Monday, 9 March 2009

Changeover 1 - Days 2 and 3

After a good night's rest in proper beds, Day 2 arrived, the day that they'd find out their fate for Phase 2, bond with their new team mates and PMs, and get ready for their new project sites. 

But before we proceed, just a little news about the comings and goings of some venturers. 

After enjoying a stint here at Raleigh Borneo, there will be a couple of venturers leaving us after just one phase. We bid farewell to Lauren Dignum from the UK and Roslyn Ruslan from Peninsula Malaysia. Keep in touch, you two and best of luck in your future endeavours. 

On the other hand, we have two newcomers from the UK who will be joining us for Phases 2 and 3. Welcome to Nikolai Hartley and Georgia Morley!

Also, to help make this expedition run smoothly, there will be some swops in PMs in Phases 2 and 3 of expedition 09B. Announcing the PMs for Phase Two:

Alpha 1—Fiona and Jean

Alpha 2—Matt, Daisy and Esme

Alpha 3—Ben and Lorna

Alpha 4—George and Christiane

Alpha 5—Sarah Y and Simon

Alpha 6—Sarah P, Andy and Bev

PM Hazel will be part of the Logs team this phase and will re-join Alpha 3 in Phase 3.

And now, without further ado, presenting the new Alpha Groups!

Alpha 1 - Community, Kampung Rugading, Gravity Water Feed System 

Clarice Marcellinus, Samuel J Hodson, Emma Steenstra Toussaint, Stephen E Skalecki, Frances O'Donohoe, Andrew D Filus, Alice Poole, Molly E Beck, Lars Peter Lucas, James C Palmer, Venessa Venda Vitales and PMs Fiona and Jean.

Alpha 2 - Community, Kampung Tampasak, Gravity Water Feed System

Youp Strietman, Isobel V Edwards, Megan H Shirley, Nurlela Binti Latip, Chong Poh-E, Elizabeth E Campanella, Sophie Hunter, Darren Welke, Tom E Silcocks, Joost A van Houwelingen and PMs Esme, Matt and Daisy.

Alpha 3 - Environment, Imbak Canyon, Infrastructure

Stuart C Dawson, Thomas F Parson, Harry R Harding, Emilie van Dedem, Emily M Hutchinso, Nobella Binti Ramlen, Jake A Harding, Chan Mun Mun, Anne-Fleur L van der Paardt, Hannah R Alderton and PMs Lorna and Ben

Alpha 4 - Environment, Batu Puteh, Eco Lodge
Anton N Orzel, Jonathan Liwas, Rebecca Firth, Annetje Bosch, Nikolai J Hartley, Georgia Morle, Teoh Shu Woan, Ivo Neefjes, William P Strang, Laura E Macfarlane, Clare R Mcmanus and PMs Georgina and Christiane.

Alpha 5 - Adventure, Pulau Mamutik Dive and Long Pasia Trek
 Pieter-Bas Dekkers, Robbie Mailer-Howat, Callum Davis, Charlotte Duinkerken, Sebastian Cowell de Gruchy, Chin Jia Yee, Frances Wardle, Amy E Roberton, Daniel J Bridges, Charlotte E Briody, Fakruz Rozi Bin Willy and PMs Sarah Y and Simon

Alpha 6 - Adventure, Long Pasia Trek and Pulau Mamutik Dive
Richard J Mulholland, Conor H Nolan, Natasha Hirani, Matthijs G de Kempenaer, Zoe R Lederman, Graham A Long, Huub Van Woudenberg Hamstra, George Crozier, Ridwan Bin Nases, Rosie J Elliott, Sarah McMullan and PMs Bev, Andrew and Sarah P

As you can see, everyone is mightily excited about their new team and project sites! 

Before they set off, however, we had an afternoon of fun and games in our own version of "It's a Knockout", got their supplies and re-packed for the next phase. 

It was great to see them all, but it was also necessary to send them on their way to their new projects very early the next morning. They loaded their buses, sat down, strapped in and waved the Fieldbase staff goodbye-for-now. 

Photos will be uploaded to Facebook tomorrow and the link will be posted here. 

Watch this space for more updates!

Raleigh Borneo 09B

Changeover 1 - Day 1

We had an awesome changeover on the 3rd-5th of March, with all groups arriving safely, on time, and with plenty of things to tell each other!

But before they arrived, Fieldbase staff had plenty to do. 

Mac, our Country Programme Manager, helped everyone with each of their jobs, in between sorting out changeover bags. 

Admin Val and explorer Georgia went round the rooms at Borneo Paradise, where changeover was, and put up labels on each of the doors to say who'd be sleeping where. Val was also busy with setting up the Raleigh shop - the venturers and volunteer project managers alike go crazy shopping for fizzy drinks and chocolates after being 'out there' for 19 days. The money raised from shop sales go towards the HCV funds, which help allow Host Country Venturers take part in Raleigh expeditions.

Amy, the Deputy Programme Manager, was mainly on the phone with all the Alpha groups, getting updated about their whereabouts and making sure their transport was getting them where they needed to be. Amy was also busy sorting kit out for 65 venturers and set up the temporary office in the room they (Borneo Paradise) call the BDI room and we (Raleigh folk) dub the Beady Eye room. 

Elda, our Finance superwoman was busy getting out and sorting the venturers' valuables envelopes and preparing the 'bank' for the group. 

Bev (Medic) and Esme (Phase 1 Logs) were back at Fieldbase, sorting out new medical kits for each Alpha Groups. 

Dave (Photographer) and Steph (Logs) got busy preparing equipment and food, dividing them into separate groups for each of the Alpha groups. 

Jim (Country Director), Dave (Photographer) and Yolanda (me, Comms Officer & 'RSC' Coordinator) had the blog to put up on the walls - and because you (our blog readers) were so fabulous with keeping in touch through the blog, we had five blog posts in spread out in six sheets per row and eighteen and a half rows! 

I, with the help of Val and Bev, also put together our own little newsletter, which we call the Sabah Sun, and printed out and distributed copies for everyone to read when they arrived. The Sabah Sun has news, gossip, sudoku and all sorts of other entertaining things to update all the venturers and PMs about the goings-on in Alpha groups that are not their own.

After the briefing on the bus, they got themselves sorted out, cleaned and ready for what was to come on Day 1 of changeover - debriefings, briefings, catching up with friends, reading the blog, phoning, interneting, dinner that didn't come out of Raleigh rations and skits!

In the skits, each group prepares a little song or a skit that tells a story about their Phase 1. There's always lots of laughs because of the skits, sometimes there's confusion and more often than not, randomness, but The Skits are definitely a load of fun for everyone! The Skits is hosted by Mac and there's a panel of judges, much like American Idol or Britain's Got Talent, who determine the best skit, and the group with the best skit wins a prize. 

It was such a pleasure to see everyone together in one place again, to hear how much fun their first phase was and to see how enthusiastic they were about their experience so far! 

That's all for Day 1; a post on Day 2 and 3 to follow next!

p.s. The blog wall was very, very popular with everyone; we heard squealing and yay-ing and many other sounds of joy and excitement when they were standing in front of the blog wall, reading messages from friends and family. 

Thank you all so much for you messages!