Saturday, 28 March 2009

Changeover - The end of Phase Two!

So another changeover hits the peaceful Borneo Paradise, after a long day of travelling friends are reunited and stories are shared......

The inseperable two, Andrew and Stephen surround Wendy with one of their bear hugs...

Cuddles all around!!

While all the hard work starts Andy gets his priorities straight and tucks into a nice plate of meat and veg...

As the teams leave their oh so comfortable coaches they start the busy afternoon and evening ahead.

On the timetable they have, a team meeting with
Mac to discuss the how the phase went, Shop time with the lovely Val and of course they find the swimming pool!!

As you can see (we can smell) there is as usual a big demand for the laundry service, Matt returning back from Tampasak is fronting the queue (Esme is making sure he puts it in!)

The well awaited skits kick the evenings entertainment off and as usuall there are some that are very creative, some very strange and some just absolutely brilliant!

Day Two

On day two the bit everyone is waiting for.........allocations for the final phase! The PM's take to the stage in the morning and one by one call out the names of their new teams members!

The results!!

Alpha One

Fi, Sarah, Anne-Fleur, Hannah, Shu.Woan, Will, Clare M, Amy, Jake, Huub.

Alpha Two

Daisy, Esme, Jean, Annejte, Ivo, Nobella, Seb, Conor, Zoe, Emily H, Rosie, Vender, Jay

Alpha Three

Ben, Hazel, Lela, Poh-E, Pieter, Matthijis, Stephen, Andrew, Dan, Fran, George, Sarah M

Alpha Four

George, Chirstiane, Joost, Tom , Sophie, Ridwan, Charlotte D, Molly, Peter, Richard, Graham, Charlotte B.

Alpha Five

Sarah, Wendy, Matt, Youp, Mun Mun, Stuart, Elizabeth, Laura, Jamie, Frankie, Anton, Georgia.

Alpha Six
Andy, Bev, Lorna, Clarice, Darren, Harry, Sam, Emma, Izzi, Emilie, Jonathan, Rebecca, Nikolai

And then the bonding begins!

The rest of the day is spent sorting out their food and kit supplies for the next three weeks (lots of porridge mmm!), finding out everything there is to know about the project and then The Krypton Factor in the afternoon (all thanks to Hazel).

It's the little things in life........

A nice group photo.......or so we thought!

To end the great day had by all, we gathered by the beach to not only watch the sun setting in the sky but it was also our chance to say fairwell to some amazing people.

In the morning six venturers were sadly leaving us.

Tom P, Natasha, Megan, Robbie, Callum and Alice.

As six individuals you brought endless qualities to the team and from us all we would like to thank you and wish you all the luck in the world for your future ahead......

By Daisy Ford

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

The Loop Troupe managed to get some messages from venturers while they were out, and we're pleased to be able to post them up here. 

From Georgia Morley

Hi mum,

I just wanted to wish you a belated birthday, and Happy Mother’s Day! I am having an amazing time here. Lots of love to you and dad and hope you are both well. xxx Georgia


From Emily Hutchinson to Susan Crinage


Mum –

Happy Mother’s Day!!! (original!) Hope it’s an awesome day. Hope Joe’s done something (!) Sorry I’m not there but I’m thinking of you! Lorry loads of love, and I miss you lots too, Emmie xoxox

p.s. Thank you so, so much for the letters and blog. (only got 2nd (?) from R and A = very funny), 2nd letter today = loved rant and subtle Pip comments. Sorry not personal email before – time. Will write again soon xxx


From Anne Fleur to Marlies

Hi mam! Fyne moerderdag! Ik hoop dat ze je een beetje gaan verwennen! Heb je wel verdiena. Hier is et echt supek! Ik spreek je weer 24 maart dan heb ik weer changeover!

Groetjes aan pap! En heb er zoveel zin in dat jullie komen! Dikke zoen wiebel.


From Soph

Heya mum! Thank you so much for your letters I love getting them and hearing about what’s happening at home. Thinking of you and missing you lots so wanted to wish you a very happy mother’s day. Hope you have a good day, just remember to chill out and let everyone else do the hard work for a change!

Love you loads+loads

Hugs and bubbles

Soph xxx



From Megan Shirley to Jan Shirley

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your blog message and letters, I felt very loved! I hope Kate is looking after you and that you get breakfast in bed… this message is the best I can do I’m afraid! I am missing you lots and can’t wait to speak to you. Send my love to everyone. Love Megs xxx


From Poh-E to Kristy Kok

Hello Hello mummy! Thanks for your letter, and your daughter is doing good here! Take care and send my love to baba and Poh Kit. Happy Mother’s Day! And BIG SHOUT OUTS to Lucy, Jing Koon, Dom and Raleigh Kuala Lumpur! Kudos! Much love!



