Saturday, 13 February 2010

The 'LOOP'

Hello and welcome back to Raleigh Borneo!

Here at field base we are very busy preparing for 'The Loop'. On 'The Loop' members of the fieldbase team go on a road trip in one of our Bravos (Landrovers) around all of the static project sites to see how everyone is getting along.

The LOGS team, aka Nicky, James and Aydan have been working their socks off to get everything ready, so that we can take out vital supplies to teams who have broken their microphones, lost their cooking pots or run out of travel wash!

Plus, we take out all of the mail that you guys have sent out here and deliver the fantastic messages you have left on the blog for them, so if you want to pass on any further messages get them to us ASAP!

This year's 'Loop' competion is 'Come Dine With Me'. Each group will have to prepare an evening of culinary delights and entertainment, to feed and amuse the fieldbase team. This is not an easy feat given the Raleigh Rations and budget, but we never cease to be amazed by what teams can come up with a little ingenuity and elbow grease!

This Loop team will consist of  The Boss - Jim, our Country Director, Aydan one of our ever ready LOGS team, Yo our Recruitment, Support and Media Coordinator/master of all trades and Claire the comunications officer whom they will pick up on route. Field base will be very quiet without them.

The Loop will visit the following Alpha groups:

14th February - Chinese New Year and Valentines Day - Alpha 2
15th February - Alpha 5
16th February - Pancake Day - Alpha 4
17th February - Alpha 1
18th February - Alpha 3
19th February - Alpha 6
20th February - HOME (Hurrah!)

And finally... Martin's Mum - Martin Brien is in Alpha 3, sorry that he was left off the original list, I have updated the previous blog. For anonymous looking for Kirsty Simms, she is in Alpha 2!


emily said...

paul(choat) THANKYOU for the flowers!!!!You're full of suprises. Thinking of you bajjilions. Emmy.xxxxx

Brenda Brien said...

Thank you very much for getting back guys!!

Keep up the great work x

Vin Sumner said...

Say hi to Liam Sumner in Alpha 3 from all back home ... we will miss him at Gran's 80th on 14th ...

Dad, Mum, Zoe , Gareth

Anonymous said...

For Tish Fournel
A big Bear hug from Spain.

Sheena said...

Noted that there is about to be a message distribution so wanted to say it was great to see your photo of the group you are with. Your mum has a look at it every day as a wee reminder and to say hello. Hope you are having a fantastic time - love you lots. Mum and Dad
PS - hope the mail is reaching you. We keep writing.

Anonymous said...

hello to Ben T of alpha 6, its Andrew. I am recovering from a nasty "shark bite" suffered in Switzerland before we even got to the slopes, stitches and all, its a long story will tell you another time. Here in Oz the beaches are a lot safer. I guess I'll go over the top of Borneo on my way home next Sat and will look out of the window. Hope u r having a great time.

huz said...

Hey Anton, am watching the blog but going to Tenerife tomorrow so won't be able to leave messages for a week. Will think of you on Pancake day when you should get this message!
Lots and lots of love to you Mum xxxx

The Francis Family said...

Hi Joe (alpha 2) Hope the water system is going well, we are missing you loads, but sure you are having lots of fun. We have spotted you in a couple of photos in the blog, but you are hidden in the group photo! All is well here. Look forward to hearing all about the project - don't forget to take loads of pics. Lots of Love Mum, Dad, Katy, David and Bubs xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

whatttsss up brothher??/ we sent you a letter with lots of things in it.. but i dont think you will have received (OMG mum lit just had a go at me coz i spelt that wrong.. what is wrong with her??) it yet coz we only sent it a week ago... but you should look foreward to it. Mum is having a major tidy.. which is annoying as she is always wanting me to tidy my bedroom... Chatou is still as wierd as ever and right not im sitting in the kitchen drawing with nana as i have to get on with my new art project. =] im looking after essie and we went for a starbucks which was nice and she coming for pancake day .... yum.. love you lots. and have lots of fun and come home really tanned.... LOVE YOUUUU x x x x
CHLOE x x x

lesleydavies said...

