Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Final Loop - 06.12.09

The final loop has drawn to a close with one very dirty landrover and four of our intrepid fieldbase staff returning to KK. The loop visits all our static sites around Sabah, delivers the groups mail, takes a copy of the blog messages,provides some fresh food, takes round a mini Raleigh shop full of treats and resupplies of any extra tools or kit required - boot glue seems a very popular request this expedition! After 4 days on the road visiting remote projects, trekking through the jungle to visit camps and off road driving, they have brought back news from across the expedition.

Seeing a few new faces after the solitude of working on a remote project site always gets everyone excited - especially when they have a car full of goodies and letters from home. A good reason for a celebration, the loop often gets treated to a top class meal and entertainment so we decided to make it into a competition this expedition which conveniently ensures we get a good feed laid on! The theme this phase was 'Come Dine With Me.'

It takes 7 driving hours to get from KK to Imbak Canyon, with a vehicle change for the last leg across the river. The venturers met the team at Rangers camp to accompany them for the hour and half trek up to BBC camp. At Imbak they made garlic bread from scratch and lentil curry and truffles for dessert with some evening games. They also took the loop members for a trip up to the bellion tree, arm to arm it takes 5 people to stretch around the circumference of the tree. The team are doing well with their painting and cleaning of cables - its a repetitive job but essential to the progress of the bridge.The team have encountered problems getting to the work site across the river to start on the second set of foundations because of high water levels, enforcing the reasons for the bridge being built. They are now setting up a second camp across the river to enable them to continue with their work.

Now to the opposite end of Sabah entirely, to Kampung Nibang in the Pitas district, another mammoth drive away. They had prepared jungle style spa treatments and 'The Full Monty' dance that was a bit more like 'The Half Monty' show, with the boys stopping before it all got a bit too embarrassing for all involved! They also made a chinese fare with fried rice and spring rolls - I hear they were a little more like pancakes, but still tasty with chef Richard heading up the kitchen. On the work site they have completely deconstructed the community hall and are well on their way to rebuilding it. They are using a painting system to ensure it all goes back together in the right order.

At Minesuh the loop were treated to sweetcorn fritters, a selection of three flavours of noodles, chocolate and pear tart and a strawberry jam tart. What you can do with tinned food never ceases to amaze! They also played a game of ' Margaret Thatcher's dinner table' and showed them round the work site. They have completed the build and are now on to the creative bit - painting the kindergarten!

Alpha 4 at Sepilok have already had an early loop and news from that can be seen in the last blog. The trekking and diving groups unfortunately don't get a visit as the fieldbase staff are a bit over the hill and can't  keep up with them. However we hear over the radio that they are going strong and one team have even reached the Indonesian border!

There was a special visitor on the loop this time in the form of 'Drake' the bear, inspired by Raleigh's origins, when they ran expeditions out at sea, he has been on tour round the different countries Raleigh is involved with and is here to give Borneo a whirl.


Nicola Young said...

Katie cha cha cha charmin!! (sharman!)

first to comment aye....this is dedication for you! sooo how is this for a co-incidence...i just read that you have been full monty dancing and also had chinease hmmm.. well we have not been full monty dancing but did go to mosh last night! and also we had a chinease takeaway!
it took like 2 hours for it to come though so claire rang and said she was going to come down there and see the manager! so they gave us free stuff and also 50% off hahahaha.

boys are confuing me atm katie, i have lots to tell you!

also we got your letter yesterday, i was possibly the happiest nicola in the world! made my weekend :D

anyway i have to go now, work calls...doing 35 hours this week as well as uni boooo!

everyones fine and cant wait to see you, espeically the wife :D

hope youre having an amazing last couple of weeks, looking skinny skinny in pictures!!

love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

John and Claire said...