Harry Harding to Manda J. C. 

Happy Mothers Day from beautiful Borneo. I hope you have a wonderful day and Ed is there for your every whim. Love you, all the best. 

Haz xxx

To all Mothers, 

Have a wonderful mother's day and thank you for all your love!

xoxox From all at Raleigh Borneo xoxox

Loop II

Our special guest writer for this entry is the lovely Hazel Hooper, PM for the project in the Imbak Canyon for the Phases 1 and 3, and logistician in Phase 2. Recently, Hazel and three others went on Loop 2, and here is her account of their journey to Alphas 2, 3 and 4. 


The Loop troupe waving the Fieldbase girls goodbye. It was very early in the morning, the girls hadn't even gotten out of their pajamas yet.

Bright and early on Monday morning four intrepid loopsters left Fieldbase for the wilds of Sabah.  Mac, Steph, Val and myself had accepted the challenge of visiting three of the four static Raleigh project sites, bringing post, news, vegetables, birthday cake, the shop, and hopefully a small ray of sunshine into the days of the venturers and project staff at Kg Tampasak, Imbak Canyon and Batuh Puteh.  Accompanying us on the first leg of our journey was a special and very welcome guest star in the form of Lela from Alpha 2 – returning to the bosom of her project buddies after a spell in Fieldbase.

Our first challenge – to conquer the “roads” up to Kg Tampasak.  After many hours of bouncing around in the back of the Bravo; overcoming steep hills, muddy hills, hills with big rocks hidden in the mud, holes in the road and stuck lorries, we finally arrived in the beautiful village of Tampasak to a joyous welcome, a rainbow and banners welcoming their missing team mate back to the fold.

Stuck lorries, the rainbow at Tampasak, Alpha 2's house, the gang welcoming Lela back,  and Lizzy and Val in the stream

After a very refreshing dip in the local stream and this PM’s first real close encounter with a static site longdrop (we’ve got toilets at Imbak!!), Daisy and Lizzy cooked up an absolute storm for us – the pancakes with chocolate sauce a particular favourite, and then it was off to bed to enjoy(?) the all night hard-house music and ceremonial singing from the house opposite to celebrate a wedding in the village (along with the very loud snoring of 2 of the loop members who shall remain nameless!).

The next day dawned bright and clear and it was back in our trusty Bravo and off to Imbak Canyon.  We had a very special errand here – to bring a birthday cake to PM Lorna Fox – it had thus far survived the journey to Tampasak and the equally rough terrain up to Imbak, and now only needed to be trekked in from Ranger Camp to BBC Camp.  Waiting to help us with this mission (and trekking in with the shop and their fresh supplies) were PM Ben, Harry and Tom from Alpha 3.  After Ben’s assurances that the new trail established by Alpha 3’s phase 2 work was easier than the old one (hhhmmmmm – not quite true, Ben!), we set off on the final stint to BBC Camp, spotting gibbons, flying lizard and iguana en route, and arriving to the “woop, woop!” gibbon cries of Alpha 3 on the completed steps at the worksite.

Alpha 3 PMs Hazel, Ben and Lorna

After tails of falling trees, heavy rainfall and some seriously dodgy hairstyling – day leader Ann-Fleur and her trusty assistants treated us to some fantastic food, and the group got down to their T-shirt designs, inspired by the unique flora and fauna found in their jungle home.  A rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” then heralded the arrival of the intact and delicious birthday cake for the lovely Lorna and Alpha 3 agreed it was the best cake they’d ever tasted.  We went to bed to the chorus of the cicadas and under the watchful eyes of the resident civet cats.

In the boat on the way to the eco-lodge, the boat ride, proboscis monkeys, the oxbow lake and Alpha 4 in Kampung Mengaris

Another early start got us back on the road and underway to Alpha 4 in Batuh Puteh.  On arrival, we quickly found them hard at work moving the rocks needed for building the reed bed up at the Eco Lodge – this is essential for filtering the waste water for the guest accommodation at this beautiful site.  The loop members enjoyed a fantastic evening’s river cruise and trees dripping with Long Tailed Macaques, Silver Langur and Probuscus monkeys.  Our evening’s bed and board were provided by the lovely hosts of the Batuh Puteh homestays – fantastic food and comfortable beds (as well as a real bathroom!), before spending another entertaining evening under the star-studded skies of Batuh Puteh with Alpha 4.

It was with a heavy heart (although very full stomachs courtesy of our wonderful homestay hosts) that the members of the Loop set off back to Fieldbase the next day.

As Gordon Ramsay would say “Loop 2, done!”