Big hugs for Rosie D from everyone at home. We are all missing you of course but can see that you are having a great time. Hope the birthday went well and that you might now get the card - if not it will catch you up somewhere along the route I'm sure. Your project sounds exciting and challenging. Exactly what you signed up for i guess. Love you. Mumxxx

Anonymous said...

Eleni Coldrey
Better news from 6 nations this week!
Wales 31 Scotland 24
France playing Ireland.
I will now be able to sleep at night knowing the guys who left the loo rolls behind will be receiving provsions soon!
Dade cooking fish curry tonight at Meadow Lane.
Love ya millions

Chris Trickett said...

Hi laura, (crockwell)

I just thought I'd write another quick message before the field base team come and meet you and get all the letters and blogs to you.Hope you're still having a quality time, working hard and laughing all the way.
Love you very much darling and missing you always. Speak to you soon
Love Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan. I hope you get the messages we send,Happy Birthday for the 19th we will miss you on your 23rd birthday, granenmum says she owes you a chocolate cake, hope you celebrate it out there! Hope also you get the little parcel and card that we sent you. Elaine is now a grandma to little Rufus! Lisa sends big love and hugs and hopes you ahving an awesome time. Miss you loads, we keep reading the blog and looking at your photos! We all love the sun bears hope you get to see them loads of love Mum, Dad, Lisa, Phill and Leo xxx

Anonymous said...

hi, Sergio, tvb in swiss country... so nice to see pictures from the raleigh blog,hope to have fresh news soon!!!
lots of love , Mam, Dad & Izzy

Anonymous said...

Message for Hannah Sprake. Hi Hannah, great to see all the photos and have some sense of the place.Looks amazing will hear about it when you get back...don't forget,your aunt still talks about her trip across the Pacific all those years ago.All's well here and Beth home for holiday so dad and I get a rest from cat-sitting!how's the bridge building going? have had alook at the canyon elsewhere on google: looks testing. Good thing you can swim!
All our love, Dum and Mad xxxxxx
Hi Han, back from school (finally!) My theatre exam went really well, we all got A's so very happy all round! Miss you lots, much love, Beth xxxxxx

saskia said...

Lieve Sophie Pahud (Alpha 6),
Hoe is het in Sabah aan de kust? Wij zijn het weekend in Dalfsen en zitten nog steeds in de sneeuw... Olympische Spelen vandaag begonnen en het eerste goud is binnen, Sven Kramer 5 km!! Hoop dat je aan een leuk project werkt met een gezellig team en kunt wennen aan de pap. Vrijdag vertek ik met Marja voor 2 weken naar Sri Lanka, zal alle kids in het weeshuis een dikke zoen van je geven!Zorg goed voor jezelf xxx mam

pugh said...

Darren (Alpha 8)

Great to see you in the group photograph.

Love you billions!

Gethin has walked 9 steps today.

Mum and Dad x x

Lana & Gareth x x

huz said...

Hi Luke,
Hope the diving went well and you are having a good time. Am thinking of you and Anton a lot-can't wait to hear how it all went. keep taking photos!
Best wishes

de vos said...

Lieve Alwine alpha 7,

lees net op de blog dat ze post gaan rondbrengen en hoewel jouw groep er niet bij staat voor de zekerheid nog maar een berichtje op valentijsdag!. Is het duiken goed gegaan? En nu dan de trekking. Denk maar dat het hier wel heel erg sneeuwt en koud is...
Zo niet in Canada waar vannacht de eerste gouden medaille werd gewonnen door sven kramer op veel te zacht ijs..
heel veel liefs van ons allen, geniet...

Anonymous said...

Tom Plant(Alpha 9), Happy Valentines. ? ? ? Thinking of you. x x x x

Griffiths Family said...