Hi Sam,
This is my blogging debut.
I'll give you the soccer latest in case you haven't heard.
United won by 4 at W Ham yesterday, a week after Burnley conceded 5 there.
Bec City beat Chelsea, Utd are now within 2 points at top of Prem.
Meanwhile Burnley have just 1 point away from Turf Moor & are sinking down the league.
The World Cup draw has Eng in a group with USA, Algeria & Slovenia & the press & pundits are engaging in chicken-counting.
Best Wishes,
Seeyou B4 Xmas,
John & Claire

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte

Gosh I hope this gets to you, not really sure what i'm doing! Anyway I hope your having an amazing time!! I've seen the pictures of you, so famous! I feel like your on I'm a Celebrity get me out of here! Can't wait to speak to you soon and hear all about it. I hope the little bit of malay I taught you has come in handy, although I'm sure you are practically fluent by now. haha anyway enjoy yourself, miss you! xxx

Alex E

Peter said...

Hallo lieve Lien,

De "final loop" ook voor jullie, maar zonder post of foto's Waar- schijnlijk onbereikbaar in de jungle. One more week to go. Spannend om dat allemaal straks te horen.Benieuwd naar je verdere plannen.
Vrijdag met Pieter cultureel avondje in Amsterdam. Hij heeft een bureau van Sinterklass gekregen met een hele mooie surprise... Verder Sinterklaas gisteren aan ons huisje voorbijgegaan. Hebben verjaardag van Lies v R. in Leur gevierd. Thema Sound of Music, veel gezongen, erg veel plezier gehad.Van Andeltjes waren ook daar. Groetjes en liefs van Mitzi en Bente.
Vanmorgen bij tante Annet aan het bed. Het gaat goed!
Lieve meid tot gauw horens.Dikke zoenen. Paps en mams

Nikita said...

To Catherine Andrade!

Hello my lovely, well done on all your hard work on the kindergarten! I bet it was really tough but it's such an amazing thing you're doing out there. Missing you dearly and can't wait to see you when you're back! Lots of love, Nikita xoxox

Anonymous said...

Message for Amy Stirk,
Hi Amy, Looks like you're still enjoying everything and back to being vegetarian - feeding your guests with lentil curry! Should I be searching the recipe books for your veggie option for Christmas Day? The advent calendar is up.We're counting the days - to Christmas or your return? I did try to persuade Conor and Ellie to miss out every 3rd day for you but as they chose Lindor choccies this year they decided to ignore you. You'll just have to make do with the last three days, you'll probably be up early anyway - all that jet lag! We were all going paintballing on Boxing day but then realised that Megan, Ellie and Caitlin were too young so we have to think of something else to do before Chris and Judith head off to Ethiopia again on the 28th. Everyone is due to come here on Boxing Day anyway. Other news - Caitlin won the Grosvenor talent competition singing a Duffy song and I think Pearce came first too in the light entertainment category - probably acting the fool! Robin and Patricia have sold their house but haven't found anything so it might be a bit crowded here if they have to move in until they find another home! Dad is off on his travels again this week - Dublin, London and Belgium. Ellie is hopefully taking Bubbles to Portmore again with Joseph and Conor has started sorting revision notes out - amazing! I'm off Christmas shopping with Stephanie later - you know how I love shopping but its got to be done! Have a fantastic time on the rest of your trip, lots of love, Mum, Dad, Conor and Ellie

Mandy and Rob said...


X factor update - Olly, Joe and Stacey in the final. Danyl went at the semis!
Still wet and windy here, fed up or wellies and big coats. Do I need to buy more thermals for your return?
Did you really eat lentil curry? Yum!!!!!
Imbak looks fun, very muddy!
See you next week in Kuching, Hilton.

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie (Alpha 7)
Just seen the pictures. Really nice picture of you with a big smile. Sitting in office with wind and rain lashing against windows
wishing I was somewhere hot.We are all so excited that you are home in a few weeks. Mum is doing a sort of nesting thing - making me go to IKEA and do lots of decorating - its driving me crazy.
I am picking up Alice next Saturday
- and a friend who is staying with us for weekend before going back to Singapore. I am off to Hong Kong
on the 9th of Jan for a week and then of to Nurnberg and New York.
Its a hard life. Really looking forward to hearing what your cunning plan is for January. Anyway back to work now - Bob has more things to fix. Enjoy the last few weeks. Love you. Love Dad x x x

Lily Cooke said...

