Sunday, 21 February 2010

Blog Comment Posting

Hi, just a quick note to all of you at home posting comments on the blog!

Here at Raleigh we moderate all comments before they can be seen by everyone, so in general it will take about between twelve and twenty four hours before they appear...

In addition, the postings will only appear on the section in which they are posted, so you need to be careful where you post it! If you post at the end of the blog, that is where your comments will appear. There is a space to comment at the end of each individual blog.

Keep up all of your fantastic work at home, everyone here loves hearing from you!


godders said...

Hi Alex Godwin,

Pictures look great.....Looks as though u r havin a GR8 time over in Borneo. Miss u a little.....WAH. Mums worried because it looks as though u hav a paper cut on one of your fingers....I told her it was a crocodile bite. Luv u Mum & Dad.
PS Molly doesn't want 2 live at home any more.....XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hey Sophie Grant,

I see you can't be kept away from football, even in Borneo! Its great to see the pics of you all enjoying yourselves. Got the postcard Friday 19th Feb. So glad you're having a good time. Lots of love, Mum xxx

Werner said...

Hi Joe (White),

Great picture of you with Alpha 2 team members.Looks like you have been busy.

Not surprised that you did not win the Chilli eating contest!

Love and very best wishes


yiota said...

yia sou agapi mou (Alax B group 1).
Epitelous se ida kathara se tris fotografies.Sti mia malista kanis epidixi ton pontikon sou!!!Mou fenese arketa mavrismeni .De foras kapelo otan doulevis ston ilio;
s'agapo poli kai se pethimoxxx

Anonymous said...


Hey Tiff, its your cousin laura. How are you? typical for you to have your eyes closed in the picture i seen :P heard your not feeling well :( hope you start to feel better, you having fun in borneo? i seen a pic of the 'wash' area, im guessing you dont have access to straighteners?? hairdryer :P lol, i really hope your having a good time, which im sure you are.. your not missin much here, still cold but we're starting to get some sun, hurrah :P
youv been away for a while now, but not that long till your home, but enjoy every day as best as you can, take loads of pics :) and i'll see ya when you come home, oooo btw.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! HOPE YOUR HAVING A PARTY, SHINDIG or something and that you get out of bed soon!!

Love you loads tiff, miss you, see you soon, Xo

Lydia said...

HiBecki ( ~Alpha 7)
Hope you are loving your jungle experience! Are you enjoying eating little jungle critters, or are they eating you?
Saw a v sad program about the palm oil plantations and destruction of rainforest. V sad! Feel v proud of doing your bit for that beautiful part of the world!
Cant wait to hear from you and find
out what youve been up to!
Love and miss you loads!

Angela said...

Hi Nig (Nigel Dakin alpha1)
Received your e-mail today. Great to hear from you and that everything is going well. The trip sounds as though it is a fantastic experience. I have just found the blog site so will keep sending you some blogs.
Missing you lots love mum X

GladyP said...

Hi Becki

Just heard from your Dad that you are still alive despite your friendly clingy leech and a black cobra. Sounds like you are having a great time and well done for gaining your PADI. Keep up the good work and I hope your building project goes well.

Aunty Glad

sarah said...


Yup, finally worked this out!

And can't wait for you to get back home and paint the house and put up the shelves!

Your 1-eyed Jacko missing you too.

Hugs, Mxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark (Alpha 5 )
Dad's happy as he's got his new bike - hoping the sun continues so he can go out for a run cos he can't get it mucky! Hope the new stage is fun for you and the diving goes well. Love M&D&E

paige kennard said...

jake hanson...
hi baby hope you are ok i did leave a big blog on the other website dunno if ur get it i had to sign up an account dont understand how to use it lol loveyou so much paige xxxxxxxx

chantalle message for lauren said...

hello lauren i hope you get this its chantalle your mum sent me the link for this and i thought i best send you a comment as im not sure if you can go on fb over there so i hope your all well and happy and still got your beautiful smile slaped on your face missing you so much an omg grace had gone like full on riannah its so funny! and tara came into college wearing her bfs coat haha, asif thats aloud? so i will leave you be but im very proud of you babes and i love you lots see you soon sweetheart <3<3

frederick burnell said...

molly@rick said
haley burnell @alpha 6
hi haley tried several times to send a message i dont believe i have know how tosend properly so im trying again,your dad tells me you are enjoying your rally work and that you are higher up the mountain and away from the sand flies.enjoy the reat of borneo experience andd have a safe journey home

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fredkburnell said...

hi haley alpha
happy easter but no hot cross buns this yearfor you but plenty off sunshine and hard work.enjoy the rest of the rally next stage back to the mainland at singapore

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frederick burnell said...

hi haley i gather you are enjoying
you borneo adventure and that you passed your deep sea diving course
now you are climbing mountains sounds like you are doing things the hard way.go steady or you will be trying air gliding from the mountain top next.have fun.
grand pa rick & molly.

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