Hi Harry (alpha 6)
Hope you are working hard planting trees and enjoying it all. If you come home with a better suntan your sisters will kill you. Miss you lots and have fun. Mum, Dad, Karolina, Krystyna xxxx

Jan Akhtar said...

Hi Soli, Glad U escaped the Honey Badger,Great to know UR having a fantastic time.Iam off for a week and everyone is taking turns sleeping in the Shepherds hut in the snow!Josh gone to Berlin with school.We will all miss you on your birthday next week but sure you will not forget yours on Raleigh -I hope they give you the BUMPS on 18/2/2010.Lots of Love. XXX
P.S. Hi Sol, just wanted to add a big happy birthday for 18th as you may not get next batch of messages before then. Hope you're taking lots of photos. Nana and Gramps send their love.
Lots of love from Mum xxxx

Iertjepiertje said...

Hi Alwine in alpha 7

Hhahahah. ik heb werkelijk geen idee van hoe dit moet werken, maar ik heb inminddels geconstateerd dat je telefoon het niet doet?! Iig wat een onwijs vette foto's man! Als ik goed op de hoogte ben, ben je nu met je 20 kg zware rugzakje door de natuur aan het struinen...heb je je gehouden aan de bruine onderbroekjes of ging je dat toch iets te ver;)?

Ik ben echt heel benieuwd want het schijnt daar zo prachtig te zijn! Hmm.. schatje geniet van de tracking en het super mooie Borneo. Als je tijd hebt lijkt het me handig om een andere manier van comuniceren te vinden;) Voor nu... ENJOY en ik mis je stiekem al een beetje. hahahah LIEFS(L) Ier

Anonymous said...

Hi James (Eyles),

Hope the deforestation project went well. You may be embarking on your next phase ?? it looks as though it could be a logistic nightmare for all of you to leave a no news is good news!!!Thinking of you and hope all is well. Hope you have receive letter from home.Have a great time and take care. love you lotsxxxx
mum and dad

Carla Phil Jones said...

Hi Greg J. (Alpha 3)
Costa Esuri is still a ghost town. Villa 1 Utd 1. Alexandro sent off! Chelsea lost at Everton.
Looks like you're getting all the sun for the Jones' family. No sun here and Brooke in Amsterdam - hockey likely to all be snowed off.
Mullett sends his regards, Ben has left you a facebook msg.
Hope you are working hard. Thinking of you,
Mum & Dad

Jude said...

Hi Josh-alpha 5, great to see a photo and news of your project. Passed the news to D and G who have spotted you too. Just looked at the provisions due to arrive for you sardines and tuna eh! Know you must have been delighted to be in the Imbak Canyon group so hope you are loving it. Lots of love M&Dxxxx
Thanks to the blogger..great to follow the news.

Zoe said...

Liam Sumner!!! :-)
Hope you're having a great time .. miss you !! we're here having sunday night bacon sandwiches after a night at the Drum & Monkey! See you in Shanghai ! Zoe and Will x

Hugo said...

Hey Rosie,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just had a crazy weekend. Roadtripped to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. 10 hours of driving for one epic night wish you could have been there too. So much to tell you.

Hope everything's going well.

Loads of love


d.crockwell said...

Hi Laura Crockwell
Fresh supplies on their way to you, Mmmmmm looks good. I'm sure you're having a fantastic time, missing you at home, everyone here is fine. Lots of love Ma and Pa

Anonymous said...

For Will Mitchell Alpha 5

Dad's birthday today - he's getting OLD! All's well here, hope Imbak was good. Afraid 'the gin' turned his toes up yesterday. Now in the 'garden of rememberance' under the snowdrops! Ah well. Lotte and Tom on half term and staying in bed till midday. Tom replacing you in the cellar! We miss not having you here - Sunday lunch yesterday was not the same! Lots of love, M x

Anonymous said...

