Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Project Managers arrive in Borneo - Tuesday 19th January 2010

Field Base has got very busy today with the arrival of twenty Project Managers this morning, taking the number of people in the house to thirty. 

 All field based staff go through a two week induction period of training and preparation. Over the next fortnight we will learn how to survive in the jungle and also prepare all the project sites for the arrival of 130 venturers in two weeks time.

This year Raleigh is running nine different projects. All project managers are allocated one of these which they will visit to check out the site, create contigency plans and draft project aims. 

In two days time all of us will be leaving fieldbase to go to the riverside Traverse Activity Centre (TAC)  where we will learn how to survive in the jungle, one of the harshest environments on the planet.   


Zoe said...

Deja piednu mon petit Sergio!! :) Have an awesome time, more pics pleaaaase :) xx

TheGerman said...

Leni, you look good in a Land Rover! Enjoy the jungle training.

Sue Hogan said...

trust you to be in the 1st photo Len !

Anonymous said...

Ryan, can't see you in any photos, try to get in some please! Have a brilliant time, projects look great, Mum, Dad, Lisa, Phill & Leo!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Eleni. Ot was great to get your last news and looking forward to the next instalment.
I don't like the idea of all those creepy crawlies! But we envy you the wonerful scenery, sea bass and sunshine.
All is well here. Me buying the last load of equipment for the Centre - Marquee linings, heaters and lights, staging and a host of electronic stuff. When that's done I shall retire (don't laugh...)
Mum set off for Poland yesterday - a bit nippy over there at minus 11degrees ( doesn't seem to jaave degrees on my computer - only percentages.
Lots of love to you and all your mates.