Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Loop Goes On Tour!

Working as Communications Officer with Raleigh definitely has its perks - in the first phase I get to pay a visit to all the projects sites, spend a night at each camp, meet up with all the venturers and catch up with all the gossip across the expedition.

After spending 10 days in the spectacular Imbak Canyon, I was collected by the loop vehicle full of field base staff and continued on with them to Minesoh, Tampasak and Sepilok. It's hard to convey in a short blog the kind of experiences that 110 Raleigh participants, across 7 projects sites are having in Sabah right now. Day to day life on expedition is varied! You might spend one day digging a 10 foot hole in the rainforest next to a huge waterfall, the next baking bread for the first time over an open fire. Maybe you've got a 2 hour trek ahead of you each morning just to get to your work site but in the evening you'll be washing off the dirt and sweat in a river whilst playing with the local children. A day off might include a trek to a hollow tree you can climb inside or a 'painful on the ears' talent show organised by your Alpha group.

For venturers and staff, an hour stringing up antennas and shouting into a crackly radio has replaced a quick chat on the mobile phone. A route card and a compass now replace a car sat nav system. A six by two foot section on a wooden floor is now called 'a bed'. Cheese and crackers on tinfoil are considered to be 'canapes on a silver platter.' A tarp and a bucket of cold water are named 'the shower'. A hole in the ground with a plastic bag next to it is 'the toilet'. It is no longer considered uncool to tuck your trousers into your socks.

Sometimes day to day routines out here are similar to back home just with a few new challenges. Often life is a thousand times removed from anything people have experienced before. Here is a round up of the Alpha groups and what they've been up to.

Alpha 1 are the crack team working on the new kindergarten, the photos speak for themselves - the progress has been amazing. This team live in a community hall which is a vision in pink, although a little cosy it is one of the most organised camps I have seen, so a big gold star for them! They have a short walk round the back to the work site with the villagers who are working alongside them. They have a fantastic relationship with the community there and have a great time down at the river together at the end of a hard days work. The loop were treated to a 3 course dinner and an eventful night of "Borneo's Got Talent' with some amazing performances by Emma Godden, Charlie and Drew as "Crackers for Porridge," Gordon and Folkert as "The flying Dutchman and The Evil Scotsman" and Christina, Celine and Laura as, well basically 3 girls giggling on a stage! Other activities at Alpha 1 include a night of Blind Date and some ankle whipping bamboo dancing with the villagers.


Alpha 2 in Tampasak are soldiering through their epic trek to the work site. Unfortunately a gravity water feed does need gravity so much of this is uphill. Originally a 2 hour walk in, laden with tools, they have improved the trails by cutting in steps and as I arrived two days ago they had shaved an hour of their commute time and were feeling pretty impressed with themselves. They are currently building a dam and transporting huge pipes up to the site. Tampasak is hours from a main road through labyrinthian palm oil plantations and up roller coaster dirt tracks. They have been keeping themselves looking fresh and lovely with Bryony and Taylor's Spa - with the girls subjecting all the males of the team to dubious oatmeal face masks and facial plucking. They have built a sturdy table for al fresco dining and have a great noticeboard to record all the humorous going's on but also to leave anonymous compliments and thanks to other team mates.


Alpha 3 in Imbak take the top spot for the 'room with a view award', with the most stunning location on expedition. This team drive up a gravel track through the jungle for 2 hours then arrive at rangers camp, where a 2 hour trek awaits them until they reach BBC camp - you may have seen this in the 'Expedition Borneo' series shown a few years back. Working alongside Imbak Canyon rangers these guys are a work hungry bunch. Two 6ft square holes, 10 foot deep have been completed forming the foundations of a new suspension bridge.The group are hoping for a few dry days so they can cross the river to start the foundations on the other side. Digging a hole may sound a little monotonous but when the air is filled with faux french accents, the irrepressible celebrity name game and shouts of "baku-uuuul!" as buckets are heaved up and down full of clay, the work day passes pretty quickly. Alpha 3 are responsible for some inventive cooking. When Lakshmi isn't throwing her own Diwali meal on the floor and Nick and Jess aren't chargrilling the calzone there are some tasty dishes on the offer. Waterfall swimming, daily proverbs and games round the table are all part of the Imbak experience.


Alpha 4 are very enthusiastic about their project, working on the fencing for the new sunbear sanctuary, which is currently underway. Living in a jungle camp built by Raleigh's last expedition consisting of a hammock basher and kitchen / dining platform, the group have a long walk to work but have exceeded expectations by completing twice their expected workload and are now planning more projects. The work is sited next to the famous Sepliok Orangutan feeding centre and they have had visits from "Edna " the orangutan and several cheeky macaques at camp. Don't leave your stuff lying around too long here or the primates might whisk it away from you. This is also a top spot for a leeching or two.

Alpha 5 and 6 are the trek and dive groups and although I don't get to visit these teams we do get daily reports over the radio. Alpha 6 are now on the dive island after completing their trek and Alpha 5 have completed their week of diving, gaining a PADI and are currently nearing the end of their trek. Both groups have made it to Maga Falls during their trek, spending the night camped in this fantastic location in Long Pasia. At the end of trek they spend a night in a homestay, sleeping in the homes of one of the villagers and eating traditional Malay food often with their hands and served kneeling on the floor. By now they'll all no doubtedly be ready for a shower and some clean clothes after trekking for 12 days, setting up camp every night and sleeping in their beach basha for 5 days.

Alpha 8 are in the North of Sabah. Already on their reforestation project they have drained off the land they are using, created a sapling nursery for indigenous trees and set up netting to catch coconuts, to prevent damage to their new saplings.They are also working on a beach clean up. Venturers are religiously watering their saplings at 4 o'clock before swim time and are keen to observe the progress of their fledgling trees. The project is idyllically located adjacent to two beaches and they have set up camp in tents along one stretch of sand. Evenings are spent dining on the beach, and playing football and volleyball, often with passing fisherman who pull into say hello. 


So in a flash, the first phase of Raleigh 09K is nearly complete! Groups will soon be preparing for their return journey back to KK for what we call 'Changeover'. Which basically is what it says on the tin - everyone arrives back, gets mixed up and changed in to new groups. During this time there will be lots more logistics, kit dished out, new allocations, skits about the first phase, debriefing and feedback sessions as well as plenty of swim time at Sabah's very own hotel of Eden -  'Borneo Paradise.'