For Jessica Canbas,

Hey Wifey,
as promised i've been trying to keep up with everything, and i think i've read more about borneo than i have about anything at university. HA!

Anyway...10 days till you're home and I CAN'T WAIT!!

Got lots to tell you when you come home, but i cannot wait to hear ALL of oyur stories, so you better be documenting them well.
JESSY! i heard you got an offer from Leeds, well done my darling, im so happy for you and not to mention proud.
Stuffs good at home just waiting for christmas now and stuff.
I wacked my head, where the corner of my eye is on the door the other day so now i have permeanant make-up on my left eye which is just LOVELY! definitely not a bit of me.

Can't wait to hear your voice my lovely, and have a proper catch up. Instead i feel like you and i are doing a tom hanks and meg ryan ting, in 'You've got mail' haha, not exactly.

Love you jessy, miss you and looking forward to you coming home.

All my love always and forever

Lil xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura Peck
Enjoy your last 2 weeks
Have a safe journey home.
Please bring some sunshine home with you.
Take care.
Debbie Otton. xx

Lily Cooke said...

Also Jessy,

Nelly Furtado and Timbaland are in another video together, i didn't believe you before, but defo something going on there. very suspect if you ask me.
And i've only heard our woman's song once this christmas :(

Love you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Just had a look on the recent blog, sounds as though the diving went well. Still looks a great experience and you all have achieved so much in your time there so far.

Celtic on top of the league by 2 points following a 3-0 win over Aberdeen.

It was Jenna's 21st yesterday, and she had a few peolpe over which went well.

Everyone says hello, take care and enjoy the next few weeks.
Love Dad, Emma, Shelley and Ben x

Anonymous said...

Dan O. Hello favourite grandson. Received your letter dated 12.11.09 on Friday 4th December-not bad going was it. Heard you spent your birthday in church - did it do you any good?ha ha.Will not be writing any letters now as they may not arrive in time before you leave. It has not stopped raining here for a very long time,hope it stops before you get back. Counting down the days now, have missed you so much. Have taken off the photographs of you from the blog to keep on computer and in my album. Looking forward to hearing what you have been up to when uou get back. That is all for now. Lots of love, Nan and Gramps.

Elz said...

For: Megan Rose aka Megz, Hinksy, Kinkle, Gimpy and other such like :)

Hola my honey,

Hope life is treating you well - so sorry to leave you a blog in your final few weeks, I've only just worked out how to work this thing (and I thought I was clever with technology, obv's not...)
Hope you're ok and well done to all of you on all of your hardwork and things you've achieved so far - looks like a fab life-changing experience and wish I'd done it now :( (Although you know I have issues when I can't plug my straightener's in :P...)

Thank you tons for your letter - I received it last Weds :D Made my day and made me laugh lots :P Am off to Bath for definite in January and moved out of Cardiff last Tuesday with the help of Bex, seriously couldn't have done it without her - had to take her car as all of my stuff wouldn't fit in my little Ka, and managed it just, but had to leave my TV with Carla as the boot wouldn't shut lol!

Bristol is not the same without you lovely, my life is too quiet and Starbuck's trips are just not the same. Founder's Day wasn't either :( But then again, you never sung the Te Deum :P haha!

Saw New Moon today with Bex, which was amazing and will come with you to see it again when you're back as I love it :D:D:D Still can't decide which of Team JEdward I'm for, gotta be Jacob for the fit factor, but then Edward for his personality ;)

Yet again, it's stupid o'clock, and I should really go to sleep, but I'm on Msn and Facebook - I think I have issues lol!

Am in touch with Olivia and looking after her for you :) and she, Liv and I have a FAB welcome home pressie for you :P Sorry I won't be there to see your face cus I get back the evening that you do on the 19th, but gimme a txt to let me know if you like it :D

I have no advent calendar too - this vexed me greatly and I feel so deprived - you're never too old for one, being 19 is no exception - GOD! Can't believe it's xmas so soon :S Don't feel in the least bit xmassy - am going to attempt to climb a ladder into the loft on my larry tomorrow to get the decorations down - have a feeling I'll probably fall and hurt myself :S You know how I have issues with trying to carry heavy stuff lol!

