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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Raleigh's Host Country Programme

As you can see from all the wonderful stories and achievements from expedition, Raleigh benefits young people enormously.As a charity we also provide young people from Malaysia the opportunity to join an expedition– something that would normally be out of their reach - through our bursary programme.

If you would like to support young people from Malaysia to make a better future for themselves, their families and their communities click here 

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Raleigh Borneo is now on Twitter!

You can now get instant updates on what's happening here at Raleigh Borneo via our tweets on Twitter!

Changeover 2 and deployment to final phases - 25/11/09

The whole of expedition 09K has hit Kota Kinabalu after a fantastic second phase out on project. The two day changeover period encompassed all the essentials - logs issuing out crackers, noodles and other delicious tinned food goods in abundance, alpha groups and projects managers debriefing on the highs and lows of their phase and everyone waiting with bated breath, to find out where they would be spending their final phase - and who with. 


However this changeover was just a little bit special because it was somebody's birthday and we decided to throw a party with 500 guests to celebrate! Of course to warrant such a grand affair, it must have been somebody pretty specials 'bon anniversaire.' We were actually celebrating the silver anniversary of Raleigh as we turned 25 years old this weekend! It is 25 years since Operation Raleigh launched its expeditions on sailing ships, on a long and amazing journey involving 30,000 volunteers around the globe, it has flourished into what it is today.


Long time supporters of Raleigh Borneo, Sabah's Ministry of Youth and Sport threw the birthday bash at Sutera Harbour and the function was attended by the entire expedition and all those who have been involved with Raleigh Borneo throughout the years, including project partners, alumni and Raleigh support groups  - many of which were attending the Raleigh Conference this weekend, from as far as Hong Kong and Australia. Our special guest of the evening was Raleigh CEO Stacey Adams who is visiting from the UK.The glittering event included a Malay meal, cultural dances, live music, a fantastic slideshow featuring 25 years of expedition images put together by Maria and guest speakers. The 09K venturers took it up a notch by swarming the stage and throwing some shapes at the end of the evening.


The next day kicked off with allocations with all the venturers regrouping and prepping for their final expedition projects.

 Alpha 1 who are all off the Minosuh to finish the build on the kindergarten will be having fun painting murals and finishing off the job on this community phase.

Alpha 3 are about to embark on their journey to Imbak Canyon to continue work on the bridge on this environmental phase.

Alpha 4 are the second environmental project and are heading back to Sepilok to work on the sunbear sanctuary infrastructure.

Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 are going to complete an adventurous phase trekking and diving in Long Pasia and beautiful Mamutik

Alpha 7 seen here are off to Kampung Nibang to work on the reconstruction of the community hall for their community project. 

And now on to Borneo's very own 'Edinburgh Fringe Festival'  - skit night. The skits that evening were of a high calibre once again with one or two project managers getting a little competitive about their groups performances. We saw how easy it is to rescue kidnapped sunbears from terrorists with the use of crackers at alpha 4, we found out what really goes through a teams mind during the solitude of a long days trekking and Imbak Canyon featured on MTV's cribs at Alpha 3. The handsdown winner though was alpha 7 with a medley of scenes to make any thespian shake in their RADA dance shoes. 

Groups this time also received prizes for their efforts entertaining the loop and we even squeezed in a quick tug o' war session before early morning deployment today.


Everyone was grateful as ever to recieve letters, call home and pick up comments from the blog. At changeover the blog is printed and displayed along the wall and there is always a crowd around it looking out for their messages and reading them out to their friends so please take the time to drop them a note! 

We have one special guest to mention today and that is Mr Cat the new fieldbase moggy who has joined the team this changeover and is causing a nauseating amount of cooing from the staff throughout the day. We are now launching an alpha group competition to come up with a new name for her.Here she is asleep in the filing cabinet.