Before the loop sets off we print out the blog and its comments and take them to the Alpha groups and read them to the team over dinner or round the fire. Whether it was an embarassing note from the parents, a girlfriends message to one of the lads or the Dutch messages we read out very badly, everyone loved hearing the comments and even more so, loved recieving one of them. It means alot to get your messages in the middle of the jungle and so far from home.So click the box below and send a message to your friends and loved ones out in Borneo!


Anonymous said...

Hi stan,

read de blog again..seems like a great experience. hope u enjoying yourself there and everything going well. take good care of urself ya, missing u here. gambate!!


JohnCarol said...

Hi Tom
Trust the porters have delivered all your kit intact to your rooms.
Try and get a sea view with cross ventillation,leaving the air conditioning on makes the room so very dry.Donot forget to hang your clothes up so that they are not too creased when you dress for dinner.I am sure the domestic staff can clean your boots and press your clothes.Stay clear of ice and water with the drinks.
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...


Mum and Dad said...

Hi Angus,
Watching the blog, it all looks great. Hope you are ready for some real work now the diving and trek are over. Henry got his job in Brisbane, Robert now in Bolivia and has run out of antidiarhorea tablets.One way to lose weight! We saw his great photos on Facebook- curtesy of Neil. Hope you are getting enough to eat!

mum and dad x

Michael and Jemma said...

Hello Beth....hope you are well after your trek and diving...don't panic but I think you might have to take part in a Talent contest...good luck...try tap dancing....enjoy the next part of your trip...we all miss you...
Lots of love...Dad,Mum, Jack and Amelia xxx

Cheryl Scarr said...

TJ, it's your dad here, good hole you dug there son, as holes in the jungle go I guess thats right up there, fine work!! Sounds like you're all having a great experience, goes without saying we are missing you, especially me, as the 3 girls in the house exert their power on the male minority, Americas next Top Model had been replaced by a plethora of teen vampire shows! We're all well, Saints are still unbeaten since you left and my shelving project is taking shape!
luv pa x

xx TASHA xx said...

Hey Nick,
So I was right the first thing you were doing was the suspension bridge!

I hope you had a GREAT birthday! I had a pretty busy week went out for an Indian to Akbhars with mum on the Friday she loved it and then shopping to meadowhall on the Saturday bought a lot of sparkly things hehe. Went to Dizzie Rascal with Laura Sunday was pretty Bonkers. Monday I embraced it up and how random is this ... Danny Dyer was there djing! Ended up being a little worse for wear on our birthdays tho oops. Wednesday your mum came thru to Sheffield after work and I showed her my flat and then took her to Strada on Leapold square was really nice. Friday was Calvin Harris he was awesome and Mr Hudson was his warm up act who sang supernova with Kanye West!

I hope my letter and cards got to you in time your mum sent cards too. Royal Mail are now striking nearly everyday so the post over here is very unreliable. I hope you get chance to send a letter we all want to hear from you!!

Loving the pictures of you digging looks like a moustache is well on its way.

Miss you lots and lots.
Lots of love
Tasha x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Mandy and Rob said...

Wow I'm exhausted just reading all that. Hope it all continues to go well and you have a good changeover. Abbi hope you got some good diving, another location for the log book! xxx

Anonymous said...


Hi Alex,

I must say after looking at the photos it looks as though you have lost some weight – I guess it has a lot to do with all the hard work you are doing and of course your diet (our ice cream stock has never been so high !! ).

Latest news:-
Have booked travel to NZ over Christmas (NY in Dxb)
Gub is in Italy for a swim meet
Maxi has taken over your bed !!

Anyway, hope all is well and trust you are enjoying the experience.

Luv Mum & Dad.

ann said...

dear nic nac(alpha 2)
just seen your lovely picture in stunning shorts and t shirt. Didn't know they celebrated haloween in borneo ha ha. Everything seems to be going well and all are working very hard. needless to say we miss you, but obviously not as much as you are missing creature comforts! (nice hair) Tom is home for the weekend and says where is his birthday present!! love you.
Mum dad and tom x

Nicola Young said...

Katie Sharman, it's Nicola again!

Little update from LE2, everythings coool! June visited this week for Matts birthday and we were all pirates!

Hannah and Tara were a boat!

Ive just read you are sleeping on a beach, owww how amazing! The trek sounds lovely and I hope youve avoided all the bugs!

Just seeing your pictures made me a little tearful, in a good way though!

Everybody is fine, although its raining and cold, and 7 weeks till xmas did you know!

also alice is fine and we all see her and embarass her regularly :D

were going to sweden tomorrow, ill say hi to shaun from you!

we all love and miss you so so much

love nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MITCHELL said...

Hi Matt
We see your flight has arrived safely - hope you did too!
Have a great time and remember - treat adversity and success just the same.
Will write in a couple of weeks.
Take care
All our love Mum, Dad and Jess xxx

mam hamer said...

Bericht voor Sabine Hamer

Hallo lieve Sabine,
Heb weer enorm zitten genieten van de website. Gelukkig weer even een foto van je gezien. Ik begrijp dat je hard moet werken, flink sjouwen.Afzien?Wat een enorme hoeveelheid indrukken He.
O ja, hebben je kaart gekregen paar dgn. geleden. Leuk! Ben je nog uit je hangmatje gevallen? Hoop dat je inmiddels ook wat berichtjes/post van ons krijgt.
Dag meisje,Dikke zoen en knuffel, mamma

Sabine Klinkhamer said...

Hoi Thijs, Hoe was het onder water?
Het is steeds weer leuk om alles over
de hele groep te volgen. Lieverd, geniet ervan en hou je haaks! Sabine.En groetjes van je broer

The Pecks!! said...

Hi Laura, Em, Mum and Mark here!! hope your ok and having a great time??!! were loving the photos of you on the blog haha! Mum had a good birthday, Amy and Bill left you a message (nothing to do with us!!) they are mad as ever!! Tyson had his operation last week poor little thing! he was really poorly but back to his usual self now!! hope you get another good project for the next 3 weeks, enjoy yourself and hopefully be able to speak soon, lots of love x x x x x x x x x x x x

The Pecks!! said...

Hiya hope all is ok with you, raining here and theres a post strike.Just to let you know that the terrible threesome {thats Debs,Barb and me} have chose our tatoos now just need to book it up.Now you know cannot get out of it now.Oh well needs must.Catch up with you again soon .Much love mumxxxx

Lulu said...

Hiya Craig

just read up on the blog, you have all worked so hard, reading this has made me exhausted so I'm off down to the Tavern, as your little friend wants an update on how you are doing.

He says he can't tell you about the Rovers scores as it's not good.