Seriously cannot wait to see you - as soon as I'm back from Palma on the 19th - I will be straight there to see you :D In between the 3 jobs in River Island, Tesco and M&S Food I may have, as I stupidly signed up for them all - LOL I filled the Tesco application form in wrong I ticked all the 'most often boxes' as oppose to one most often and least often per 4 questions OOPS - RMS obviously taught me no common sense :S I had to zoom back down before my Mum's mate finished at 11pm and give her an alternative answer sheet I redid :P

Anyways hun, I will shush up now, as I'm aware I've already gone on foreverrrr (sorry everyone :P) in true style, but you know I have a tendency to go off on tangents and can't help my word vomitness! :P

Take care babe and can't wait to see you soon - 12 days and counting :D
Missing you very much and Love you tons and forever and ever amen :)

Elz aka Pink Fluffy Bunny :) xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

Veena said...

Gur, its Veena here....want you to know I've been keeping posted with the work and adventure your having...and it all seems amazing as well as a lot of hard work!! Thinking about you, and so proud of you!! Looks like you are with a great group of people and that always makes a great experience.
Hope all is well...lots of love!

Nicola Young said...

Hola Miss Sharman,

One more quick message, just had to tell you that travis' band won the WHOLE BATTLE OF THE BANDS OF THE UNI last night!!!!!!!!!!!

they were awesome and we are all uber proud!! think hes gonna be a superstar lol.

also you have so many wall posts happening on facebook, some of which i think you will really like! do bad tagging has happened i promise. also you pretty much have weekly updates from me, so hope you feel like reading a good novel when you get back!!

did you see any x factor....hmmm anyway its the final on saturday, and im a celebrity get me out of here has just finished too! a man won it this year.

still no snow...but i dont think it will be long!

you are home 2 weeks today, do you know how excited i am!! :D ready for a big telephone?! :P

riiiight i have to write to essays so best go

i love you heaps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Philippine said...

Lieve Rolien & Floris,

Ik zag weer een paar chille foto's van jullie voorbij komen... Lien op Mammutik Island en Floris in Imback. Is die brug nou eindelijk af? Ik weet nog dat we daar met scheppen cement stonden te mixen om de fundering van die brug de bouwen. Ik hoop dat jullie een paar goede foto's van de vorderingen hebben. Ben ook echt benieuwd wat jullie van het hele Raleigh vonden. Hier in Amsterdam/Velp gebeurt vrij weinig. Sinterklaas is alweer foetsie, en overal staan alweer kerstbomen.... Hebben jullie al een beetje goede plannen voor after Raleigh? Als jullie in KK gaan logeren is North Borneo Cabin Backpackers lodge heel chill, met gratis internet en ontbijt.
Hoop dat jullie nog een paar leuke laatste dagen hebben in Borneo Paradise en daarna een mooi feestje gaan bouwen met z'n allen de laatste avond.
Geniet er van, het is nu echt bijna voorbij!! Liefs & dikke zoen, Philippine

Rosanna said...

For Jamie Moore (Alpha 7)

Hello!! Can't believe there's only 10 more days until you get back - I'm SO excited!!!! I have already wrapped your Christmas presents and have been getting things ready for when you get back :) this week is dragging already though - just want to fast forward until next Friday!

Did you get my card with the bear on it? I sent it a while ago! Got another letter from you yesterday :) going out for lunch today - since Mandy's leaving soon and the bosses are out shooting...we might make it a boozy one - it's nearly Christmas after all!

Work is going well - I'm project manager for the brand relaunch as well now - so having lots of good experience. also had my friends here weekend before last and they loved exeter - took them to all our favourite places - well house, vic for breakfast, mosaic, good times. also went to harry's for dinner - had amazing fajitas. still think it's wierd working in ex rather than being a student here though!!

i am going to make you a special dinner when you get back - it will be a surprise though. also i'm taking the train the next day to heathrow so i dont have to go until about 3pm which is better as thought i was going at midday. and the train goes through your stops too. perfect - get even more time with you!

hope to hear from you when you get reception again - thinking of you ALL the time!!

i love you xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

to angus "the whirlwind" hannah

impressed you have managed to find a tree even you can fit into, looks v cool


carrie said...

