Friday, 20 November 2009

A picture for "the current Mrs Booth"


samdelahaye said...

Hey Ced - wow - looking good!!

I hope it's all going well on phase 2. I hear you had my retrobate brother on your Phase 1 - I hope he behaved himself! best of luck with the rest of expedition.


Message for Emily Branson
Hi Ems Trust you and your team had a great time trekking in the jungle! Looking forward to hearing about your experinces on your return. Enjoy the rest of the journey. Loads of love Mum and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

Liefste Rolien,

Nog een uurtje en Syl en ik gaan los. Bij jou is het al feest. Van harte gefeliciteerd schat. Veel plezier nog de laaste dag in het dorp. Hebben ze de slingers opgehangen of is dit niet nodig gezien de weelderige vegetatie in het dorp. Nog een dagje klussen en je vertrekt alweer naar het basiskamp. Bouw van het communityhouse goed gelukt. Dorps-hoofd tevreden? Wij zijn benieuwd naar de volgende fotoserie met de altijd stralende Rolien.Heb nog een geweldige verjaardag en een fantastische tijd. Lang zul je leven ! Dikke zoenen, je paps en mams

Luten family! said...

Lieve Lieniee!!

Nou het is zover, 18 alweer! GEFELICITEERD OUWE GEK! Ik stond op vanochtend en dacht hoe zou lienie nu opstaan:) Als ze daar maar wel een beetje goed voor je zorgen. Leuke fase gehad? Nou in ieder geval kan niemand zeggen dat ze hun 18e verjaardag zomaar even in de bush bush hebben gevierd! Hopelijk spreek ik je snel weer en nog een hele fijne dag vandaag!!! Dikke knuffel van your best friend Annie;)

En dan moest ik nog de aller dikste knuffel doen van me ouders, broer en bobonnie, die er toevallig is vandaag. Gefeliciteerd gekke lien, We denken allemaal aan je hier!
Liefs familie Luten!

Angela said...

Hi Nicky Guy with the sunbears

Posted a letter today, but as you don't seem to be receiving our weekly offerings it might be the last! Dad is watching football - no change there! He played in a Christmas competition today & came home chuffed with himself, but as the rest of the team didn't do much good, we might just get a box of mincepies. I'm in the "study" checking ebay - still no sales, but I might find a bargain. Hope the hammock is not too uncomfortable. Jan went to Scotsdale USA today to play golf & I'm hoping to start again soon. Uncle Dave has bought a house in Willenhall but couldn't remember the address when I spoke to him there. He had better let me know soon or he won't get a Christmas card. The press interviewed cousin Gill about her famous customer who has had a new hairstyle. All our love Mum & Dad OXO LUL LOL

Anonymous said...

message for Amy Stirk
Hi Amy,Thanks for the letter which arrived yesterday. Ellie is just back from her Duke of Edinburgh training, a bit different from your trek with lots of rain and gales. I picked her up in her pj bottoms and she threatened to come shopping dressed that way but I made her change. Stephanie has tried to leave a message for you but wasn't sure if she'd done it correctly. Keep working hard and smiling! Enjoy, Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Ellie and Conor

Chris said...

Hi Emma Trust you had a great time trekking in the jungle and your mosquito net came into good use !!!! Looking forward to hearing about your wonderful journey on your return. Enjoy the rest of tour stay,and keep safe. Your Mum is so proud of you. Love Chris and Elaine

The current Mrs Booth said...

Greetings from the current Mrs Booth...

...and your English and Belgian dive buddies.

You are looking good in the picture - a diet of rice and beans is doing you good. We are making up for it with peanuts, chocolate, beer, good wine and food in Belgium.

Divey divey, bubble bubble....

Love Jean and Sarah

Ellie said...

Message for Amy Stirk...
Hey Amy. I hope your trips going well and your having fun.. I heard about the 'not being a vegetarian anymore' thing and I had told you, you wouldn’t come back a vegetarian! Just an update on the horses :) lolli is ok...She’s still in box rest and she looks like a teddy bear she's so hairy. She’s getting bored though but mum got her a hanging lick which she freaked at first! Bubbles is proving to be a slight challenge already! We had her at Portmore on Wednesday night and had an indoor cross country lesson with Joseph Murphy! She jumped really well and the lines were really tricky and the fences weren’t small either so I was really happy! But Janice has been doing work with her lately because she'd been going really badly. So she was riding her yesterday and she went really well until she went to cool her off...she reared up and was pawing in the air at Charlene! So I can’t ride her for a week or two as her teeth are coming through so she’s not happy! Apparently she’s like Izzy when she was younger! I know this is a really long message but anyway :) I hope you have fun and ill see you at Christmas!!
Ellie xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie (dlH)!! Have been watching your progress with GREAT interest and Sam has kept us up to date. Hope the creepy crawlies haven’t been keeping you awake!! Just so you know, we are moving house in the first week of December so don’t come back to the wrong one!! We are all well (but a bit stressed!) and really looking forward to the move. Will be thinking of you on your BIRTHDAY on 4 December – the last day of our move. We’ll have a champagne on you!

