Sunday, 13 December 2009

Opening ceremonies mark the completion of three projects - 13.12.09

Hello! Just a quick one from Nicki Logs and myself about our last few days on the road. We were privileged enough to be invited to the opening ceremonies of alpha 1's kindergarten project and alpha 7's community Hall project.

First alpha 7 in Kg. Nibang in the Pitas District to the community hall rebuild which has taken two phases. The project aim was to replace the old community hall which had fallen into disrepair, salvage what material could be used again and build a brand new community hall. I have to tell you the results are impressive. With the paint barely dry on the building (and the team!) the community hall keys were officially handed over by venturer Rick Shuttleworth.

Alexia and Rick gave an official welcome speech to the JKKK (the political head of the village) and the assembled community all in Malay. The JKKK then thanked the team and the dancing began. A big thankyou also goes to the Asian Forestry Company team who helped throughout this project. big thanks especially Drew who has been a great support to the team. It was a great day and we left the team feeling rightly proud of themselves after a great job.

Alpha 1 was next with the official opening of the kindergarten project in Kg. Minosuh in the Tongod region, which is in central Sabah. We got there nice and early to have a good look around the brand new bright yellow kindergarten. Again, what the teams have constructed over the past 10 weeks is very, very impressive.

After some photos at the kindergarten, the team was invited to the community hall for speeches of thanks from the community. I also got to show Raleigh’s appreciation for the community and the way they welcomed and worked with our teams. It was then time for prize giving and then a big spread of food to celebrate everyone’s hard work.

This is the best part of my job, seeing the result of everyone’s hard work makes me very proud - and it has been hard work. All the teams over the phases have had to work extremely hard to make it all come together. They have looked after each other, put up with nights on hard floors, heat, 90% humidity, driving rain, bumpy 4x4 rides, heavy loads, daily porridge breakfasts and more besides. So it’s a big well done for 09K, all our project aims have been achieved! Kg Tampasak now has fresh water for the first time in the village, Kg. Minosuh has a brand new kindergarten and Kg. Nibang now has a brand new community hall. 09K may have only been here for 10 weeks but their impact will be felt for years in those communities.


Shani said...

Its shani, aaaah ber sorry i didnt reply earlier, i've been lazy and lifes been uneventful. Let me fill you in so far,
meh and I - total fail, meh is feeling another whose name we did not code lol will explain that latr but thats going to happen with them FO SHO at xmas social, bleeh

Jan and lois are going out:) cbf to fancy that up lol erm what elsseee zack and madi are going out. erm meh yeh nothing really.

There was no halloween social so no news from that, bedales was soooo nice and fun, sevens was foul and boring in my opinion. I'm going to australia on tuesday till the 28th morning, when are you back?
FACEBOOK ME WHEN YOU CAN - detailed please you skimper,
love you THIS much AH cant wait to seeeee yooooou :):)

carrie said...

Hi Bry These blogs are not at all private are they?!, Did you know that Timothy is going to be fixing Jeannette’s front wall when he gets home, Bella missed an exam , C…..e’s Mum has said he should be cleaning his teeth PROPERLY! Lottie’s mum has kindly bought her a chocolate advent calendar and not eaten it. Emily’s grand dad is now 80. Amy’s mum has stocked up with Chew chews, Tom’s mum is crying ( happy tears) because he sent her a birthday card, Abbie’s friends Floss and Willough are now sharing a field , Katie has cherry drops on the way and another Katie has a Dad that is pleased with selling his Yummy Dough. And another Katie, or maybe it’s the same one, mustn’t miss her plane in Brunie, as it’s a quick transfer – you may have that too! Lottie’s Mum is worried about Lexie’s hyperactive behaviour – could be a dog, but only guessing. James seems to be the only one to have a Dad who can ‘blog it’, but is not sure he’s done it right – well done – you have! ‘H’ sounds hacked off that Lloyd hasn’t been in contact, and Aydan’s mum has got the decorations up – well done, I haven’t. Tess has now got new carpets and the bathroom done – wow. Tom is loved squillions by his mum, Lolli is OK although she’s looking hairy – I think that’s the horse, I now know that Rovers won 2 – Oaway, wonder what they won, and that Scotland beat Australia at Murrayfield, at what? Jessie’s mum is still looking for her reindeer ( have you tried a field, or Iceland – no chance in the loft!) , and we’re ALL looking forward to having you home! Not sure if this is a blog or a Twitter( never done one before) , I’ve Twittered on so I guess that’s what it means, would that make me a Twitter virgin.? Loads of love your mad hi –tec mum xxxx

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie,
Just been on the blog and there are a few good pictures of you. You having finished the community hall and playing the drum. This time in a week you will be home!! We put up the Christmas tree today with Alice and Joe and Alices uni friend Lizzie. It went quite smoothly. Not too much swearing!! Its leaning a bit but I'm not going to say anything to Dad. I thought if I have a glass of wine it might rectify itself!!
Anyway I love you loads and can't wait till next Sunday. Take care.
Mum xxx

Gerry O'Keeffe said...

Hello Julia (O'K)
We have sent you another couple of letters but it might be too late. You could be home before they arrive - we can hardly wait ! Anne's wedding last weekend was definitely THE event of the year. we all had a fantastic time and Uncle Martin read out your email when he finished his speech. We were all in tears. Hope you enjoy the last week and the Orang Utangs next week. See you on Xmas Eve. Love from all of us
Mum, Dad, Jeni and Nicola.

Ann said...

Hi Nic Nac, sorry you couldn't do the diving but the snorkelling sounds amazing. We all miss you so much, even Tom!
Can't believe you'll be home soon. I know you'll be sad to leave such a beautiful place but you'll have lots of new friends to keep in contact with.

love you lots
mum and dad

fam. de Vos said...

Lieve Floris !!
Op 't blog allemaal krabbels van vaders,moeders en liefdes van de engelse ventures, die aan 't eind van de week weer op Heathrow staan !!Allemaal aan de Christmas Pudding !!Heel gek dat wij jou nog een tijdje moeten missen..maar vast heerlijk voor jou en 't groepje waarmee je nog mooie dingen wil gaan beleven en zien.Wees voorzichtig en let op elkaar.Stiekem zie ik uit naar 't moment dat ik alle verhalen te horen krijg...waarschijnlijk ergens begin januari ?Laat jullie plannen even horen !!
Dikke kus en geniet van een mooi slotfeest !!

Julie Morris said...

Hi Sam - looks like we are in for a warm welcome when we meet back up with you judging by the end of trek photo here!

Thanks so much for the phone call - hope the coral planting went well. Everything sounds to have been amazing and it's been a privilege to experience it all, as you say - for you anyway - a poisonous snake in my hammock and boots containing a hand sized scorpion wouldn't have done for me! We so look forward to welcoming you back and hearing more of your adventures.

Just in case this is my last blog, very best wishes to everyone and hope you all enjoy Endex and have safe onward journeys. Many thanks to Raleigh and all the people who have contributed to this special trip from the Morris family xx