Friday, 18 December 2009

Goodbye Expedition Borneo 09K !

Goodbye 09K! Your time here is up, the expedition is over  - and what an expedition it has been! A kindergarten has been completed, A community hall has been demolished and reconstructed using all the same materials. The foundations of a suspension bridge have been dug. A village has fresh running water piped into it. The sunbears are one step closer to having a safe haven in Sepilok. A new reforestation scheme has been set into motion. Over 80 people are now qualified open water divers. Teams have completed 12 day treks all over Long Pasia and a new Raleigh record has been broken with a group reaching the Indonesian border.

Games have been played, we've seen skits, filmed music videos and learnt how to entertain ourselves without television. We've lived in the rainforest, slept in hammocks and community halls and learnt about other cultures - their food, traditions, dress, language, dances and folklore. We've swam in seas, washed in rivers, seen Borneo's animals and been eaten by its insect life. We've been welcomed into the homes of the villages we have worked in, educated by rangers and attended opening ceremonies. We've worked on construction sites and survived in the jungle and learnt all the skills needed to do both.We've had good times, bad times and amazing times. We've made new and friends new memories. Most of all, in the words of 09K's venturers .........We smashed it!

Here are some final photos of endex, the goodbyes, the skits, the beach party and BBQ.


 To all of 09K - A big well done you were amazing and we hope
you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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