Friday, 20 February 2009

Going Loopy

Having left just yesterday morning, The Loop is now roaming the trails and making its way to Imbak Canyon to visit Alpha 3 after having been to Alpha 2 yesterday. 

This time the Loop team is a team of four, with a special guest all the way from Australia, Martin from Bridging the Gap. Everyone, meet Martin

Martin and his morning coffee before leaving FB. 

Bridging the Gap has been working with Raleigh over the past couple of expeditions, sending youth over from Western Australia in recognition of Raleigh's ability to help them achieve their mission of fostering personal development. Martin will be with us for a while, and is excited about visiting Raleigh project sites and checking out how much we rock here at Raleigh Borneo. 

Also on the Loop this time is

Jim, our Country Director, Esme and Steph from the Logs team, and

Stuff - supplies, equipment, mail and somewhere in there, messages from The Blog. 

The Loop will be back on Sunday and then off again to visit Alpha 4 soon after. 

And to you our family and friends, keep those messages coming! With almost 60 - 80 messages per post (amazing!), you guys sure know how to brighten up our days. Don't forget to send us post as well, we like feeling popular. Our address, if you don't know it already is: 

PO Box 14182, 
88848 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia

Watch this space for more news and updates!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Amidst the White Noise

 Troo troo troo troooooot, beep-beep-BEEEEP!!!
-Fieldbase Radio

At Fieldbase, that's the sound of an alpha group calling in on the radio with updates. Just 5 days after deployment, the Alpha groups are good and already been up to all sorts of things. We bring you the news from each alpha group: 

Alpha 1 have started digging the path to the dam and the area for the dam, while those not working on the dam have been / will be going down to the nearby village of Kampung Kinapulidan to teach English to the children of the primary school there. 

Alpha 2 are constructing a 'w' shaped dam, while those stationed at camp are constructing a shoe rack. 

Alpha 3 completed a bridge and is now laying logs in the ground for the construction of some stairs. 

Alpha 4 has planted some tree seedlings, and recently went for cooking lessons at the nearby village. 

Alpha 5 is seeing the end of their diving course, and will begin trekking on tomorrow!

Alpha 6 is in good spirits and is making friends wih the local leeches. 

Also in today's news, the Mini Loop has set off to the lovely village of Kampung Rugading this morning! Jim, Amy and Esme are spending the night with Alpha 1, bringing with them supplies and YOUR MESSAGES FROM THE BLOG! 

Val, stocking up the A1 Loop box. 

Bon Voyage!

The Mini Loop will be back tomorrow, and then set off on the normal loop again on the next day!