Hi BrY, It's not very confidential this blog lark is it?!!!, I now know that Jessie's mum has lost her reindeer, somebody else has a sparkling room with fluffy pillows - in contrast to yours which has a mouse in it, still one more bite won't make much difference! only joking - we caught it. And that several of you have bitten, scabby,cut and bruised legs - don't worry its so cold here no one will see them! What does come over in the bloggs is that us lot at home are well proud of you all, and whatsmore you're a very loved and cherished group, that we all miss enormously. and what's more, everyone seems to have 'hi tec' mums, I thought I was the only one who had mastered this lark - I now have to type the characters I see in the picture below, as a word verification - WHY? does anyone know? I think it's a plot to get rid of those with bad eye sight! loadsa love Hi tec Mumxxx

Eve Rushton said...

Hiya Tess,
Hope alls well Diving looks amazing. Des and I back yesterday from trip - absolutley amazing!!!! Will tell you all about it soon.....

Just trying to find out some more infro re your flights? Do you want us to confirm the flights??

Just let us know what you want us to check and will do....

p.s new carpets and bathroom done - looks great.

Love you lots xxxxx Evo

Sarah said...

Hi my boy (Ali)

Hope all is going well with you, I am loving the text messages they make you feel so much closer!
Am a bit jealous of the people who only have 10 days to go! Am having a christmas dinner with the girls from school at the weekend and going to carols and Boo and Tommy, so will all be very festive. And I have almost finished my christmas shopping - which is so unlike me.
Spittalfields was heaving and I did wave at that bike shop for you.
Missing you my hot water bottle,
love you


Anonymous said...

James D.
Hi it`s Dad, I think I`m blogging it, but I might not be, not sure. Anyway here goes, all quiet here, no sibling fights, food in the fridge, tidy rooms, it`s great...when are you back.
Christmas party is on the 18th, hope you can make it oop north for then, we can`t wait to hear all about it. Keep smiling, lots of love. Dad.x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie we miss you What will you be doing next? Will you come back and visit us? Please reply to Issy so we know you're ok. Are the sun bears cute? we hope you've taken lots of pictures. Lots of love from...Taheen, Yasmin, Iman, Nadia, Sumayya

Mum and Dad said...

Hi Aydan - It's Mum and Dad, just to say we hope that you enjoy the last few days of the expedition and have a wonderful leaving party. You all must feel very proud of all what you have achieved and the experience gained in the last few weeks. Dad has had a good birthday and thoroughly enjoyed the 'get together' we had at home for him last weekend with friends and neighbours the house was full. We actually had Xmas decorations up beginning of December!! As you know we miss you loads and cannot wait to hear your latest news and just let us know if you need anything for the next stage of your journey and subsequent return to Borneo.

Hopefully we will hear from you next week. Take care son and especially look after your health as you are always in our thoughts.
Lots of Love M&D XXX

Michael and Jemma Ayerst said...

Hello Beth....
Great to see you on the blog.....we are all looking forward to seeing you again and we are all looking forward to Christmas....we have put our tree up and some of the lights...some we can't find so I am out to buy some more.... Jack is still waiting for his Student Loan to come through....Amelia is still busy working at New Look and me and mum spend most of our time asleep in front of the TV.....look after yourself and lots of, mum, Jack and Amelia xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd - Well they say No News is Good News - so we are working on that theory - oh how we laugh when we see that others have been writing letters home sending post cards - even making phone calls - as if some one as cool as you would do that. I am constantly stopped by people asking how your getting on - I just say we are sure he is fine we caught a glance of him in a photo about 6 weeks ago and we think he is still out there - maybe living with the orangutans by now. As you have not said what you would like for Christmas we have ordered you some nice Crocs - Pink ones from Rob and I have got you some nice fur lined ones as I am sure you will find it cold should you ever come back - hope you have got us something nice. Maybe you will call us when you get to Heathrow (or maybe not) and we will try and get you on a flight back to the rock. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Luv H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, its mum reporting in again. Just spotted you on the web, looking very busy, not sure what your building, but hope you get to finish it. Looking at my diary and not long now before I get to see you,I expect this will be the last blogg.
News here, Rachael eventually got away with Russell, not sure where she is exactly, bit like you really. Phillip is busy studying and going to the gym to keep fit.
Dad seems extra busy at work at moment and we are both at the firms do tomorrow at Woburn Abby which will be nice.
All the Xmas trees went up on Sunday, gosh that was a long day,but it's all looking good,we did have a bit of trouble with the Xmas tree lights,but that's pretty standard.
Dads thinking of lightingup all the trees around the roundabout, much to my horror.
Anyway,nothing much else is going down at the moment, need you to think about your Xmas list though,as time is racing by.
If you do not here from me again, have a safe journey back, I will try to text you with regards to airport times, just incase things have changed.
Love you loads and look forward to seeing you soon. x

