Sunday, 21 February 2010

Charlie Hoare On Tour

Charlie Hoare our resident photographer travelled around five of our static sites to see what all of our Alpha groups were up to...

Charlie deployed with Alpha 6 and travelled North to the sandy beaches of Kudat and the Tip Of Borneo. He helped them to set up camp and dig their long drop, a feat which Ben described as “The proudest moment of my life...”

They met with local fishermen who gave them a delicious catch of the day, fresh Sea Bass. Charlie also taught the group a number of games including Werewolves and Mafia. If only he knew the rules...

As Alpha 6 started work, Charlie felt his time there was done (Quel surpise!) and set off in search of Alpha 3. Unfortunately his transport plans became slightly lost in translation and he ended up in Kudat – well it does sound really quite like Kota Marudu doesn’t it? At this point he had to get a bus to Kota Marudu, so that he could get a lift the rest of the way there with project partner Drew. Five bus tickets later and the bus driver agreed to set off!

Landing on his feet yet again in Kampung Lingka Bugan 2, he arrived with a delivery of fresh food and was spoilt by a tasty meal. For once he got his hands dirty and helped Alpha 3 to dig a trench, although one must be careful as a photographer not to do too much, a damaged finger may end a photographer’s career. 

The next day he got a lift back to Kota Marudu with Alpha 3, before staying overnight in a “luxury” hotel... well, it did have running water! After an early start he took a boat up river to Alpha 1, keeping his eyes peeled for the local crocodiles.

Alpha 1 was perhaps Charlie’s favourite group. Possibly because he arrived on a day off (typical)! He was spoilt rotten and treated to pancakes and speed dating on Valentine’s Day. Charlie proved yet again that he is not just a pretty face and made heart shaped scone cutters from a Sprite can. Who says that romance is dead? He further excelled himself with fifty meatballs made from corned beef, which were devoured with gusto by the group.

Sad to leave, with a tear in his eye, our Charlie set off with the Loop to Alpha 4. He was welcomed with a musical extravaganza, played on biscuit barrels and water bottles, a spectacle that he described as the best entertainment of all time.

The following day he yet again broke the habit of a life time and did a bit of heavy lifting of sand and gravel. Always observant to the core, a few hours later he realised that he was working right next to the sun bears! I guess it’s just a good job that they were not the crocodiles at Alpha 1...

Following a two-kilometre walk, Charlie received the best welcome of all at Alpha 2, with a swim in the newly built dam and fresh, delicious coconuts.

The Loop also arrived and a tasty meal of fried plantain followed, however desert was slightly harder to swallow... In what was described as a “Chilli Off” – members of the group raced to see who could eat five mini chillies in the quickest time. Rosie was the fire eating champion! That night however was Charlie’s most uncomfortable night’s sleep on his tour, involving the hardest concrete floor in the universe, with the thinnest roll mat, beneath a fluorescent flickering strip light, with no light switch... Still, the next day when there were sand bags to move, Charlie was very sad to move on.

His arrival back at field base was hotly anticipated, with perhaps the most elaborate signage to date and I think that the welcome party costume speaks for itself!

p.s.: Hi to Charlie’s Mum x x x x x x x love Kathryn x x x x x x x


Ali White said...

To Joe[Adam] White

Another attempt at leaving a message! What a great photo of you on a coconut mission, looking so fit and well. Need to send you out fresh clothes and soap methinks.Clare thinks I am becoming obsessive about checking the blog site but am soooo proud of you. Big hugs, love you lots Mum. xxx
PS Pete seems to be getting lots of landscaping work in, think you will be able to do the work of 3 men by May!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jammy

So pleased to see more of what is going on, you really look as if you are enjoying yourself ... I assume you are doing some work really does look like a fantastic location.
I hope you have been receiving the far two have been sent and another is on its way.
We are all missing you,do keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

Keston HQ xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ( Alpha 9) Hope you are keeping well and enjoying your adventure.Have not had anymore news or pictures of Alpha 9 yet. All well here, had a lot more snow last night, the boys are out playing in it.
Jack had a great B/day party yesterday, Bowling followed by the pizza hut.
Clare and Nic are well, as is Nan and Grandad. Hope to here from you soon. Love M XXXXX

Chris Trickett said...