Missing you soooo much

Love Lulu

Susannah said...

Hi Joel (Alpha 2),
Looks like you're having an amazing time, knew you would.
Congrats to the group for reducing the trek to the work site by half, very impressive.

Everyone at Westfields keeps asking how you're gettin on, I do my best to fill them in.
How amused they will be (mainly Jim) when I tell them about oatmeal face masks and plucking!
Oh and to keep you up to date with happenings at work, they're trying to move me to Dalton!! Noooooooooo!

Missing you lots hun.
Sus xx

jane dicks said...

Hi James (Dicks)
Great to see you on the blog. Sounds awesome. Hope you had a good birthday. love, mum and dad.

Hi, it's jona
its great here without you!:) I get lots of food now your not hoovering up the fridge. Only joking. have an amazing time! Oh ye and get me a present. From your little brother.:)

jane dicks said...

hi james (dicks)
geat to see you on the blog and read all the news, it sounds amazing.hope your having a great time. love mum and dad.

Hi, it's Jona
hi james its great here without you :):) i'm getting used to the fact there is food in the house! Hope your having a great time, enjoy. from your little brother. ;)

Mum said...

Hello Sam - so pleased to have more news about you - it's very strange being in such limited contact so we really look forward to the blog.

Definitely does look like hard work digging those holes - expect your muscles will be bigger than James's when you get back - particularly that his obsession with the gym appears to have eased off a bit! Hope you are doing OK for food - doesn't sound like it's all dried. Suppose you could be as thin as a rake but with big muscles when we see you again! We've picked you out in the "big hole" picture next to the local lady but we disagree which is you in the team photo! I'm sure that's your smile in the middle back row. So, keep smiling, Sam, soak it all up and enjoy.

Hope your move to the next project goes well.

Love, as always,

Mum, Dad, James and Grandpa xxxx

Colin S said...

Hi Richard S

Love the hat, great to see that you are still setting the trends even in Borneo and that Nigel Howarths training is also being put to good use. Some bad news Rovers lost 2-0 to Man Utd and 5-0 to Chelsea but manged to beat BURNLEY 3-2 at least somethings never change. Enjoyed the story about your orangatang moment especially the girly scream.

Love seeing you on the blog and look forward to reading about your next adventure.

Love Colin & Jane

julie said...

Hi Nicky, it looks like you are working very hard and sharing your cooking skills with everyone! Hope you had a lovely Birthday!!!! One to remember. Hope your are keeping well. Miss you loads love Mum, John, Em, Gran and Grandad xxx

de vos said...

Haaaaaai floris,fox293,floortje en mijn leukste bijnaam flowrush!!! hoe staat het leven daar? al leuk met de apen kunnen communiseren? of leuke meiden gespot? Hier gaat alles helemaal priem! alleen jammer dat ik geen broers meer heb om mee te kunnen bekvechten of als toppunt niet meer te kunnen halo'en!! Verder is thomas nu weer ontzettend gezellig hier in huis, mama staat al op het punt om weg te lopen omdat ze het nu alweer ermee heeft gehad haha, maar pap en ik kunnen er wel om lachen, hij is bezig met het verbouwen van mijn kamertje! het word al echt ontzettend mooi! hoop dat je het niet erg vind dat ik nu in jou kamer aan het logeren ben ik zorg dat ik alles weer netjes achterlaat!!!
Het gaat tot nu toe heel goed op school en heb prima puntjes binnen, voor als je het leuk vind om te weten!
Hoorde van mama dat je nu deze dagen bezig bent met het duiken, vind het leuk als je even laat weten hoe het is gegaan! weet niet of je op een internet site kunt maar anders moet je even via hyves contact houden met me, want had je al geprobeerd te smssen maar die kwamen niet aan volgens mijn mobiel, dus dat gaat hem niet helemaal worden!
Met sander gaat het ook weer helemaal prima die is de player van Utrecht geworden hij heeft namelijk alweer een nieuwe scharrel aan de haak geslagen, dit keer heet ze chantal! erg leuk figuur! maar die laat ik je nog wel zien als je van meisjes in roze polo jurkjes met knal roze handtasje houdt?!?!?!? hij is een echte gigolo geworden met zijn blue-eyes! volgens mij krijg je concurrentie??

nou floortje ik wens je nog heeeel veel plezier daar en hoop dat je snel weer terug komt! dikke kus je leukste, liefste, schattigste en gezelligste zusje!!! Marette

whysomanypeople said...

Hi Andrea,

Alpha 8 looks like hell :)

Everyone likes the dinner table, menu very interesting, whole melon, with half coconut of cheesy wotsits, followed by packet of crackers and loads of cheese slices!!
Thought this was supposed to build character not be paradise on a beach :)
Grandad asks if you know it is a headtorch and not a necklace?
You look well and happy, we are all jealous, take care have fun lots of love Mum and Dad.
PS Was that embarrassing enough?

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie ( Alpha 3)
It was great to hear from you this morning, it was a lovely surprise and a nice start to the week. Dad and I have been keeping up with the blog and hear your cooking skills are improving!!The photos on the blog are great, it looks like tough work, but you and alpha 3 have done a brilliant job, keep up the good work we are so proud of you sweetpea love you lots and lots miss you loads and loads take care xxxxx Mum + Dad xxxxxxx

Sylvia van den Hoek said...

Hoi lieve Lienie, Yes er kwamen weer wat berichtjes binnen op de site met een foto. Waoh! het is wel bikkelen he? Staat wel goed die helm, zie dat je je bril nog ophebt. ws. nu helemaal aan gewend. Wat een gat! gaan jullie een tunnel maken ipv een brug? Ik hoop dat je je maag een beetje kan vullen. Hier zitten we al weer aan de zuurkool met worst. De blaadjes vallen nu met bakken tegelijk. Wel heel mooi, alles is goudkleurig.
Zal deze week eens langs Niekie gaan. Lief schatje hier is alles helemaal goed.Eet de hele week uit. Heb in huis weer alles omgegooid. en ik mis je. Hoop snel weer wat tehoren. Geniet heel veel .dikke zoenen van Mam

MUM DAD said...

Hi Aydan
We hope that you have now settled in and thoroughly enjoying youself - who was the entertainment manager?. Your adventure looks amazing and we are very proud of you and especially that you have now acquired building skills!! Dad and I look forward to reading the blogs and the pictures and want to see more of you and your group! BB and Aty send their love and keep asking after you. Hope we hear from you soon. Take care LOL - Mum and DadX

Anonymous said...