Love mum and dad and the rest of The Watts Clan x

samdelahaye said...

Hey Charlie,
how goes it? Hope all well. I hear you were moaning to the boss lady that I wasn't writing enough to you on the blog! Outrageous.

Had my 45 miles race on Saturday and managed to get round in one fact was 3rd female which meant a prize (and prize giving!) Was good fun though couldn't walk for a coupla days after.. Went home after Brecon and it was great to see the new house looking a bit lived in. Saw Isla briefly - she's looking very well and just the same as ever. We did a wee bit of xmas shopping and then went to see the new Twilight - New Moon..very cool (my 2nd time seeing it..). Isla going to Mull at the end of the week with James..and then back to sunnier (but colder) climes. Folks both well..the old man planning to build a stable himself in the barn at the new house..could be interesting/embarassing!?

Great that you are keen to hang around LOndon a few days when you get back - we can do some xmas shopping if you're keen/have any money left.

Really hope the rest of your sunbears goes well - they sound very cute - maybe bring one home eh?

Loads love Sxx

fam. de Vos said...

Lieve Floris !!
Terug in Borneo paradise als je dit leest, vermoed ik?Ik las 't verhaal van Philippine en er blijkt een mooi feest te zijn tot slot?!Heerlijk !!Laat ons je verdere plannen even weten . Heb je 2 pakketjes post gekregen van ons? Sylvia en ik hebben bedacht dat 't misschien leuk is als we jullie begin januari op komen halen in Kuala Lumpur..bekijken we met z'n viertjes ook nog een paar dagen 't een en ander !?Dan komen Sylvia en ik op een IPB-tje !Overleg even met Rolien wat jullie hiervan vinden !!?Dikke zoen, Floor ! Ik hoop je snel te horen !Mam

Anonymous said...

Hello Aman,

How are you,hope all is well,haven't seen anymore photos lately,what ya doin?We are all good only more week to go and we are breaking up for Xmas,be safe out there dude missing you loads ,Xmas wont be as mad with you not here but we will catch up when you get back and have our own Xmas and New Year drink.
Love you loads little brother more than you realise Mum,Didi,Elliott and Sadie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte,
I bet you're looking forward to the party next week and then returning home to the cold. We're so looking forward to all the horrible exotic bugs that you will infect us with just in time for Christmas.
Morgan's carol service went well, he remembered all his lines. Wind band and orchestra played the usual array of unrecognisable carols. It's his Victorian Christmas party today, he's gone as a dirty scruffy street urchin, well thats pretty much what he normally looks like!
Josh is at Bristol Uni today and off to Oxford on Sunday, so busy, busy.
Pops is here for a whirlwind visit on Monday, but will obviously miss seeing you and Josh. Lexie's hyperactive behaviour should manage to exhaust and stress him even if it is a short visit (he'll be reading this no doubt!).
Whilst writing this, a fully clothed Lexie has unwrapped a whole box of Roses chocolates and put them in with the dog's bones. We'll save those for you or Pops!
I won't tell any jokes, best to leave that for Kate!!
I hope your foot's healing.
Can't wait to see you next week.
Lots of love,