Hi Laura (Crockwell) Alpha 3

Hello lovely, just seen another couple of pictures of you and your team. Looks and sounds like you're having a quality time. However, less of leaning on the pickaxe and more digging trenches with it cheeky!
Hopefully you recieved mine and your mum's letters when Charlie visited your camp. Hope you liked the photo in your valentines card.
Missing you darling. Speak to you soon. Love you.
Chris x x x

Akis said...

yia sou Alex B mou(A1) epethimisame se.Pote enarthis

Anrteas said...

yia sou i Alets B (A1) sasaapo Alets.Efaristo to doro sou aresemou to poli .potenatis Alets;

Anna said...

Yia sou agapi mou Alex.Elpizo ise kala.Epetimisa poli parapoli nasakaliaso.Prosefome kathe vradi ke the tha gini tipota kako.Sagapo poli o Theos mazi sou na se prosehi

Christine Ayre said...

TO jOSIE aYREJust seen photos of you with Alpa 6 great to see you missing you but glad to see you look happy! xx mum

Dr Dan said...

Thanks for the photos Charlie. Please say a big hello to Rachel Magnus and everyone in Alpha6. Rachel, hope you're having a great time and enjoying the fish! We miss you lots and I know you miss my jokes. What do you call cheese that's not your's? Nacho cheese. Lots of love, your big brother Dan and S-I-L Kerri. xxx

Jenn said...

Hey Nige (Alpha 1),

Seems like you're having a blast, things at home have been quiet but i can gladly say I have finally finished my dissertation so now I only have to stress about the last project.

I hope you had a good valentine's with everyone there and i'm counting down the days till i can celebrate ur bday!!! 16 and counting!!!

Love you dude xoxo

kitty said...

hi aisha

its good to see you in the picture, its about time u posed for the camera. anyway hope things are good. not long to go now counting days 6 weeks and 5 days to go. i cant believe i am saying this but we need you back now. i miss my kitty partner.

katie simms said...

Hi Kirst!
so good to see a pic of you! you looks great! it was so good to talk to you on the phone the other day! sorry we couldnt talk for longer but we didnt want to disturbe dad as he was not feeling well and we kept waking him up! skiing was amazing! im gunna send you some pics in my next letter. i spoke to vicky the other day on FB and she was asking after you and sounded v jealous when i told her what you were up to! it looks and sounds like you having an amazing time, so keep having fun!all missing you loads! ill write again soon! all my love kate xxx

Hannah said...

ZAK w.! looking great! hope all is well!!be safe and cant wait until you com home! Love Hannah w :)

Caroline said...

For Edward Sants... He did it in the end! Bode Miller- Olympic Champion in the Super combined !! Think he will be pretty happy about that. It is snowing here (groan) so we will be getting out the shovels again. Hope all well with you and the kindergarten progressing according to plan. Lovely to see your picture, too. LOL Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

its about time we seen apic of u!!!!!!!
looks like u all are having a great time

look after yourself
and call home
mums worried (nothing unusual there)


Danielle said...

Alex Bevir (A1)
Beavs Mou you look sooo happy and super strong. I am so proud of you. I hope you are having the time of your life. Love you so so much always.


huz said...

Hey Anton ( Alpha 4), looks like you have been working hard digging and shifting stones, mud etc. The photo with the wheelbarrow looks great! I got back from Tenerife yesterday- the weather wasn't too good but it was relaxing, good to see Nana and Grandad and I had a swim every day.
Keep those muscles moving!
Loads of love to you from drizzly London ( 3 degrees!)

Sheena said...

Great to see you looking so well and having such fun in the window frame. It reminds me of the photographs of you and your wee girl cousins at Peebles last year. I have a copy of the photo in my wallet and will bore everyone with it as only I can! Love you lots, Mum (and Dad - looks like pretty good weather over there. Much like here with a few degrees difference only.)