Hai Rolien (Alpha 3? 4?),
Heb net met mama gesproken en je foto in de put bekeken. Ziet er wel super stoer uit zeg!!! Wat goed van je dat je dit doet. Ik zie het Annemijn nog niet zo snel doen, alhoewel...Ik hoop voor je dat het naast hard werken ook erg leuk voor je is, met een beetje gezellige mensen en dat je er een leuke tijd hebt.
Heel veel groetjes, Nathali Pille

Amy said...

Hi Chi, great to see that you and all the guys and gals are all working hard. Hope you are enjoying it and getting the best out of it. Love Amy, johnny and jessica xxx

sulan yang said...

hey celine,
congratulation, you have survived expedition phase 1 !!!
dont get bullied ar.
hope to hear your kindergarten story soon!!

hey richard,
see, now u understand y i say you dont have to wash your clothes daily right.see my name at sepilok jungle camp? i'm very proud of my jungle camp...

David M said...

Hi NicNac (Alpha 2)

We have been keeping up to date with the blog, I hope that you are proud of what you are acheiving, we are! With all this hard work training for the marathon wont seem to bad.

Take care and enjoy.

Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely Jessie pegs (Alpa 4) hope you are having an amazing time great to be able to follow what you are up to on this blog! Looking forward to hearing all about it in person when you get home!!! Miss you Rose xxx

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie, Great to get the latest update on the blog and to find out what you and the other groups have been up to. Can't wait to hear all about the diving and adventures in the jungle. Can't believe that you are nearing the end of the first phase and that tomorrow you will be back in KK for a short while and then you will be on to your next adventure. Hope you are well and that g----e is behaving!! We are all good here. Saw Alice last weekend. She has settled in really well at uni and is even looking for a house for next year. She is in contact with Nicola etc. Joe is fine and has been doing course work which I think is a bit of a shock to the system!! The nights are drawing in here and its wet and cold, so I know where I would rather be! Hope you got the journal. Have sent another letter but there is a postal stike at the moment so you may be back here before you get it! Miss and love you loads. Take care and don't forget to check your boots before you put them on. Mum and Dad xxx

The Pecks!! said...

Hi Laura
Hope all is going well and you are behaving yourself lol. The alcohol consumption here has dropped since you have left. Thinking of you. Take care :) xx
Debbie O. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky (Alpha 2 PM)
Glad to hear from you on Sunday, even though you were not feeling too well. Give yourself a big hug from me! The windows are finished now - just waiting for you to say you don't like them!! The photos on the blog look very impressive - it must be really hard work - can you do the garden when you get home as you will be so experienced with undergrowth? We've checked out the menu at Minh's - looks like a good one this week. We have sent a letter every week, but as you have only received the first two, looks like we should send a Christmas card next week - especially as the Royal Mail are on strike. I can't even do any ebaying, because of delivery problems! Weather getting colder & wetter here. Grandad is OK, but missing you like us all. Lots of people have asked after you - Bob, Gill Rea, Sue Howse, Jan, Brenda & George, Lesley at Horsforth, Max & Margaret.... Alf said he received a ransom demand, but they were not offering enough for us to have you back! All our love Mum & Dad OXO LOL LUL

Roel said...

To Floris de Vos

Hee Floris
Het ziet er naar uit dat je net zo zuur genaaid was als ik, dat je meteen begon met de trekking fase. via engelse en maleisische vrienden kwam ik hier weer op deze site terecht. heerlijk om al die verhalen weer te lezen.

Hopelijk heb je het niet al te zwaar gehad in de eerste phase. Hopelijk zat je een beetje in een sterke groep met niet al te veel van die zeikende wijven die "niet meer kunnen" Mamutik island was wel even genieten of niet in het begin, sowieso even je duikdiplomaatje gehaald maar daarna meteen die auto tocht de jungle in. Vind jij het ook zo kut dat je dan de hele tijd die fakking radion op moet zetten?!

Kerel ik zou echt genieten want voor je het weet is het over, en zit je hier achter zo'n dom kut bureau verveeld terug te denken en fakking verveeld jou maar een bericht te sturen haha. Trek je niks aan van die kneuzen uit australie, en van die aanstellende chicks, en maak echt super veel vrienden. Echt daar heb je zo veel aan jongen. EN zorg ervoor dat je sowieso naar imbak canyon gaat. Dan kan je ook mijn naam zien staan in die foundation van die brug! kut ik wordt te overenthausiast.

ps doe Mac de groeten van me (van Raul)

fiona said...

hey leo
its ems just checking up on you. miss you loads. the house isnt the same without you. bit too quiet. it was funny to read that your camp was the most organised i wonder why... lol. probably the most clean as well. marrakech was amazing. we even climbed up into the atlas mountains but thats not much on what your doing. your building helmet suits you lol. miss you loads and try and get into all the blog photos its fun seeing what you up to xxxx ems

Anonymous said...

Dan O,
At last computer stopped playing around and I can send you a message.
How was ya trekking, bet you'll never moan bout walking to brighton again!
It looks fantastic out there. Enjoy every minute mate....
We is all missing you and following the blogs.
Speak soon son,
bye love ya bye
Mum and Ash XXXX

Bilal Khan said...

Hey Alexia!!

I still have not actually seen you in any of these pictures...can you please just randomley jump in front of people as soon as you see a picture being take?! Everything does look and sound amazing though, i hope you're having the time of your life and really cant wait to see you in december!

Lots of love, BK x

Anonymous said...

Flexible Perkins,

Have not spoken to you in a long time. Hope everything's going well. It's fall break, I'm SO BORED because there's no one here but it's nice not to have classes. I took a 2 minute long video of two squirrels chasing each other today that's how bored I am...that said squirrels are adorable.
I have a lot to telll youuu but it shall have to wait until I see you in person. Be excited.
Dr. Ferrario is resigning (not sure if you heard) something to do with clashes with the ministry.
Miss you SO much and you're welcome for me sharing your nickname with the world :)


~LuYi~ said...

Hi Stan,
Did u get my letter ah? tried texting u but I guess the coverage is bad. Hope En lugasa remembers that I'll be visiting Tamapsak on the 18th.

Hi Celine,
I bet u are having a great time with the kampung kids! Take care!

Hey Richard,
OMG, u're so tan!! Have fun playing with the sunbears? haha..

Raleigh KL

samdelahaye said...

Hey Charlie,
Changeover at last eh? really hope you make the most of this opportunity to wash - I bet you're mingin! All good this end, no real excitement - you're missing nothing I promise! Will write again soon - best of luck on the next phase - will be following it all on the blog... Sxx

Neil Rushton said...

