Friday, 6 November 2009

Zero - Changeover is Over - Over

Venturers have all completed phase one and have returned to Kota Kinabalu for changeover! Almost as fast as they arrived, they have all transported through a conveyor belt of round robin sessions and packed off onto buses again for phase two.

The changeover period is as hectic as it is fun, with groups spending two days in a hotel preparing for the next phase and meeting up with the expedition as a whole to share stories of their first three weeks in Borneo. On day one, washing (themselves and their clothes) were high on the agenda, as was buying some much missed chocolate from the Raleigh shop, set up by Jill. Teams spent time as a group de-briefing and discussing their project with Country Programme Manager Mac, which helps expedition teams gain insights into how the projects can move forward in the next phase with even greater success.

A lot can happen during three weeks on project, so in time honoured Raleigh tradition, the groups performed skits to let everyone else see what they've been up to out on phase. I haven't seen skits as good as this since, well since the last time I saw some skits. The evening saw alpha 1 performing a parody of a commercial break, rounded off with a very enthusiastic rap and 'sister act' musical mix.

 Alpha 5 demonstrated some live voice over with James and Katie, whilst the rest of the team improvised along to their dialogue. Alpha 3 showed dedication with a mix of live performance and their own video of a wildlife documentary featuring the venturers as water habitating animals, that hunt crackers and Tom Scarr as the nature fanatic with a cardboard moustache. Proving that isolation in the jungle can send you a bit barmy, the skits were all suitably bizarre and very very funny! Fieldbase judges Elda, Nicky, Anna and Jill had a guest appearance from Country Director Jim and proclaimed alpha 1 and alpha 3 joint winners.

After a luxurious nights sleep with the air-con on and the pillows fluffed, teams started the day with a full expedition meeting and launched straight into their new allocations. Waving farewell to their companions of the last three weeks, everyone waiting nervously to find out where they would go next and who with. The allocations for the next phase are as follows.........

Alpha 1 who will be continuing the amazing progress on the kindergarten in Minusoh are, Sam Morris, Heidi Owen, Abigail Forsyth, Thijs Klinkhamer, Kenji Nicholas, Megan Hinks, Sally Tyldesey, Angus Hannah and James Dicks. They will be working alongside PM's Chi and Julia.

Alpha 2 is Alastair Parry, Jack Pikia, Ron Monigot, Nick Oldroyd, Mick Ford, Floris De Vos, Lottie Humber, Tessa Rushton, Vicky Murphy, Amy Stirk, Libby Hadrill with PM's Nicki, Stan and Ced will all be completing the work started on Tampasak's gravity water feed.

Alpha 3 who are heading up to Imbak Canyon Conservation Area to work on the suspension bridge will comprise of, Floris Verleisdonk, Julian Aronowitz, Laura Peck, Matthew Mitchell, Joshua Sykes, Katie Sharman, Nicola Moran, Sharon Moyo and James McGovern with PM's Bruno and Nat.

Alpha 4 will be taken to Sepilok to support work on the new Sunbear Conservation Centre with PM's Leon, Jessie, Nicky and Gill. The team are Celine Chin, Daniel O'Neill, Taylor Dodds, Joel Silvester, Andrew Thomson, Sabine Hamer, Tom Eaton, Cat Andrade, Lloyd Southam-Sebire and Adam Watts.

Alpha 5 are the dive followed by trek group. Gordon Brown, Richard Teh Swee Aun, Sam Richardson, Maartje Min, Gupreet Virk, Leonora Neale, Alexia Austin, Christina Meikle, Jess Canbas, Alex Dennis, Jamie Moore, Gavin Doig and Emily Branson will be led by PM's Emma and Andy.

Alpha 6 will be trekking then diving afterwards. PM's Craig and  Vicky will be taking Folkert Van Der Linden, Shari Venter, Richard Shuttleworth, Roenol Raymond, Mike Adey, Bryony Crutcher, Aydan Al-Saad, James Pellatt, Emma Godden, Lisa Hoong, Charlie De La Haye, Boqian Du and Andrea Laverick into the jungle for 12 days.

Last but no means least we have Alpha 7 taking the team into Kampung Nibang for the first time to reconstruct an ailing community hall are Ruthie, Sophia and Zara. The group are Courtney Wayne, Tim Van Der Hoek Eklund, Bethanie Ayerst, Rolien Van den Hoek, Ali Jaini, Rebecca Clare, James Whelan, Aman Rakkar, Tom Scarr and Andrew Mcphaden.

