Thursday, 26 November 2009

Raleigh's Host Country Programme

As you can see from all the wonderful stories and achievements from expedition, Raleigh benefits young people enormously.As a charity we also provide young people from Malaysia the opportunity to join an expedition– something that would normally be out of their reach - through our bursary programme.

If you would like to support young people from Malaysia to make a better future for themselves, their families and their communities click here 


Ann said...

Nicola alpha 3

Happy Birthday Darling.
Hope you are having a memorable day.
Miss you bucket loads. This will one to remember and you'll be sober!
All our love and tom xxx

Gem said...

Hey, not sure if I am doing this right...but here goes LOL!!
This is for Nicola Moran Alpha 3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WOW a birthday in Borneo...lucky you!
I hope your having an amazing time out there, I guess your be celebrating with a cuppa tea LOL!
Bet your weather is better than ours here, its awful!
Miss you lots, Love Gem, Matt, Auntie Sandra and Uncle Peter xx

carrie said...

Hi Bry, missed you on the shoot today, it went really well, although the weather was rubbish. Fern was a liability most of the time, but did retrieve a duck without eating it! Phil and Hay move into the farmhouse this week. lots of love Hi tec Mum xxxx

JohnCarol said...

Tom Alpha 4
Trust you keeping dry,I am enjoying the reclinner chair and using the remote, cycling to the station is wearing thin, with all the rain and dark nights. The 8.00 seems to take longer each day, you are not missing very much.
We are booking Hotels for our journey.
Love Mum and Dad see you soon

fiona.clutterbuck said...

Leo, hope all going well. Everyone well. Mummy in motor mode to sort Xmas presents before we go to Himalayas. I cycled Box Hill in Surrey today(near Hurtwood House)as training for the trip. Good weather after yesterdays storms.Girls on good form even Arabella(in revision mode?).Looking forward to your next call. Love Daddy

Anonymous said...

Hi aunty nat.We saw you dressed up as a looked good.I dressed up as a princess on Sunday.We saw princesses on ice.It was good fun. Love from

fam. de Vos said...

Lieve Floris !!!
Wat goed dat je nog aan m'n verjaardag gedacht hebt, daar middenin de jungle !!!Dank !!Het was een heerlijke ongewone dag, veel koffie en taart,veel lieve mensen !Doet jouw cell phone het nu goed ? Laat 't ons weten als we iets voor je moeten regelen !We hebben weer mooie nieuwe foto's gezien op 't blog...jaloersmakend !!Het lijkt een groot feest te zijn. Heerlijk !Ik begreep dat je pijpen aan 't sjouwen bent?De groep die dit in phase 1 heeft gedaan ziet er heel vrolijk uit.Biedt perspectief, Floor !!Enjoy ! dikke kus van mam.

Patrick Horne said...

Hi Lotte,

I hope you're having an awesome time. Sorry I couldn't hear you the other day and I don't think my txts are going through to you. But I am thinking of you all the time, I miss you loads and can't wait to speak to you on Sunday. Hopefully your letter I sent will be there by then too.

Love you lots,
Patrick. Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte,

I hope you are well.
Sorry I couldn't hear you the other night and I don't think my txts went through, but I am thinking of you and I miss you loads. I can't wait to speak to you on Sunday.
I think your letter is there now waiting for you, hope you like your tell me nice things.

Speak to you on Sunday, Love you lots, Patrick. Xxxxxxx

Rosanna said...

Hi Jamie (Moore)!

Was writing on the October blog and wondering why I hadn't seen any pics of you - then realised there was a whole November bit, oops. hope you're getting on ok, you must be loving the diving and trekking bit. Have sent you a couple of cards with all my news. Thinking of you loads, love you xxx

mummy murphy said...

Hey Vicki just left a big message and lost it ,so will put it all in a proper letter. any way you are looking good in photos but how come your not pulling the rope in tug of war and are watching from a safe distance. Hope you enjoy the next phase as much as the rest. cant believe it is nearly over and you will be back soon love you lots Mum xxxxx

Hannah said...

hey lexi,

Less than 20 days until I'm back home! I cant wait to seeeee you. It snowed here the other day again and I was just in Princeton with Nida for Thanksgiving and we were looking at photos of all of us and LOVING how brown we used to be...Lol you're probably still really brown still but whatever. I LOVE YOU bye! x

Love Hannah

alexandra said...

victoria murphy alpha 6

Hey Vicki,

Sorry I have taken so long to get in touch. I have sent a letter but I think you may be back before it reaches you at this point. Mum keeps me filled in on all your news before i even get to the blog! she also told me not to write anything too embarrassing for you on here :) sounds like you are having a great time. I won't be home for Christmas but will maybe see you after I am back from Gambia. At least by then you will have had time to have a hot shower and maybe even found a razor ;)

Take Care and I hope the letter makes it in time.