Just spoken to tessa rushton speaking ...completley forgot to say that you have unconditional place at Southampton to study law and you have a interview at cambridge pending...nothing else yet are the docs getting on there do they have anything to do ??? pissing down with rain here everyone got swine flu ugh love you loads Dad ...aka neil rushton

Stef Saunders said...

Aloha Katie Sharman!

It's Stef. You said I should give you some updates when you're away, and this is the first one. I'm still muchos jealous of you and your adventuring. I've been reading the blog and following your progress. I know that you'll be having an EPIC time, diving and trekking etc! And I hope that the leech socks are working out for you.

Not much to report from this end. Still no luck on the employment front, but i'm sure things will pick up. Someone will have to hire me soon! Ziggi is getting on well with his masters and seems to be enjoying it.

Hope it's all going well. Can't wait to hear all of your stories when you get back

Love Stef. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas Looks like you are having a ball digging that hole! Love seeing all the news and hearing of your great success so far. I wonder whats next. Are you keeping an eye out for me hiding behing a tree with my tiffin carrier full of home made soup? All well here, India on Monday so nearly there. Love and miss you darling, Gma and Gdad. xx

Emilie Evers said...

Hoe is het poepie! Eindelijk uitgevonden hoe ik je kan bereiken, haha, en duurde even maar dan heb je ook wat! Ik mis je kerel, ongelofelijk! Moet je toch zoveel verhalen vertellen haha, hier is het niet heel bijzonder alles gaat zo een beetje zn gangetje, moest werken bij het symfonica in rosso concert van Dianna Ross en 3x raden met wie? Daan tesselhoff haha dat is die gast van gala remember? haha ik kwam daar aanlopen met bel en ruby en ik zag hem staan en ik werd echt knalrood, haha! maar was wel gezellig niet meer over die avond gehad! hah! Verder beetje uitgaan, hadden afgelopen woensdag Rock This in manhattan, was lachen maar echt een zwart gat want ik was echt knetter bezopen haha! lachen gieren brullen! En guess wat, IK ZIN IN DE TOMAAAAAAT, haha hoe vind je die, ik ben echt zo de gene die overal maar een beetje mee doet, want ik kan ongeveer als enige niet dansen en het is zo grappig iedereen heel serieus en ik loop echt kei hard te kloten! maar vrijdag en zaterdag feest dus dan gaan we ven hard! Donderdag ben ik jarig en ik baal echt hard dat je er niet bij kan zijn jongen! En ohja, we hebben landelijk gehaald, zo chil, alles gewonnen in de voorcompetitie en zaterdfag al meteen uit naar HDM (Den Haag) dus dat wordt nog wat! Nou ikben helemaal blij dat ik heb uitgevonden hoe ik je kan bereiken! Dus nu krijg je zoiezo elke dag ongeveeer een berichtje vanme! Ik zag trouwens de foto in de kuil, was je lekker aan het graven kind? haha! heel goed! Nou ik moet nu omkleden want ga zo hockeyen! ik schrijf je snel weer, want ik moet toch aan iemand al mn verhalen kwijt! Hele dikke kus, en mis je echt veel te veel, want ik wil gewoon weer een weekendje chillen en lachen met lienie en haar billegezichtje! Dus als je terug bent gaan we er weer tegen aan! Hele dikke kus en knuffel! Eemie

Emilie Evers said...

hoi rolientje

Sharmans said...

Hello Katie,

No Snakes? Whats that all about? And only tiny Jellyfish??

Smalice is still annoying eventhough she is in Leicester.

Haven't set up the drum kit in your room yet becuase mum is decorating it. Not good.

Toffo and Jezerbell are OK.

Hope you are having lots of fun.

Can't till Christmas.

Love Joe and Toffo. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew (Andrew M Alpha 5)
Thinking of you and really enjoying the blogs.
Great to see you looking so happy in the photos - hope you are still smiling at the end of the jungle trek?!
Lots of love, Mum xxx

Alice Sharman said...

Hi Katie,
From looking I see you've been kept updated on me from mum and nicola. I'm fine, settled in well, got some really good friends that i'm going to be sharing a house with next year.
I have already got lots of work, when you said first year was easy you where definately lying!!
As mum said they came and visited me the week before last, it was really good to see them and they also brought toffo with them. :)
I haven't been home yet but am going in a couple of weeks time to see lara before she goes on her ski season, won't be able to see her for another 6 months after. :(
As Nicola said I saw them all the other night, Nicola kept apologising for her drunken friends but Hannah and Tara's boat was particularly impressive.
It still freaks me out quite a lot when your face stares at me at the uni bar!
Miss you but you seem to be having a really good time.
Love you lots, Alice xxx

Anonymous said...

Thomas Alfa 3 Hi Darling - Gma here, so loving watching you in the jungle digging holes! and thinking of the fun you must be having. How are the blisters? All well here, golf wet and the ball doesn't go very far, all my pals keep asking how you are getting on and send their best wishes. Still talking about the quiz. India on Monday so our adventure starts. Love and miss you, Gma and Gpa

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte,
I hope you enjoy the jungle. Don't bring back anything too nasty or life threatening.
Morgan and Lexie went trick or treating on Halloween. Lexie managed to get rather a lot of sweets because she looked cute as a little black kitten. She's been on a sugar high ever since. Yes, it is possible for her to be even more hyper!
I enjoyed the middle of the night texts, nothing much changes! I look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks time.
Have fun.
Love you loads,
Mummy xx

Philippine said...

Ha Floris & Lien,
Stoere verhalen op de blog, en een super coole foto van Lien... die heb ik ook, in zo'n mooie diepe kuil.
Hoe is het verder daar? Tracking overleefd Floris? En hoe vond je Mammutik? Paradijsje op aarde toch!? En in Imback canyon ben ik ook geweest... Vond dat echt een top kampsite daar, hebben jullie al veel aapjes gespot? En hoe staat het met de brug? Stond het houtenbord met onze namen van Spring '08 er nog?Ben heel benieuwd wat jullie volgende projecten worden...Ga jullie zeker volgen! Liefs & geniet xxxxx Philippine
P.s. Als jullie dit lezen zijn jullie waarschijnlijk op Borneo Paradise.... Dat is pas genieten, ECHTE Bedden als je geluk hebt, (als je te laat bent heb je waarschijnlijk een matrasje op de grond!) en de 's ochtends scrambled eggs! En niet te vergeten internet, douches, bar, zwembad, sketches... haha veel plezier @ changeover!