The new teams then had some time to get to know each other and start sorting all their new kit with another busy morning for the logs team. It was time for everyone to relax and catch up that afternoon though with some scheduled fun otherwise know as Raleigh game time and a few hours in the pool! The games kicked off with a relay swim race, teams nominated 4 swimmers who had to complete a lap but not until the rest of the team had dressed them in full safety swimwear consisting of, swim cap, Mr Splashy arm bands and pink goggles resulting in a serious amount of cheating and shredded swimcaps.

Next was the passing of water balloons between knees and under chins but the high point for me had to be the 'three bowl your face' game. After spending the last month dipping all plates and cutlery in a series of three washing up bowls full of bleach, water and detergent solution, in place of a washing up sink, it was time to take it to a new level. Teams three bowled their faces in green water, porridge and flour in a messy attempt to fish out sweets for their team.

After the respite that is changeover we waved goodbye to our teams this morning with 6 am buses and lots of sleepy faces as they headed out into the field - stay tuned for updates of their new projects!


Sharmans said...

Hi Katie,
So good to hear you the other evening and to know you are still having an amazing time. You must have felt quite human again after a good wash and de-leeching, a clean set of clothes and a couple of nights sleep in a bed. But no rest for the wicked and by now you should be at the Imbak Canyon sorting out the bridge. Fanastic. We are very proud of you.
We are all good here. Off to Ann and Erics for the night on Saturday. Joe I think will be staying the night at Mattys and will be in charge of Toffo!!
Still decorating your room. I thought I might just put a few jungle like plants and a hammock in it so that you feel at home when you get back!!
Alice says first year at uni has more work then she thought and is very jealous of you in Borneo!!
Anyway will blog again soon. Take care and keep safe. Love you loads.
Mum and Dad xxx

Tasha said...

Hey Nick! (Alpha 2)

Finally received your letter, YAY! Love the little drawings they are great i have brought it to show your mum to cheer her up. So now i am at your house.
Hope you have received mine and your mums letters.

So now you are in Alpha 2 doing the gravity water feed def sounds your sort of thing.

Went to Afterdark yesterday was very good Miss Frank from X factor were there. Had a lovely baileys latte yum yum. Alfie wasnt too bothered about the fireworks which is good he now looks like a proper dog with grey roots hehe.

There are some nice pics of you arriving at the hotel hope you made the most of your stay there. Keep smiling at the cameras!

Lots of love

x x x x x x Mum and Tasha x x x x x x x x

Molly Mac said...

To Tess Rushton - LOVEEE YOUUU hope you're having an amAzing time!! XXX From Molly XXX

Julie Morris said...

So brightened my day to see the new pics and news - now I can see that you have survived your jungle isolation and hope it hasn't sent you all barmy as they are suggesting! Congrats to you and your Alpha 3 mates for winning the "best skits" competition - sounds fun!Got to be the hardest phase over surely? Still all that digging will be great experience for digging foundations when you design, and now build, my holiday pad abroad! Now onto the kindergarten project with Alpha 1 - enjoy every minute.

Everyone sends their love xxxx

JohnCarol said...

Hi Tom

Seen the changeover blog, have you lost your washing kit? or not bothered to unpack! You are taking the minimalists’ kit approach. Beard looks dodgy. I am still cycling to the station. Tried my dinner jacket on, big one still fits Mum and I are at a do in the City next week.
Trust you enjoy this phase, staying in the Hotel looked a drag and not what you signed up for. I bet you were very disappointed not to go strait in. It must have been like fresher’s week all that fun stuff.

Mum and Dad

The Pecks!! said...

Hi Laura, Em here! and ty! hes just met Dan now haha! you wont recognise him, hes really soppy now! he keeps looking round the house for you! sounds like your having fun, hoope you enjoyed your burger and chips at the hotel!! was good to talk to you, its strange here without ya! quiet though!!!!! have fun in the canyon, speak soon x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte
It's Saturday morning and really cold but Lexie's doing her normal thing and running around with absolutely no clothes on. Hope you're ok - been looking at your photos on line and you seem to be having a good time and making some friends. I did my proud grandmother bit with Fiona Timmis when I saw her on Wed and told her what you're up to. Will send another card in the week and also email.
Lots of love
Mam xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki in Alpha 2 ,Hope your ok and keeping fit lifting all that water drainage stuff for grvity systems.I am following you as much as possible on the blog but keep getting lost on the site,so hope iam doing things correctly.It was great to hear from you and i have let the family including dad know whats going on. Hope boots and sleeping bag are lasting out. look forward to reading your next adventures. off to Tunisia tonight to catch some sun. should be moving into new house in january,westdown road beacon park its near the school . Love you mum xxx sad but excited !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Alexia,

I have a rugby game today, I'm scared but it'll be fun. I've been playing wing and so havn't been getting injured quite so much. Hope you've been having fun (and havn't gotten sick) you'll have to tell me all about it in December. My parents say hello and apparently you've made friends with a tarantula? I hope that makes more sense to you, although I know you love spiders. Miss you lots!