Anonymous said...

Hi baby bear!
Poppa bear sees you smiling and no wonder in your location.
Love from us all! Cold and still some snow here in Vegas!

Beau said...


I was starting to think you pretended to go on this trip and eloped with a stranger instead!! about time you had a 'kodak moment!' I couldn't recognise you at first with your head stuck inside a coconut!! lol! anyways girl, hope it's going well out there! missing you lots! lots of love! Nana Morris!!! xxx p.s grandad say's hi!! xxx

Trisha said...

Hi Aisha...

Gosh we miss you so much..we are all really proud of you.Cant wait to have you back home. I am actually surprised you have survived out there without us lol..give us a call when you get a chance miss hearing your voice.

Have fun

Love you loads

Trisha xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey there Morna,

Your mum told me about this blog today and just had to check it out! Looks like you're having a FAB time in the photo and I'll bet you loved those heart-shaped scones!! Thankyou so much for the brill birthday present, i love it! I sent you a letter today that'll update you on all the chatter from back here in the snow!
Hope you keep well and continue to enjoy yourself,

Lots of Love
Mhairi xxx

Anonymous said...


To my best girl, I think of you lots and I wish I was with you. You are soooo lucky. I hope you are enjoying the work you are doing and it looks like you are having fun with the others on your trip. You must be fluent in Malay now! You're not missing much here at all. When you do get back you'll have to come with Sandy and me on a girl's night out!

Lots of love, Mumxxx

Alex said...

Hey Soph (Alpha 3)! Hope you're doing alright, I'm sure you are! #Have fun with the rest of the trip, looking forward to seeing you. Alex

Lily said...

Hey Aisha,"Selamat Pagi!" ( i hope that means good morning!) i guess it wud be for you nw, im just getting redi for bed, how r u? hws the trip? what r u up to now? i am soooo missing ma homie! so proud that you are doing so well but equally missing you loads cant wait to see u in april, not long to go, i cant believe times just flown by! but it seems ages til ur back :( ....i want me some coconut too! lol,we planning a holiday when u come bak for sure! tkcr huni, all the best til i spk to u nx, tx me if u can


samantha mavropoulos said...

what a mission to get this to work... but thanks to james step to step guidlines im making this post happen!

I miss you so much. I just got back to LA two days ago... i miss you soo much. You look so cute... so cute i want to dive into my computer screen and give you the biggest hugggg!

elpizo na pernas kala! so proud of u.

I love you too too much.

Sean Wong. said...

Okay first attempt to leave a message. To Darren Lee of alpha 6 ? i think.Looks like you've been having alot of fun Darren i hope to go for this expedition too one day.Well i dont know what to say, ill write to you soon.
Till then We miss you man.


Anonymous said...

Alex Bevir (Alpha 1)
Allllll! Just wanted to drop you a line to say how amazing your adventure looks and sounds. The photos are incredible and it sounds like you are doing a brill job - jeal. I've just got back from skiing and thought of you as there were some slopes of death which you'd probably have refused to ski down. Keep having the time of your life and telling us your news and please come to Bordeaux in June if you get a chance. Miss you, Tansy xXx

Anonymous said...

Alex Bevir (Alpha 1)
Allllll! Just wanted to drop you a line to say how amazing your adventure looks and sounds. The photos are incredible and it sounds like you are doing a brill job - jeal. I've just got back from skiing and thought of you as there were some slopes of death which you'd probably have refused to ski down. Keep having the time of your life and telling us your news and please come to Bordeaux in June if you get a chance. Miss you, Tansy xXx

Paul said...

I am so not a blog person - hadvent got a clue how these things work but im saving the link from now on. Have u received my letter I really miss u agapi mou. Hoping 2 seee u sooon. Take care of urself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fraser Family said...

Andy Fraser (Alpha 5) Hey! Just found another photo of you when you were at Alpha 3! Looking good! Can't wait to see your photos. It looks amazing! Happy Birthday and take care - mind the pythons! Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Ellie xxxx