P.S. Mummy says, remember to clean your teeth properly before going to bed!

Lots of Luv

M & D XX

sootee said...

Hi Drew
Got your letter and there is another on the way to you. We are off to Florida on Monday to meet the cousins. Not sure what to expect. You're looking good for mid-twenties. Thinking of shaving before you get home 'cause I might not recogonise you! Sounds as if the groups are working really well and it's quite an experience. Can't wait to hear all about it and I hope you still have your camera. Have fun on the next phase. Really looking forward to having you all home for Chrsitmas and everyone sends love. Take care and be good!!!
Love Mum & Dad x

Mummy murphy said...

Hi Vicki, Looking good in some of the photos!! seems like your working hard and getting up very early each morning . may be it will set the trend on your return home. Hope you have enjoyed phase 2 and I look forward to following you through phase 3. Hows the boots / sleeping bag ? and has any thing else broken. All is well Love mum xx

Anonymous said...

Haa fox junior!
Alles goed in het wilde oosten?
Hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt, maar denk niet dat ik daar over in hoef te zitten.. Geef Rolien maar een verjaardagskus van me, ga ervan uit dat je dat zelf al gedaan hebt! knipoog.
Lees ook net dat je een huis moest bouwen? Hoop dat je daarbij zelf geen blessures hebt opgelopen!
Laat maar weer eens wat horen, is altijd goed! We gaan ontzettend bellen mooie lul.

Groeten broer

ps: ben grandioos jaloers eikel..

fiona said...


I figure you must be due back to camp soon. Rather frustratingly the loop didn't catch you guys so we have no news of you or pictures! Hope all is OK and that you have survived!

It is SO wet and blustery here- lots of floods but not in London. We are off to Nepal on Wednesday so I hope we speak before then. Can't wait to hear your voice. What do you want for Xmas????? Need to buy before I leave if I can. Bella missed a GCSE mock on Monday - I woke her up at home after the exam was due to start! We are all fine.

Love you, love you


Colin S said...

Hi Richard
I'm guessing your due to move onto next phase soon, hope you enjoyed the trekking( all the walking up mountains came in useful after all?!) and diving. Hope your hands didn't get cold as you never did get the gloves. all Ok here, have sent more letters, you'll have to let me know if you ever received any of them.
I did cross country yesterday, no sign of J&J, think they must have retired!

Enjoy last bit and make contact as soon as you can
Lots of love
Jane and Colin xx

grannie ruth said...

hello dear Katie, Apa Kabar?
Am up in walton to see alice who is down from leicester, also to see poor toffo, bad paw, but is much bettr now!! Awful weather here. rain and more rain!! Hope you got my letter? How is the bridge building? Toffo has got his head on my lap and sends his love. cant wait for Xmas. Love getting all your news. Love you. grannie R

Nicola Young said...

Helllo Katie Sharman,

Just a little message to say how much I miss you, have lots of gossip to tell you also!!

its 4 and a half weeks till xmas and your return whooop for nicola!lol.

shaun surprised matt and flew home last night, so hes here for the week wooo! and june is ocming next weekend.

also saw the next twilight film at midnight the day it came out!! its ammmmmazing. i will see it again with yooou!

i really miss you, lot of love

nicola xxxxxxxxxxx

♥♥ Tasha ♥♥ said...

Hey Nick! (Alpha 2 – may have changed in changeover!)

Was soooooooooooo good to speak to you!!!! Really cheered me up hope u get chance to call me again tomorrow. Was so gutted that you didn’t receive the birthday cards I sent I wrote something really special too you would have LOVED it.

Gona post a card tomorrow guess you probably won’t get it until your coming home. Hope you have a good nights sleep and rest up. Your mum is really worried that you will have lost lots of weight but I am sure her Christmas dinner will rectify that!

You are so special and to hear your voice was truly amazing. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the trek and dive and I am sure it will be an amazing experience so make the most of it. England is having floods again and the winds are strong enough to blow you away lol.
Love you sooo much and miss you lots and lots.
x x x x ♥ ♥ Tasha ♥ ♥ x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Angus,
Great to get your call. It all sounds a wonderful experience. The rugby win over th Aussies was so exciting big G had to look at it between his fingers. We have had monsoon type rain, only cold. Robert home in a week.
Mum and Dad

jeannette vandenhoek said...

Hi Timothy, Hope alls well so proud of you Son and all that are helping Raleigh. looking forward to you fixing my front wall when you get home,but really looking forward to hear about all the wonderful thing you have done people you met. loads of love mum brian jen chris and all your family and freinds

ann said...

hi nic nac(formerly alpha 3)
it was so nice to hear from you this morning.
Saw nana today and she has given us your usual dark chocolate. Sorry you can't go diving, but i'm sure you'll enjoy snorkeling just as much. Tom said where's his birthday present? I'm sure he misses you too!
Make the most of your last few weeks. Hope to speak to you when you next return to base. Enjoy tonight.
Hugs and many kisses
mum and dad

Lisa L. said...