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie,
Ten days today and you will be home!! Have a great last few days. Enjoy! I hope you have a bit of company for the two nights after raleigh finishes and before you get the plane home. Don't miss it!! And don't forget you have quite a quick transfer in Brunie. Can't wait. Have a nasi goreng for me! All good here. Alice home on Saturday and room all ready. Last day of work for me on Tuesday! Joe finishes school on the Friday before you come home. Not sure when Dad finishes yet. Granny Ruth coming up for Christmas and then we will probably go down to Devon to see Granny Ebby and the F- Allens inbetween christmas and New Year. Need to catch up with the Balls too. Anyway Sweetie, can't wait to see you. Love you loads.
Mum xx

The Godmother said...

Hi Sam,
Just to say hello and that we will be looking forward to welcoming you back from your trip.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Thijs Klinkhamer
Hi Thijs we had a diner in a Cafe Thuis ( whats a name)celebrating the birthday of Sophie 21 years.Following a Prosecco party at her house. She was happy that you phoned here.
Joris has arranged your Christmas box from AH, lucky you.
We trust that your last day's will be as a great grand final.
Which you a real good time further.
Regards Pa.

Salmon said...


No pictures of u this time!!! But i think there's one of the back of u...but ye hope kindergarden is as fun as u hoped it would be!! Only a week to go now...can't wait!!! It's been a bit hectic lately...actually i wouldn't really say hectic but a little more than normal...lots of stuff to do with this social sec thing and other stuff. Ohhhh!! Went to see my man love in the cinema the other's called 'law abiding citizen'...i liked it...but obviously he made the film way better than it actually was :P ...but dw ur still number 1 ahead of him :D :P ...erm what else to say.....hurry up?? :) People (me) need to see u. I'm getting lonely here and Tom and Suzy are always together in my face...i'm starting to get jealous lol...but anywhooo i look forward to hearing from u me when u have time cos i have an urgent trip to canada on the 23rd and i want to see u before i leave!!!

'Salmon' xxx

Chris B said...

Hi Emily (Alpha 7)
Great to read some more news on the blog and to see some more pictures. We guess that when you read this the re-build project will be successfully completed and you will be back in KK. Make the most of the warm weather , it is cold and foggy in the UK. One week to go until you get back - we are really looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about what you have been doing. We both have the day off. The Christmas decorations will be up and we got the trees last weekend - mum had to bring one back in her car with the roof down as it was too big to fit in mine.
Here's to you last few days - enjoy them and we look forward to a big hug on the 18th
Love Mum and Dad xxx

MITCHELL said...

Hi Matt,
You must be on the final leg of the trek now. Hope all has gone well and you're not carrying too many injuries, although you all must be very tired, dirty and longing for a nice shower, clean (non-smelly) clothes and maybe? a bed.
Just one week to go, so make the most of it, and then back to wet, miserable England. It's a good thing it's Christmas. That's the only bright light about at the moment.
So looking forward to seeing you. Lots and lots of love Mum xxxxx

kate Horne said...

to lotte humber

hello grotty, i feel this an appropriate nickname for you following our phone call. thought id write you a message im about to go to bed as i am nakered have worked my socks off this week! but tbh its proba good thing as i know know all the different sections of the shop and know what people are talking about when they ask me where we keep he 'lazy susans' or the tagines (i know where it is but still have no clue what it does!) also i think i may buy the whole shop i hope thats not selfish of me! but they have so many cool things like errrrr well i nt remeber right now but they do i promise! and they also have like 100 diff types of spoons and knives! however very few forks! discrimination i say!

anyways i just had a nice bath so i am no longer a gremlin like you! haha im joking! your a jungle beauty! cant wait for you to come home and show me how to swing from vines just like tarzan! its gunna be groovey! forget rollerskating as a new way of transport ill be swinging from vines all over the place!

tbh im kind of worried about your homecoming. I've built up an idea in my head of what you've been doing in the jungle, (despite the phone calls and the blog!, im convinced its all and act and that really you are chilling with ant and dec and the rest of the im a celebrity get me out of here crew eating crawlies, and talking with the animals just like dr dolittle. haha.

