Friday, 15 January 2010

Welcome to Field Base

Field base is the hub of all the activity that goes into making a Raleigh Expedition successful. From one large house in Kota Kinabalu a group of eleven people are planning all the supplies, transport, medical plans and communications strategies for the next three months. When the expedition starts a minimum of three people will be in the house at all times in case of emergencies.

So let’s look through the keyhole...

And now to introduce some of the people living in field base: 

Jim Clements is Country Director for Borneo and oversees all the work that Raleigh does. Jim is responsible for setting up all expedition projects,maintaining government connections and sourcing sponsors.

“Mardy” Mac Macarthy is Raleigh’s Country Programme Manager. A permanent member of staff he oversees and organises all the expeditions. Mac is responsible for the safe delivery of all expeditions and training. 

Sarah is deputy Programme Manager she works alongside Mac to plan the programme of the expeditions and support all the groups out in the field. Sarah is a volunteer and this is her second expedition in a row. Proof if any were needed that Raleigh expeditions are fun. 

Also joining Raleigh for the second time in a row are the 3 members of the logs team. Aydan and James were both venturers on Borneo 9 K and have decided to stay on for another three months as volunteer managers. They are joined by Nicki who is spending another three months on the logistics team. The logs team spend lots of their time on the road moving kit to the right people at the right time. The team also supply rations making sure all the venturers and managers have enough to eat.  

Nicki                                                                                       Aydan                 


Yo is Raleigh’s media and host country venturer co-ordinator. Another permanent member of staff she recruits Malaysian participants for expeditions and works to raise the profile of Raleigh in the local press. Born in Borneo Yo is a fountain of local knowledge and also acts as translator when the team are out and about.

Kathryn is a member of the medical team. When the expedition starts one medic will be based in the field office to be on hand in case of emergencies, the rest will be out on projects alongside the teams. Catherine is currently preparing medical kits and making sure all the venturers will be safe when out in the field.

Loli is perhaps the most important person at field base and our resident chief. Cooking two delicious meals a day she keeps the people at field base happy and fat.

Next up is Charlie our expedition photographer

Tom our Finance officer

 And finally me Claire the Communications officer I’ll be updating this blog as well as preparing the official Raleigh magazine and t-shirt.

Next week we are expecting twenty more people when the volunteer manager’s arrive. Fieldbase is going to get very crowded...


Anonymous said...

hi claire great to see you in borneo and enjoyed the tour of the house will try to keep following your blog but i am still not a great user of i c t take care enjoy this experience love patricia

Alexz said...

Good luck to the new comms officer from the old one! Hope you have fun and my PXR made sense! The blog entries are great and many people are relieved to hear the news abut little Pabs !

Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone on the new expedition - I hope you get enough Nature Valley Bars in time Nic - and make sure you get the lads to do the change over bag lifting! See you soon. Anna