Thursday, 2 July 2009

First lot of venturers are here!

The first of the 09E venturers have joined the expedition this morning! Five HCVs (Host Country Venturers) from Malaysia were picked up from the airport, taken through the rounds of photos, medics, and the three bowl rinse system, of course.

After spending the day at Field Base, the group then left for some "hard skills" training such as camp craft at TAC (Traverse Adventure Centre), where they are staying overnight.

09E HCVs (left to right): Hui Yein Koong, Su Lan Yang, Yap Shon Lee, Razis Bin Nasri, Zuraimi Rahman.

Everyone's gearing up for a Raleigh good time!

Tomorrow morning all staff and project managers will head to the airport to meet the final, and much larger, group of venturers!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Teams return from PPV and perform skits

After three days away on PPV (Project Planning Visit) to assess and familiarise themselves with the project sites, all Alpha teams made their way back to the Field Base yesterday (apart from Alpha 2 aka Tony and Bobby, who managed to come back a whole day earlier than the rest - nice work, guys).

Teams then had to perform a skit they'd prepared, most of which had naturally revolved around something that happened while they were away. Check out some photos from 09E's first skit night below.

The Field Base front deck was swiftly transformed into an impromptu theatre.

The Field Base team kick off with their Michael Jackson tribute "CASEMAC", referencing the training casualty evacuation emergency (CASEVAC) which Mac MacCarthy challenged them to earlier. Some fantastic glove and hat action there.

Alpha 2 exchanging a can of "Man Up", which they apparently did not need. Yeah, right.

Alpha 5 recreate the challenges of trekking.

"Not a real country if you don't have a flag." Excellent work, Alpha 6. Nice Scottish presence there too.