Sunday, 24 January 2010

Jungle Training Camp -24th January 2010

The staff members of Expedition 10A are recovering after an intense three days of jungle training learning all the essential skills needed to survive in the rainforest. For the first day of training staff went to TAC (Traverse Activity Centre) for lessons from the jungle guides at Asia Ability on how to use a Parang (Malaysian machete), put up a hammock and set up a basher.  
Eleri using a Parang                                 Jungle cooking

Jungle guide Floyd                                                                              
Learning how to set up a hammock and basher
Staff were also shown how to cross a river safely, operate a radio and given lessons in basic first aid.
Crossing the river

Practising with throw ropes                                      
Learning how to use the HF radio. These are vital for Raleigh groups out on expedition. Sitreps are given to fieldbase on a daily basis so that groups can be tracked at all times. They are also used in case of emergency.
1st Aid Training
Swimming after a hard day's training

Expedition 10A was then split into different groups to put all these skills into practice on a trek into the jungle itself, which was tough going because of the recent rain.
Tango one

Tango two

Tango three

After a nervous night hoping that the hammocks and bashers they’d set up would hold out the trekking groups were given an unexpected practice session in Raleigh’s casualty evacuation procedure.

After successfully completing the procedure, teams made a final trek to a pick up point for buses to take them back to field base for some badly needed showers and allocations in the afternoon.

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Woow Ed!
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Tnx for the long message! Great to hear from you! You have a nice group of people out there I can see that! Looks amazing those pictures! Great to read also that you are going to lead the diving experience, think that's just something for you :)!
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Take care and good luck with the early mornings!
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