also v gutted abut your camera braking so no pics of you gammy leg or cool jungle things. im actually so excited your going to be here this time next week almost! i feel like im about to explode every time i think about it!

and then its christmas! and boxing day! exciteeee! I still havent done any christmas shopping! i reckon im just gunna risk it n wait till xmas eve! get the adrenaline flowwing n all that! im such a rebel i know! haha.

ahhhh cant wait to see you again lotus! and here all about all you jungle pals n so on! and my husband to be! i forget his name. but i look forward to living in home and away with him (and you obvs! your deffo still number 1!!) infact screw whatever his name is you and me will just go n live in home n away in our house with teacups as plant pots n so on, and we'll be known as the 'kooky english women'

ah the future is bright my friend! haha


love you lots!
your pal who is a gal ( shocking i know)
your buddy who isnt muddy
your mate kate


Annick! said...

Liefste lienie!!!

Laatste weekje alweer! Hoop dat het een beetje te vertoeven is daar in de bush bush. Maar jou kennende haal je al het leuke er zeker uit. Heb wel gelachen hoor, tijdens dat telefoongesprek. Gek kind ben je ook:) Nou hier is Sinterklaas alweer weg, het was de eerste keer dat ik eigenlijk niet veel aan sinterklaas heb gedaan, behalve gegourmet met me ouders. Ik ben benieuwd naar de verdere plannen van je! Als je daar maar niet je liefde op het eerste gezicht ontmoet en nooit meer terug komt;) Moet je nog wel vertellen dat het uit is tussen thymme en ik. Het ging niet meer zoals voorheen dus heb ik het maar uitgemaakt. Dus ja... De rest vertel ik je nog wel een keertje! Heel veel plezier nog daar, en ik spreek je hopelijk snel.
xxxx je homie

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie (Alpha 7)

Just been looking at the final loop and all the photos, there is a lovely photo of you smiling away :) well done again sweetpea your final phase looked like more muscle enhancing work but you have by now probably completed the project and will soon be heading back to KK. It's now under a week and you will be back home,with all your tales of the jungle, which we can't wait to hear. The weather has turned quite cold here and everyone is in Christmas mode. Everywhere is so so busy the shops are buzzing!Your Nanny has sent your card and pressie already! All the other pressies are now wrapped and under the tree, however, the reindeers are still missing in action! new year project I think to clear that loft once and for all. No other news other than we are all waiting for you to return safely and amuse us with your stories, we are so so proud of what you have achieved it is without a doubt a wonderful accomplishment - well done. Nearly forgot your driving licence has finally arrived ! love you lots and lots and lots cant wait to see you on Friday 18th :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mum + Baba xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pepijn H. said...

To Sabine Hamer

hey bien,
op het moment dat ik deze post schrijf ben jij JARIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super gefeliciteerd van ons allemaal thuis!! voel je je daar ook een beetje jarig, wordt t een beetje gevierd ofzo?! Laatste week alweer! duiken enzo was vast super vet! en straks ga je alweer naar Australie en dan kunnen we eindelijk weer normaal contact hebben!! echt super lang geleden weer dat we jou stem gehoord hebben!

Hier is alles cool, kerstboom gekocht, laatste week school enz. bijna vakantie dus! pap in amerika (weer, echt de zoveelste keer :p) en hij komt morgen terug. mam ook toe aan vakantie, en hid en ik ook! lekker vuurwerk enzo, maar jij hebt in Sydney natuurlijk 10 keer zo vet vuurwerk om te zien. Ben echt super benieuwd naar alle verhalen, want volgens mij was het echt een hele ervaring! Dan gaan we ook ff skypen enzo als jij in Australie zit, moet ik alleen wel nog ff kijken hoe t werkt:p, volgens mij kan t namelijk ook met mn Iphone! was gister trouwens nog gaan draaien (op een te zieke plek) en daarna uit gegaan, was ook echt super nice! dus....

jij echt nog super veel plezier de laatste week, en tot skypes;)!
groetjes van de peppert en de moesmoes die naast me zit! Doei