Thursday, 9 April 2009

The final 09B loop!

Well the final loop around all the static project sites has just been completed as a marathon rather than a sprint. The Loop started off with Daisy, Amy, Yolanda and Elda visiting Alpha 1 for the special occasion of Jake's birthday where they were treated to a birthday tea including burgers, beans and chips....well sort of, it's amazing what you can do with corned beef these days. There was also a 3 tiered chocolate birthday cake with sprinkles on top, some would say that's too luxurious for the Raleigh experience, I wouldn't. There was also some interesting masks for the masquerade party in Jake's honour. Alpha 1 were also lucky enough to have logistics Steph there for the week who seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Steph has been helping the team lay pipe to finish off the gravity water feed system. The Loop helped lay one pipe during their time there. The fantastic news is that Alpha 1 are so amazing that they have finished and there is water now running to Rugading for the first time in 5 years! They are now helping repair the community hall and organising the grand opening of the water feed system.

Alpha 1 on their day off at the hot springs

Next stop was Alpha 2 where we said goodbye to Daisy who is staying for the rest of the phase and we picked up Jean which was the best thing to ever happen to the loop, having Jean on it I mean, who is not writing this blog by the way. The team were happy to see the loop, so happy in fact they spent about 4 hours making dinner and so everyone was ecstatic when it was finally ready about 8.30pm. Only 8 hours since lunch then. Alpha 2 have been busy sorting out the path of the pipes from the dam to ensure that Tampasak gets water before the end of the phase. Lots of carrying pipes through the jungle and the river with the big group of villagers who have been enthusiastically helping Alpha 2.

The full Alpha 2 group on the steps of their home.

Just to mix things up, the next day the Loop set off to Bata Puteh to see Alpha 4 and were given a big, warm welcome by Charlotte B and Graham. The Loop were staying at a homestay as there wasn’t enough room with Alpha 4. However we did get to hear how much they are enjoying their time working at the eco lodge and working with the villagers which was fantastic.

The next morning the Loop set off at the crack of dawn stopping briefly to pick up hastily scribbled letters from Alpha 4 and set off to the lively town of Telupid and then onwards to Imbak Canyon where they were lucky enough to spend 3 whole days and nights. After a quick journey of 4 hours of rough track, one river crossing, another hour by 4x4 and a trek to the infamous BBC camp the Loop were warmly welcomed by Alpha 3. While the Loop were there they helped Alpha 3 clear up the camp for the visit of the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Jahid Jahim, who was visiting Imbak, carry sand, relax, repair the roof, relax, clear up some leaves, relax, clear up the table, relax, go for a wash in the river, relax, eat dinner, relax and finally go to bed after a tough working day.

The Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Jahid Jahim, talks to Poh-E & Lela.

The Deputy Minister enjoyed talking to Alpha 3 and Jim about the work they have been doing and the useful Malay Lela has been teaching the group. It was a great day having the Minister and his entourage there.

The Deputy Minister finds out about the work Alpha 3 have been doing in Imbak from (left to right) Dan, Ben, Sarah, Hazel and Elda.

Alpha 3 wave goodbye to the Deputy Minister and his entourage.

Amy volunteered the Loop for rota duties so she ended up doing the washing up with Elda and Jean while Yolanda helped the group relax as they are finding that task pretty hard. The Loop trekked out the following day with Jim who reluctantly left Imbak and returned to Fieldbase.

Finally a request to all venturers, staff, family and friends . Raleigh are participating in the Globalgiving project challenge in order to gain a permanent presence on their website. We currently have another £600 to raise from another 31 donors.

Please can you add the Globalgiving widget to your Facebook page (it takes a minute to do and instructions are below) and let your Raleigh network know what we are doing.

How to share the global giving widget on your Facebook profile:

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Alongside this, please add a message to your status update i.e. ‘can you help us build 14 homes in India this April with Global Giving? -

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