Saturday, 17 October 2009

TAC and Alpha Group Allocations

During three days of intense training at TAC, the venturers learnt a variety of useful skills.

The first demonstration by the project managers was to teach venturers how to act convincingly like an amoeba. It was only for purposes of a fun ice-breaker game, but who knows when this skill may be useful in future?

More useful skills followed, like being taught by the professional guides at TAC how to safely wield a parang...

...and how to make (and use) a loo in the jungle...

...and how to string up a personal basher between two trees...

...and how to operate a HF90 radio.

The venturers listened attentively, despite the adverse effects of their jetlag, to first-aid lessons skillfully delivered by our volunteer medics.

It was all-round excitement on the second-to-last day of training when the project group allocations were announced by country programme manager, Mac McCarthy.

In Alpha 1, building a kindergarten in Kampung Minusoh, we have clockwise from top left: Ced (PM), Emma, Laura, Charlie, Andrew T, Aydan, Folkert, Celine, Christina, Chi (PM), Gordon, Nat (medic) and Leonora.

In Alpha 2, building a gravity water feed system in Kampung Tampasak, are from left to right: Nicola, Nicky (PM), Sabine, Bryony, Joel, Sophia (PM), Sam, James P, Floris V, Taylor, Joshua, Stan (PM) and Julian.

In Alpha 3, building a suspension bridge in Imbak Canyon, are clockwise from top left: Kenji, James D, Sam, Thomas, Nicolas, Bruno (PM), Tessa, Rolien, Jessica, Heidi, Lakshmi (medic).

In Alpha 4, working on infrastructure for the Bornean Sunbear Conservation Centre, are from left to right:  Richard T, Richard S, Craig (PM), Ronald, Jamie, Lisa, Courtney, Elizabeth, Megan, Aman and Jessie (PM).


In Alpha 5, who goes diving off Mamutik Island first and then go trekking in Long Pasia, are from left to right: Thijs, Julia (medic), Katie, Amy, Sally, Ali, Andrew M, Angus, James M, Bethanie, Lloyd and Andy (PM).

In Alpha 6, who first go trekking and then diving, are from left to right: Vicky (medic), Leon (PM), Alistair, Sharon, Floris d V, Abigail, Daniel, Adam, James W, Catherine, Jack, Victoria.

And finally, in Alpha 8, who will work on a reforestation project in the district of Kudat, are clockwise from top left: Zara (PM), Tim, Boquin, Maartje, Andrea, Shari, Ruthie (PM), Oren, Alexia, Michael, Alexander, Gavin.

After returning from TAC, venturers had to sort and pack all their food and equipment for the phase ahead. A long day of scurrying around was rewarded with an opening ceremony sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Sabah. The evening's events included traditional Malay cuisine and a display of traditional Malay tribal dancing.

Some of which the venturers also participated in.

The evening's events was closed and the expedition officially declared open by Encik Yang Berhormat Datuk Jahid Jahim, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sport Sabah.

We trust all the volunteers on this expedition will have a great time in Phase 1.

Please continue to post comments, we love to hear from you. And watch this space for news from the different Alpha groups as they progress with their projects.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Venturers Arrive!

This week 76 venturers have been herded into Sabah to the Traverse Activity Training Centre from The Netherlands, America, Canada, Australia, the U.K and Malaysia. Expedition 09K Borneo has officially kicked off!


Their first night in country was spent in hammocks in communal bashers as most people tried to shake off their jet lag to the sound of some very noisy wildlife. Here they are trying set up home with their mosquito nets.

As we speak,  these intrepid venturers are in the midst of learning jungle skills, radio communication, first aid, GPS use, navigation and  tool safety, at a beautiful site along the river, overlooked by dense jungle and the peaks of Mount Kinabalu.

In the midst of all this they are being loaded with information about the projects on offer, how Raleigh operates, cultural awareness, internal communications and health and safety regulations.Then for a jaunt into the jungle trekking with all their kit for a night at 'Jungle Camp' with their new Delta group teams and their project managers showing them the ropes.If that isn't enough, a few new games, Raleigh olympics and crab football all get squeezed into the schedule too.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Final Week of Staff Induction

If pushing a Landrover up a hill or wheelbarrow races were recognised as sports then the staff of 09K woud be Olympians. Proving that it isn't all work and no play on Raleigh, fieldbase welcomed home the project managers from their 5 day project planning visit adventures with 'The Raleigh Olympics.' More in keeping with 'The Banana Splits' than Daley Thompson's decatholon, the events were all undertaken in fancy dress. The theme of the evening was London tube stations, take a look.......

Queen Victoria and Holland Park

Baker Street!

Woolwich Arsenal

Marble Arch

We also managed to squeeze in a bit of Karaoke ...........

...............and celebrate Chi's birthday with some of Loli's famous cake!

But before all this took place everyone got busy writing up project planning reports. Fieldbase was a hive of activity as project managers returned full of excitement about their new projects and then performed skits to illustrate what they got up to. Today the host country venturers arrived and have headed off to TAC and await the arrival of the full expedition tommorow.The next blog will be up soon full of pictures of what this expedition is all about - the venturers!