Love Nida xxx

kate Horne said...

Hi Lotte humber Alpha 2! (want to make sure you get this!)
haha im soo excited right now! so weird looking at your picture on here! i was like PATRICK LOOK ITS LOTTE! n he was like 'who?!?!' haha only joking! he was excited too!
your group looks nice! everyone is so smiley! alpha 2 eh! first the worst second the best n all that jazz!
hope its all going okay in the jungle! and that they project is going well! will send a letter soon!
love you!!!
love kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Watts Clan said...

Hi adam, Just spotted you with your group, now alpha 4. Nice to see you on screen, and wow the hair is growing, might be back to normal when you get back, Dad and I thought you looked good, didn't think you looked to skinny, could only see your head and feet though, and they were always on the big side. Your next task sounds just as challenging, how can we compete with that when you get back home, makes putting up the xmas tree such a doddle.
Dad and I have been to Windsor Castle today, the weather has been good here but we had to rush back for Milly because it's fireworks night and you know what she is like.
It was lovely to hear your voice and hear your news, Rachael and Gemma were horrified about the whole leeches thing, god the whole blood thing,Gemma nearly pasted out.
Anyway keep those stories coming, and I will send you a letter soon.

Mandy and Rob said...

Hey Abbi, Im sitting writing this surrounded by boxes and bin bags containing all our belongings. The house move is finally happening.

Thought I'd better say Hi now as I'm not sure when I'll resurface again.

Your father is a total stress head and flapping around like a headless chicken, perhaps I should pack him too!

Mum xxx

Nicola Young said...

Alpha 3

Hellloooo Katie :)
Just a little hello from le2 to let you know we miss you very much! just got back from sweden, was so cold and wintery! shaun sends his love too!
These games looks amazing, and staying in a hotel aye?! sounds might tough :P
Enjoy the suspension bridge
miss you lots and lots, sent a package for you so keep a look out!
love nicola & le2 crew xxxxxxxxx

David said...

NicNac Alpha3

Hope you enjoy your new project,more hard work then!

Happy birthday for the 14th, we'll be thinking of you.

Love and Kisses Mum & Dad

Nikita said...

Cat (Alpha 4)
Enjoy the sunbears!!
Missing you lots. I saw your group pic and you're looking well and brown!

Love Nikita

The Pecks!! said...

Hi laura,was lovely to hear from you and hope you got well rested before imbak,not too many piccies of the waterfalls otherwise I will be going next year!!!.The bedroom has been started and Dan doing a good job so far,should look good.Hope Imbak is as good as it sounds and you have maybe seen some wildlife other than those leeches lol.Off to work now speak soon much love mum xxx

Angela said...

To Nicky Guy (Alpha 2 PM)
Caught a fleeting glimpse of you on the blog - hope you enjoyed a few nights decent sleep at the hotel (or are you so tired putting water pipes in that even a hammock is luxurious?). Weather is much colder now, but still relatively fine. We are off to the cinema today - courtesy of FilmFirst - first time we've been able to get tickets near enough to tempt Dad. I'm off to the gym tomorrow with Jan, followed by lunch - she got a free guest ticket & twisted my arm to go. Dad is still playing losing golf, & still hasn't tried out his new clubs! Nothing changes!!! All our love Mum & Dad. OXO LOL LUL

Joanna Thomas said...


Hope you are enjoying the jungle - not too many creepy crawlies! I googled La Cangreja and it looks amazing. Your beard is maturing - didn't recognise you on the latest photo! Dave wants to know if you want to go to the Leisure Centre Christmas Party - will be a bit tame after your time with Raleigh! Everyone says hello. Love you lots and missing you so much. Take care. M xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hoilieve Lien, We zitten nu bij je moeder in Velp en zien net de leuke foto's van jou. Ik begrijp dat je het naar je zin hebt. Ik vind het wel heel stoer van je zo ver weg met allemaal vreemden. We gaan even met de honden lopen. Geniet van deze bijzondere tijd, heel veel liefs, Liesbeth en Bettinefistio

M+D said...

Hi Aydan.......Good to see that you have survived phase one and looking so well!! It was lovely to hear from you too and that you are really enjoying the experience. Good luck to you and all of your group on your treking and diving phase; we cannot wait to see to the next round of pics and blog. Miss you loads but extremley proud of you. Take care LOL M&DXX

Chris B said...