Hello Emily (Alpha 6)
Hope all is going well. We are on half-term now and have been busy decorating! Today it is time for some work. It is STILL cold and grey here. Mel, Tony and Ruby called in yesterday. They send love and thanks for Matt's card. Dave and Hazel are sunning it up in beautiful Thailand now. Sounds great.
Take care,
Love Mum and Dad

de vos said...

Lieve Allwine ( alpha 7)
gisteren stuurde ik ook een bericht maar zie hem niet terug. Op het gevaar af dat het dubbel gaat toch maar een berichtje in de hoop dat het mee gaat in de loop, al denk ik dat die niet bij de tracking komt.
Het ziet er allemaal zo goed uit op de site. Hoop dat alles goed gaat, het zal zwaar zijn maar weet dat je het kunt! Ben je al veel vieze beesten tegen gekomen? En niet teveel last meer van je oren? Hier nog steeds te veel sneeuw, kan jij je vast niet voorstellen, schilder in huis en alles op zijn kop. Dit weekend gaat iedereen skien en hoop ik dat de sneeuw hier smelt. Verjaardag Reinalt was heel leuk, lief dat je belde.
Heel veel liefs van ons allen,

Danielle said...

Alex Bevir in Alpha 1.

Happy Valentines day!! I love you so much and so proud of you!!!
I hope you are having the time of your life and then some more :)


lauriewoodhouse said...

Hey Zak Woodhouse, we're in the middle of a blazing snowstorm about 10 Inches so enjoy the jungle. I took Hannah her valentine pressies. We can't wait to here what you're up to and wish we could give you a hug. Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Michael,

I hope you are well and enjoying your various ventures. I loved to see all the photos, saw Will and Harry but cannot see you at all. Are you by any chance hiding behind weird glasses and a safari hat (photo 10). I am following all the news with great interest. Theo, Jack, Wilburr send you lots of love.. we all miss you..Natalie back next Thursday and Gina expecting a baby!!!all well here, gros bisous, Mmsky

amita said...

hi aisha
hope u ok. im gud, just shopping for the wedding and busy busy. everyone at home is gud, every1 sends their love. anyway take care. luv u. xxxxxx

Caroline said...

Message for Edward Sants Alpha 1: Bode- bronze in men's downhill..
LOL Mum and Dad

Fraser Family said...

Hi Andy Fraser! Just wanted to let you know that we have arrived safely. Saw Ellie, Hannah and Amit on Saturday. They all send their love. Sue and Ed also send their love. Hope you are well and working hard. Can't wait for some news and more photos. Take care, missing you loads. Hope the mozzies aren't biting too much. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Ellie and Hannah xxx

leighanderson said...

hi brett
hope you are having a good time you look good in all the pictures looks like you have found your nitch in life it suits you, well teri is writing a letter to tell you something funny, we love and miss you just keep having fun
all our love hugs and xxxxxxx

Tony said...


Mate, great to hear you're in Sepilok - how are the leeches and sunbears? Hey, and take good care of my table! A lot of love and heartache went into that :)

Seriously though, enjoy the sunbears and hope you have an awesome time.

Tony A (that guy from the RedR course)

George Greenshields said...

Hello Tom (Plant - Alpha 9). So glad to hear from your mum that you're enjoying yourself. We're all quite jealous! Keep it up. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
Hope you had a good x-mas and new year!
Hope you're enjoying it second time round, Will you be coming back? I can see you staying on and on.
We're all busy, girls are in dance show all this week!
Did you ever get our letters? Mum didn't seem to think you had.
Anyway keep up the good work.
Love from
Claire, Dan and girls xxxxx

Douglas said...


How are you? I bet you are really busy but getting pretty strong. Are you in the jungle? It's snowing here again, so I'd trade places with you if I could. Are you coming to Gomera this summer? I'm busy teaching and maybe working for a company a couple days a week in Chicago. We miss you. See you soon, LOL Dad

Essie & Chloe said...

