Friday, 28 August 2009

Magic Mamutik: Alpha 5 complete the dive, now Alpha 6 move in

Alpha 5 have spent the first week of the phase on the Mamutik Island, one of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, completing their PADI couse and doing some coral planting and clean up. They are now trekking in the depths of Sabah's jungle somewhere near Long Pasia, but here are a few photos from the team's week on the island.

Finally loading the boat at Sutra Harbour, on route to Mamutik, after 5 hours of sitting in the classroom with the pre-dive training.

The group's communial basher with the on-suite dining area and outside kitchen.

The Borneo Divers team explain the underwater landscape with a map to Henry.

All ready for a day of diving, just making the final checks to ensure the air canister's safety.

This goes where? Jack figures his diving kit out.

Checking it just one more time.. Saskia. A5 group checking the safety signal for "out of air".

Some of Mamutik's fish are enticed by the bread offered to them by the team while snorkelling.

Everywhere you go, always take a.. bucket with you. Well, that's the case for Maddy at least.

The team have successfully completed their time on Mamutik island, and grand time was had by all. The group left for the trek part of their adventure phase on Sunday and all are safe, well and trekking happy.

Alpha 6, who had to complete their trek first, will be heading to the Mamutik this Sunday. Reports are that the group are conquering the jungle and attempting to beat all previous Raleigh records for trek routes. No doubt, the Mighty Alpha 6 will have plenty of tales to tell when they return.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Dear 09E blog readers..

Dear readers,

I have just noticed that some people are wondering if their messages are getting through to the venturers on the expedition.

To put your worries to rest, all your words of encouragement, birthday wishes, and any other comments were printed out and put up on a wall during the Changeovers.

The comments were read by the venturers with much anticipation during the two days, and we will do the same again at the End of Expedition.

So keep reading, commenting, and wishing - your efforts are very much appreciated by everyone on 09E. Less than two weeks to go now.

cheers, Ed