Saturday, 24 October 2009

Phase 1 well on its way...

All the Alpha groups are having a whale of a time in Borneo, making excellent progress on all their projects!

Alpha 1 has already put up posts and laid the floor of the kindergarten they are building for Kampung Minusoh and have already started on the walls.

Alpha 2 cleaned the dam that will be the source for the gravity water feed system they are fixing for the community of Kampung Tampasak. They've also cleared the route for the piping and now they are trekking 4 hours every day to carry materials to their worksite. They are also teaching English to the local schoolchildren on days they are not at the worksite.

Alpha 3 are digging massive foundation holes for the suspension bridge they are helping to build in Imbak Canyon. They've also built steps for the path that takes them to the river.

Alpha 4 is hard at work building a perimeter fence for the sunbear sanctuary. Inbetween working, they also find time to visit the Rainforest Discovery Centre for interesting educational talks.

Alpha 5 has finished their PADI qualifications on Mamutik Island and are now trekking in the jungle at Long Pa Sia.

Alpha 6 is still trekking in Long Pa Sia and will return to Kota Kinabalu on 28 October to go diving off Mamutik Island.

Alpha 8 has not only drained and made liveable their camp site in Kudat, but also installed water tanks, rigged netting in coconut trees to catch falling coconuts and they are helping in the process to nurture saplings for the reforestation project. In their free time they even manage to squeeze in a football match or two with the local village.

The Loop is going out tomorrow to visit all the project sites and see for ourselves how they are doing. More news (and pictures!!) will follow after the Loop's return on Friday 30 October.

However, before Alpha 5 left for Long Pa Sia, we met up with them at Sutera Harbour to hand them all their necessary kit. Here are a few pictures:

First unload the Bravo...

Now how do we fit all of this into our backpacks?

Maybe we need to sit down for this... (look at PM Andy scratching his head in the background)

Now we are ready for the jungle!!