Hi Julian-
so excited to get your email! I replied with a verrrry long email catching you up on all the drama going on around here. Hopefully you'll get a chance to read it, then give us a call.

Can't wait to hear everything on your side of the world though - are you writing it all down? don't forget anything....

thanksgiving is coming up, and we will all miss you very much,

Colin S said...

Hi Richard

Just had to write, Rovers won 2 - 0away to Bolton and are now 11th with a game in hand. Spurs won 9 - 1 against Wigan. The weather is really bad here at the moment Cumbri has been really badly flooded with some houses having water up to the 1st floor and the town where we started the C2C bike ride has had the main road bridge washed away and will cost £3 million to replace. I know this sounds surprising but I am really missing having you around the house things seem really quiet with just Jane and me. I am having to put a lot of time in at the Anderton Centre as Lynda is away in India for 3 weeks. Trainings going well for London and Im racing next week at Sefton Park. Look forward to seeing some more news on your trek and hope to see some pictures of you diving.

Love Colin & Jane

samdelahaye said...

Hey Charlie!!
Scotland beat Australia at Murrayfield on Saturday - it was awesome! They lost Cussiter in the first 20 minutes, and the rain was properly tipping it down - but they somehow clung on to victory - you'd a loved it! Hope the trekking and diving went well..we all got our letters this end - good effort! Will write again soon! Sxxx

Anonymous said...

Ah Chat,

Maverick here, pls contact me asap. URGENTLY......

Nic Stirk said...

Hi Amy,

How are you? Your mum said you have both just spoken.

I got back from my 4 week trip week before last. I sandwiched Auckland and Sydney between 2 weeks in our KL office, the opportunities in Australia continue to be exciting.

I tasted my first Durian (an acquired taste..) whilst in KL. I read that someone had made some Durian ice cream in camp - did you try some?

I have an apartment booked in KL for you prior to your flight. Its in the block next to Craig and Jo. I will pass on the details later.

Love Dad

Neil Rushton said...

Just wanted to leave a message for Tessa Rushton whose birthday it is on Wednesday 25/11.i am so proud of you love for everything you are doing out there.It looks such a buzzy place with sooo much going on ,all i can see are people smiling, working and having a ball.

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie,
So good to hear you yesterday. You picked a good time to ring with Granny and Alice home at the same time. Sounds as though things are still good and you are enjoying the adventure. Looking forward to hearing what your next phase will be. Everything is fine here. Alice went back to Leicester this morning, a bit sad as she will not seeing Lara for 6 months. Granny was also well and was pleased to speak to you. Its horrible here rain, rain, rain. Make the most of the warmth while you can. Will send you a letter soon. Love and miss you loads. Mum and Dad xxx

Cai Mullins said...

hey lotte, hope u having really good time.. will be good to all meet up when you back and you can share all your stories
had a look at the pictures and looks an amazing experience
see you soon
love cai xx

Anonymous said...

You should definitely demand a rematch with Canada! eh? We miss you here, could have used your help raking the leaves today. Have any big plans for Thanksgiving in Borneo? We'll try and save you a taste.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lotte,
It was good to actually speak to you the other day. I didn't like the sound of your spider encounter!
Morgan and Lexie are crashed on the sofa feeling ill, but not so ill that they can't watch The Simpsons. Josh is too tough to give into it, he says he isn't due to be ill until February 2010!
It's raining and raining here. Remember the poem from Yorkshire?.... 'after a drought of an hour we had the most refreshing shower', well thats what it's like here at the moment. I'm sure your rain is at least warmish.
Enjoy your next phase.
Luv ya,

Angela said...

To Nicky Guy

Hooray - just recived our first letter from the jungle - it was marked number 3. Grandad received one too. Very wet, cold & windy here. Hope to hear from you at changeover. Love Mum

Anonymous said...

hey Ruthie! greetings from blustery ol' Blighty, though no floods in Herne Hill (thanks to that great new drain they put in, what though the house is full of cracks as a result....) Was great to talk to you yesterday, hope the new phase has got off to a good start. This is just to say that it was great to get your postcard from Laos, posted over two months ago.....!!
lots and lots of love
Dad and Mum (and Tahoe of course)

Anonymous said...

Message for Emily Branson.

Hi Emily,
Hope you are enjoying yourself in the borneo jungle and making new friends. Your Mum invited us over to Mount Warren last Sunday evening for a meal in celebration of your Grandad's 80th Birthday. He is looking remarkably well for his age and it was nice to see him again. Look forward to your return home and hope you'll have some photos to show us.
Take care and love from us both.
Keith & Maureen.

Jeannette van-den-Hoek said...

Hi Timothy, Glad you've recovered from the bites on your leg! looks like realy hard work, keep your boots waxed they will last a lifetime! Uncle Ged 60th Birthday on the 15th December, we are having a party for him at the Pied Bull on the 18th Dec when you return home. Eeveryone keeps asking about you so i give them the web site so they can follow your progress and photos. take care son love you lots from all Mum, Brian Jennie Chris Uncle stuart helen, Ged julie and all the family xxxxxxxxxsee you soon what time are you landing so we can pick you up?