Alpha 5
Emily Branson
Hi Ems
Great to see your photos on the blog - 3 of them near the food -good on you. Great to hear you are now a PADI open water diver. Enjoy the trek and we look forward to hearing from you when you get back for the next changeover.

lots of love Mum & Dad xxx
PS you bedroom and the Den are now tiday and you can get into them

Theo said...

Hey Cat (alpha 4)

Co-signing with Nikita, enjoy the sun bears, and if you could bring one home for me that would be ace, or a monkey, your choice.

Enjoy the warmth down there, its rather freezing up here now, in the flat wearing my snowboardtrousers and my breath is misting, powering through tho.

Was good to hear from you, hope you've got my letter by now, if not the royal mail sucks. Looking forward to my next update.

Love and miss you lots,
Theo xxxx

shani said...

Lexia :)
thought i'd fill you in on a few things,
MEH wise - FM all over again at the bigmans, but zomg that needs discussing, not sure how i feel about that.
Mariah and vak are finito, erm Ah actually theres not much. bleh i have so many things to run by you that I feel stupid mentioning now, so I shall save them for your return;) lots and LOTS of love

Michael, Jemma, Jack and Amelia said...

Hello Bethanie...

Great to speak to you on the phone....feels like you have gone to the moon....I am posting you a letter today 9th November so hope you get that soon....Mum and Amelia are sitting down watching Eastenders...same storyline in a loop.....Borneo sounds fantastic and even the leeches sound like nice leeches...look after yourself and take care....lots of love Dad and mum and Amelia and Jack xxxxx

Hannah Clare XxX said...

Becci (alpha 7)
Booooggee i miss you so much, just saw a picture of you on this blog thing, wanted to cry hahaha, hope your having an amzing time babe. cant wait to see you at christmas :) literally havent been home since you dropped me at Rosies that day :( mehhh... i hope this gets to you, like i dunno how u check it or whatevs? but i dont have stamps and envelopes but will get some...for you. say hey to Em for me too and hope she is well.
Love you sooo much

Anonymous said...

Hey Lexi,

Long time no speak! You have no idea how much I miss you!! I am so very jealous, your photos look's so good to see you and everything that you're doing :). I have so much to tell you come December. I'm so excited to tell all the stories! Other than that, love you like crazy and wish I could see you. x

Lots of Love

ps. Sny and I almost died in an elevator yesterday! It would open and keep moving so people were like jumping out. Then it stopped opening all together and we had to like pry it open and jump! It was SO scary!

Jane said...

Hi Richard

Good to see your pics, especially the imitation of a sunbear. Was very jealous that Colin got phone call, but very good to hear all going well, hope you enjoyed stay in hotel, I didn't realise that was on agenda. Did you get your chocolate fix?
Hope you enjoy the trekking and diving, all those walks up mountains came in useful after all!
Hopefully you'll have got some letters by now.

Miss you lots, it's too quiet and tidy, though your room is still as you left it!

We had first frosty day yesterday

Lots of Love
Jane and Colinx

PS this is my 4th attempt at sending my own message, others must be lost in cyberspace

The Pecks!! said...


Anonymous said...

James Whelan - Alpha 7!!!

Dude - i love your necklace. It is fantastic. You appear to have two on, one simply must be mine! If not, get it sorted. I expect a tribal gift. Dad hopes you get your souvenier blade home - hope they don take it off you at customs! Alpha 7 look like a funky funky group of people. Mum sends her love.
We still have plenty of kellys cornish in the freezer, yum yum! just awaiting your return.
Lounge is still incomplete. Rubbish! Its wet and wind here today, very windy! BRRRRR... cold!
The grass needs cutting, very neglected.

Anyway dude we all miss you lots, mucho love

Nat, Mum & Dad xxxxx

Samm said...

Yo murphy!
Have written to you with all the (nonexistant) gossip I hope you get it otherwise someone is going to have some a fun time reading that! Hope your having an amazing time, it looks awsome! Just wanted to send my love and tell you to hurry home, i miss you loads!

Chris B said...

Hi Ems (Alpha 5)
We hope the trek has gone well and that you have had a great time. Changeover time soon so we will catch up with what has been happening on the blog. Grandad is staying with us ready for his 80th birthday celebrations - you will be missed greatly. We got your letter this week (took about 2 weeks from KL - hope you get ours soon)
Only 4 weeks until 18 December - can't wait to see you again.

Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Sharon,

We receieved your second post card, wow! it is truly, a beautiful place over there. Showed the girls your card and Jasmine said "Sharon writes to us mum, thats very nice", and then she asked me to read it to her over and over, while Naomi listened quietly. They talk about you a lot and understand that although you are gone, they will see you again. Hope the community hall project went ok.

Take care and have fun on your travels, we all miss you.

Lots of love, ma john jasmine and naomi.xxxx