Thursday, 9 July 2009


Hi, it's me, Yolanda, here to give you an update as our communications officer has been deployed for a very important mission to check out some of the 09E project sites.

It was not all work for the venturers at the 4-day induction; there were also some fun and games for everyone to join in! Besides the name games and energisers, the venturers were in for a little friendly competition in the Raleighlympics!

The boys, triumphant from their first event.

Tug of war!

Mac's Special
Crab Football

And the winners are...

The Raleighlympics is a teambuilding medley of games that tests the strength and teamworking abilities of the group but most importantly, above all other importance, it's FUN! Teams competed in games such as crab football, tug-of-war and a special race that is Mac's Special (as it was designed by Mac, our Country Programme Manager.)

And after just four days of training, playing and acclimatising to the weather and culture of Borneo, the Sabah Ministry of Youth and Sport gave a spectacular send-off to the team with an official opening ceremony for Borneo 09E, which was attended by the Assitant Minister of Youth and Sport Datuk Jahid Jahim, the deputy permanent secretary of Youth and Sport, Tuan Haji Awang Damit Awang Anak, Raleigh Borneo project partners Leap and Asian Forestry, as well as Borneo Divers, the Sabah Support Group and a few ex-Raleigh Borneo venturers.

AJ meets the assistant minister of youth and spots, Jahid Jahim. Looking on is Jim Clements, Country Director of Raleigh Borneo

The event was a happy and successful one and it was clear that the venturers and PMs alike were raring to get out there. After some speeches, song and dance, the day of deployment was upon 09E! But not before the venturers got allocated to their Phase 1 projects:

Off to start the construction of the Mapan-Mapan kindergarten with project managers Colin Burman and Sandra Pitropia in Alpha 1 are:

  • Geralvonno Williams
  • Will McNess
  • Christian B Cassem
  • Duanette R Symonds
  • Madeleine Colmar
  • Joseph d'Ursel
  • Alneisha J Outerbridge
  • Maurice A Pomeroy
  • Michael G Petrie
  • Razis Bin Nasri
  • Jessica V Richards

It's Kampung Pinapak for Alpha 2, together with the lovely Bobby Rebeiro and Tony Adamson, with a gravity water feed project to begin building. And the winners are:

  • Catarina D Correia
  • Henry J Routh
  • Darreana M Burchall
  • David Miller
  • Koong Hui Yein
  • Charlie R Green
  • Tom J Beirne
  • Trusha Kothari
  • Seleta Q Williams
  • Jack L Deith

Off to the virgin jungles of Borneo in the Imbak Canyon of Alpha 3 with PMs Miles Bullock , Pip Edwards and Sarah Young are:

  • Bryony Tedder
  • Edward C Ottley
  • Amy Harcus
  • Julian Akole
  • Emily Nash
  • Callum Adams-Carr
  • Gere' A Scraders
  • Richard Taylor
  • Alex J Barrow
  • Zuraimi b. Rahman

Alpha 4, who have the privilege of being the pioneers of the sunbear conservation centre project together with PMs Ruthie Taylor, Tom Godfrey and Pete Broomhead are:

  • Saskia R Bartlett
  • Stephen Pendrigh
  • Shavaughn S Dill
  • Mandy L Scott
  • Gareth Mountain
  • Philip E Holmes
  • Gwen Reid
  • Katherine Taylor
  • Sophie M Farrelly
  • Thomas McGowan
  • Yang Su Lan

Last but not least, Alpha 6 is off to an amazing adventure in the jungles of Long Pasia with PMs Toria Reid (medic), Leon Warner and Chris Ashford

  • Alisha R Chapman
  • James P Croke
  • Anna J Harte
  • Christian E Faulkner
  • Gregory J Cowan
  • Tessa L Wharton
  • Robert Lamont
  • Sean Rice
  • Tasha A Gomes
  • Yap Shon Lee

Also deployed are our Photographer Dom Edwards, who has been sent out to Alpha 4 and Ed Ptilidi, our communications officer who is out to get the scoop on Alpha 1.

We wish all the venturers and project managers a blast, and we'll be keeping you updated with the happenings of the teams, so watch this space!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

And so it began..

Some were tired and jetlagged, some were all smiles and enthusiasm, but the final instalment of the Raleigh Borneo 09E expedition had successfully joined the team at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport on Friday.

Every single project manager and Field Base staff came out to the airport to meet the participants. Once everyone had arrived and gone through customs, venturers packed into three buses to head straight to the TAC site about an hour's drive from Kota Kinabalu.

TAC is intended to provide the venturers with some basic skills to assist them with trekking and living in the jungle, such as GPS navigation, radio communications, and camp craft, and also to give them a small of taste of what's to come. Setting up a"basher" (see the side column), albeit one that already had a roof, was one of the first tasks.

Luckily, cooking a camp meal that night was not on the venturers' agenda.

After a much-needed sleep venturers had to be at breakfast by 7am for everybody's favourite - porridge. They say you're only limited by your imagination, and indeed, all types of porridge-based conconctions were made including strawberry jam/porridge soup, cinnamon and honey porridge, Milo porridge, and just plain old porridge. After breakfast, it was off to more training..

.. and more training still.

Delta 2, 4, and 6 were then off to a camp site in the jungle where they had to spend the night. Below, Delta 4 ready to take off.

As are Delta 2..

..and Delta 6 or the "hardcores" as they prefer to call themselves.

And then the rain came.. Delta 2, 4, and 6 showed great resilience having to trek through the pouring rain. The night at TAC was spent hearing PMs talk about their projects.

But the sun reappeared the following morning, as did the Delta teams that ventured into the jungle.

That day, it was the remaining two Deltas that had to head into the jugle. Members of Delta 1 below, pointing to where they need to be walking..

.. and Delta 3 were just roaring to go!

Today is another big day for the venturers and their PMs. "Allocations" are announced before lunch, when venturers will find out what 09E projects they are taking part in. This will be followed by Raleigh Olympics between the new project teams.