Benjamin Teutennn, yoyoyoyoyo.. just had pancakes, hah hah we are sending you one chloe made which was awful in the post so you can re cook it ! Watching the Brit awards and JLS have won loads, we are sat on your sofaa and am going to your room in a bit to get all my stuff i left here! Keep going baby, not long left now, the worst bits over! lets hope you get the trek last so your not fat and unfit! Listen to micheal buble for mee :) Im sending your phone charger but not your flipsflops cus they smeelll.... WE LOVE YOU LOTS>>>
and just think that you will be relaxing by a pool with fags and a beer, and essie will record skins for you and bring in it with her... you silly billy for forgetting the phone charger (i swear you put it in your bag?!!) never mind... shes sending it to you.. LOVE YOU FOREVER... smile for us... =] less than 50 days to go.... x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x love you bubz lots and lots x

leighanderson said...

hi brett honey how you doing so proud of you we have got somr holiday book had a look at the beaches in sabah they are wonderful
hope you get a chance to see them you are so lucky had a lot of luck with my family tree found some family in touch with them and they live near us so its getting really
exciting i'm clever clogs done it all on my own lol love you lots
mum dad and all

Katie B-H said...

Katie Ridgway! Hello! Just to thanks so much for the lovely birthay card-the alcohol related sentiments were very true haha :) I'm now old! Looks like you are having an ammmmaazzng time :D Will write to you soon, take care :)
lots of love katie xxx p.s can you please bring me a slow loris home? :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren Lee (Malaysia)

Not sure if you'll get this but hey anyway. Hope you're having fun. Miss you loads and I've got heaps of things to tell you! I'm in Aussie already and so much has been happening. Drop me a message when you get back!


poisonrose_writer said...

Hey to the lovely boys still out there working hard at fieldbase! Aydan, looking smooth :p been waiting for the moment to pose in the bravo for a while huh? :p and loving the photo of james' feet from the other blog, if i took my shoes off outside here, i'd get frostbite its so freaking cold! :) Hope you're enjoying youselves with loli's wonderful food, and that the loop went smoothly with many a lovely meal :) missing you both, and all of the peeps from 09K who are currently working hard on their various projects!
Take care everyone!
Meg xxx

The Brackes said...

Hi Sol, third time lucky - keep writing blog but not posting! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - glad to hear you are having a fab time. Thinking of you lots of love Jackie, Ben , Sam, Charlie, Tom and Katie xxxxxx

saskia said...

Lieve Sophie (Alpha 6),

Morgenochtend ( 19 feb.) vertrek ik naar Colombo! Voor de zekerheid hier mijn Sri Lanka Mobiel :
Ik blijf 2 weken, veel werk voor de boeg in het weeshuis, en vlieg 6 maart terug naar Amsterdam. Schat ik hoop dat je geniet en ik hoop je even te spreken als je weer terug bent op je basecamp!Tijdsverschil 2 uur vroeger in S. Lanka dan Borneo.Zorg goed voor jezelf, dikke zoen mam

Andy Duckworth said...

Hey Carys (Alpha 1) hope everything's going well out there for you and your getting a work-out in the sun. Dissertations started rolling now and the work is flowing a little better. Got my ticket for Download last night so I'll be off to see AC/DC and Rage this summer. Work hard and don't let the crocs bite!!

Hazel Duckworth said...

Hi Carys(alpha 1). Andrew has helped me I hope to post a message at last. This is my fourth try!!!
Had some more snow, but it's a lovely bright ,cold day at the moment. We're off shopping and your Dad's trying to fix his bike today: he needs a new inner tube.
He's working on his sermon as he's in Bradford preaching a week on Sunday. Hope you're still having a great time even though you may need a lot of muscle linament! LOve you loads. Praying for you. Keep safe.Love Mum and Dad XXXX

David Bevir said...

