Friday, 6 March 2009


How's that for keeping you at the edge of your seats! 

But seriously - sorry for keeping you waiting. We've been busy preparing for changeover, which has caused some delays with updates. And because our photographer couldn't get to all the sites, we've also had to depend on donated photos from PMs and venturers alike, and could only get these photos at changeover. We've finally managed to scrounge for the much craved photos. 

Here are some photos, finally, from Phase 1 - we've had to post them elsewhere because Blogger has a limit on how many photos we can post and we wanted to keep that privilege available for as long as possible. Also, this way you get to see much more pictures from each of the sites.  

Click on this link to see photos from the phase! It has been recently updated again, so check it out - you might spot your favourite venturer in the new pics!

Stay tuned for more photos and news from Changeover.