Tuesday, 23 June 2009

09E Project Managers are given their projects!

The air at the Field Base was so thick with anticipation it could have been cut with a parang yesterday afternoon, before the project management teams were revealed for each of the six 09E projects.

In an Oscar-style ceremony, PMs' names were read out by the Field Base staff, after which a folder packed with project-specific information was handed to each of the project teams.

Each project team is listed below, split into three project phases:

Alpha 1. Kindergarten – Kampung Mapan Mapan, Pitas District

Phase 1. Colin Burman, Sandra Pitroipa
Phase 2. Colin Burman, Sandra Pitroipa, Sophia Wilson
Phase 3. Colin Burman, Sandra Pitroipa, Chris Ashford

Alpha 2. Gravity Water Feed System – Kampung Pinapak, Pitas District

Phase 1. Tony Adamson, Bobby Rebeiro
Phase 2. Tony Adamson, Bobby Rebeiro

Alpha 3. Imbak Canyon – Trail & Infrastructure Development

Phase 1. Pip Edwards, Miles Bullock
Phase 3. Pip Edwards, Sophia Wilson, Bobby Rebeiro

Alpha 4. Sepilok – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Phase 1. Ruth Taylor, Tom Godfrey, Peter Broomhead
Phase 2. Ruth Taylor, Tom Godfrey
Phase 3. Ruth Taylor, Tony Adamson

Alpha 5. Long Pasia - Trekking & Tungku Abdul Rahman Marine Park - Diving

Phase 2. Leon Warner, Miles Bullock, Toria Reid
Phase 3. Leon Warner, Tom Godfrey, Susan Howe

Alpha 6. Tungku Abdul Rahman Marine Park - Diving & Long Pasia - Trekking

Phase 1. Leon Warner, Chris Ashford, Toria Reid
Phase 2. Chris Ashford, Pip Edwards, Susan Howe
Phase 3. Miles Bullock, Toria Reid, Amy Holmes (dive)

PMs and staff get to experience TAC

After spending a couple of days adjusting to Sabah's climate conditions while sharing non-airconditioned rooms, the Project Managers, and most of the Field Base staff headed out for a couple of days at Traverse Adventure Camp (TAC) for some outdoor skills training. The camp site near Kiulu, about an hour's drive from Kota Kinabalu, provided a scenic riverside backdrop for the teams to learn about setting up radio communications, first aid, camp craft, river crossing, tropical diseases and fun stuff like that.

Sarah is showing how to operate a GPS (Global Positioning System) device in order to orientate yourself in the jungle.

Floyd, one of the local guides, shows how to set up a hammock while trekking.

Crossing rapidly-rising Borneo rivers can be a dangerous task, so it is important to give it some thought. Mac explains the best crossing strategy.

After a refreshing, and much needed afternoon dip in the river, the teams were challenged with rationing of the food supplies that would last two days.

Mostly, these consisted of cans. (Logs, please note the team feedback for future reference - those cans of chicken luncheon had many things in them but were decidedly missing one vital ingredient.. chicken). Jokes aside, everyone did well with what they had and created some nutritious, balanced meals to provide the energy required for two demanding days.

The following morning teams were required to trek into the jungle to set up a camp and stay the night.

Setting up hammocks, long-drops, and the communal camp area took a good couple of hours of solid effort from everyone. But the end result was impressive, with both Mac and Amy commenting on the high standard of the camp, and also the record speed with which the teams completed the trek, so that the venturers can be sure they will be in good, confident hands.

Safe and sound, teams trekked back to the main camp site early the following morning. Everyone was pretty glad to get back and load the air-conditioned bus back to KK.