Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Raleigh Borneo is now on Twitter!

You can now get instant updates on what's happening here at Raleigh Borneo via our tweets on Twitter!


Kathry Stirk said...

Message for Amy Stirk
Hi,Just catching up on the latest news and pics on the BlogSpot. Glad to see you putting in some effort in the tug of war. Hope the best team won. Have you been in secret negotiations with Sainsbury’s while you’ve been away? They've just announced that B&J's is on offer so we are doing our best to empty the freezer so that we can stock up before your return. Caramel Chew Chew, Half Baked, Chocolate Fudge Brownie..... What to choose! Dad is in London this week and was hoping to go to Hull but he can't make it now. Nannie is doing well and sounds great after her op.Good luck with the last part of your trip. Does this mean an engineering degree is an option with all the bridge building! Ellie and I are off to the stables - mucking out again!! Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Conor and Ellie

♥ ♥ Tasha ♥ ♥ said...

Hey Nick (Alpha 6),
YAY! Finished my concept pitch! What a relief to get it done been ready since Saturday you know me Miss Organised. But it was delayed by 30mins not good talk about raising stress levels. The rain is SOOOOOOOO horrid I had to drive to the Furnival building with our A1 card because it would have been ruined.
Just made me and Laura Chicken Korma as a treat think we deserved it. Going to go out tonight too to celebrate girly dancing time woo hoo. I received a letter yesterday and your mum received hers today she was very happy.
Can see you have a full on beard and moustache hope that won’t be staying!! HAHA MWAH!!
23 days to go!! Have an amazing time trekking and diving bring me back a pebble?
Ooh yeh I am a MASSIVE geek and have joined twitter only so I can follow what is happening over there! I can see that Alpha 6 had an unexpected stop?? Hmmmm. Loving the kitten sooo cute.
Love ya loadz,
x x x x ♥ ♥ Tasha ♥ ♥ x x x x

fam. de Vos said...

lieve Floris !!!
Vanmorgen gebeld en begrepen dat je ticket van KK naar Kuala Lumpur gemakkelijk door ons is om te zetten..van KUL naar Amsterdam is maar geldig tot 9 januari..wordt dus moeilijker.Laat ons even weten wat je precies van plan bent,en als 't kan, ruim voor de 17e dec !Intussen kreeg ik net een rare verrassing op m'n indeling: een 9-daagse KUL met Kerst !! Dit zal papa geen feest vinden !We wilden met alle Vossen bij ons Kerst vieren..helaas, dus.Ik vlieg 30 dec weer naar A'dam.Misschien gaan pap , Jet en San nu wel met me mee.En kan ik daarna samen met Sylvia op IPB Tickets opnieuw naar KUL vliegen om jou en Rolien op te halen ?Dan kom jij ook op een IPB-ticket naar huis en zitten we niet vast aan de 9e jan. De ticket van Rolien is onbeperkt geldig, dus zij mag zelf een retourdatum bedenken.
Nou ja, kijk maar wat jullie willen..misschien wil Rolien wel naar Australie..dit wordt voor jou wat krap. Desnoods vlieg je daar later in 't nieuwe jaar naartoe??We overleggen wel.
Dikke zoen en veel plezier in het prachtige Imbak Canyon !Mama

Chris said...

Hi Amy, I have been doing my best to follow your adventure but because you are usually hiding in the back of pictures I may well have been following someone else. I hope that was the boys that you were beating in the tug of war.Your mum told me about the squealing chickens. That would have been enough to turn me veggie.I really do hope you are having the time of your life, and we are looking forward to seeing you and your photos on your return.
Best wishes from the Comber Branch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
Mum here - thank you so much for that lovely photo you sent me for my birthday - well done - started to cry again! But happy tears.
Afraid the flight plans have to remian the same as the price had gone up once again and also you would have had to stay overnight in Sydney and they said that just before christmas you would have had a tough job finding somewhere to stay for the night - hmm, that reminds me of another story!!!
Hope you are having a fantastic time doing your padi course - just the thought of it makes me cringe - but then you are much more adventurous and courageous than your old mum.
Am loving the new job and once a week I share my bus journey in with your old friend Paul - who now apparently goes out on the town with Ben and Johnny - by the way your little sister bumped into Ben at about 1am last Thrusday in Winchester - much to her delight - but dont worry I will keep my eye on her in your absense.
So the main gist of this is to say that you still need to leave as originally planned on the 17th December for the next part of your adventure to New Zealand - get in touch as soon as you can and I will speak to Chris on face book - or rather - I will get Emily to - and let him know.
Love you, love you, love you millions and squillions. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx