Monday, 27 July 2009

Phase 2 teams allocated and all leave tomorrow!

Monday morning, after having a chance to sleep in till 10am (my Lord!) for probably the first time in at least three weeks, the venturers finally found out what adventures and challenges Phase 2 holds in store for them.

There are five Alpha teams this time round, but instead of two Environmental projects, there will be two teams completing the Trekking and Adventure phase. You can check out the freshly-formed and good-looking project teams from this morning below.

Alpha1 - Community project tasked to build a kindergarten in Kampung Mapan Mapan, Pitas District

Alpha 2 - Community project that will see completion of a gravity water feed system in Kampung Pinapak, Pitas District

Alpha 4 - Environmental project working on the Bornean Sun Bears Centre at Sepilok, Sabah

Alpha 5 - Dive and Trek adventure challenge stage - Mamutik Island off coast of Kota Kinabalu, then 12 days of trekking through Sabah's jungle

Alpha 6 - Trek and Dive adventure challenge stage - 12 days of trekking through Sabah's jungle, Mamutik Island off coast of Kota Kinabalu.

All teams and their Project Managers will be leaving Borneo Paradise bright and early tomorrow morning. We will be keeping you updated with how they are all getting on as always.

Everyone had a chance to read through your comments at Changeover, so thanks for those - keep following our blog and keep them coming!

End of Phase 1 and Changeover at Borneo Paradise

Well, it might be hard to believe BUT it's been three weeks since deployment and all teams have officially completed their Phase 1. Arriving to Borneo Paradise, a hotel nestled on a beach near Kota Kinabalu, the muddy venturers have been able to have a well-deserved break, treat themselves to a hot-water shower, gorge on some non-Raleigh rationed food, and have a splash at the Borneo Paradise pool.

Alpha 3 and 4 step off the bus after a long journey from Imbak and Sepilok.

Alpha 1 and 2 get to Borneo Paradise after completing their phase on Community Projects.

Alpha 1's superman Hatti still has plenty of energy after the phase is done.

Sunday night saw every team perform skits they'd prepared to sum up the last three weeks. It was apparent there's plenty of talent on the expedition, and the judging panel of five Field Base staff were no doubt impressed with the teams' standard. Check out some of the photos from the night below.

Alpha 1 performed a Titatic-style saga about their experiences in Mapan Mapan, claiming to have dined on crayfish and fresh fish every night. Yeah, right! Great work.

Alpha 2 decided to rap through their brisk but effective skit a la Fresh Prince of Pinapak styles.

Alpha 3's outstanding skit telling of went on at the remote Imbak Canyon. Everyone, and especially PM Miles Bullock, appreciated the strap-on muscles, Alex's amazing movie trailer voice, and Mac was no doubt impressed with their impersonation of him. Top effort, guys.

Alpha 4 perform their realistic skit from Sepilok.

Alpha 6 sang through their trekking and diving adventure. Leeches and all, excellent work.

Alpha 3... Winners of the night with their prize!!! We look forward to more top quality skittage during the second Changeover.