Grace Honeysett said...

Dear Jessie Baby!

I actually can't beleive when i see you out there digging holes! It looks like your having an amzing time i'm so jealous, really wish i'd done something like that this year now. I'm in Leeds and its cold! But its really good, uni life is amazing, really hope you come to Leeds next year you will love it. I can't wait to see you when you come home, i miss you so much especially when i see your so far away :( I love you all the way to Borneo and back!
Your Gracey Baby

JohnCarol said...

Hi Tom

Are you missing the dark nights in England and the 7.56 into Waterloo? I am having to get my own paper and cycle from and to the station no taxi now !Did not even eat out on friday !Did manage a drink in the Ryal Oak though!had to walk to it the Taxi service is not so good now!

Sarah said...

Hi Ali!

It was so lovely to talk to you this week, I look like a crazy person I actually haven't stopped smiling yet! Hope that everything is going really well in your new group and that your coping now you are doing some real work!
Missing you all the time, just about to send another card!
Love you loads xxxxx

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie (now Alpha 5)

Dad and I were thrilled to speak with you last night. It sounds like you are have a truely amazing time, next phase diving and trekking how exciting! Take lots of photos, the diving is bound to be fantastic, your first time ever diving and in borneo, where better to begin,looking forward to hearing from you very soon, take good care of yourself lots and lots of love missing you soooo much xxxxx Mum + Dad xxxxxxxxx

Jessie's Mum said...

Merhaba prenses Jessica (Alpha 5)

sesini duymak cok guzeldi seni cooook ozledim ve cok seviyorum xxx baban ve annen xxx

Nikita said...

Hi Cat (Alpha 6)!

Missing you little lady! Bet your tan is amaaazing, you'll look more asian than meee!

Some news... James is off to Canada in 3 weeks. My contract at work has been extended to March, woohoo... that Italian place down the road is finally open! Going back to the Legion tomorrow night for Ben's birthday! I'll have a drink for youu and you can eat a Lychee for mee.

lots of love, Nik xxxxxxxxx

Emilie Evers said...

Lienie Stinkie! Daar ben ik weer! gezellig he, toch een beetje gevoel alsof je gewoon in je huissie in velp zit! Nou morgen gaat mn tomaten avontuur beginnen hoor! Kijk er echt naar uit, wordt lachen met al die bruggertjes! Maaaar.. veel belangrijker natuurlijk, hoe is het daar???? Leuke mensen? Zag je al op de foto? Moet je ook echt met kinderen werken enzo? Just like mammie? Wil echt alle verhalen horen! M'n verjaardag was ook niet helemaal wat het zijn moest zonder lienus met al haar leuke grappen! Het is toch zo grappig he, ik moet morgen optreden op schoolfeest en dan moet ik dansen, nou je lacht de ballen uit je broek als je mij ziet dansen, niks niet makkelijke dansjes uti High School Musical allemaal zieke hiphop met bodyrolls en allemaal slides en weet ik veel hoe het heet! en ik sta zo hard voor lul, gelukkig staat Rosannen naast me want die bakt er ook niks van haha! Zag Olivier nog vandaag, ahah moest weer even denken aan sneekweek en al onze te vette avonturen! Lien, je moet echt niet nog na je 10 weken daar blijven, want ik moet echt weer even iets me je beleven! Genoeg over mijn leven, want zo boeiend is het allemaal niet, zit maar de hele dag beetje op school maar hoef toch niet naar de lessen! Laat maar even snel iets van je horen als dat kan, wil al je avonturen daar in de jungle weten natuurlijk! Sprak Sophie vandaag en die vertrekt ook al over een weekie, dus het word steeds stiller hier! Nou mn verhalen worden nu steeds slapper dus ik ga maar weer is verder, ik laat na het weekend even weten hoe mn eerste tomatenfeesten waren haha! nou dan kan je lachen hoor geloof mij maar! Veel plezier daar, en niet verliefd worden op een maleisier want dan kom je nooit meer terug! Dikke kus en knuffels en tot over een paar weekies! Ik mis je! Kus Eem

Gerry O'Keeffe said...

Hello Julia (O'K)
sounds like the diving and jungle trek has been fantastic. Enjoy the kindergarten ! We have just had hailstones - it is winter. Mum, jeni and nicola are all at center parcs this weekend for anne's hen party - i am the billy doing decorating.
love from all of us

Anonymous said...

Hi Gavin,

Hi from sunny Singapore - give us a wave - Sounds like you are all having a fun time - the website is great at updating us with your project - Chelsea are still top -
your brothers say Hi - take care and enjoy yourself - what a great experience. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Hey Libsy, Hope you are having an amazing time. The pictures look great. How's it all going over there? How are you getting on with the rice? Miss you loads and can't wait to see you. Love you lots. Bertxxx

Hebe said...

hey James (alpha 3)
hope you are having an amazing time
It is cold and wet here.Have you been bitten by a leech yet?Mark.

hey its hebe,
while you are digging holes and getting a nice tan, i am sitting infront of the tv eating tasteless microwave pop corn D:
ps. thanks for your block party ticket. it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, it's Mum and Grandad here.

Don't worry it's not going to be an embarrassing message....just to say we miss you loads and looking forward to hearing all your stories of your fantastic time at Christmas.
Hope you and your group are feeling much better after 'the bug'.

Thanks, Communication Officer, for such a good blog

Anonymous said...

Hi to Shaz. He sweets mom here. So good to hear your voice this week. Glad all is going well - you sounded soooo excited - I know you're missing home and we're missing u but what an amazing experience you're having - I'm very jealous! Hope the diving and trekking is going well (gone well by the time u read this!)
Not much different here - business is picking up slowly with the warmer weather and I've started my new band which is really cool.
Spoke to Nicky and Colin is probably only coming in a few weeks - will post the battery instead - and the tim tams LOL
Anyway take care and stay in touch when you can. Luv and miss u Mom

Anonomous said...

Hi Gavin,
Hope you are having fun - we are nearby in Singapore so give us a quick wave next time you are up a tree top - and save me a coconut - sounds like a great experience you are having - your brothers say Hi fronm the golf range - Chelsea are top of the league - so things can't get any better - take care and talk to you soon. Bye

Anonymous said...

