinking of you on your trip..see you when you get back>>>XXXXXXXXXX angela, gary courtney and wee robbiexxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex! molis egrapsa the longest message ever ke den prolava na to stilo svistike! aaa!!! in a nutshell i was asking how u've been, ke ipa sou liga nea. for one thing my dad came and surprised me which was great! meta pou figan piga surrey and london ke avrio piso london. so ta pragmata ine opos ta afises! sou stila grama i hope you get it soon! miss u lots hope ur well ke pos etimazese gia to epomeno project. love u love u love u

Anonymous said...

Alex i eleana ime btw!:P touto to programa sucks

Anonymous said...

Ellieeeee (chapman, 10A??)
I miss you my little pampelmousse!! Was bored in the library yesterday and just got a tiny bit jealous that whilst I was discovering about the french rev you're in the jungle having the time of your life!
Hope it's as amazing as you'd hoped, and that you dont get bitten by any mozzies! also, i swear to god if you come back ridiculously tanned while we're all sitting here in drizzle ill die a little bit inside!
Missing you lots, nothing super exciting happening here - going home next weekend to wave goodbye to meg and jesse, can't believe you're all leaving! Stay safe mon amour - think of shannon in orange pants next time you need cheering up!! Lots and lots of jungle love, sarah xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hi tiffany alpa 9
hope your feeling better,wishing you a happy birthday on sunday have good day, and good luck for the rest of the trip.
love aunty carol XXX

The Brackes said...

Hi Sol, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and what a place to be spending it. Have been following the blog and heard your news from mum - so glad you are having a fab time, told you so. Likas is where we stayed in '94 where the toilets were a hole in the ground and a hosepipe - have things improved??! Only a 5 and 7 day trek eh, in my day we trekked for 3 weeks!Anyway, enjoy every minute, it was one of the best things I ever did. Lots of love Jackie, Ben, Sam,Charlie,Tom and Katie xxxxxx

Antreas said...

yia sou ales(Alexandra Bevir A1)S'ASAGAPO POLY ALEs.EISAI KALA POTE NATHIS;fharito to doro mouxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

yia sou agapi mou Alex B A1 elpiso na eisai kala. Mou lipis poly.Pernas to kala; Perimeno mechri na girisi. Ego prosefhomai kathe nihta. O Theos mazi sou na se prosehei gia panta. s' agapo poly xxx

Nicholas said...

Hello Alex B A1 I miss you a lot. HOw are you? May God Bless You. I really liked your CD that you send from England. Thank you. God Bless YOU.
Love : Nicholas

Nan And Grandad Shinner said...

Hi Sarah
Its nan and grandad. Lovely photo it looks as if your enjoying yourself. Hope your trecking through the jungle is too much hard work. Remember the mosquito net. Enjoy yourself can we have more photographs of you and your team. Love you lots Nan and Grandad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi James Davies Alpha8!
Excellent outfit - was it designed to discourage the local headhunters? Your Ireland shirt will have to go back. A 33-10 defeat by the French!How is the sun? Heavy snow here again yesterday and I expect Polar Bears to arrive shortly. Very envious of your venture in the jungle!
Cheers, Uncle Rog

Marjon said...

To: Sophie, Alpha 6
Lieve Sophie,
Zo te zien moet je eerst het bos aanplanten waarin jullie de beren en orang oetangs moeten beschermen.
We hopen dat je een gezellige groep hebt en dat je ook zo nu en dan aan het strand toekomt.
Sas is vertrokken naar Sri, oma en opa ook weg. Kids hier hebben op Olympisch nieuws langlaufen gezien en waren perplex dat o&o dat ook doen, Heb ze uitgelegd dat O&O niet dat skippy-tempo hebben van de olympiers. Twee schaatsdames hebben zilver en brons behaald.
Hier: voorjaarsvak. thuis met logeerpartijtjes kids, zwemfeestje Bauke e.d.
Veel plezier en succes daar, liefs, knuffels en kusjes van Kiki, Bauke en Amke en ook van Duco en mij,

Anonymous said...

elo aisha
hope ur ok
y havnet u bin in contact!!!!!!!!!!!!

call when you can

ur not missing out on much
its been snowing were all following the blog
keep up thegood work

i bet u missing ur chicken and chips



Joe Mathers said...

You're a really cool kid Joe [alpha 9]
Missing you++
Keep juggling
With love from those who are 'supposed' to drive you mad!
PS the whole world watching - even your grandad/ma have seen that surf's up

Chloe S said...

Hey Lou (alpha 9)

I really hope it is all going well and your enjoying yourself loads. I've been looking at the pictures on the website and it looks AMAZING!! Miss you loads and cannot wait for you to be back so i can hear all about it!

Look after yourself and enjoy every moment!

Love you lots, Chloe xxxxx

Charlie de la Haye said...

Hey Sam,
Well you sort of ruin the fun of the blog by phoning home so often, but never mind! How was dive island for you? If you get your “padi” then you and I can do some open water some time!! I trust you weren't exaggerating on the phone the ease with which you completed your first trek. It nearly killed me! Was anyone lucky enough to come down with delta/Victor/both? I probably won’t get to chat with you before I head off to China, and supposedly facebook is banned there which is just splendid, so you’ll have to email me! Life at home is overwhelmingly dull so it’ll be nice to have something to do for a change. Anyhoo, I hope you’re enjoying changeover in paradise. It beats tents eh! Give my best to the 09k bunch. All the best for now, much love, Charlie.xxxxx
(p.s. Mummy and Daddy said to make sure you’re brushing your teeth every night!)

Izzy said...

To Benjamin Cowley (Alpha 9)

Just thought I´d take a peek to see what your upto!! Your first phase sounds awesome...especially diving!!!!! Just finished mine, trekking from the Carribean to the Pacific, which was so so hard but the views were amazing and we got to spend a day at the beach at the end which made it worthwhile! Not too sure what we are doing next, but having spoken to everyone else they all sound good!
I hope the weather is holding out for you even though its the wet season (haha!), its lovely and sunny here and we shall definitely have a tanning competition when we're back!
I hope your having a great time, havent got too many blisters and not missing Skippy T too much (im definitely not!)
Good luck with your next phases, take care
Izzy xxx

Izzy said...

Hey Ben (Alpha 9)

I just tried to leave a comment but i dont think it worked, so you might have 2...i dont knoww!!
Anyway just thought id have a sneak peek at what your doing in borneo!! your phase sounds amazing, the trek and diving!!! and especially as noone else has done it! good times
Ive just got back from my first phase, trekking from the carribean to the pacific, which was realllly hard but totally worth it because we got a day at the beach at the end! totally having a tan competition when we get back! hope the weathers good where you are even though its the wet season (haha), its so hot here!!
Im off again in a couple of days, not sure what im doing yet but im hoping to go up to Nicaragua, everyones raving about it!!
i hope your alright, havent got too many blisters and not missing skippy t too much! (im not!)
good luck with your next phases
izzy xxx

Anonymous said...

To Nigel

Hello! I hope you are great, safe and sound! I just found out what r u doing and why u were lost from the face of the world!!

Im proud of you, really worth it!

Just sending my thought! Take care!