Hello Alex Bevir (Alpha 1),
Your card posted on 9 Feb arrived on 18 Feb ! Very quick, given the distance. Many thanks for it and all your news. I hope you are still safe and sound despite any snake, cockroach or crocodile, and that the kindergarten is going according to plan. The flora and fauna must be amazing, given the climate. I'm sure the trek will be ok - courage, mon brave !
George has been in Las Vegas, India and Barcelona so far this year; they've decided to return to the UK in September.
Take care of yourself. Much love and many thoughts.

Sally Whittingham said...

Hi to Josh in Alpha 5. Really enjoying following your blog and esp seeing photos. Looks like hard work physically maybe? Rosie and Luca just went to Oz to visit Dan and Luca called it ' a venture' It looks like that's what you're having! Back now in cold snowy France after sweltering India and missing it very much. Lol and hope enjoy every minute, Sally

yiota said...

to Alex B (A1)
Agapi mou den katalavaino ti ehei ginei.Ehoun exafanistei ta minimata ola pou sou stilame.ehoun vgalei kai ti monadiki fotografia pou isoun.Elpizo na valoun sintoma nea tis omadas sou.Den xero an ehis lavei ta grammata pou sou estila.ego den eho lavei kanena diko sou akoma.S'agapame kai se pethimame afantasta

julian said...

Hi Carys (Alpha1),

Hope you are well? looks like your having great fun from the photo :)& I have also read that your building a Kindergarten. You've had plenty of practice at building in recent years LOL keep up the good work.
I sent you some text messages but I`m not sure if you got them let me know. I`ll try and ring you but i`m not sure when your available to chat.

Miss you loads, Love you lots xxx000xxx
Keep safe and I`ll write to you soon.bobby says woof as well

Ange said...

Hi Sow Chan (Malaysia),

Hope you see this!!
How are you doing??
Missing you so much and can't wait to hear from you when you get home!
Stay tough and hope you enjoy the expedition!!!! Oh.. and stay cute too.. see you when you get home!!! (^.^)


Hazel said...

Hi Carys. (Alpha 1). I hope you've got some of the letters we've sent by snail mail.I've tried to make Sunday my letter writing day and then post on Monday. Your dad still hasn't posted last Sunday's
(21.02) because he hasn't written anything yet(he read mine and complained I'd given you all the news.People at church keep asking after you and we pray for you at housegroup. Your Dad and Bob are watching Chelsea v AC Milan tonight. Sending loads of love from foggy Yorkshire.

carrie said...

Ben T- just left a comment but when I went back in to see my handiwork, no sign of it!!!! Once a technophobe, always a technophobe! Anyway, darling, missing you loads - Chaz counting the days until exams over, me counting the days until Winter is over, Paul in Poland, Luce ding 'market research'; ?!!!, in the bars of Manchester and Amy just did mocks. Hope you are enjoying every moment even the jungle latrines and look forward to your pictures and tales. Much love, Carriexxxx

julian said...

Hi Carys (Alpha 1)

It was really really great to hear from you the other day when you called :)cheered me up a lot, me and bobsy miss you loads, I`m so used to speaking to you everyday almost, so its very weird not having our daily chats.
I have tried to call you a few times on the number you have sent me text messages on but it doesn't seem to want to connect, maybe if you could text me what the proper number is i`ll try again when your free to talk.
Sorry about the other day the phone cut off just as I was saying bye GRR stoopid wireless phones i tried to call you back but i couldn't connect, never mind.
It sounds like your having a great time there and you look great :)enjoy every moment and i`ll speak to you soon hopefully.

Missing you loads :( keep in touch.

Love you..Big hugs and kisses from me and bobsy mwah ! xxxOOOxxx

Andy said...

To Carys (Alpha 9, now I Think)

Hope the trek went well and didn't kill you. Keep plugging away and we'll see you in a couple of months. Looking forward to a few brews on your return!