Hello Aman,
We are all well Sadie's doing her homework,lost the footie today-nevermind!Elliott's just as cool as ever looking more like you every day apart from the beard.Iam good still waiting to hear about the new job taking forever! Mum's is good too,cold over now,missing you loads not the smelly socks though.Love Didi.
This is from sadie (pooh bear)have you got my card and do you like,i hope you do and Elliott is not as cool as ever. Love Sadie
p.s you smell really bad bye bye bye xxx

Liz said...

Hi Sam,
Your Godmother here!!! Yes, I can track you down anywhere!! Sounds like things are going well for you. Wonderful experience. Just saving some of the pictures from the blog to show on Christmas morning. Looking forward to a first hand account from you.
Much love Liz, Graham, Christina and Chris.

Pepijn H. said...

To Sabine H.

hey Bien,

hoe is t daar met de beertjes, daar ben je nu mee bezig toch?! Zal vast super vet zijn heb net nog een filmpje gekeken over die beertjes. Aan de blog en de foto's te zien is t wel echt heel chill daar! alleen wel kut dat je zo ziek bent geweest, maarja dan heb je dat ook vast gehad:P.

Ik was vrijdag trouwens met Huub naar de opendag van Groningen gedaan, jezus zeg, wat is het daar chill. Heb allerlei presentatie's gezien: geneeskunde, bedrijfskunde, rechten en nog veel meer.... Snap wel dat jij t daar ook zo leuk vond! was alleen vergeten dat daarvoor ook dat scholierenfeest was, dus was daar helaas niet geweest:(. Vandaag naar verjaardag van oom Frank in belgie geweest met alles en iedereen. Je krijgt van iedereen de groetjes en ze vonden al de verhalen die wij van je vertelden heel leuk! Volgende week ga ik naar de VEENHOOP, heb echt super veel zin (alleen niet in die dikke robbert) dat wordt me eerste weekend, wel spannend dus, maar ga goed me best doen.(moet natuurlijk de eer van onze familie hoog houden:)) Oh ja ben trouwens echt ziek jaloers dat jij oud en nieuw gaat vieren in Sydney, daar hebben ze zo vet vuurwerk echt niet normaal meer! Maar dat wordt dus vast relaxt. Nouja ik stop maar met deze post want hij is al behoorlijk lang... Jij echt weer super veel plezier met deze opdracht want dat ziet er echt leuk uit. Groetjes van iedereen thuis ennuh er volgt weer snel nog een berichtje!
X De Peppert

Alex said...

Gday Sharman!
Sorry for not having written earlier.
I have been following the blog and your adventures trekking and diving sound awesome! Your mum tells me that you have been getting very friendly with the leeches...nice!
Hope you have managed to avoid all the other creepy crawlies though!
All is well at home and you will be glad to know that i have finally listened to your advice and today watched Twilight which I have to say, wasn't actually that bad, maybe even good! I met up with some of the Heathsiders the other day and they are all well. Matt was there too...he is still a nutter and continues to play Stevie Wonder whilst driving!
Anyway, I hope you are well and I look forward to reading more about your adventures in the next blog update.
Have fun and take care.
Alex x

Steve/Nandaclan said...

Hi james D,

How u doin buddy its the Nandaclan touching base and wishing you well.

Soz if you didn't get you B'day pressie, just found out that Lou sent it to Horringford Rd - obviously having a rather large blonde moment.

Was at Ellie's 18th party at the weekend great fun, (even sober), but judging by the photos of Alpha 3 not quite as exciting and challenging as what you're upto! Checkout Facebook for phots - to be uploaded shortly.

Have a great time on the dive and remember to keep you reg in and watch your gauges - from experience it helps!!

We're really proud of what you doing fella so enjoy the moment!

Lots of Love

The Nandaclan xxx

Lily Cooke said...

Hey Jessy (alpha 5)

I didn't know that they read these messages out but its really cool that they do.

I hope everything is still going well, whereas Liverpool is just cold.

Im seeing Miley Cyrus in december in time for xmas, you probably won't want to join me but let me know if you do hehe. AND! i was shopping the other day and all my motown jams came on so i couldn't help but dance, and then i thought of you.

Seeing all these pictures just makes me miss you more, and writing letters makes me laugh becuase its sooo weird but...I'm counting the days until christmas and i'll send you another letter and more lyrics so you don't forget the words to our songs.

I love you, stay safe beautiful

Always and Forever, your Lil xxxxxxx

Lily Cooke said...


I keep having to P.S.
So P.S.
I am so so proud of you its untrue!

Hilary said...

Hello Bruno!
You must be coming towards the end of the second group now. I've been keeping up with the blogs and a recent photograph shows you offering flapjacks to the loop members - you all look very wet!
We are going to London next week to see Jaz and some exhibitions, and then it will be full steam ahead for Christmas. I must choose one of your flickr photos for the card. Everyone is coming for Boxing Day and dad and I are thinking of 'Open House' at some point over the hols.
Are you all very fit from digging holes? I am very impressed with your cooking arrangements and especially the results. Oh for a kitchen and a feather bed (and a real loo!).
We all miss you and are dying to see all your photos.
Lots of love Mum and Dad xx

lisah said...

Message for Tessa Rushton....

Hello Tess, tribal war unlikely so don't go betting on it.

Where have you been? I haven't seen you for a few days?

Can you get some milk on your way home?

Lots of love


lewis said...

Hi Alexia

just been running up my phone bill speaking to your mum. We had loads to talk about - mainly you and how excited we all are to hear of your adventures and the brilliant work that you are all doing. The photos look great and F&L are very envious of you, and wish they were out there too. Have you found any frogs yet?????
Happy memories of sunny days in the wadi. We look forward to hearing more about all the good work you are all doing soon. Keep safe, lots of love to you - the Farrens

lisah said...

ello snotface, how do out there? we've been getting drunk and drinking loads of tea, dad is still a drongo, the love between two women is a very beautiful thing

Pepijn said...

To Sabine:

Hey Bien!

hoe is t daar? Ik heb al veel leuke verhalen gehoord van pap, want die heb je een paar keer gesproken. Je hebt veel regen gehad en was heel vies geworden toch?! nou precies dat zelfde heb ik ook gehad op de Veenhoop :). het was de hele tijd windkracht 6 en heel veel regen, maar t ging wel best goed! Jaartje 10 is echt een heel leuk jaar met veel gezellige gasten! je krijgt ook nog van alle instructeurs, die er waren, de groetjes! Rein was er trouwens ook nog, en ik had ook nog thijs, wouter boogaardt, en bart als trainers! Me zeilpak was btw echt super chill, want ik had het warm en droog! maar ja het weekend was dus echt geslaagd! pap zei ook dat je orang-oetans had gezien, hoe vet is dat!!! Vandaag was ik met Thierry naar Ajax-Heerenveen geweest, was echt super lache! 5-1 voor Ajax en alle goals aan de kant waar wij zaten! Gister nog gedraaid bij Floris vd Kam en ook bij Wouter blijve slapen, dus was ook wel nice. oh ja gister ook eindelijk eens een keer gewonne met hockey na echt een super spannende wedstrijd! op school gaat t ook wel prima enzo! ga morgen squashen met gym en ging de afgelopen 2 lessen salsa dansen :p! dussssss......
okey dit was m weer, hoop dat met jou ook alles chill is, vast wel aan alle foto's te zien!
ltrz Pepijn en de rest

tim said...

happy birthday tessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
hope your having fun, your missing some beautiful weather here,

Lisa said...


Hope you have a great day :-)

Lots of love, Lisa and Ag xxx
Ps. Barney sends his love ;-) x

Emilie Evers said...

LIENIEEEEE!!!! Ik had je nog een berichtje gestuurd op je verjaardag maar volgens mij staat ie er niet tussen! Balen! Hoe was het? eindelijk volwassen! Hoe voelt het? wel een beetje gevierd daarzo? Nou we moeten veel inhalen, want laatste keer dat ik je wat stuurde was voor schoolfeest! Nou het was me een feestje wel haha! moet je zoveel vertellen! Vrijdag was zo lachen, met al die kleintjes uit de brugklas, ehlemaal los, zweetten meer dan in 6 hockeywedstrijden denk ik! en toen was het moment daar dat ik moest gaan dansen, nou als iets echt een rampenfonds was dan was dat het wel! ik ging alleen amar fout, moest keihard lachen dus iedereen had het dik door! (kwam de week daarna bij trainng geven aan MC2 van upward, en zelfs die kindjes zeiden allemaal, nou emilie dat dansje kende je niet zo goed he! Ik zat echt hallo, waar bemoeien jullie je mee!) was echt super leuk! Volgende dag gehockeyd, in den haag, 5-1 verloren echt een schijt wedstrijd! Maar gelukkig kon ik er daarna weer tegen aan! ik weer op mn fietsje naar school, snel verkleed haha! En toen gingen we weer! alleen maar zuipen, lissie lau en san waren er ook! En guess what, mn dansje ging helemaal goed haha! ik was helemaal trots! Toen werd k opeens gebeld, door rogier dat hij in de stad was, want het was met pieter verjaardag! en ik moest toch nog geld halen, dus ik om 1u met mn stomme dronke kop naar de stad gefietst, even snel geld gehaald je broer gefeliciteerd en daarna even met rogier gezoend en toen weer pleite naar school haha! gingen doorzakken, was zo lachen, weer kei hard drinken alleen maar dansen! echt te mooi! daarna gingen we met zn alle bij Lillie slapen, en bel en mick zijn nog steeds helemaal happy samen, dus die moesten elkaar nog even zien, dus pieter bram dirk rogier mich en ene max uit adam kwamen weer naar lillie! nou ik zat hard te chillen op de bank, kreeg ik opeens zieke bloedneus! En het hield maar niet op, zat echt al 3 kwartier boven de wastafel met bloed dat er echt uit spoot! Zei die max opeens, ja je moet zorgen dat er zout in je neus komt, want dan stop het want dan word je bloed dik! MOEST IK ZOUT SNUIVEN!!!!! o mijn god, het was zo erg, bel stond naast mij die deed zo met de zoutmolen wat op het aanrecht, en max draaide zo'n papiertje, en rogier maakte er even een lijntje van met zn pinpas, leek wel een vieze junk die aan de coke was haha! en het deed zoooooooo'n pijn, niet normaal! Maar.. hij ging wel over :D! dat dan weer wel! en toen werd ik de maandag daarna ziek, helemaal koorts en keelonsteking misselijk hoofdpijn, alles! Heb ik waarschijnlijk mexicaanse griep gehad! Maar ben er al weer bijna bovenop! Had afgelopen weekend Upwardfeest! nou was weer lachen, thema was proud to be fout! Dus ik stond gewoon om 21u voor de deur, in mn roze & panter legging, broekkie shirtje riem, bikini haha! Je had me moeten zien! Te lelijk! EN ik heb met paultje de ronde gezoend hahaha! het was zo grappig! Maar niks bijzonders verder! En school zuigt echt, is ehcht geen kont aan! dus verveel me hard! Zaterdag Ahc feest, dat zou wat zijn zonder jou, ik weet niet of ik dat wel heel leuk vind! Wie moet me nu afvoeren ahha! Maar hoe is het daar? Hoorde van mamma dat je nu 3 weken in de bush hebt gezeten en u weer een beetje terug in de bewoonde wereld? Kom alsjeblieft wel gewoon terug in decemeber! Want we moeten zoveelinhalen, gala, hallo hoe kan ik zonder jou die van vorig jaar overtreffen met onze veel te vette avonturen! kan niet meer zo hard lachen hoor! Dus je moet wel! Heb je het wel leuk daar? gezellige mensen enzo? al een beetje bruggen gebouwd of wat dan ook? Lieve lienie, ik ga er weer vandoor, moet eventjes wat te bikken naar binnen werken! Ben al aan het aftellen tot je terug komt, dus laat me niet nog langer wachten! Oh trouwens, ik fietse laatst naar velp, en toen zag ik een mannetje en vrouwtje helemaal schelmse weg skeeleren, en toen werd ik ook weer even herinnerd aan die mooie tochten van ons! dus ik mis je veel te veel! Tot snel lieve stink beer van me! haha kusjes

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon

John here. Your Mum is at my shoulder brushing her teeth so I am improvising with her making a few semi-comprehensible noises in the you've been building a bridge? That sounds a big job. There have been a few bridges lost to floods in England over the last few weeks so maybe you could help rebuild them over here when you get back!

Your Mum is in the middle of a couple of days training for her job at the moment, so I am looking after the girls. The house is a proper mess - even more than usual! The girls talk about you still so they've not forgotten you even though you've been away a long time.

Take care and enjoy your last few weeks, it sounds like it is very valuable work for the communities you're working for.

See you in a couple of weeks,
Mum, John, Jasmine & Naomi

de vos said...

He alwine ( alpha 7)
hoe gaat het in de bush bush?
ik vind het echt super dat je je duiken al helemaal hebt gedaan. Superschattig dat je belde voor mijn verjaardag. Hoop dat je nog een leuk tijdje gaat beleven hier.
your brother